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Archangel Uriel: The Wisdom Of God

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The Archangel Uriel is one of the four archangels that rule over the four corners of the Earth. The other three are Michael, Gabriel, and Raphael. Uriel is the least mentioned of these four archangels, if he is mentioned at all. According to some traditions, there are seven archangels. But even in these accounts, these four are the most prominent. There are scant references to Uriel in scripture. Jewish scripture does not mention the archangels by name. In Christianity, Uriel appears in the Gnostic version of the Bible where we learn his name means “The Light Of God”.

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Uriel is also known as the angel of Wisdom. His realm is in the mental plane where thoughts, ideas, and creativity reside. As “The Light of God”, the Archangel Uriel shines the light of truth and wisdom where there is darkness, deception, and confusion. Uriel also helps people to control their emotions, guiding them to release anger and overcome anxiety, both of which are obstacles to gaining wisdom. The archangel provides guidance in recognizing and avoiding dangerous situations.

The Archangel of Salvation, Uriel shows people how to heal and brings forgiveness t those who ask. Tradition teaches that Uriel stands before the gates of Heaven and denies entrance to all who have failed to love God. Uriel also offers unconditional forgiveness and holds the keys that unlock the gates.

Uriel is mentioned often in apocryphal scripture and other early religious writings that did not make it into what we now know as The Bible. The archangel is credited with rescuing John the Baptist from the Massacre of the Innocents the king ordered upon hearing about the birth of Jesus. Jewish tradition holds that Uriel checked the doors for lamb’s blood during the Egyptian plagues. Uriel is also one of the select few angels who are allowed to enter the immediate presence of God. During medieval times, Uriel was considered the holy source of heat in the winter.

In Catholic tradition, Uriel is the patron saint of the arts. He is also the patron saint of science, because of the archangel’s association with wisdom, and of those seeking the sacrament of Confirmation. The Coptic Christians venerate Uriel. To many other Christians, however, Uriel remains unknown. There is no mention of Uriel in canonical scripture. In 745 AD, Pope St Zachary condemned the church’s obsession with angels, saying that it bordered on angel worship which is forbidden by the Ten Commandments. He did, however, approve the reverence of certain named angels. Uriel was one of many angels that were left off of this list.

Despite the efforts of Pope St. Zachary, many people still venerate Uriel, especially among Kabbalists and Eastern Orthodox Christians. Uriel’s Feast Day is July 28th as the archangel’s influence is deemed to peak in the middle of the summer. Uriel stands guard over the summer, guiding the ripening of the grain harvest and the blossoming of a multitude of flowers.

Making A Connection With Uriel

Connecting with Uriel is becoming increasingly common among people in the New Age movement and Christians exploring their own deeper spirituality. There is no one correct way to make a connection with the Archangel Uriel. What is important is that you find a method that is comfortable for you. Prayer is obviously the most common method for connecting with Uriel. However, the influence of New Age mysticism has caused a growth in the popularity of meditation as a means of venerating the archangels. Because archangels are ever-present spiritual beings, you can connect with them whenever and wherever you are. Archangels have a historic tendency to appear to humanity in dreams and visions. This is particularly true of Uriel, who operates primarily in the realm between the physical and the spiritual.

Through Prayer

People most often pray to Uriel to grant them wisdom. Unsolicited contact with Uriel is rare and is generally associated with someone becoming a scholar or a prophet of God. Uriel also guides us on our spiritual journey as we transform from our mere physical and carnal nature to one that is more holy and of God. The archangel teaches is the path of wisdom and righteousness, leading us to our destiny of being united with God in Heaven after our death.

Uriel is also the angel of music, the arts, science, and prophecy. People who are actively interested in each or all of these areas are encouraged to reach out to Uriel to intercede on their behalf with God. The archangel helps us to overcome stress in our life, soothing our minds and allowing us to find inner peace. Whenever life becomes seemingly unbearable, Uriel is the archangel who keeps us grounded in our faith and leads us through troubling and turbulent times

The primary method people use to reach out to Uriel is through prayer. The act of praying allows us to communicate openly with God and His angels. Prayer is usually a one-way communication from us to the divine as we seek to have our voices heard. Occasionally, people will receive a directly communicated answer during their prayers. Most often, however, the answers to our prayer occur over time.

