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A Successful Tourism Marketing Plan Tourism Essay

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Wordcount: 3349 words Published: 1st Jan 2015

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Jamaica is one of the greatest island to visit in the Caribbean. Surrounding Jamaica are other islands such as Cuba, Haiti, and Puerto Rico, but none of them can compare to this land of beauty. This wonderful country is 80 kilometers in width and 234 kilometers in length and contains about 4,300 square miles, making it the third largest island in the Caribbean.

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Some of the wonderful features that Jamaica posses are: reefs that are filled with natural wild live; beaches that have crystal clear water and white soft sand; a broad coastal plan; and mountains that are filled with greenery. It is important for a country to make people from all around the world be aware of the things it has to offer that cannot be found anywhere else so they are attracted to go there over and over again.

Five tools or techniques that could be used by the Jamaica Tourist Board to effectively manage and market a destination such as Jamaica for visitors appeal.

Jamaica is marketed using the AIDA principle. This is the process of influencing customer to visit destinations through marketing affords related to the AIDA principle.

A- Awareness.

I- Create an interest.

D- A desire for your product.

A- Action

These are:

Identify target market

Market mix (price, place, promotions, products)


Brand Ambassadors

Product development

1) Identify target market- This means that the tourist board have to identify a specific target market, for which they are trying to sell their service to. For example, if they are going to target Eco-tourism, families, couples, inclusive tourism, and adventurous people, etc. With this clear objective of knowing who their target is, they can proceed accordingly. In any business, one has to figure out whom, why, what, how their target market is and focus on that group when they are marketing the destination and make it appealing and attractive.

2) Market mix- (price, place, promotions, products, people and planning)

Price: make the price match the quality of service that is being offered. For example, the price should reflect on the service, infrastructure and experience. Therefore, it should not be costly to at a low end motel that has poor quality service, old infrastructure, no air condition in the rooms, and hot water available, etc.

Place: the place should be easily accessible. As Jamaica being the destination targeted by North Americans, Canadians and Europeans, it can be accessible by land, sea, and air. Also, being cost effective and near proximity to North America, makes it Jamaica’s biggest market. This is very important to tourists because they like countries that are easily accessible.

Promotions: Jamaica can be marketed by using the above line promotion method- this is used in connection with advertising of the product/ service through the media. This can take the form of advertising via: television, virtual slides on the Internet, magazine, cinema, sales promotions, brochures/ leaflets, as well as public relations showing off what Jamaica has to offer.

Products: the Jamaica Tourist Board would have to let the targeted destination know what Jamaica offers and what sets them apart from the other Caribbean countries. The other Caribbean counties also offer land, sea, sun, and resorts. The Jamaica Tourist Board would have to ask the question “what makes Jamaica so different”, and market it. For example, Jamaica is famous for its culture, known for the Great House of Annie Palmer Estate, Port Royal, Blue Mountain, coral reefs, having over a hundred and eight rivers, the famous Bob Marley ‘king of reggae music’ and so on.

People: the people of Jamaica should be welcoming to the tourist. This in particular employees, and managers of the resort, while maintaining the culture of the organization.

Planning: the Jamaica Tourist Board should set clear objectives of what they hope to achieve. Therefore, asking themselves, ”what are we trying to achieve?” For example- cut competition, enhance profits, etc.

Incentives- This means a positive motivational influence, a selected hotel that tourist stays at will get appraisal. For example- buy a dinner over “x” amount and get a free meal; stay for five days in a luxurious suit and get two free night; visit in September to December 1st and get half price on rooms and so on.

3) Brand Ambassadors – Using famous people to advertise the Jamaica destination. For example- using Usian Bolt as the “face” behind tourism. Images will be displayed showing Bolt relaxing, sipping Martinis on the north coast, shirtless, sun-bathing on the white sandy beaches, with the surrounding lush greenery of the mountains highlighted in the background. The image will also include illustrations of Rastafarian’s splashing in the ocean, shaking their dreads, and with female models passing in their two-piece bath suits, staring at Usian Bolt in awe.

5) Product development- enhances the infrastructure of the destination and the quality of service being offered by training staff in the customer care department.

According to an unknown source, “It is very important the needs for the destination be the focal point for any plan. This will determine the type of tourism that will be developed.”

SWOT analysis of the techniques used in question one.

SWOT analysis means; S- strength, W- weaknesses, O- opportunity and T- threat

Target market/market research-

S- You will get to know the needs of your customers, so you know exactly what they want. You do not offer something that does not appeal to them.

W- expensive to conduct research. People always know what they want but sometimes they are indecisive.

O- Greater market share.

T- It takes time and it is costly to do a market research.

Market mix-

S- People will know about the product.

W- It cost money to create awareness about Jamaica and the things it offers.

O-people who do not know they want it will buy greater market share.

T- Builds expectation in people that the company cannot meet. This leave customer dissatisfied.


S- Its very attractive to people.

W- If not managed properly can increase cost more than customer base and lessen profit.

