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Competitive Study of Indian Airline Company - Kingfisher Airlines

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By doing this professional profiling module I try to do a research and analysis of an Indian Airline company Kingfisher Airlines how it become the most prominent and qualitative airlines in Indian subcontinent and also become world famous Indian airlines.

I also saying about the SWOT analysis of Kingfisher airlines and what are the marketing tactics that they were using in their business field. I also do an analysis study of PESTEL in which I find out how the Kingfisher airlines affected or affected by Political, Economical, Social, Technological, Environmental and by Legal.


The main objective of this professional profiling module to say how the SWOT analysis relates to Kingfisher airlines whether it affects directly or indirectly.

I also mentioning about the PESTEL analysis of Kingfisher airlines through this Professional profiling module.

To study how kingfisher airlines survives from the high competitive field in India and from other pressures by other airline company in India.

To study about in which all fields they wants to make changes to improve and by that they can improve a lot in the airline field and they can become the best airline in the world itself.

1.3: Introduction

Kingfisher airline is an airline group in India starts by the United Breweries group and its head office in Vile Parley Mumbai .Kingfisher airline is one of six airlines in the world to have 5-star rating from skytrax.Kingfisher daily operates 400 flights to over 72 destinations by 50%of low cost.

The marketing stratergy that used by Kingfisher airline is that they were uses the friendly business tactics towards the guest(passengers) by giving a hearty welcome to their offices and flights and give also “special kit” to the guest.

The ticket rates all they divided into two classes such as SEC-A and SEC-B(socio-economic class) clearly defined target audience in the age group of 25 above.

2.0 PESTEL Analysis

2.1 Political

  • Open sky policy
  • It is mainly for opening a free market for the airline companies.
  • In the domestic airlines the foreign airlines were not allowed to buy the stake.
  • Closing down of domestic flights due to decreasing in the number of passengers and due to other issues.
  • Rules and Regulations in the International route lines.

2.2 Economical

  • Contributes more income to Indian economy.
  • It increases the Indian economy.
  • Investment in the sector aviation.
  • The growth of the middle income group family affects the aviation sector.
  • It causes for the shortage of the infrastructure capacity.
  • Rising of cost fuel

2.3 Social

  • It creates a lot of job opportunities in the wide areas.
  • It makes a lot of safety regulations.
  • Developing of cities leads to the better services and airports.
  • The status attached to a plane travel that compares to the other ways of transportation.

2.4 Technological

  • Now the technological system in the airline system is improving day by day.
  • Now the navigation is based on the satellite information which brings a lot changes in the airlines field.
  • The new technological methods were found out the new ways of route lines.
  • The airports were modernised and privatised.
  • They were using the most advanced technological systems for their works and in the organisations.

2.5 Environmental

  • It causes for the increase in the global warming.
  • If it is not carried out in a proper way it may results in the pollution like,
  • Sound pollution
  • Water pollution
  • Air pollution
  • The sudden and unexpected behaviour of the atmosphere .
  • The dependency on whether.

2.6 Legal

  • Inflexible rules and regulations
  • Treaties between the two states-Bilateral treaties.

3.0 SWOT Analysis of Kingfisher airlines

Here it is the analysis of Strength, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats of Kingfisher airlines.

3.1 Strengths of Kingfisher airlines

  • They were providing the qualitative hospitality and very good service to the customers which attracts the customers attention towards kingfisher airlines.
  • They have both the domestic flights as well as the international flights which links to the different parts of the world.
  • They providing the special promotions during every year to the customers.
  • Kingfisher airline is the first airline with the new fleet of aircraft.
  • They already have the special training academy and well qualified air hostesses crew.
  • They offers a luxury journey with the cheap rate that compares to the other economical airlines.

3.2 Weaknesses of Kingfisher airlines.

  • The main weaknesses that facing by the kingfisher airline is their airline office and head quarters in the metro Politian cities and in the big cities so they can provide the efficient service who living in the towns and the metro Politian cities.
  • They cannot provide good service to the people who living in the rural areas because it is very difficult to contact with them due to problem in the way of communicating each other.
  • The development of the places affects the proper working of the airlines.
  • Kingfisher airlines is not in a high profit because it is not the main source of transportation that compares to the other way of transportation method.
  • The other main weaknesses that face by the kingfisher airline is the slow increasing of the Indian economy and declining of the Indian economy.
  • High ticket pricing that compares to the other charges of transportation so the people also not interested to journey with it and they also have some limits by giving the offers to the passengers.
  • Increasing the price of fuels and the other commodities.
  • If the flight is rescheduled the service from the customer care of Kingfisher airlines to the customers is very weak.

