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How Truthful Bowling For Columbine Is Film Studies Essay

Paper Type: Free Essay Subject: Film Studies
Wordcount: 1340 words Published: 1st Jan 2015

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First of all, Bowling For Columbine documentary was planned. Michael Moore knows for instance on who is the next to be interviewed, where to find the interviewees and what to interview also the answers those were expected. However, it becomes not truthful when a documentary was planned. For further explanation on this, we can take a look on the documentary itself. Michael Moore travelled all the way to Canada for interview, which makes it not to be considered as spontaneous. However, it did adopt the real footage in this documentary. For instances, the real murder video clips that captured from CCTV of Columbine High school, the footage of dragging the dead bodies and interviews.

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This documentary is related to issues about gun where it is truthful on the abuse of gun purpose. Moreover, interviewing the related persons and famous faces had indicated the truth, actuality and reliability of the documentary. There is confusion when it comes to the conclusion of truthfulness of this documentary film where this documentary lays between the truthful and non-truthful. It is more like a drama where it comprises sequences like a drama with a sudden climax in between. Bowling For Columbine has makes its point by deceiving and misled the viewer. In fact, there was no rally in Flint was held shortly after the tragedy nor 48 hours after it. Michael Moore was proven successfully that he lied on this after research. He was good in convincing the viewer that he was a truthful man. The persuasive appeal has turned the arguments of Michael Moore as the truth.

How does Bowling For Columbine persuade you? What techniques does it use and are they effective?

Bowling For Columbine has persuades me with the famous faces and victims as a part of showing actuality in this documentary. There were real footages used in the documentary in order to make it real. Michael Moore has employed and played camera angles well. His interview at people such as the CEO of the gun factory and it seems to make him look powerful. Interview technique used in this documentary has successfully persuades the others with the famous faces.

Michael Moore used on emotional appeals, to make the audience or viewer to feel sad and support for change. From the scene when the father of one of the victim was talking about the death of his son. It seems to show the massive impact of gun on the consequences of feasible change. In addition, Michael Moore has chosen on the use of some happy young time music. It seems to show the kindliness between. Nevertheless, Voice-of-God was used as a technique in Bowling For Columbine that it could show reliability and truthful of the documentary to the viewer. However in recent, this techniques has rejected by documentary makers gradually due to it considered as being patriarchal where it mostly a man’s voice or it can be said as ruled by man. Moreover, Voice-of-Authority has also used where Michael Moore is a speaker that we could see and hear from in this documentary. It serves as an ideal mode for conveying message and trooping supports from the audience. Techniques used in this documentary have effectively outlined the whole story with its actuality.

Is Bowling For Columbine purely a participatory documentary? Are other modes (Nichols) present?

Bowling for Columbine is not purely a participatory documentary. There were other modes presented in this documentary for instances, observational mode and expository mode. Observational mode used in this documentary to play as a tool to observe the documentary. There were footages and interviews used in this documentary where they have served on varied interpretation. This documentary requires its spectators to observe actual reality in front of the camera. In this mode, the camera and tape recorder were move freely about a scene to record what happened as it happened that could be seen throughout the documentary.

Expository mode that was used in this documentary aimed to address the viewer directly, with titles and voices that propose a point of view, argument and recount history. These have successfully portrayed by Voice-of-God and Voice-of-Authority techniques. It has successfully emphasizes on the objectivity. Spectators might have been influenced by the objectivity itself on this documentary whereas some might not where this has brought us to a more rhetorical frame. This was due to the screening of death scene and the dark-side of the country by discussing on this topic that caused sorrow. I was somewhat confused on the actual message that he was trying to convey whether it’s about to show us of percentage of having gun and the purposes or it’s about to show on the deaths by killing one another.

Nevertheless, this documentary has also employed poetic mode. Where it can be seen that sequences of this documentary was not in a continuity form. It comprises of jumping sequence. Metaphor is included for further enhancement of using poetic mode in this documentary.

Does Bowling For Columbine use any fictive or entertainment elements? If so to what effect?

Entertainment elements have employed to this documentary. It uses the funny clips about gun as introduction in order to gain the attraction from youngsters. Moreover, it as well then has attracted youngsters by issues about youngsters in Columbine. By this the element, it attracted spectators to have a positive feelings on this documentary to continue watching it. However, it dragged us to believe that or induce us that what Moore said on this documentary was totally true. The skills used has shifted viewer to laugh but not because he has rationally induce anything. However, some arguments he does on this documentary do not supported him. He has trying to convince the viewer by using on the comic effect.

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I personally do think that this is self-publicity where the camera used to shoot people with questions that he already knows the answer. Moreover, Moore tries to target certain people and appears on the scene. He arranged questions and scenes in the film to get the answers or responses that he wants. It seems to be biased by the contents that he planned to have in this documentary. There is more than one answer that from the respondents where it makes the film to become a more post-structural liked.

This documentary has provided an idea of fear and guns. There was more fear shown than a factual based that to show to the viewer all around the world. It leaves a message that it is not safe in America. Bowling For Columbine is seems to be carnivalesque where it comprises many of such elements. It leads to the creation of another world where viewers were shifted to the world of fear than getting to know the facts.

Do you think this documentary has affected life in that area?

Yes, definitely! Bowling For Columbine has affected life in that area gravely. It is a disaster and culture of using gun. There is a massive problem when you can get bullets easily where it means people can easily murder anyone they want. In this documentary, it was shown that K Mart selling bullets. Michael Moore brought the victims together for the enforcement of stop selling bullets in K Mart. Another point, it affected the high school system in Columbine. The kids did paper cut on making paper gun. This has makes people phobia of having gun as norm. Kids may not know the danger of gun but they will only treat it as a toy as what we seen on this documentary that the mother didn’t know that her son brought gun to class. Kids are innocent and they were not in the state of understanding so it has served as one of the disasters that we couldn’t avoid of when a kid misunderstand the use of gun and what a gun served for.

It may continue the happening of murdering one another if there is no any change is held. There might be problematic system occurred in the government lead to the happened of such disaster.


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