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The Lost World Of Tambun Ipoh Theme Park Tourism Essay

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Wordcount: 1636 words Published: 1st Jan 2015

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First of the main attractions for the Lost World of Tambun is the waterpark, at the River & Beach Garden you can find a perfectly landscaped beach surrounded by 20 feet tall twin waterfalls with two rivers flowing into the pool.While you`re at the Waterwall Beach Garden, make sure you hit the waves at Malaysian`s biggest wave pool,where waves can swell up to3 feet high at the Jungle Wave Bay.Refresh with a musical shower at the Musical Body Wash before heading to the Sandy Bay for an intense game of volleyball with friends and family, just for a relaxing soak in the sun.Explorabay, specifically designed for your little kids ,completely supervised the little are given special attention.Explorabay boasts special smaller slides and a large.The Cliff Racer injects a boots of adrenaline when your mine cart flies, India Jones Style – straight down the speed – coaster at maximum speed.The Tube Raiders is a family – favorite as you wind your way down from the top of the giant slides.Adventure River, a more relaxing water ride sit back and relax as you gently float around in the 600 meter length river, passing the naturally – beautiful caves and out-of-the-world water features.Take care if you will be greeted with waves along the way.

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Amusement Park, a part from the dry rides for all ages.Enjoy the scenery while you dry off on the Dragon Flights ride, as get swing in the air in this swing-chair ride ;before you sail on over to the Stormrider, a pirate boat which will swing you to 180 degress for some knee-knocking, spine-tingling excitement.On the Perak Parade Carousel; and go on the Giddy Galleon for a perfect family ride away from the water.And make sure you go on the Adventure Express ;where you can sit back and let this ancient locomotive take you and your family on a journey past majestic ruins, surging waters and wild tiger

Lost world Hot Springs & SPA, The Lost World Hot Springs & SPA is the latest addition to the ever evolving theme park.The elements include Infinity Pool, Lost World Steam Cave, Crystal Spa, Top of The World Pool, The Geyser of Tambun, Foot Spa, Saphire`s Bistro and the Crystal Pool.

Infinity Pool

The infinity Pool unlike any other man-made hot springs, it is specially designed to function as a true spa.The Infinity Pool can accommodate up to 300 people at once and is surrounded by the serene and calming sounds of the volcanic waterwall.

Lost World Steam Cave

At the end of the Infinity Pool is the Lost World Steam Cave.If you wan experience the true spa, the Lost World Steam Cave is great for those looking for a respite after long stressful days.The Steam Cave which act a sauna promotes the action of sweating where the toxins and through the pores on the epidermis leaving the dermis clean and resfreshed and the high temperature also promotes blood circulation.

Crystal SPA

Crystal Spa is a spa facilities where visitors can enjoy body therapy at a nominal charge.There are three huts located here, named as a Sapphire, Topaz and Amethyst.The spa offers Aromatherapy Massage and Head & Shoulder Massage.

Top of The World Pool

Right at the very Top of the Lost World Hot Springs & SPA sits the Top of The World pool.This pool si a Jacuzzi pool. The pampering massage of the water jets in our Jacuzzi pool allows for a full range of therapeutic hydro-massage for muscles, joints and pressure points.For those Who is particularly advisable for guest who are suffering from muscle, neck, shoulder and back pain.

The Geyser of Tambun

The Geyser of Tambun Sprout thermal hot springs water 40 feel up and with subtle lighting effects it exudes a beautiful experience for those who visit at night.

Foot Spa

This enique spa is designed by special reflexology pebbles are fitted on the floor of the spa, visitors can walk on the pebbles when enjoying the hot spring water soothing.Reflexology targets pressure points on your feet and generally helps in stress reduction.

Saphira`s Bistro

To further enhance the experience in the Lost World Hot Springs & SPA, a swim up dining outletknown as Saphira`s Bistro has been built to cater for visitors.This dining outlet serves from Chicken Stew,Open Sandwiches, Western Style Curry,Salmon Fillet, Salads Saphira`s Special and the Herbal Tea etc.