O- Encourage more shares.

T- People get incentives without spending.

Brand Ambassador-

S- Increase attention about Jamaica.

W- Only people who like the ambassador will be attracted.

O- Increase market share.

T- The person (Usian Bolt) personal life affects the company and also lack of money to carry out the activities.

Product development-

S- Better satisfactions, more customers, more profit.

W- Cost.

O- Greater market share.

T- New developments do not meet customer needs.

The value of a Tourism Marketing Plan and the processes involve in developing the plan

Tourism Marketing Plan is an outline of a strategy that seeks to maximize the sale of a particular product or service. A Tourism Marketing Plan helps to minimize the risks associated with the launching of a new product, or service that consumers may not have any interest in. However, a Tourism Marketing Plan can be a written document containing a strict description and guide lines for an organization or destination, products, marketing strategies and programs for offering their products and services over the define planning period which is often a year.

A successful tourism marketing plan includes

Be honest about your market. For example, if you state that your destination has nine miles of beautiful white sand beach on the north coast, make sure when the tourist comes, it’s not two miles of white sand beach. This means, be honest when you’re marketing the destination.

Testimonials. For example, all negative and positive testimonials are important. This enables the developer of the destination to enhance the quality of service and make changes where necessary. Therefore making consumer happy while making a profit.

Sell your strengths (sell the destination). For example, Jamaica possesses reefs, beaches and extensive coastal plan, surrounding a backbone of mountain traversing the length of the island latitudinal, the king of reggae music the famous Bob Marley, water falls (YS Falls Dunn River Falls), culture, history (the great Port

Royal), historical buildings (The Great White House of Annie Palmer), sports (Reggae boyz), Jazz and Blue Festival, night life, Hedonism hotel, etc.

Target major efforts to major market. For example North America, Europe, and Canada are Jamaica’s major markets. North America is the top market for Jamaica, this is due to the fact it is in close proximity to the island, it’s cheap and it accessible by sea or air. Therefore, it’s safe to say that more money can be spent in North America to market the island.

Focus on unique attractions. For example the sceneries, town, cities, villages, historical and heritage sites, theme parks, resort and hotels.

The value of a Tourism Marketing Plan is how they will (a) develop the country (b) offer quality service to the guest and (c) manage the destination.

The country can be developed by collecting more room taxes and departure tax from tourism, give potential investor’s initiatives’ to invest in the country, export more and reduce imports, educate the citizen’s, make business loans at a lower percentage rate and so on. In addition, this will allow the country to grow and eliminate poverty among the citizens. Furthermore, the standard of living will increase. Therefore, with all the taxes the government will be collecting, it will help in the creation of theme parks, attraction, eco-tourism, fixing of infrastructures, such as roads, bridges, buildings, etc.

The quality of service offered to guests is very important because tourism is service oriented. The quality of service offered to guest should match the value of their money. For example, you cannot expect the same quality service of high end hotel verses a low end hotel.

Nevertheless, whether it’s a low end hotel or a high end hotel the service should be good because this can reflect either negative or positive attribute on the organization, depending on the service the tourist received. The service attendance should be responsive and attentive to guest needs. Information should also be readily available and accessible for tourist. Entertainment should be accommodating a variety of genre.

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By managing the destination, there will be more tourists to the island and this will increase revenue for the government. Therefore, if the destination is managed well and promoted properly, there will be an increase of tourist arrival to the island. The tourists should feel safe and comfortable to explore the environs. With safety not an issue, there will be a high level of return visitors to the island. In addition, this will create jobs, reduce poverty, increase the knowledge of the citizens about the importance of tourism to the country, fixing and building of infrastructure, like roads, schools, hospitals, etc.

Three processes involve in developing such a plan

The three processes are: the mission statement, vision statement and the strategies, theses will be discussed below:

Mission statement-

The mission statement is aim at creating customer awareness about Jamaica.

Increase sales with overseas partners.

Increase use of new technologies

Target visitors outside normal market

Improve communication strategies

Increase sales with overseas partners

Vision statement-

For Jamaica to be the number choice for vacation for all types of people around the world.


To create awareness of tourism in Jamaica, it would have to be promoted by the Jamaica Tourist Board (JTB). The JTB will inform the tourist/people about the hot spots on the island and market the island by advertising and promotion. The funding will come from the government. The government uses the money that they collect from room taxes, departure taxes and so on, to fund the promotion of the destination.

Establish contact with a network of travel advisories to optimize efficiencies in accessing information.

The Jamaica Hotel Tourist Association (JHTA) can be used to develop the hospitality industry and to represent the interest of it’s’ member in all forums.

In conclusion, the value of a tourism marketing plan and the process involved in developing such plans are vital to the destination. Marketing the destination creates awareness, hence resulting in a high number of tourists to the island. The high levels of tourists will create revenue for government, in return will create jobs and alleviate poverty.

External players and organization that assist the CVB with implementation of a Destination Marketing Plan and two economic significant of that assistance.

