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This Mystery Shopping Activity Tourism Essay

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1.1 Introduction

In this assignment, mystery shopping will be shown with relation to three types of hospitality businesses. Mystery Shopping activities should be carried out at regular intervals. Clear performance objectives can be set by the definition of benchmarks which can serve both as possible motivators within the company and also as a parameter in a bonus or commission system. Mystery shopping or a mystery consumer is a tool used externally by market research companies or watchdog organizations or internally by companies themselves to measure quality of service or compliance to regulation, or to gather specific information about products and services.

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The mystery consumer’s specific identity is generally not known by the establishment being evaluated. In addition, temporarily implemented Mystery Shopping studies can be made use of to check and evaluate individual marketing activities. Beside that, secret shoppers is a tool used by businesses and market research companies to measure quality of retail service or gather specific information about products and services. Then, mystery shoppers posing as normal customers perform specific tasks-such as purchasing a product, asking questions and then provide detailed reports or feedback about their experiences. Mystery shopping is increasingly used to provide feedback on customer services.

Furthermore, some tasks that may be carried out by the mystery shopper include taking photographs, measurements, consumer count or inventory count and so on. Recording the time it takes to complete a specific task with a timer is also a possibility. In today’s society, quality customer service depends on whether a business keeps their customer’s or loses them. However, good marketing brings customers in, but it’s great service that keeps them. Finding out whether a business is doing well or not can sometimes be difficult to figure out, but the imperative factor is to know what customers think is important, what they want, and what to improve if necessary and a lot of things.

The best way to find out this information is create a customer survey. By creating a customer service survey, customers are able to write down their views and opinions about the service they have received. Whether it is good or bad, the comments can then be used to reflect on what may need to be done to the business to either improve it or maintain its standards.

1.2 Comprehensive survey for this mystery shopping activity

http://t2.gstatic.com/images?q=tbn:ANd9GcSPUAhK0xbQx-o6TZSV2xMSeGzoj3D3IVJQG822verXBfitYDuR http://t2.gstatic.com/images?q=tbn:ANd9GcSiOIvP7O9E5Soe8MMpo6Gp39HebiKkXE55RlG8hTgY_fNEWYUFAw http://t3.gstatic.com/images?q=tbn:ANd9GcTdbyWhLF7GMsZO2UcsKdldHa2l8IgJ2bt6fb8GqyxOwJnmYP6b

This mystery shopping activity is done at three types of hospitality business that is in Pizza Hut, McDonalds and KFC. Interims of service that is competence, friendliness and waiting times , the quality of advice and product recommendation or food survey , living from service standards or perfect , cross selling. Beside this, presentation of goods or foods that want to serve to the customer , availability of goods in the range , indication of prices with a reasonable price for customer, cleanliness in surrounding area and implementation of marketing activities.

Essentially, the types of questions that should be asked in the survey such as:

(Please tick ) the answers below:-

1. Was the exterior to the restaurant clean?

Clean ( )

Good ( )

Poor ( )

2. Were they greeted in a friendly manner?

Excellent ( )

Good ( )

Poor ( )

3. How long the waiter or waitress take time to served the food ?

Less than 15 minutes ( )

More than a minutes ( )

Above one hours ( )

4. Was the temperature comfortable?

Hot ( )

Cold ( )

Warm ( )

5. Did the staff listen or pay attention carefully or not when the customer ask for something?

Good ( )

Poor ( )

Very Poor ( )

6. Was the restroom clean and fully stocked?

Clean ( )

Poor ( )

Very Poor ( )

7. Cleanliness of the staff ?

Very Clean ( )

Good ( )

Poor ( )

8. The place look like professional ?

Yes ( )

No ( )

Balance ( )

9. How knowledgeable were the customer service representatives at the organization?

Very knowledgeable ( )

Good ( )

Poor Knowledgeable ( )

10. How helpful were the customer service representatives at the organization?

Very helpful ( )

Good ( )

Poor ( )

If there is any comments please write here:-________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

1.3 Conclusion

One on one appraisal of each consultant’s Mystery Shopping report would be recommended to highlight their efficiencies or deficiencies with a view to improving their overall performance in their future dealings with prospective buyers. This could be done at a meeting between your Sales Manager and your Consultant. The National Sales Manager can also perform one on one appraisals of the Mystery Shopping experience with their District Managers to discuss the overall performance of their area of responsibility.

The mystery shopper will then give a feedback report to his/her employer. Some tasks that may be carried out by the mystery shopper include taking photographs, measurements, consumer count or inventory count. Recording the time it takes to complete a specific task with a timer is also a possibility. Good marketing brings customers in, but it’s great service that keeps them. Posing as a customer, a researcher then analyzes the experience, collecting data and rating the encounter based on those measures. Mystery shopping has become a popular market research tool for monitoring customer experience. This is very helpful to us to evaluate the mystery shopping activity.


