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Operations Management Business Plan

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The Operation Management plays a major role in the organization. Operations management (OM) is the business action that plans, organizes, coordinates, and controls the assets bare to aftermath a company’s appurtenance and services. Operations management is an administrative function. For example restaurant has different functions include purchasing, receiving, controlling, and requisition of raw material.

Operations management deals with the architecture and administration of products, processes, and casework and accumulation chains. It considers the acquisition, development, and appliance of assets that firms charge to bear the appurtenances and casework their audience want.

As the name suggests, the job of an operations manager in any alignment is to architecture and administer the activities in such a way, that the plan abundance of the advisers goes up as able-bodied as best appliance of the concrete assets of the alignment can be achieved. It is one of the capital responsibilities of an operations manager. One of the responsibilities of an operations Manager is to accommodate the advisers of the alignment with an able alive ambiance area adroitness can advance and aggregation spirit can develop the process.

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In my country Hotel is a major private sector what I observed. So I will discuss about the problems and challenges that are faced by the hotel industry. The main aim of the hotel industry is giving accommodation and food for the customers. There are different types of hotels depend upon the services provided to the customers. For example apartment hotel, commercial hotels, economy hotels, resorts, residential villas, etc.

The Hotel industry is one of the most important industries for the country growth. The hotel industry is a complete industry apparent from acute competition. Market allotment increases about comes at a competitor’s expense. Industry-wide, a lot of advance occurs in the international, rather than the domestic, arena. Employees, customers, competitors, government, suppliers, are the main for the hotel business to grow and getting profits.

The Taj Hotel

The Indian Hotels Company Limited (IHCL) and its subsidiaries are collectively known as Taj Hotels Resorts and Palaces and is recognized as one of Asia’s largest and finest hotel company. Incorporated by the founder of the Tata Group, Mr. Jamsetji N. Tata, the company opened its first property. Taj Hotels Resorts and Palaces comprises 93 hotels in 55 locations across India with an additional 16 international hotels in the Maldives, Malaysia, Australia, UK, USA, Bhutan, Sri Lanka, Africa and the Middle East.

Literature Review/ Situation Analysis

Operational management is regularly changing the new challenges for organization in the world. In the present century technology plays a very important role in the growth of every company. The world is shrinking because of technology, and the efficiency of all industries in the world has increased because of technology. In the same way the operation management is also developing with the advancement in technology. The direct result of this is the companies’ development, growth and increasing profits

Operations Management has been recognized as an important agency in a country’s bread-and-butter growth. Operations Management was identified, as account area became added prominence. Rapid changes in technology have an Irish abundant opportunities and challenges, Rapid changes in technology have Irish abundant opportunities and challenges, which accept resulted in the accessory of manufacturing capabilities through new materials, facilities, techniques and procedures. Hence, managing an account arrangement has become an above claiming in the all-around aggressive environment. Operations management has been a key aspect in the advance and abundance in business around the world.

In the Hotel scenario compare with operation management is goods in the terms of services like food, accommodation, like inputs to the customers and the outputs getting revenue to the hotel through customer paid money for the services received by the company.

The Taj hotel is becomes one of the major 5 star category hotels in the world now. Generally the Taj hotel have different departments are present every where in the world. There are mainly two types of departments are exists in the hotel as follows

Operational Department

Administration Department

These two department have again some branch departments are present as follows

Operational Departments

Food and Beverage Service Department

Food and Beverage kitchen Department

Housekeeping Department

Front Office Department

Administration Department

Human Resource Department

Security department

Engineering and Maintenance department

Sales and Marketing department

Cost control department

Provision department

Finance and account department

Food and Beverage Kitchen Department

Kitchen is major department in the kitchen. In this department food will be cooked and maintained in hygiene way and will be served to the guest in the restaurant. In the Taj hotel kitchen they follow specific rules in the kitchen, the have different operation has to perform as it follows

Get permission to use the kitchen.

Wash your hands easily with soap and baptize afore starting your kitchen preparations. Continually ablution easily as bare like affecting the debris can or acrimonious up items from the floor.

Re-read the cooking method several times.

Accept all of the all-important ingredients. Put them out on the counter.

Wash vegetables afore affable it.

use the altered colors ample to anticipate aliment poisoning

use apple-pie surfaces

don’t apprehend in the food

don’t accumulate meat so continued out of the freezer

accumulate your accessories clean

Get out all of the accessories like pans and barometer cups.

Use oven pot holders if demography aliment in and out of the oven.

Clean as you go along.

Do NOT leave pots on the stove afterwards you are done application them.

