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Factors That Attract Tourist To Jamaica Tourism Essay

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The research paper consist of two chapters, chapter one contains the report has chapter two contains the conclusion, my references, the appendix and the recommendation. There is a surface look on why quality service is important in the hospitally industry as oppose to service quality in other businesses. Included also are in-depth explanations for the importance of service quality. The topic of community based tourism soon approaches; I have listed advantages and disadvantages, of CBT, after which a clear definition as given for all the pros and con listed. It is said that Jamaica attracts tourist because of the three S, sand sun and sea these are not the only factors that were named other factors ere also included, each of these factors has a small summary explaining each factor clearly.

Discuss the importance of delivering quality services in the hospitality industry and identify differences (if any) between delivery in the hospitality industry and service delivery in other businesses

Quality in the tourism and hospitality industry involves consistent delivery of products and services as indicated by expected standards. Delivering quality service is one of the many threats that the hospitality managers will be facing in the upcoming years as it is an important condition for success in the emanate acutely rival hospitality industry. (theories, 2006) There is no issue more challenging for hoteliers than achieving consistency and quality across all factors of the guest experience and getting employees to continually meet and exceed customer expectations. (Larkin, 2009) Under-promise and over-deliver should be the mantra for every successful hotelier, who should be conscientious and ardent about customer needs. If you satisfy a customer’s needs, you are building the foundation to establish a relationship based on trust and loyalty. All these factors collectively contribute to customer loyalty and retention which are integral for success in this industry. Always be open to suggestions. Understand what your customers expect from you. Place a suggestion box in your hotel reception, café, and air travel or tourism office so you can gather feedback from your customers. Further, don’t just gather customer recommendations, act upon them to show that you really care and want their business. It is essential to understand the importance of customer service in hospitality to make a positive difference to the business by listening and learning. You may provide the best service, but if you are not fast enough you may lose an important customer and several other referrals. Always remember if do not give your customer what he or she is looking for; he will knock on other doors until someone else will. Employees need to learn how to innovate to meet high expectations and provide good service’. The customer should be your main concern and services designed around them. The hospitality industry prospers on accessibility. If your customer service is missing this essential ingredients, your business will not survive for a; long period unless you bring about changes that show your dedication to customer satisfaction. The industry is expanding and so is the competition. The necessity of customer service in hospitality stems from the dictum that the customer needs to be treated with priority and that he should see value in what is given. If a customer believes he got value for his money he will keep coming back if customers are dissatisfied with the service offered they will seek out other organizations .hotels and restaurants provide millions of jobs for persons worldwide. High quality customer service requires that employees interact with guests in a cordial manner, their duties must be performed with a smile, when a guest is satisfied with service he or she has received the company earns revenue, new clientele and positive recommendations. The United States Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts that by 2018 the number of jobs in the customer service field will increase by 18 percent. This reflects an increasing importance for quality customer service which also affects industry growth .lf visitors are given extra perks such as a free pass to the hotel spa; they are likely to visit again with the intention of paying. Part of a hotel or restaurants star rating is customer service. A unique aspect of any service industry, to which tourism belongs, is the service delivery system. This term covers those aspects of the operation which take place at the time that a customer or client comes to the service point and requests a specific service. The delivery system is designed to provide the customer with the required variety of services and with the minimum delay. A common feature of delivery systems is the customer line or queue. A key aspect of any system is to control the length of queues.

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There is not much of a difference between service delivery in the hospitality industry and that of service delivery in other businesses; the main fact that must be noted is that the hospitality industry is dependent on service delivery while other businesses not in the hospitality sector are not. It is not new and it has become more of a necessity than choice if organizations want to have a competitive edge in the industry they need to introduce quality based practices.



Community Based tourism enables tourists to discover local habitats and wildlife and celebrate and respects traditional cultures, rituals and wisdom. The community will be aware of the commercial and social value placed on their natural and cultural heritage through tourism and this will foster community based conservation of resources.