As one of the angel who is allowed to be present with God, Uriel is a powerful ally in your prayer life. God listens to His angels and grants them leeway to act on His behalf. Uriel’s assignment is to give people wisdom in all things. The archangel guides our decision making and relieves our anxiety. He allows us to think and perceive the world with a clear mind and stable emotions so that we can make the right choices that ultimately bring us closer to God. As such, Uriel helps us navigate the spiritual realm and makes our entry into Heaven possible.

For those who are new to the act of prayer, formal prayers are extremely useful. God and His angels know what we are thinking and what we are going to say before we say it. Still, God wants us to reach out to Him so that we can use our own freewill to choose to follow and love Him, thus growing in His spirit. If you have not prayed before, formal traditional prayers can help to loosen your tongue and open your heart to a prayerful life. Here is an example of prayer you can use as you begin your quest to crate a connection with Uriel, the Angel of Wisdom.

A Prayer For Wisdom

St. Uriel the Archangel

You are the Light of God

The Angel of Wisdom

Please pray for me

Grant me wisdom

So that I might understand the will of God

Release me from anxiety

Soothe my soul

Open my heart

And guide me along the path of righteousness

So that I might join you

In the presence of the Lord


A Prayer Of Thanksgiving

St. Uriel, I thank God for the gift of your guidance

And I thank you for the gift of your wisdom

Archangel Uriel, you guide my decisions and keep me on the righteous path

You soothe my mind and bring harmony to my soul

You ease my troubled heart and release me from anxiety

For all of these things I thank you and give you praise

In the holy name of God our Father

Archangels often answer prayers in ways that are not immediately clear to. Praying everyday helps to prepare you to understand the answers. Through experience, you will gain the ability to discern the answers to your prayers from mere happenstance. God and His angels are ever present which means they see your life in its entirety while you experience it one moment at a time. Answers to prayer come in God’s time, not man’s. Through faith you will understand the answers to your prayers and how they affect your life.

Prayer can take place wherever you happen to be. Sacred places like shrines and churches offer quiet and holy places where we can connect with the divine, but you do not have to go to those places in order to pray. All you need is your soul, and open heart, and humility. The words will come when you are ready.

There are two basic forms of prayer – formal and informal. Formal prayers are the prayers that are passed down through church tradition or newer prayers that follow the same form. They generally start by acknowledging who is being prayed to and honoring or venerating them, The person praying then humbles themselves and makes their prayer request. Informal prayers do not follow a traditional form. While their tone is more reverent than casual speaking, the words themselves are generally improvised on the spot or are words that are personally relevant to the one who is praying.

Connecting With Archangel Uriel Through Traditional Formal Prayer

Formal prayer helps us to speak with God and his angels when our own words fail us. When the crowd asked Jesus Christ how they should pray to God, he gave them The Lord’s Prayer. Clearly, any form of prayer will work if it is humble and honest. The use of traditional formal prayers makes the act easier. During stressful situations, we can struggle to find the right words to say. Formal prayer gives us those words as a starting point from which we can add our own words later is we wish.

Using a formal prayer also teaches us how to pray on our own. Traditional prayers follow classical structures that, once learned, can be used to craft something more personal. For centuries, people were persecuted and sometimes executed for reciting these prayers. Knowing this makes reciting these prayers today a powerful and humbling experience.

Saying The Rosary

The Rosary is probably the most well known type of formal prayer. Using a chain of beads, a person recites a series of traditional prayers venerating the Virgin Mare or reflecting on either moments in their life, lost loved ones, or the Passion of Christ.

Rosaries can be used in other ways as well. They can be used for connecting with the archangels by substituting prayers of veneration for the archangel for the Hail Mary prayer used to venerate the Mother of God. A prayer for the veneration of the Archangel Uriel would go like this:

Hail Archangel Uriel, Angel of Wisdom

You are ever present with the Father

And are Blessed in the eyes of the Lord

Bring me comfort, for I am troubled

So that I might become closer to God

Holy Uriel, the Light of God

Guide me on the path of righteousness

Protect me from evil

And pray for me, a sinner

To the Lord our God

Saying the rosary is a prayerful and meditative discipline. Making the rosary a habit will comfort your soul.