According to the designation cooks do their Operations in the kitchen. as follows

Executive Chef:

Executive chef is the person is responsible for the total actives in the kitchen. In ample operations, Executive Chef may accomplish authoritative duties alone and administer an amount of chefs. In operation, the Executive Chef or chef may both accomplish authoritative and assembly duties. in the kitchen (planning, conducting, training, hiring/firing).Responsible for Planning Menus (with restaurant mgr). Responsible for Recipe standardization, Has Knowledge and acquaintance in International and bounded cuisine.

Sous chef: He is responsible for in the kitchen functions after executive chef. He will take care of the menu planning and briefing in the kitchen.

Chef de partie: He is the in charge in the cooking in the staff food and head of the department. He will do roaster of the staff and records of food.

Food and Beverage service Department

This is sister department for the kitchen department. This department is having responsible room service, banquets, restaurants, lounges and pubs in the hotel. This department main aim is service food and beverages to guest in the hotel. Food is done in the kitchen and beverages made in the bar. They are different types of restaurants are present in the hotel like service restaurants, Fine dining restaurants, specialty restaurants,

Food and beverage Manger: He is the in charge of all operations are held in the restaurant. He will do supervise of all the staff grooming, menu planning,

The major Opeartion doing in the food and beverage service

The major operation is serving the food and beverage in the restaurant or room service to the guest in the hotel.

Making the cocktails and mock tails in front of the guest.

Arrange the tables for the breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

Making arrangements for the buffet service

Communicate and co ordinate with the guest about food and beverages.

Take feedback from the guest about food.

Housekeeping Department

This is backbone for the hotel industry. This is also one of the important departments in the hotel. The Main aim of the department is to keep the hotel premises and rooms in the hotel cleanly. The Major duty for the housekeeping staff is to clean the total areas in the hotel, rooms, staff areas, lockers in the kitchen. Beside that they are responsible for the decorating with the flowers in the rooms in the hotel.

The major Operations are present in the housekeeping department as follows

Guest Rooms: housekeeping department has to check the guest room before and after guest arrival and departure. Before the guest comes in the hotel they have to clean the room and keep all the amenities in the room and check all the fixtures are working properly or not. Once guest left the hotel they have to clean again room and any leftover by the guest they have to submit in the front office department in the hotel.

Public areas: This public area includes lobby, Gym, lockers of staff, kids club etc. the public areas should clean regular basis in the hotel.

Linen and laundry: This is place where all the clothes will be cleaned and given to the guest and staff of the hotel as well. So this place is the main for the hotel to keep it clean and fresh.

Front Office Department

This is the sister department for the housekeeping department. This department called public face department because once guest comes to the hotel he will see only front office people in the hotel. This department is centre of hotel functions. They have different operations has to perform in the hotel like guest receiving, welcoming, send guest in to room and explain the facilities in the room available in the hotel.

Different Front Office people have to perform different operations doing in the hotel is as follows

Executive Front office Manger: He is responsible person for the operation happening in the Front office department. He will prepare the duty roaster for the staff in the department. Prepare the records and reports of the guest.

Reception: This department will provide the information about hotel and different departments in the hotel. They will attend the calls from the guest and answer and advise them in the corrective manner.

Bell service: He is the responsible for the guest luggage. He will escort the guest till the room and explain the facilities present in the room. He will full details of the safety and security plans also.

Concierge: she is the accountable person for the guest complaints. She will suggest the solution for guest problems. She will advise the guest for the about services in the hotel means about arrange Transportation, Plan for outing, reservation for the table in the restaurant.

Night Auditor: He is the most important back office person in the hotel. He will prepare records of guest accounts and review the revenue of the hotel regularly in the month basis.

All operations aftermath articles and casework by alteration inputs into outputs application an ‘input-transformation-output’ process. Put simply, operations are processes that yield in a set of ascribe assets which are used to transform something, or are adapted themselves, into outputs of articles and services. And although all operations accommodate to this accepted input-transformation-output model, they alter in the attributes of their speci¬c inputs and outputs.




In the same way The Taj Hotel has also do the same process like Input-transformation-output. In the hotel industry various departments are present include food and beverage department, housekeeping, front office etc. The Taj hotel also has some of the Challenges and problems facing are as follows

The different the Taj hotel has facing different challenges and problems during in the hotel.


This is one of the major inputs for the hotel industry for every department. The Taj hotel also facing with supply of materials from suppliers. In the positive way In the Food and beverage department as in the kitchen department inputs like raw material means vegetable then they transform into the food. It is going to be served to the guest. If the guest likes the food he will have another order and automatically revenue increases.

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In The Taj hotel some times they are facing about information about guest as well as employees. And they don’t have proper information other hotels revenue and occupancy. Front office staff has information about all the departments in the hotel and services available in the hotel. So Front office people can easily guide the guest in good manner. The guest also will feel happy to come again. The hotel will get reputed guest regularly. The hotel will get nice name as well.


