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Darjeeling As A Tourist Spot For Honeymoons Tourism Essay

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Darjeeling is one of the most sorts after vacation spots and honeymoon destination for couples. It is world renowned region for cultivation of Darjeeling Tea. Situated in the laps of the Himalayan Ranges, this tourist center situated in the state of West Bengal soothes the senses and rejuvenates one’s positive attitude towards life. It is a perfect place for honeymooners who wish to spend some time alone in each other’s company in a calm atmosphere. Flowers are. These are found in abundance. You will find some strikingly rare species that you may never have seen before. There are ample spots where newly wed couples can enjoy long walks or go for a long drive through the woods or lush green plantations. If the couples enjoy indulging into adventurous sports then Darjeeling is the perfect place for them as its landscape provides much scope for trekking, camping, river rafting etc. The atmosphere is clean and filled with natural fragrance of the woods and flowers. Get a first hand experience of the glittery night life in the various activities organized by the resorts and the hotels for its guests. You can enjoy the exquisite cuisine and also get a glimpse of the lifestyles of various tribal communities which have maintained their own identity even today. Darjeeling offers breathtaking view of the mountain ranges appearing in different shades according the hour of the day – crimson, golden, purple, blue, grey etc. especially during dawn and dusk. Scenic landscapes of the Tiger Hills and the 100 year old steam engine chugging on the winding tracks make the trip all the more worthwhile for honeymooners. Enjoy the romantic ambience and capture the memorable moments in photographs or make videos as this is bound to be an experience of a lifetime. To sum up, Darjeeling offers an experience which is one of a kind.

3. Luxury Train Tour

a. Palace on Wheel Tour

Palace on wheels is a luxury train introduced by Tourism Ministry to provide royal experience to the tourists. This train is fully equipped with facilities that are found in five star hotels such as carpeted walls and floorings with fully furnished luxurious cabins. These regal trains go on a week long journey covering important tourist destinations in the states of Rajasthan. This train offers heavenly experience to its travelers with delicious cuisines, excellent hospitality and state of the art facilities. Besides deluxe saloons, pantry, air conditioned rooms, restaurants, bars, entertainment facilities like TV, CD player as well as intercom and satellite phone for making ISD or STD calls. Rajasthan is one state which can be called as the land of the forts that date back to when Rajputs ruled the state. Udaipur is another destination known for its beautiful lakes. Pushkar is one occasion where one can see plenty of hustle and bustle and rich vibrant colors all around. Folk songs, dance, camel safaris and heritage hotels of Rajasthan make it a favorite tourist spot attracting thousands of visitors each year. You can also go on a wild life tour and see native animals such as the black buck, sambar, camel, peacock and other indigenous species of both animals and birds.

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This applies to Rajasthani cuisine as well where in each dish has a distinctive taste that sets it apart from of others. The restaurants of this splendid train also takes the pride in providing Chinese, Continental palates besides Indian cuisine. You can also find a bar that houses premium range spirits of Indian as well as International make. Those fond of reading can avail books which are arrayed in each coach. Tariffs vary according to number of persons and one has to make bookings quite in advance in peak seasons.


Honeymoon is the very first vacation that a couple goes out for after their marriage, is a chance of showing your partner how much you love her and care for her. It is most probably the only time in your entire life when you can be so very close to each other and feel the love and the bond without caring about the world and the works and responsibilities of your life. A cozy and sizzling honeymoon sows seeds of trust, affection, and love for a lifetime. And if you too feel the same, you can visit India for your honeymoon where you can find places for an everlasting and unforgettable honeymoon. No matter what type of taste you and your partners have, you can get it all here in India whether you love sand, sea, sport, sun or snow we have them all in this romantic nation.

One of the most appropriate places you can visit is Kerala, the lowermost state of India with Arabian Sea on the west, Indian Ocean below and towering Western Ghats on the east. Plenty of serene beaches, tranquil greens, and the beautiful landscape is all which one can desire for the most romantic honeymoon.

Other sights to be seen are the lakes, the sanctuaries with the rarest of the animal and bird species, the spice village with the various kinds of taste enhancing spices. The breezy Ghats along with the tea plantations and the palm and paddy fields are worth seeing.

The antique cottages are fun to live in and the cruise in the backwaters in the traditional canoes is so very thrilling and it gets a lot romantic if you have partner with you.

So if you desire such a kind of cozy atmosphere for your honeymoon and want to memorize your honeymoon for the entire life, just choose Kerala, the dream state, for it and feel the warmth with your loved one.


