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The 10 Most Sacred Places in the World

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10 Most Sacred Places in the World

Faith is the driving power for billions of people around the world. Regardless of the religion or faith you belong to, there are sacred places for every kind of people throughout the world.

After going through many of such places and locations around the world, we have come up with what we think are top 10 in our mind regardless of the order. Below is a list these sacred places:

1-Masjid Al Haram-The Kaaba, Makkah, Saudi Arabia

Masjid Al Haram is considered the most sacred place for Muslims. This place holds a significant value in the history of Islam and is the birth place and home to the last prophet and the most important and influential figure in Islam, the beloved Muhammad (PBUH).

This place is significant for other reasons too, like Hajj- the biggest annual gathering of over 16 million Muslims from all over the world conducted to show unity and love to the one and only God- ALLAH.

This place is surrounded by mountains and the ambiance and the atmosphere here exudes peace and tranquility. Praying-in and visiting this place really reinvigorates faith in your mind and soul and the feeling you get here is nothing you would have ever experienced in your entire life.

Visit: http://www.beautifulmosque.com/Masjid-al-Haram-Night-View-Saudi-Arabia

2-Cenote Sagrado, Mexico

Cenote is basically an underground water reservoir, and the Mayan people considered these to be very important for the sustenance of life, essentially due to water.

Cenote Sagrado is one such cenote which is considered to be a sacred place for these people. This cenote is created from natural limestone, and is located in the Yucatan Peninsula.

It is believed that unlike normal cenotes that provided people with daily life necessities like drinking and bathing, this cenote was used for ceremonies and special purposes like sacrificing children and women in the times of drought to please Chac, who was believed to be the God of Rain by the Mayans.

The place is so beautiful and peaceful that you’d want to stay there forever.

Visit: http://travel.prwave.ro/the-cenote-at-chichen-itza/

3-Shwedagon Pagoda, Myanmar

Shwedagon Pagoda is named by many travelers and tourists as the sacred place to visit. This beautiful monument of Gold is located some 100 yards over Rangoon, the largest and the former capital city of Burma.

This location especially comes to life at the evening and night times and is famous in Buddhist people due to it being home to Buddha’s remnants.


4-Crater Lake, Oregon

This is a beautiful fresh water lake that is located in the central region of South Oregon.

It is a crater that has been considered sacred by the local Klamath tribe for centuries and is believed to have come into existence as result of an explosion in Mount Mazama some 8000 years ago.

The place is covered with lush green plantation and the beautiful lake water reflects the sky to turn into a deep blue color. The result is a stunning scenery, a wonder that eyes just cannot let go of, the serenity and peacefulness of the location just captivates your imagination like few other places can.

Visit: http://nexttriptourism.com/crater-lake-tourism-in-oregon/

5-Hagia Sophia, Turkey

Hagia Sophia can be considered as one of the most visited sacred places by tourists on Earth. This sacred place, unlike the rest is an architectural marvel, and reflects one of the finest pieces of craftsmanship you would ever encounter in your life.

The most unique and differentiating fact about this place is that although it is a sacred place for Muslims in particular, but it attracts tourists from all over the world regardless of their beliefs and religions.

Visit: http://nexttriptourism.com/hagia-sophia-is-a-unique-turkey/

6-Ghats of Varanasi, India

Ghat can be understood as a riverside place or the place on the river banks where one can sit or change before entering into the river.

Varanasi is a sacred city of India and the several Ghats present on riverside in this famous city provides for hundreds and thousands of believers with bathing opportunities, the place to meditate or even an opportunity to say the final ceremony of their loved ones.

The setting sun on this beautiful river is also a sight which will leave you speechless and in complete awe.

Visit: http://www.hindugodwallpaper.com/wallpaper-59-101.html

7-Spanish Synagogue, Czech Republic

If you are a Jew and happen to live in Europe, then you cannot miss to visit this sacred place. This is probably one of the most beautiful Synagogues in the Entire Europe, or better yet in the entire world.

Located in the beautiful city of Prague, this synagogue is loaded with Fascinating ancient drawings, designs and beautiful architecture that overwhelms you with its presence, and the calm and quite atmosphere revives the faith from within.

Visit: http://jbuff.com/shul%20prague%20spanish_synagogue.htm

8-Mount Kailash, Tibet

This is probably the most beautifully dangerous sacred destination on our list. Mount Kailash is of immense importance for more than one religion, it is considered a holy place in religions like Hinduism, Buddhism, Jainism and the religion of Bon.

Annual trip to this wonderful and sacred mountain is made by many thousands who believe in its sacredness, but the road to the location is a very tricky one and you might need some assistance if you’re visiting for the first time.


9-Vatican City

Set foot in the world’s only carbon neutral state, the Vatican City is as beautiful as it is sacred. It is home to the Pope and presents some of the most beautiful and the scarcest pieces of art and backdrops you can find in Rome.

The city is absolutely full of lush green gardens and the atmosphere of the city just brings about the surge of emotions that are hard to feel in other cities of the world.

Visit: http://www.airpano.com/360Degree-VirtualTour.php?3D=Vatican


Jerusalem is probably one of the oldest sacred places to have existed on this planet. Bearing its significance in some of the biggest religions in the world, it is a sacred and holy place for Muslims, Jews and Christians since thousands of years.

Many battles have been fought amongst Christians, Jews and Muslims in the history over this great city and it still to this day is the most important city for Muslims after Makkah and Madinah.

The mere history and the culture that this holy land presents is enough to attract millions from all over the Globe annually.

Visit: http://sharingjerusalem.org/


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