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Ryanair Marketing Strategy And Strategic Issues

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The main aim of our course work is to critically estimate or appraise Marketing Strategy of Ryan air airlines and to point out some strategic issues which practically shows the planning procedure and provide some new planning procedures which gives information build and coverage towards strategic issues. We have to discuss about the Ryan air customer service which keeps the Ryan air airlines in top position from past decade. We have to identify the Advantages and Disadvantages that are under lying with in this company and the improvements which are observed by the customers and to discuss about how far the company reaching customer satisfaction in this Competitive market.

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Rayair ways is an Irish limited and it stands first among all the other air lines in Europe . This was all started in the year 1985 by rayn’s family with only 25 customers in their first route from Waterford to London Gatwick airport with 15 seats.slowly this company grew and it became the top in Europe air industrys connecting 150 destinations in more than 25 countries with cheapest air tickets .this air ways have a mojor role in the stock markets of Europe as this company is the largest tax payers. As the company grew day by day it had implemented certain policies in servies and their prices which have attracted the customers largely.this company operated with only 5000 customers in the beginning but now this industry operates well over 70 million customers as per the survey conducted in the year 2009.This is the only airlines which have deceased their cost tickets to a very less price which has created a revolution in the entire European air industries which made raynair airways to stand in no1 position along with customer satisfaction in the air lines world.

Raynair overview

The overview gives us proper description regarding the position and the details of the company as a competitor among the other industries. The cheif of the company Michael o leary was awarded the best busuiness man which brought a respectable name to the industry also in the year 1994 this company had it first boieng 737 which gradually increased to 210 boieng planes by the end of year 2009 increasing the profit to the company as well as the ceating capacity of the plains.rayn air has new routes which save d the time of the customers travelling by those routes and this also attracted the customers to a largr extent.the company also had a good customer care services as they cleared all the quires by the customers within 7 days and they don’t have any marketing agencies which benefits the company as well as the customer also and they are confirmed about the prices of thrir trips

Raynair position:

The company has occupied no 1 position in the entire Europe and 16th position among the worlds competetion. In To obtain this spot the company works very hard by implementing new ideas and making changes in this competition world . the people responsible for this is everone who aorks for the betterment of the company . this company has defeated british airways in customer service ,baggage missing and profits.

Achievements and Awards:

Rayanair’s achievements are as follows,

It took many awards from Irish government & also from the other world air line boards.

The company 2 prestigeous charity awareds for their services towards the disabled persons

It also backed the best deaf and blind friendly award in serving the deaf and blind people.

Was awarded the best advertising award for it advertisements.

The college of business and in the year 2006 has awarded Rayn air with ucc alumnus award.

Rayn air has achieved the best business and service awards from the government of Ireland.

Customer service:

Rayn air goes with the motto to provide the best service for its customers by

Online ticket booking from outside the airport.

Solving their problems ,requests and others before departures.

Takes care in baggage handling. Makes sure that no baggage is missing as it the most important from the customers aspect.

Advertising on television help the customers to know about thier flights , fairs ,and also about the destinations to which flights will travel and departure.

It has its own magazine t help the customers.

Advertises itself through british broad caste channel and also more frequently during the breaks when live sports are going on.

Raynair employees:

It has more than 7000 employees working in the company who has good communication skills and customer service skills .

The company also has a human resource development department that deals with the problems regarding the employees and to create a friendly atmosphere where in they can work more effectively.

The company takes care about the health and safety of the customers and the employees working for the company. The company also provide proper training for the employees to avoid accidents during flight and these training programmes were also approved by the Irish avation authority lead by Ireland government.


Ryan air deals to increase the companies profit by making use of the resources which makes improvements in marketing techniques and management . Every such department has a manager for each who are responsible for managing things which the company implements.


The main stratergy of Raynair is customer service oriented that influences the company increasing its profit directly along with the brand name. Raynair estimates low air fares with more passengers and charging on the baggage along with value added tax.the secret behind the success of Rayn air is the cheap availability of the air tickets in different charges for different classes and charging the baggage on both economy and business class is same.the main difference is the quality of requirements in plain’s.proper maintenance and operating model of network that communicates from different bases has been the successful stratergy . More stratergies are covered in swot analysis that have been achieved by regular changes in their policies due to market copetetion.



The company has a brand name as it is operating more than 2 decades.

Customer can pay directly to the company.

Increase in seats made less maintenance cost less which benefiting the company

Boeing plains are easy to operate just like the other planes to the employees.

Safety of baggage in comparision with other airlines.

Operates very good network which makes the trip fast and safe.


Discounts are not properly provided.

Has a bad impression from print media.

Extension of business to other countries is not allowed.

Customers are charged for their baggages where as the other air lines are providing it for free or less cost comparatively.

New routes made the destinations delay and reach on wrong time by which the customers would loose their patience.


Ryan air has many destinations in Europe.

Plays a major part in stock exchange.

Rayn air won profits even at the time of recession.

Cheap flight tickets attracts more customers.


Rapid hike in fuel on regular bases.

Competition from other air lines.

Price motivation

Opposition from print media.


Internet ticket booking direct from the company.

Reaching the destinations in a single flight.

Greater qualities in services.

Own airlines.

Faster service in reching the destinations.

Less ticket fair.

Offers and previllages and compliments on buying the tickets

It has no agencies

Flights have more seating capacity.


Seats are not allotted properly to the customers.

Cancellation of tickets may take long time and some times customers may loose money.

Cargo services are provided for free of cost.

Opposed by the paper and print media.

Baggage is also charged in extra other then ticketing and value added tax.

Air bags and oxygen masks are provided at the customers request.


From the above discussion we concluded that the marketing strategies of Ryan air airlines is well planned and executed and some strategic issues which are applied to the company to achieve good market in the airlines business which are done in practical manner. We concluded that the rain air airlines is number 1 in Europe continent and most respect company in the world which maintain strategies according to customer needs and maintain health and security precautions for both passengers and employees. Ryan air airlines has lot of problems that the people are not satisfied with the offers and extra charges which are held in baggage and food. Ryan air also extracts some advantages like low cost air tickets, Security, Service. Some of the problems with Ryan air airlines are cancellation of tickets will be done when conditions apply when compared to other airlines and extra charges on Luggage and more taxes and vat which altogether comes to the cost of other airlines and more passengers are un satisfied about their journey and at one time Michael says that the Ryan air airlines are charging £1 for using toilets which brings bad impression on the airline. This company do not have any agencies and the company is directly accessed by the customers through internet which is completely secured and the passengers made payments through their pc. Finally we concluded that this Ryan Air Airlines plans to operate their network throughout the world with more flights and to spread their customer satisfaction throughout the world.


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