Chaplets are similar to rosaries, but smaller and quicker to use. They are also available specifically for different saints and the archangels. The Chaplet of The Archangel Uriel consists of the Medal of Uriel, three beads representing the Holy Trinity, and nine beads that represent the nine choirs of angels. The chaplet can be used in the following manner.

The medal – Holding the medal between your finger and thumb, recite the Hail Archangel Uriel from above.

The first three beads – Begin each bead with the words “Archangel Uriel, intercede for me so that might become closer to God” With the first bead, follow this with the Lord’s Prayer. Using the next beads, follow the words with the Hail Mary and then the Glory Be.

The nine beads – Say these beads in honor of the nine Angelic Choirs, or just use them as a novena. Say the following prayer with each bead.

Holy Lord, God of power and might

Heaven and Earth are filled with your Glory

Hosanna in the highest

Blessed is He who comes in the name of the Lord

Hosanna in the highest.

Closing prayer – Upon completion, say the following formal prayer to Uriel

Archangel Uriel, Fire of God

With your fiery sword of God

Protect me from evil

Bring me to the throne of God

On the day of my reckoning

Show mercy on my soul

And intercede with me

To the Lord God Almighty

Chaplets are more convenient that rosaries as they are easier to carry with you and can be said relatively quickly.


A novena is a series of prayers said for nine days in a row. They can be the same prayer, or a different one each day. The nine days of prayer remind us of the nine days the apostles spent in prayer between the Ascension and Pentecost. The days between Ascension Thursday and Pentecost Sunday are the most popular time for saying novenas, but they can be used at any time. Saying a novena to Uriel is often done around the archangel’s Feast Day of July 25th or the Feast Day shared with the other archangels, September 29th.

Novenas can be said with prayers from prayer books, with chaplets, or y praying the rosary. They can also be used in conjunction with meditative rituals. The Archangel is traditionally associated with the number “9”, making novenas a particularly appropriate way to seek your connection with him.

Connecting Through Meditation

Meditating is different from praying and is an important addition to your spiritual growth. During prayer you are seeking an audience with the divine. You want to be heard, whether you are offering praise, asking forgiveness, or seeking guidance. Prayer is essentially an act of active communication with God and His angels.

During meditation, you are seeking to listen more than to hear. There is a place for communicating while meditation, but the act is more importantly an opportunity to be still in body and mind so that you can receive messages from heaven. Through meditation, you enter a trance-like state where you are better able to listen to communication from the angels of the Lord. Mediation can be accomplished anywhere. Using a meditative ritual can be a wonderfully holy and cathartic experience. The process of the meditative ritual brings the body, mind, and soul in to a restful and peaceful state. This opens your awareness to the presence of the divine.

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To begin meditating, you first need to find a quiet and secluded place. The church is an excellent place for meditative purposes. Most churches are open between services, allowing people to enter and meditate on the word of God. In Catholic churches, the inner room where the Eucharist is displayed is the quietest area is perfect for reaching a meditative state. Meditating in the presence of the Body of

Christ is a deeply religious experience. Secluded gardens that are off the beaten path are also wonderful places for meditation. If you do not have access to a place like this, however, you can easily create a meditative space within your own home by setting up a shrine using little more than a table, table cloth, candles, and incense.

Once you have found a proper place to meditate, make yourself comfortable and close your eyes. Make yourself become aware of every breath you take, breathing in and out slowly and deeply. As you inhale, feel yourself breathing in the spirit of the Archangel Uriel. As you exhale, allow yourself to release you anxiety and fear. By releasing your anxiety, you make room in your mind and soul for the wisdom which Uriel wants to bestow on you. Meditating is also an excellent way to start your day with energy and focus, or to end your day in a peaceful and reflective state.

Visualization during meditation keeps you focused on your objective and helps you to avoid becoming distracted. This is where icons, statues, and images of the Archangel Uriel can be used effectively. These items do nothing of themselves other than to help you remain focused. Do not mistake the images fr the actual presence of the Archangel Uriel, as that would amount to idol worship. Merely let the images help you to create a vision in your own mind that the archangel can fill with his own presence.

As you go deeper into your meditation with Uriel, you will see a ray of light. The light will either be white, yellow, or gold, as these are the colors associated with Uriel. Uriel is known as “The Fire Of God”, so do not be surprised if you see flames in your vision. The visions of fire or light will join with your actual vision of the Archangel Uriel. This way, you will understand with whom you are present.

