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Online Car Rental System Tourism Essay

Paper Type: Free Essay Subject: Tourism
Wordcount: 1833 words Published: 1st Jan 2015

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People travel from one place to another for many reasons, some due to their jobs or business and few for holidays and vacations. As a traveller they cannot own a car in every place or country they go, they always prefer other options like public transports, cabs, busses, trains and rent cars or bikes. Getting a car on rent has become very famous due to the cost as it is much cheaper than using cabs for a whole day and because it is much more secure and convenient. Keeping this in the mind Researcher has decided to develop an online car rental system, by using online car rental system a traveller can book the car.

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As the name of the system suggest, this system will be an online car rental system. This system will not only help the travellers to select the car of their chose but they can also compare the different models of car available and different type. They can compare prices, models and brands. They can select if they want that the car should be delivered to their door step with additional charges or they will pick up the car from the nearest store. They can select the car according to their requirement and budget.

Problem statement and Literature review

• Expensive rent for travellers

As stated by Flowers, J and Levere, J. (2008) due to rise in drivers fees and taxes such as state and local surcharges applied on airports, the rent of the cars can increase at an average of 25 per cent.

Due to rise in Tax, the travellers have to pay up to 25% of tax when the booking or renting a car from the airports. Even if the traveller pays the higher price they have to go with the cars which are available at that point of time in the car rental office. It can be expensive cars or even luxury cars which are not in budged of every person.

To overcome this problem the Online Car Rental System will help the traveller to book the car even before they have arrived. So that they do not have to pay extra airport charges and get any car which is in their budget and which suits them and their requirements.

• Returning the car remotely

According to Yang, Y., (2008), difficulty is in uncertainty of length time of the person who have taken the car on rent and which referred location he wants to return the car.

Sometimes a person takes a car on rent, but it is not sure when will the person return the car and will the person be able to come to the same location to return the car or not, in this situation that person have to pay more if he delay to return the car on time.

This online car rental system will provide an online service where the person can increase the time limits and predefined the location person will be dropping the car or he want the car to be taken from.

• Cannot reserve specific car model

According to Korstanje, M. E., (2011), Due to limitation in operations creates problem for renter to reserve specific model. Reservations are not given on the basis of model but group.

Due to operation limitation in the area like airports, this problem causes issue like in which the renters are not able to get what they actually want and they have to go for the car which is available in the store even if it is not what they are willing to have.

This online system will help traveller to do online booking in which he can select which car he prefer with the facility of comparing with other car on the basis of type and price so that he can makes best decision.

• No time for customer’s feedback

As said by Meyer, C., and Schwager, A., (2007), Due to many transactions by individual customers which are monitored by the company they does not get time to take feedback from them regarding the service provided.

When a customer comes to an office for renting a car, due to having many customers the staff member of the company does not get chance to ask customers regarding their services because of which their problems are not rectified.

To rectify these issues the online car rental system will have an online feedback service after each customer have done with their transaction at the time of logout. The system will ask for a feedback from the customer.

• Time wasting

As said by Ahlstrom, C., Kircher, K., et al., (2012), Due to a single mistake of the airport rental service it take hours to get cars on rent.

When there is a problem in the airport rental service it can take hours to get the car on rent which is actually wasting the time of the renter.

In online car rental system the reservation will be done before traveller arrived at the airport so that when the traveller arrives at the airport the car will be ready to be taken.

• Change car on each route

As said by Asconavieta, P.H.S. (2011) car rental companies usually work on the regional basis because of which traveller have to change car on every route.

Due to shortage of area coverage as the car taken for the company should return to the same location makes the traveller to keep changing the car even if they go from one state to another. They have to come back to the same location. So when they go to different state they have to change their car.

To rectify this problem the online car rental system will have an option of selecting the area the customers want to return the car. So In the country like Emirates or Maldives where the area is short, the car can be taken from one state to another state without any problems.

• Improper scheduling for proper car utilisation

As stated by Minodora, 2009, improper scheduling in car rental companies causes the company unable to utilise their car and even increase work time for renter to get car.

Due to improper scheduling in the car rental companies the car spend more time in the company’s car lot or customers have to wait until the car is not returned.

Using online car rental system the scheduling will be done online by the customer itself as the car which they select they have to put the time they will return. If in case they fail to return or inform the pickup point extra charges will be charged to them.

• Return car on the same agency location

According to Goldbarg, M., Asconavieta, P. and Goldbarg, E., (2012), car rented from a company can only be returned to the agency of the same company.

If a renter take a car from a company he or she have to return it to the same agency of the same company but if the person is new in the region it will not be possible for him to do that it will be wasting of time in searching for the agency.

In the online car rental system the renter can select whether he wants to retune the car or he wants the car to be taken from where he is , it can be hotel, airport, mall or any other location he can predefined the location online and the car will be picked up from him.

• Insufficient revenue

Lin-in, H., and Tao, Q. (2011) described that car renting companies in certain areas unable to get sufficient revenue for growth.

This issue is due to concentrating on a limited region because the rate of sale increases based on the area of the company it is located in if the company is limited to its area only.

In online car rental system there will be no boundaries, the company can concentrate on any location and get revenue from any part of the area or even country if the country is not in a bigger size like Emirates or Maldives.

• Rejection due to short time frame

According to Guerriero, F., Olivito, F. (2011) in order to increase the revenue, company with limited car does not rent the car for a day or few hours.

Because of limited area of work company does not give their cars for short period of time to increase their revenue which make it difficult for the traveller to search car renting company after he have reached to the unknown country or location.

As the online car rental system allows traveller to book the cars online. A person does not really have to go through all this type of issues as a person will be getting the car as soon as he or she arrives.

Research Aims & Objectives

4.1 Aims

To create an online system, that will allow travellers to easily rent a car.

It will also allow user to select the car according to their requirement and compare it with other options of cars.

Make it easy for a traveler to return the car on remote locations.

Solving the manual scheduling problem as every transaction will be done online.

4.2 Objectives

Is to create a reliable web base online system on which user can access using internet from anywhere.

To use software tools in implementation, this will help in implementing features for easy access.

Allow system users to participate in the early stages of development so the outcome will be user oriented.

Research Questions

There are two categories in which the researcher has classified the questions.

5.1 Domain research Questions

How the system will help in car scheduling?

How the system will affect the operation of the renting company?

How the proposed system is different from existing systems?

How to integrate online payments by credit cards?

5.2 Technical research question

Which scripting language can be used for the proposed system?

Which data base system can be used for the proposed system?

How the different feature can be implemented into the system?

Which web authoring software can suits best of the system?

Research Design

6.1 Domain Research

The research in domain research will be conducted from literature source like journal, eBooks, white papers and library books. Furthermore research will be done by using online resources such as IEEE Xplore, Google Scholar and my Athens.

6.2 Technical research

Mainly Web resources such as eBooks and journal will be used in conducting technical research.

Research Plan

Personal Reflection

7.1 Facts finding Methods

The fact finding method which the researcher will use is questionnaire and interview fact find methods. Questionnaires are objective and will reach too many respondents which will provide researcher with sufficient information for accurate analysis. On the other hand the interview method will allow the researcher to get deep understanding about the topic area.

7.2 Limitations

Like every system have some limitation, in order to collect data and questionnaire from traveller during the development will be difficult and their participation is not possible so this matter can be overcome by using social networks and other web application to take questionnaire before or in the early stages of the system development


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