2.1 Introduction

In this assignment, researched and factors in setting up a restaurant business are going to be explored , but also features such as demographics in attracting and identifying customers are going to be determined. There are many different aspects that need to be well thought of and considered when opening up any new restaurant. Before opening or starting a restaurant business, people are usually unaware of the high failure rate that can happen due to quickly knowing that there can sometimes be more work than they had originally anticipated, resulting in them believing that they are not suited to the restaurant business.

Beside this, when open a new restaurant many things can be done with a proper planning, budgeting, having a procedure on how to do and other things. It is because will give a good result the end of a new restaurant and fell in a good appearance, environment, cleanliness, safe work, and a lot of things can be done here.

2.2 Need to consider when open the restaurant?

Firstly, deciding on a restaurant concept which can brings of deciding what type of restaurant that want to open will depend of a variety of things. Often times people who want to open their own restaurant want to serve food of their like to cook, in an atmosphere they feel comfortable in. Moreover, other people are interested in Franchising. Restaurant franchises offer a number of benefits, including instant name recognition and built-in marketing. However, many restaurant franchises don’t come cheap and owners must be willing to follow a stringent set of rules. Take a look of the examples are franchise vs. independent restaurants, how to become a franchisee and types of restaurants.

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Secondly, find a good restaurant Location on how the location is vital to the success of any restaurant. There are many factors to consider when searching or looking for that perfect restaurant location, including population base, local employment figures and accessibility. Beside this, once find that a perfect or best location, will need to make sure to negotiate the best lease possible for the new restaurant that are finding the perfect location, how to determine population base and on how to negotiate a lease information.

Writing a business plan is a third step to prepare for one of the person to get interview with the bank, the person need to do their homework. Creating a business plan that outlines of the particular restaurant and how it will plan to make it profitable, will show the loan officer to mean business. Also make sure arrived at the bank with all the necessary paperwork, including personal income statements, tax returns and anything else the banker ask for like a the reason need a business plan, writing a restaurant business plan and be get ready for the bank interview.

Fourthly, selecting the perfect restaurant name. However, the restaurant names may reflect a theme, a location, or simply be a play on words. The important thing to consider is the impression it will leave on customers. Select a name that will be easy to customers to remember and spell. Nothing is more frustrating than not being able to find a restaurant online or in the Yellow Pages because of the aren’t spelling it correctly of choosing a restaurant name and also restaurant names that inspire to the own restaurant and for the customer.

Firth thing is writing the menu on what to be prepared for the customer on different types of theme and so on. The menu must is a huge part of your restaurant. After all, it is essentially why the customers keep coming back because the customer love the food. Not only this, the layout and design is just as important as what’s listed on the menu. Avoid amateur looking menu designs, such as clip art or photocopied handwriting. Finally, knowing how to price the menu will help increase your profit margins, giving you more money to invest into a new restaurant and based on how the price of the menu, menu design and creativity and tips for the writing a restaurant menu and others.

Lastly, the need to consider when it want to open a restaurant is equipping of the restaurant. Outfitting of the restaurant kitchen, dining room and bar is the largest part to start up budget. Moreover, shop around for bargain deals of used equipment and leased equipment. Also understanding needs and wants is important in avoiding the pitfalls of buying unnecessary furniture and equipment, which can set the way over budget. Begin with the basics, and once the have those you can pick up a few extras. For examples five tips for stocking of the restaurant, why need a POS System and benefits of leased equipment.

2.3 How can get the customer ?

By forming strategic alliances event facilities. After a concert or sporting event, people are hungry and want to eat. Remember that people sometimes travel long distances for this event, do not want to go home with an empty stomach. Beside this, after the concert finished, the restaurant was packed with concert audiences. It can be do a part to promote upcoming events happening in the restaurant.

Furthermore, participate in competitions one of the greatest ways to get media attention and therefore, to get the new business is to win the contest. Such as, enter the chef in a cooking contest. Read publication restaurant and browse the internet to find out about a contest that be may able to enter. If all else fails, create the own contest and invite local restaurants to participate. So even if you lose, the more still will generate great publicity and get new customers to the door.

Demographics factors is the socioeconomic characteristics of a population articulated statistically, such as age, sex, occupation, religion, martial status, birth rate, death rate and income rate and others. Considering these factors when opening up a business like a restaurant not only helps the owner target specific customers, but can also be an advantage in the business environment itself. Moreover, determining whether or not an owner wants to have a family orientated restaurant over and above a fine dining restaurant usually targeted at adults only, is a prime example of how demographic factors can affect the choice of what type of establishment is going to be run.

2.4 Conclusion

Overall of this assignment it’s a starting a restaurant business, owners and managers need to take into consideration the competitive industry that they are about to invest in. The performance of a given service may vary across service providers, service employees, consumers and service encounters. starting with a good concept will dictate the food menu, the location, the décor, and all other important facets of the business. Finally, in achieving a successful restaurant business and attracting and keeping clientele, strategies such as customer referrals, networking, merchandising and target marketing are inexpensive yet effective ways of doing so.


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