While meditating, you must remain passive. Do not try to manipulate or actively understand the messages you are receiving. This can lead to your ego altering the messages in a way that is easier for you to handle. But, this will result in you losing the message from the archangel. You ego is a powerful tool of Satan. To meditate on the message of the archangel, you need to subjugate you ego completely so that you can fully receive the Uriel’s message. There will be ample time to make sense of that message once the meditation is complete.

Connecting With Uriel Through Simply Speaking

Informal conversations with God are becoming common place. Humanity is developing in its collective relationship with God. Where once we could only speak with the Lord in a formal manner, we have learned to converse with God and His angels whenever we feel the need and in whichever way is most expedient and effective. Developing a habit of casually speaking with the divine is more convenient than making time for formal or ritualized prayer, and makes it easier to stay connected with the divine throughout the day.

Formal and informal prayers serve the purpose of teaching us how to pray. From these prayers, we learn to offer praise, remain humble, seek forgiveness of our sins, and accept the will of God. Of these things, remaining humble is vital. To receive the blessing of the Archangel Uriel, we must acknowledge that we are not deserving and ask for these blessings along with his mercy. Pride is another tool of Satan. Thus, we must eliminate our pride to ensure out connection with the archangel.

Simply speaking to Archangel Uriel is particularly appropriate during emergencies. When we are suffering, God doesn’t expect us to just stop what we are doing, grab our rosary, and find a church. He wants to hear from us immediately, just as Christ called out to Him on the cross. Jesus Christ showed us that we can speak to God just as effectively whether we are in a peaceful garden or under extreme physical and spiritual anguish. Having a chaplet, medal, or charm handy can give you something to hold on to and focus on, and also serves to help you to relax. However, they do nothing more than that. The items are not magical on their own.

The Use Of Writing To Connect With Uriel

Communicating with Archangel Uriel through writing is very effective. Not only does it help those who write better than they speak to make a connection, it creates a journal of that communication that can be referenced later. Sometimes the messages we receive from angels are difficult to decipher immediately but become more clear with the passage of time. Creating a written journal of these messages allows you to review them as time goes by. The journal can also help you to give advice to others who are in your same circumstance, or can persuade people to write to angels on their own.

Angelic writing takes two forms – automatic dictation and automatic writing. They are similar in that you need to put yourself into a meditative state to begin, as you will be allowing Uriel to use your hands to deliver his message. With both forms, you also need to receive the message without judgment, allowing it to flow directly from the angel to the paper. Modern technology can be used as well by simply replacing your writing instrument with a keyboard.

When using automatic dictation to connect with Uriel, you will listening to the message the archangel gives you and writing it down. You will start the process yourself through prayer and meditation so that you can become aware of the presence of Uriel. Nest, write down you question or request for the archangel on a piece of paper. Now, stay ready to write and listen for the archangel’s response. It is vital that you write down whatever message you receive, even if it doesn’t seem to make sense. The process of interpreting the communication while writing puts the ego in the way of the communication, rendering it invalid. Continue to write whatever you receive until the message stops. Once the communication is over you can then go back and try to understand what you received.

Understand also that the answer you receive might not be the answer you want. The Archangel Uriel is wise and knows what is best for us. Often, what is best for us seems confusing or comfortable at first. You must trust these messages through your faith. Also, if the message is confusing, don’t try to force meaning into it. Allow time to pass and revisit the message from time to time. Eventually, life experiences and the passage of time will help you to understand what the archangel was telling you.

Automatic writing is a little bit different. After asking your question of the archangel, sit completely still and let your pen hover over the paper. When you start to receive the message, the pen will start to move over the paper on its own. Do not try to influence the motion of the pen. Keeping your eyes closed is a good idea, because you might be tempted to finish a word that you think you recognize when the angel is trying to communicate something else. Keep in mind that the communication might be a picture instead of words. Trying to influence the outcome will result in a communication that is inaccurate and makes no sense.

Both forms of angelic writing require you to free your mind completely of all preconceptions and allow the communication to flow freely. Do not allow yourself to edit, correct, or judge the communication. Simply accept what is given to you. If it doesn’t make sense, save it and come back to it later. Angelic messages come to us with an understanding of a future that we have yet to experience. Given time, the message and guidance you receive will make perfect sense to you.