Crystal Pool

There is a special pool called Crystal Pool. This pool is specially designed with crystal tiles that glimmers reflecting the sunlight by day.This Pool can also be privately reserved as a VIP pool.

Tiger Valley, The five tigers of the Lost World of Tambun : Sultan, Raima, Putra, Jazz and Azian, and observe their agility and strength as they jump over rocks and logs to get to their meats during the tiger feeding shows.

The last one element is Lost World Petting Zoo, where you will be able to get personal with just some of the zoo favorites – Ruby the raccoon, Nia the Python and Wira the Green Macaw.And also you can take some time to walk through the different areans, where you would be able to feed, touch and experience animals in their natural habitats.

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Question 1 answer

Market Strenght

The market strength mean that positive factors of the company for example the Lost World of Tambun got many market strengths.The Lost World of Tambun is located not too far from the main town of Ipoh.Inside the Lost World they have a variety of many rides slides cave and other adventures for customers enjoy.The staff must have a good talking skills and must all trained well and how to speak a professional English.And the four P`s ,the Lost World of Tambun is following the fourP`s People,Promotion,Product and Place, because all those staff are correctly trained,They have a location is close to most residents of Ipoh and something they have a promotion tactics for customers or make some events like beach party……

Zone of Natural Expansion

The Zone of Natural Expansion means, what a company has done with there natural environment to improve the farcicalities on the theme park.They can going make a hotel, Jungle trekking , suitable for all ages.Camping, for those which customers are able to experience what it is like to live out doors, suitable for all ages.

Brand Positioning and Marketability

The Brand Positioning and Marketability companies brand and their marketability what special about our brand and how to sell.The Lost World of Tambun have a Large Variety of entertainment for customers to enjoy from water slides to carnival games.A way to expose yourself to the natural environment,inside of the Lost World of Tambun there are a lot of attractions for customers purely made out the environment.Natural Resources, the Lost World of Tambun has a lot of natural resources where can build natural at the moment they are developing a cave where customers can explore with enthusiasm.

Suggest Steps to Improve Sales and Profits

They have many ways to improve sales and profits tremendously, the Lost World of tambun can improve their sales and profits easily.They can improve in organizing more events, by having more events in a theme park customers will get interested and they will come then look at what event is occurring here.And the family packages also can improve sales and profits if they have more family packages because then more customers will be come The Lost World of Tambun.The last one is Special Rates, a company puts special rates for customers due to the lower prices more customer will be visit the theme park.

Suggest How They Can Improve Their Business to a Global Scale

A company is looking for a way how to improve there business to a global scale there are many ways which can do so.Example the Travel and tours, if the Lost World of Tambun deals with a travel and tour company that can help improving there business to the global scale.Promotions, by having a more discount this can help interest more customers from other city or state.Foreign advertisers, by getting foreign advertisers it can help you promote the theme park in other country.



The Lost World of Tambun has so many attractions,customers are attracted and are willing to spend money come for playing.The customers can relax after a long days working or have a romantic meeting in the Crystal Pool where sunlight is reflected from the crystal like tiles at the bottom of the pool creating a wonderful barrage of colours.

Good Market Strenght

The Lost World of Tambun has so many market strength that effect their market having trained staff, nice products,good location and the good promotionfor there customers.

Zone of Natural Expansion

The Lost World of Tambun having a lot of natural space.they can help develop to improve there theme park.Building a hotel will help because during holiday seasons many tourists would visit from another city or state.Cave Tracking and Jungle Tracking can both be under there natural resources.

Brand positioning and marketability

The Lost World of Tambun having a lot of products.Having a good entertainment, leisure, natural resources.Family bonding and is a great way to expose yourself to the natural environment.

Suggest steps to improve sales and profits

A sales and profits can impoved in many ways by having a more events, more packages and special rates etc.

Suggest how they can improve there business to a global scale

The Lost World of Tambun can improve there business to a global scale by negotiating with a tours company,promoting,foreign investors and travel etc.


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