Community Based Tourism affords travelers with rare opportunities to experience local communities firsthand. its distinctive in that it provides an alternative to development that’s not sustainable, giving rural and poor communities an additional source of income

Residents earn income as land managers, entrepreneur service and produce providers and employees. At least part of the tourist income is set aside for products hich provide benefits to the community as a whole.

Many productive experiences in developing countries prove that tourism can become a leading sector for the people who conserve natural resources and live on it.

Provide land ownership by the local population

Promotes productive sustainable practices within its tourism offering


.Lost Benefits-as the cost to fund community based tourism escalates it outweighs the benefits

Poor Management, Marketing and Entrepreneur skill

Lack of community involvement and participation

Reliance on donor funding

In balance in board Representation

Community Tourism is tourism in which local residents (often rural, poor and economically marginalized) invite tourist to visit their communities with the provision of overnight accommodation. Community based tourism takes environmental, social and cultural sustainability into account, it is managed and owned by the community with the purpose of enabling visitors to increase their awareness and learn about the community and local ways of life, this type of tourism provides alternative economic opportunities, which are essential in rural areas, it has the potential to create jobs and generate entrepreneurial opportunities fo people from a variety of backgrounds, skills and experience. (Harris, 2003). Community based development empowers people to be more aware of the value of their community assets, their cultural heritage, cuisine and lifestyle, it mobilizes them to convert them into income generating projects while offering a more diverse and worthwhile experience to visitors. Every citizen is a potential business partner to be trained in small business management, environmental awareness, product development and marketing, this type of people centered tourism promotes a sense of “ownership” which augurs well for the industry’s sustainability. Community based Tourism is not only a development tool for building tourism but for the entire country. (technology, 2005)


BEACHES- the most popular beaches are found along the North Coast which stretches 150 miles from Negril to Port Antonio. Popular beaches include Cornwall Beach, Doctors Cove beach in Montego bay, seven mile beach in negril, treasure beach on the south coast, just to rname a few. The seven mile beach has golden sand that is ideal for families but have some nude beach patches.

ENTERTAINMENT- sum fest the world’s premier reggae show draws up to 15,000 fans each night and seeing artists performing in the land where reggae was born. Little ocho seafood festival

LUXURIOUS RESORTS- these include sunset beach resort and spa located in montego bay, sunset Jamaica grande resorts and spa in ocho Rios and sunset at the palms in Negril, all these resorts are budget friendly and family oriented

CLIMATE- the island is blessed with a tropical marine climate, it is blessed with northeasterly trade winds that keep you from sweltering no matter what time of year

ACCESSIBILITY- The central location of Jamaica allows easy access by air and sea to tourists from the north and south.It is not surprising that the Caribbean attracts approximately50% of the international cruise liners to its shores.

The Exchange Rate- the foreign exchange rates of caribbeam countries provided added incentives for tourist

SANITATION AND HEALTH-a healthy and well kept environment influences tourist to come to destination Jamaica


– a rich historical past has left a legacy of forts, plantation houses, sugar mills and artifacts which reflect the way of life of past generation

ENVIRONMENTAL-the evergreen rain forest with a wide mix of flora and fauna,provide a peaceful and tranquil atmosphere for hiking, bird watching and picnics


Mother Nature has blessed Jamaica with a magnificent waterfalls and natural wonders, the forts of the pass are both museum and entertainment pieces. In conclusion of this research the researcher realized that quality service delivery is more important and even more necessary than service quality in any other form of business. Jamaica has a number of tourism products in place which are used to satisfy basic wants and needs of a tourist, these include all facilities and amenities either man made or natural. Community based tourism as stated in the research is basically where local residents invite tourist to visit there community with provision of overnight accommodations. There are disadvantages and advantages found in community based tourism but the good outweighs the bad, with proper management of the CBT, it will continue to strive for years to come. Jamaica is the Caribbean’s premier vacation retreat; it offers much diversity for so little. Destination Jamaica has been blessed with scenic beauty which we are determined to preserve and protect.


Implementation of Management teams who will do special research focusing on culture, awareness of benefits



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