Kerala, known as ‘God’s own country’, is a very small state constituting just about one hundredth of the land mass of India but still it is considered as one of the most beautiful and popular states. In spite of being so small, it has diverse features and a very diverse culture. It is included among the very few regions which have evolved but still have preserved their rich culture and heritage and its inhabitants have taken their traditions along with them throughout whether it is art forms like kathakali or their martial arts. Moreover the people are very friendly and interesting which has always been the highlight of any tour of Kerala. The diverse landscape includes sunny beaches, heavy jungles, crowded cities and chilly hill stations and other attractions are the various national parks and wildlife sanctuaries with the rarest of wildlife. It is the state with the highest literacy rate in India in spite of the fact that the majority of the state’s population is rural. The state being narrow and long has a long coastline with Arabian Sea and the majestic Western Ghats surrounding it from the two sides.

But the extremely long 1900 km of backwaters fringed with palm has always the main attraction of the state with tourists visiting from all over the world to take a cruise on the backwaters in the traditional canoes, popularly known as vanjis and closely observing the agricultural practices of the native population.

One of the primary backwater destinations is the Kumarakom situated on the banks of Vembanad Lake which a centre for houseboat cruises. The place being one of the favorite haunt of migratory birds from all over the world makes it a renowned bird watching centre. The harbors in the city of Cochin have backwaters stretching on the east and south of the harbors dotted with small islands, which have been naturally formed by sand deposit from the rivers. Boat cruise in these backwaters is what everyone desires because of the serene and calm environment there and to enjoy the immense beauty of the site. Never miss any opportunity of having this thrilling experience and visit the state to give the friendly natives a chance to show their hospitality.

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b. Royal Orient Train Tour

This exotic train launched with the collaborative efforts of the Gujarat Government and the centralized Indian Railway has acquired a prestigious position in the Indian tourism industry. It has boosted the tourism industry attracting overwhelming crowds from various parts of the Indian subcontinent as well as international tourists. This train acquaints travelers with multifaceted Indian culture. Royal Orient Train Tour delivers services par excellence in terms of food, hospitality, facilities and sightseeing. On a 7-day long journey, this train covers important tourist destinations of Gujarat that includes the famous Gir Forest known for lions and Rajasthan – the abode of marvelous Rajput forts. You will not only get fascinated with the grandeur of the palaces which have stood the test of times but also experience the thrill of watching wild animals such as black buck, sambar, lions, tigers, camels etc. Bird watching is another pass time that you can indulge into. Besides these, tour operators provide jeep safari trips to the Thar Desert.

This train comprises world class facilities in the form of well equipped saloons, bar, restaurant, furnished and carpeted air conditioned rooms with attached baths, TV, satellite phones etc. Once you embark upon the trains, you will feel the regal air about it. The interiors are adorned with brocade fabric used for curtains, sofa covers, walls, ceilings etc. Well trained and experienced staff of the train gives individual attention to visitors to make them feel special. For e.g. chefs at the restaurant excel not only in the preparation of Indian delicacies but also prepare mouth watering Chinese as well as continental dishes. The bar is stocked with exquisite spirit brands of Indian as well as international wine manufacturers. Travel is not only made easy, convenient but also stylish. In short, Royal Orient Train Tour is bound make your journey a memorable one!

Call of the Wilds

Ever thought of going away from regular tours and exploring the forest and wildlife? Just imagine the excitement of a royal tiger drinking water from a pond, or the thumping sound of elephants walking! For that matter, the night cries of wildlife roaming the jungle can be an out-of-the-world experience! If you want to explore this and much more, consider planning an extensive wild life tour of India.

India has a rich wildlife and a range of forests, national parks and animal / bird sanctuaries to choose from. National parks include Corbett, Ranthambore, Kanha, Periyar and many more. There are also several wildlife safaris that take you into deep forests. Some popular safaris are Corbett wildlife safari, Kaziranga wild life safari and the wildlife safaris in Kerala and Rajasthan. The internet can be an excellent tool in helping you choose the perfect trip!

If you are adventurous and dare to see wildlife at its best, select from wildlife excursions in the deep and mysterious forests of Orissa, the Sunderbans in West Bengal and the Corbett adventure tour that truly unfolds nature. In these forests, you can see the best of wildlife totally unhindered and unrestricted. There is no doubt that it will turn out to be a memorable and marvelous experience. However, a note of caution – these tours can be risky and therefore, you are required to follow the instructions of forest officials strictly to the dot in order to ensure your safety.

If you want to be comfortable, opt for extensive packages that facilitate your stay even though you are close to nature. For this purpose, there are many wildlife resorts available in Corbett national Park, Bharatpur, Periyar, Ranthambore and Nainital. These resorts will take you close to nature where you can explore wildlife, practice some trekking and jive with rare birds apart from relishing a luxurious stay.


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