The Taj Hotel people say CUSTOMER IS GOD. So for this situation hotel does not have any difficulty about guest because they have reputed guest. In these manner customers has to satisfy by the hotel staff through services. Once the customer pleased with the staff then customers will advise to their friends to come to the hotel. So customer also one of the best for the hotel to improve the growth and revenue of the hotel.


The Taj Hotel provides several facilities for the customers and staff also. But some of the staff in the hotel feeling uncomfortable with the hotel facelifts. These facilities may vary from hotel to hotel. Generally The Taj hotel facilities include swimming pool, gym, kids club, Wi-Fi, pick up and drop, good ambience etc. The hotel revenue is depending upon the facilities given by the hotel to the customers.


In the Taj hotel staff is very experience and more innovative people. And almost all the staff has staying since to many years in the Taj itself. All the operation is done by the hotel staff in the hotel. Every person has their own duties and responsibilities. Everyone has to coordinate and communicate each other for smooth running of the hotel business. Trained Staff will work efficiently to get the goals completed in the organization.


This is major function followed in the Taj hotels. Some times there are not appropriate coordination between branches. In the hotel premises they follow exact coordination for get task done. This is also very important for the hotel to achieve desired goals in the hotel. Coordination is the act of organizing, authoritative altered humans or things plan calm for an ambition or aftereffect to accomplish adapted goals in an organization. Coordination is an authoritative action in which altered activities of the business are appropriately adapted and interlinked. In the hotel every coordination in need for employee to employee to get the task done. And also co ordination require between departments to departments also for the hotel.


Communication is plays vital role in the business. The Taj hotel has very good communication between employees as well departments. So that’s way they become top most hotels in the world. In every department in the hotel must work with proper communication between employees and departments as well. Every operation or work needs corrective communication. The advice action is complete already the receiver has accepted the bulletin of the sender. Thus advice cans action beyond all-inclusive distances in time and space.


Engineering and Maintenance

Purchasing and cost control

Finance and accounting

Sales and Marketing

Human Resource

Front office and GRE

Food and Beverage



Results and Analysis

The Taj Hotel operations manager is amenable over the all-embracing circadian operations in a Hotel. The operations manager is ultimately the one amenable for authoritative abiding that aggregate in the hotel runs smoothly, that the The Taj Hotel is in acceptable adjustment and that the hotel is authoritative a profit. Some of the departments that a Hotel Operations Manager oversees cover the foreground desk, housekeeping, animal resources, and aliment service. The The Taj Hotel Operations Manager is as well in allegation of authoritative abiding that the guests accept a absolute acquaintance and will wish to break again. Part of this includes ambidextrous with guests alone including any complaints that arise

The The Taj Hotel Operations Manager position is altered from added OM fields because it deals accurately with aspects in a hotel. This agency that the position can as well crossover into chump account and as well resources. Along with defective the authoritative and authoritative abilities archetypal of OM jobs, a Hotel Operations Manager will as well charge to be acceptable at ambidextrous with humans and a abundant communication.

The Taj Hotel operations Manager Controls all the departments such as aliment production, aliment & beverages, housekeeping, foreground appointment again alone one operations Manager could be appointed. Operations Manager is the one who handles & in-charge all operation of the company. He is amenable of mission & eyes of the company. His duties are to accredit who can handle the accomplishing of the assignment & the arrangement of the operations to the subordinates. Overlooks the operations & guides the arrangement in administration the assembly & deliveries.

The Taj Hotel Operations Managers are personalities who adore alive with people. They accept to adore affair the assorted guests and accouterment for their generally assorted needs. They accept to as well accept personality characteristics including the adeptness to adapt abounding altered operations, assay budgets, break problems and multitask.

The The Taj Hotel operations Manager is amenable for authoritative abiding the hotel is authoritative money and alive aural its allotted budget. The operations Manager will generally be the one to accomplish the alarm on authoritative aliment and will sometimes accomplish added decisions that advice access the advantage of the hotel as a whole.The Taj Hotel operations managers are amenable for authoritative abiding hotel guests accept the best acquaintance accessible during their break in the hotel so that they may in about-face adjudge to book addition break at the hotel. The Taj Hotel operations managers will accomplish decisions that they anticipate will advance the all-embracing acquaintance for guests, including hotel adornment and staffing.

Although all operations processes are agnate in that they all transform inputs, they do alter in an amount of ways. They are






The volume has altered implications whether it is in a top or low.

In the low levels of volume, the company’s operations accept specific characteristics such as accepting low alliteration in the accustomed procedures, anniversary agents affiliate performs added than one job in added words they are multifunctional, beneath approach and top assemblage costs. In the top levels of volume, the company’s operations accept its own specific characteristics such accepting top repeatability in the accustomed procedures, there will be specialization, systemization, added basic accelerated and low assemblage costs. It also important for the business.


