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An Activity For Enjoyment Children And Young People Essay

Paper Type: Free Essay Subject: Young People
Wordcount: 1206 words Published: 1st Jan 2015

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Play defined as an activity for enjoyment. Children and babies develop language and social skills through reading books and play. Through play and reading books, children develop maturity and socialization. These social activities will enhance their physical development, cognitive development and psychosocial development. I will be going to talk about how “Dora the Explorer” television program I have chosen helps the children to influence their physical, cognitive, and psychosocial development through play. How to read books to children enhances language development and language skills for children with using different reading strategies. Finally, I will be explaining the knowledge of play and language development for babies and children that may influence my future practice as a health professional. Child supporters must consider all factors that interfere with optimal development and provide circumstances that allow each child to obtain fully the advantages associated with play and reading.

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Play is the most important part of the child’s development. Play allows the children to enhance their physical development, psychosocial development and cognitive development. Most parents see cartoons with their children as a way to help their child learn. I have watched many children television program like blue’s clues, the go show, and Dora the explorer, to understand how these television programs get children to contact with aspects of life. Dora the explorer is an animated children’s television show. Dora the explorer show programmed to engage preschooler activities in a play-along, computer-style adventure. Dora the explorer is an example of physical development. Physical development focuses on the physical growth and the development of both gross motor skills (e.g. walking, jumping) and fine motor skills (e.g. Finger movements, eye coordination) control of the body. Dora the explorer on-screen character talking to the child encourage the child to take part, label objects, songs and dance actions allows for movements with control and coordination.” Dora the explorer” animated also influences the cognitive development theory, cognitive theory is a change and stability in mental ability such as learning, thinking, and memory. The Dora the explorer allows the children to think of a way to get to their destination so this helps children gaining knowledge and solving problem in daily life, which enhances their memory capability. Television provides the children with a valuable tool at home for great learning. Another theory is influences psychosocial development by Erik Erikson to get through the idea of personality. Watching and learning from on screen shows allow children to gain knowledge of social learning theory; this enhances their self-esteem, learning about the culture and society and teaches them how to interact with people. Children learn from TV shows how and when to show the emotions. These allow the children to encourage self-awareness about the world around them.

Reading books to young children is the best way to promote language development and language skills like speaking, reading, and listening. Reading books to children at home can encourage their reading skills. Books should have something like shapes, short stories, pictures that children will find interesting, enjoyable, and fun. This will help develop a sense of reader appreciation. When children have books in their home, they are more likely to sit down and read them. Parents can and should encourage an appreciation for reading. When reading a book to child the reader needs to keep few things in mind for better result. The books you choose for the children need to be short and simple, attractive, use appropriate language, speak clearly, slowly, and use expression. Reading books to children that influence the social learning theory by Albert bandura. “In social learning theory Albert Bandura (1977) states behavior is learned from the environment through the process of observational learning. Children observe the people around them behaving in various ways” (McLeod, 2011). Children learn many different ways, some learn quickly by visibly for example books that got colors, picture, and shapes with it and some learn verbally for example- imitating the expression and words. Using various techniques to enhance language development, tunes of the voice and getting them to turn the page that influences the theory of positive reinforcement. If imitated behaviors and consequence are satisfying so the child is likely to perform behaviors. If parents are encouraging and giving them positive feedback then the behavior is likely to repeat as it provides the child with strengths. Simply using booking reading tool at home helps them learn. Book reading is good for a child’s development to gain imagination.

Children are very sensitive. We need to handle them with care. So far, the information I have gained through the education of play and language development of babies and children provided me with a greater understanding that could influence my future practice as a health professional. Skills that I have gained from the knowledge of reading books to children are to create an environment that allows children to understand their personality, which will help children to be more interactive. As a health professional, I build a warm and open environment for children to bring out their ideas. In order to achieve my nursing practice do this use the techniques like distractions, communication, and education. Conversation with children, asking questions with slow pace and allowing them to answer. This will enhance their understanding while mine. The skills I learned from the play are that children are very attractive colors, toys etc. by using play to help nursing practice can enable you me to complete difficult tasks with children like taking medicine, I can get the child to cat like a super hero and be strong and asking them to stand straight like a strong soldier. These skills can help me to build a relationship when I am working or handling kids. Building a relationship creates an environment where children feel secure take risks.

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In my conclusion, play is a cherished part of childhood that offers children important developmental benefits and parents the opportunity to engage fully with their children. Influence their physical development, Cognitive development and psychosocial development. Play allows children to learn new things and to understand the world around them. Reading Books is another important aspect to enhance their development. Reading books to children will help children gain language skills. I have gained many skills that can be relevant or may influence my nursing practice as a health professional .The knowledge of children and babies and about their play and book reading. I learned many techniques that will make my nursing practice easier when I have to assess children and babies. Techniques like distracting children into something, communicating. Communicating likes having a conversation about their favorite shows and asking them questions.


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