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Youth In The Development Of Our Country Theology Religion Essay

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Wordcount: 1997 words Published: 1st Jan 2015

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(1) Youth are the building blocks of a nation. It is a fact that the stronger the youth, the more developed the nation is. The role of the youth in the nation-building occupies the central place. The countries which utilize their youth in as right direction are more developed. The energy and brightness of minds of youth act as torch-bearer for a nation. On the contrary, the countries which fail to realize the importance of the youth lag behind in every department of life. This is one of the reasons of the backwardness of Pakistan. Hence the youth lacks proper patronage. Developed countries are totally aware of the worth of their. They consider their youth as an asset. Most important, these countries cater to the needs of their youth and provide them education, employment, recreational activities etc. such healthy and competitive environment prepare the youth to lead the country through thick and thin. If youth is not in the right direction and is unconcerned about the future of the nation, it will become a burden for the nation. Consequently, it will not play any productive role.

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The countries where youth give proper distribution towards the development of nation then it is responsibility of the government to provide them the proper opportunities to help them to fulfill their roles because without the help of the government it is difficult for youth to play their proper role towards the development of the country. The parents role is also very important parents also need to pay proper intention on their young children and understand their feeling what their children wants them and what they need to guide them in order to play their role in the building a country.

The main roles and responsibility of youth are to give proper and complete intention to education, to guide the new coming young student, to play their vital role in the elimination of terrorism, to server the country with their talent and skills in the different fields, to take part in social and welfare activities, to need to work hard and utilize their own skills, to work with honestly and faithfully, to help to government to promote their country before the world.

(2) The youth is main resource of every country towards the nation building. (3) Pakistan has a large youth population. An estimated 103 million or 63% of the population fall under the age of 25 years. Due to endemic poverty, the majority of youth in Pakistan do not have the opportunity to experience a childhood. Male youth literacy rate is estimated to be 53% and female youth literacy rate is even lower at 42%. As far employment is concerned 15% of the youth is unemployed.

The youth have major role to perform but due to government not giving the proper intention they are not fulfill their roles. One of the major problem youth of Pakistan today facing is that’s when they complete their studies and ready to server their nation with their skill and talent they can’t find enough job to utilize their talent or in order server their country. This is now one of the biggest challenge they face today after they complete their education and this is also the reason some youth believe that they do nothing even after getting the education as after the long journey and the hard work they do not find the job then how we server our country. In this government play a negative image on youth. This is one of the very important responsibilities on government to give the youth proper opportunities in order to increase their spirit towards education in this way they server their country and also utilize their talent. (4) The youth in our country, like young people everywhere in the world, are searching for genuine ideals and values which they can live by, and for revolutionary ways to win them. Thus the Freedom Charter has become deeply rooted in the hearts of our youth.

Education is the most powerful weapon of our youth. But the quality education is lacking Pakistan especially for the poor to show their true talent and skill. Our college and universities becomes degree distribution machines many student have degrees in their hand but doesn’t find the job but they have not quality education their degree have not enough value and they do not have the true skills to fill the gap which the job need from them to fulfill. They complete their education and doesn’t get the job because of their skills they doesn’t fulfill the requirement of the job so youth must need to work hard and understand what they are studying and utilize their talent and government in the end need to help the youth to getting their job and create the enough opportunities for the youth.

Furthermore, the pressure of our parents due to our rigid system is also is trouble for our youth. The women of Pakistan mostly can’t get the education the parents believe that the women not need to get education their role is only to stay in house and cook food or something like that they do not to get education they don’t need to leave house and go to schools, colleges and universities. But this thinking is also wrong and very negative women have also the youth of our country they have the complete right to get the education and help the country to progress in every field the stand in the successful countries of the world. Education is compulsory on both the men as well as the women. (5) We need to bear in mind that “the destiny of nations is in the hands of youth”. Despite the multiplicity of problems, it is still a right time for government to take some pragmatic steps. Of the 15 largest countries in the world in terms of population, Pakistan has by far the youngest population. Government should not regard the young population as a burden but an asset. The Youth of Pakistan are also known as the “Nation Builders” and they can play a significant role in the development of the country not only economically but also by morally and practically. We have to clear the differences and objections of people and make our efforts to grow Pakistan and fulfill the basic needs of the people which are below the poverty line.

The role media in our youth is also very important. Our youth is mostly attracts towards the western programs and their culture. They follow their culture and their styles. This is also a very bad and negative thing on our youth. They have very bad impression on him their do what they see in the television but they do not need to do such type of thing they do what is against their religion. They need to not follow their culture or their style they have their own style their own culture to guide them these thing the role of media is very important our media need to alert of these thing and keep in mind these thing what youth follow and what are their roles to put the youth on the right way and tell them the thing which they need. But our media not fulfill their roles they don’t why showing such type of thing which have very negative and bad image on our youth. Now this is time the media have to take important step and put the youth on the right way. Media need start the educational talk shows and informative shows so youth get the information and know what their country need from them and what are their roles which they need to fulfill. In this way our media play their role and leave the good impression on our youth. (7) Today, we are living in the shadow of suicide attacks and target killings. The state is in a complete state of chaos, everyone is depressed due to the sorry state of affairs. The young blood is working tirelessly day and night to create a ray of hope to bring a solution to the problems, which are creating a bad global image of Pakistan. They are actively involved in NGOs; some of them are doctors, chemists, economists, fine arts student, and military people and are also involved in many other occupations, which constituted as a whole is bringing glory to the nation.(8) I would like to shed some light on some of the events where the youth really created an impact. During the floods which destroyed half of Pakistan, the students and young workers raised charity and donated relief items to the people who had lost everything. It was the youth who marched alongside the lawyers for the restoration of the Chief Justice during the lawyer’s movement. Our under 19 team won the Cricket World Cup in Malaysia against India. Ali Moeen Nawazish scored 21 As in his A-level examinations in England. Here are some suggestions to make good use of our youth.

(6)Competitive teachers must be recruited who could encourage and guide our youth to right lines. Politics must be prevented in the educational institutions. Campaign be started by the media that it is only education which can make our country more prosperous. We must have 100% literacy. It has become a common psyche among the well-educated people that after the completion of the education they would leave their country in the lurch. Government must prevent brain-drain in our country by providing full employment and act as a magnet for bright minds. Parents should teach youngsters patience to face the difficulties and be steadfast. Youth be given ample opportunities to prove and cash their skill in every field. Right men be placed on right places. Youth should be clear about their future. Youth should be at arm’s length from the bad company.

The great leader and the founder of Pakistan Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah says: “Pakistan is proud of her youth, particularly the students who have always been in the forefront in the hour of trial and need. You are the nation’s leaders of tomorrow and you must fully equip yourself by discipline, education and training for the arduous task lying ahead of you. You should realize the magnitude of your responsibility and be ready to bear it.”

To conclude, the youth of today can do a marvelous job for the nation. With all the modern means of this computer age, where everything seems to be possible, why can’t the youth override the things done by the people in the past? We always consider the heroes of the past to be the evergreen characters. But today the youth with the proper use of the modern facilities should be evergreen characters for the times to come.

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