Caribbean Tourism Organization (CTO)

Tourist Enhancement Funds (TEF)

Jamaica Hotel Tourist Associations (JHTA)

United Nation World Tourism Organization (UNWTO)

Jamaica Vacation (JAMVAC)

The two economic significant that could asses in the implantation of the destination marketing plan is: the Tourist Enhancement Funds (TEF) and the United Nation World Tourism Organization (UNWTO). These two can help assist the CVB by helping save money or help financially.

The Tourist Enhancement Funds (TEF) is a fund that is setup to advance the tourism project. They offer project tourism seminars, tourism training, etc. The TEF funds finance the programs. The TEF gets their money by charging all incoming visitors, ten dollars by air (plane) and two dollars by sea (cruise ship). This money is used to help develop man made attraction, enhance tourism experience, and eradicate poverty by employing citizens, both directly and indirectly. With the development of tourism project around the island of Jamaica, there will be a high influx and returning tourist to the island.

The development and sustainability of man-made attraction will keep revenue and community standard of living stable. With the areas and attraction being properly kept, tourist will be more drawn to those areas.

Therefore, the tourist will be enjoying themselves and scenery sites, learning about the people, the culture etc. Therefore, tourist will spread the experience they had in Jamaica, and this will create free advertising while more people become intrigue to visit the island. When tourists return home, they will share their experience with friends and family. This will make people wanting to visit the island. In addition this will create revenue for the government.

The enhancement of tourism experience will help to promote sustainable development. Local communities must play a major role in defining, developing and managing the tourism experience so that they take ownership of the industry. The success of the industry depends on the visitor’s experience, so they much experience the best vacation they ever had. Planning should be bottom-up, not top down. With the citizen’s supporting tourism experience, the foreign currency will help boost the economy.

Eradicating poverty is every countries main concern. Tourism is one of Jamaica’s main source of income and the first choice of any Caribbean destination. Therefore, with the high influx of tourist to the island, either by air or sea, the tax associated with it can help to develop the infrastructure of the country, help in primary and secondary education, hospital equipment, research, security and so on.

According to (McDonald, 2001)

World Tourism Organization (WTO) is involved in the removal of barriers to tourism and the liberalization of trade in tourism services. WTO also contributes to improvement of tourism health and safety requirements and the development of measures to make tourism more

accessible to the handicapped.

Moreover, UNWTO setup regulations and advisory for CVB such as, the Jamaica Tourist Board. They go around different countries around the world to get information to assist countries in tourism development, tourism research and act as a lobby body/ power. The UNWTO get downers from various countries and companies around the world to fund the projects. Economically, the CVB would end up saving money to do research. In addition, the CVB ends up saving to do research because the UNWTO people/group end up doing the research for free. If the CVB did not have the UNWTO to lobby on their behave, it would cost them money to employee people/groups to travel around the world to gather information and create awareness about the Jamaican brand. Therefore, these create awareness to the world by offering free publicity. The UNWTO acts as a positive outcome due to the fact that the CVB did not have to do advertisement or any promotional activities. The UNWTO also find new and creative ways to find out new ways that Jamaica can be the premiere destination of the world by looking at how other top destination promote themselves.

The economic assistance of the UNWTO allows for the removal of tourism barriers, and this helps with the free influx of tourism to the island. This in return allows more and more free flow of tourist to the destination. However, with this being done, the government will collect more and more revenue that will be used to develop the destination. Hence, with the attraction and security, tourists will be safer within the environment and the surrounding areas. With safety not an issue, the destination will have high return tourist rate to the island. With the great influx of

tourists, room tax and departure taxes will be collected. In addition, with the tourism removal barriers, the economy will grow within the destination due to the fact that tourist can visit from around the world without wondering if they can visit the destination but knowing they can without having to have a visa.


Tourism is very essential for Jamaica because it’s the main economic contributor to the island. With new development and marketing style, using the AIDA principle (A- Awareness, I- Create an interest, D- A desire for your product and A- Action) with no dough, tourist will influx the island.

When using a SWOT analysis (S- strength, W- weaknesses, O- opportunity and T- threat) it helps to look at all the things that could be a possible outcome, either negative or positive. Therefore, it’s important before venturing in a new business to do a SWOT analysis.

A Tourism Marketing Plan is important, because it gives you a stand point. For example, where are you now? Where would you like to be? How do we get there? How do we make sure we get there? How do we know we got there? Hence, with this knowledge and questions applied based on the result you got, it will determine if the marketing plan process worked or not. For example, the; amount of visitors coming into the island, number of awareness in the market, increase in demand, amount of revenue being made, etc.

Tourist Enhancement Funds (TEF) and the United Nation World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) are very helpful with the implementation of a Destination Marketing Plan. They both help the CVB by saving money and giving money to help develop and promote the Jamaican brand as a must see


With the implication of good tourism planning and development, tourism will be sustained within its destination for years to come.



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