3.3 Opportunities of Kingfisher airlines

  • They can increase their profit every year by promoting the special schemes in the rate of air tickets during holidays and during the seasons of annual vocations.
  • They can starts the new flight trips to the different tourist places because there is a lot of tourist visitors to the tourist spots.
  • They can also starts the flight trips to the different parts of the world because they didn’t have much competitor as the international flights that compares to the domestic flights.
  • They want to start their offices at different places other than the cities and towns they wants to come across the rural areas thus the people came to know about it and thus they can get more customers for their each trip.
  • They want to improve their customer care services by opening it’s service for twenty four hours thus customers can trust the airlines than any other.
  • They want to find the proper solution if the flight is rescheduled and the customer loss their things such bags and luggage’s.
  • They want to know the customers the advantages of travelling with the kingfisher airlines.
  • They want to give membership or any other exciting gifts to the customers if they were using Kingfisher airlines for their trips for longer times.

3.4 Threats facing by Kingfisher airlines

  • The main threats that faced by kingfisher airline is the high competition from the domestic flights to the same places.
  • They also threatening about the increasing in the rate of fuels and the increase in the rate of other commodities.
  • They also threatening about the unavailability of qualitative and efficient crew’s.
  • The other problem faces them by the declining of economy and the arising of the middle class people in the society.
  • The government also starting the other methods of transportation to the different parts of the country with cheap rate.
  • The government exposing heavy taxes to the private organisation specially the airline companies.
  • They want to give huge amount to the customers if there is any accident happens during the trip.
  • They also threatening about unexpected climatic changes.
  • Some of the outstanding services done by Kingfisher airlines other than the other Airlines.
  • Reservation: It can be done by visiting their company or just by online method. The amount can be paid by cash or either by debit card and by the credit card.
  • There were no differentiation in the classes and they just wants to wait little time in the ground and the efficient handling of delays.

4.0 Recommendations

They want to simplify the flight operations they wants to make it for all the people in the urban areas as well as the in the rural areas.

They want to reduce cost of air ticket which favour for all people who have the wish to journey in a plane.

Reduce the labour cost.

Want to make a friendly customer care services to the customers which can be given in the whole days means that the twenty four hours.

Give insurance policies to the customers during the journey if any accidents may happen.

Get smart on fuel.

Promote safety, comfort and luxury journey to the customers.

Make parternership between the other airline companies.

Aware the whole people about the facilities and advantages of airlines other than the other airlines.

5.0 Conclusion

As the time passes Kingfisher airlines dominating the major role of airlines in India that compares to the other airlines as well as it faces a lot competition from other airlines they facing a lot of challenges and threats throughout every year and they were manage to clear it. But still there is some challenges they were facing they want to manage it other ways they lost their priority in the airline fields.

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They want to improve their customer care service and they want to make example of other International airlines which is very high in the position of the airline fields. Great hands of business man Dr.Vijay Malia led the foundation of the growth of the Kingfisher airlines and his ideas give its way the main role in the airline fields in India.

In comparison to the offer that were given a couple of years ago and now for the fares and other facilities are of no more match. Ticket fares these days have gone down to”0″as well, because of the massive competition occurred in this sector. Another stratergy that can be deployed is by achieving service quality, namely the in-flight and also the post -flight services given to the customers. Providing extra attention to fragile areas or areas where performances haven’t met should be taken special care.

5.2 Appendices

For the report of this presentation I read some books that tells about the success of Dr.Vijay Malia and his life story what are the ideas that he used for the foundation of Kingfisher airlines and make the number one airline in India. I ask some of my friends who travel in kingfisher airlines and their experiences while travelling in the Kingfisher airlines. I also got one chance to met some officers who working in Kingfisher airlines they gave me more valuable points about the Kingfisher airlines, when I go back to India during the last vocation.


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