The variety function has its own association as able-bodied whether it is top or low. In the top ancillary of the calibration there will be added adaptability in the procedure, complex, the aggregation will accomplish abiding to needs and of advance the assemblage amount will be high. If the aggregation is in the low ancillary of the calibration the procedures will be able-bodied defined, there will be routine, standardization, and of advance low assemblage cost.


The variation in appeal has abounding implications that can be apparent from the company’s characteristics. If the aggregation is in the top levels of appeal aberration again it has alteration capacity, apprehension for what the chump ability demand, flexibility, in blow with appeal and top assemblage cost. While in the added ancillary of the scale, the aggregation would accept an abiding and anticipated demand, routine, top appliance of assets and low assemblage cost.


The visibility function which is the clue his or her adjustment through its altered stages has its implications whether it is top or low. If it is top the barter accept abbreviate cat-and-mouse tolerance, achievement absolute by chump perception, chump acquaintance abilities are bare and actual important and the accept array is absolutely high. And if it is low, the time lag amid assembly and consumption, there will be standardization, the chump acquaintance abilities will not be actual important or needed, the aggregation accept to accept a top agents appliance and centralization.

A The Taj Hotel operations Manager is amenable for ambidextrous with any complaints guests may accept about their break in the hotel. The operations Manager will allege with guests about issues they may accept and plan with them against the best resolution to the both eration for both parties.

Operations management leads the way for the organizations to accomplish its goals with minimum effort. The role of operations management is to transform a company’s inputs into the ¬nished appurtenances or services. Inputs cover assets (such as workers and managers), accessories and processes as able-bodied as materials, technology, and information. Outputs are the appurtenances and casework an aggregation produces.

The set of communal administration activities, which are complex in accomplishment assertive products, is alleged as assembly management. If the aforementioned abstraction is continued to casework management, then the agnate set of administration activities is alleged as operations management .Another above cold of operating systems is to advance assets for the accomplishment of customer wants effectively. Inefficient use of assets or bare chump service leads to bartering abortion of an operating system.

Operations management is anxious about with the utilization of resources, i.e. obtaining maximum aftereffect from assets or minimizing their loss, beneath utilization of waste. The admeasurements of the utilization of the resources’ abeyant ability are bidding in agreement of the admeasurements of available time acclimated or occupied, amplitude utilization, levels of activity, etc. Each admeasurements indicates the admeasurements to which the ambient or accommodation of such assets is utilized. This is referred as the cold of resource utilization

In all of operations management’s absolute and aberrant activities there is a charge to acquaint both with centralized agents and with alien customers, suppliers and the broader community. How abundant of a branch manager’s time is spent on altered activities, and how the accent of anniversary is changing. Consulting and communicating with operations agents acutely takes up an ample bulk of these operation managers’ time to ensure that the concrete and the assets of the alignment are able to aftermath the appropriate superior and bulk of appurtenances and casework at the appropriate time and cost, so that chump expectations and requirements can be met. Leadership and administration of assets and humans active is cardinal to the role of an operations manager, which as well involves advancing the affairs budgets, managing the programs, authoritative the employees’ plan and assuredly evaluating the agent performance.

The Operational Manager needs to accept the achievement requirements of the process. The operational Manager is amenable to advise action operators how to accomplish the processes. The operational Manager is amenable to actualize advance accomplishments to abide the achievement. The Operational Manager needs to accept the achievement requirements of the process. The operational Manager is amenable to advise action operators how to accomplish the processes. The operational Manager is amenable to actualize advance accomplishments to abide the achievement issues that are particular during their assay of the action and Action Operator achievement data.

The hotel operations Manager works anon with staff, affective them to do the best job accessible and accommodate abundant account to hotel guests. A The Taj Hotel operations Manager will as well generally authority training sessions with agents to advice them become acquainted with hotel behavior and actuate them to advice the hotel succeed. The Taj Hotel operations managers are not appropriate to accept any specific educational or acquaintance background. Most beyond The Taj Hotels will appoint managers with several years’ acquaintance alive in the hotel industry. Preference for jobs is about accustomed to those who accept a amount in accommodation administration or a affidavit in hospitality.

Conclusion and References

To sum it up all it is clearly says that the Operational Management is plays very important role in the every business in the world. Operational manager is main key for entire business operations. He is the person The Taj hotel is run by the operational departments. These operational departments are only main source of the revenue of the hotel. In every department has different functions has to perform. So the manager played a vital role in the operation in the hotel industry. The Manager wills responsibility for the entire operation done in the hotel. He is the person control and manage all operations performed in the hotel. They follow every same operation in every hotel in all over the world. With help of operation Management the Taj hotel make easy their operations in the business.


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