Connecting With Uriel In Your Dreams

Archangels are quite fond of communicating with us through our dreams. When Uriel appears in dreams and visions, the encounter is very intense and intimidating. Archangels are no-nonsense, straight to the point communicators. There is no small talk, they are strictly about their business.

Unsolicited interactions with Uriel are extremely rare because so few people can handle the gifts of wisdom and prophecy that Uriel bestows. Should you be visited by Uriel in your dreams, count yourself most fortunate. Uriel only visits those who the archangel believes can handle the intensity of the connection. And, the gift of prophecy he endows people with comes with great responsibility. Uriel is a teacher, and the lessons can be difficult ones. Always remember that, no matter how uncomfortable the message or lesson is, it is being bestowed upon you with love and grace.

Reaching out to Uriel in your dreams is not dangerous, nor is it for the faint of heart. You must prepare yourself for the encounter by praying to Uriel to deliver you from fear. The powerful presence of the archangel is known to cause immense fear. This is due to the archangel’s God-like power, and not from any intent from the archangel to cause you to feel afraid. Believe that the archangel will not allow harm to come to you, and you should be able to relax and allow yourself to receive his presence.

If you want Uriel to appear to you in your dreams, set yourself up before going to bed. Start with several prayers to the archangel. Rosaries and chaplets are perfect for this purpose. Then, as you drift of to sleep, repeat the words “Archangel Uriel, allow me into your presence.” As you fall asleep, your resting souls will enter the spiritual realm where the archangels reside. There, you will meet Uriel and receive your message.

Recognizing The Presence Of The Archangel Uriel

Making a connection with an archangel is a deeply religious and overwhelmingly emotional experience. These are the angels who will defeat Satan during the end times, who announced the birth of Jesus Christ to the world, and who deliver God’s messages to humanity. But just because a spiritual experience is immensely powerful does not necessarily mean that an archangel is present.

Here are some clues to help you recognize when the Archangel Uriel is present.

1) You gain new insights and wisdom – The Archangel Uriel is assigned to give people divine wisdom. If after your attempts to connect with the archangel you find yourself with a new understanding of your situation, you have likely been in contact with Uriel. Connecting with Uriel will cause your focus to move off of your worldly problems and on to God. You will become conscious of the everlasting presence of God and His angels. You might also find that you have received the gift prophecy. With this gift, you will not necessarily be able to foresee the future, but you will clearly see the consequences of your actions as well as the actions of others, and you will be able to guide people along the path of righteousness.

2) You suddenly grow in confidence – Your new found wisdom will boost your confidence. You will feel empowered as you set wisely set yourself on the path to God’s glory. This confidence will not resemble cockiness. Rather, you will hold yourself and act in a way that reveals your understanding of God’s will in your life and the life of others. Many will be drawn to you for this, while others will shun you due to their lack of faith in God.

3) You will be motivated to help and serve others – God and His angels grant these gifts to humanity not to be hidden but to be used to help others. A true connection with Uriel will be a life change in experience. You will feel obligated to use your new wisdom for the good of others, not for your own selfish gain. Interactions with the archangels spur us into action for the glory of God. This motivation to help others will also come with the ability to make positive changes in the lives of others. You will have the Archangel Uriel with you always to help you help others.

4) You will see or feel light, fire, and/or electricity – Uriel is the Fire of God, and is associates with brightness, heat, and energy. People who have connected with Uriel report feeling an electric charge flow through their body. Some have also seen a flame or fire that burns hot and bright yet destroys nothing. Although nothing seems to be destroyed by the fire, it burns so hot and bright that you can smell the heat

5) The sights, smells, and sounds of Uriel – Besides light and fire, Uriel is associated with the colors white, gold, red, yellow, and orange. When the archangel is present, you will smell the pungent and spicy aromas of sandalwood, cinnamon, and nutmeg. You might even have a vision of a beautiful angel dressed in leather and armor and holding a sword of fire, or riding in a chariot holding a bow and arrow. For more casual encounters, Uriel will appear dressed in a red tunic with leather sandals or boots. Uriel is also the Angel of Music and the Angel of Poetry. The patron saint of artists and musicians, Uriel’s presence is always accompanied by the beautiful and poetic music of the Angelic Choir.

When you receive a message from Uriel, you will no it to be authentic if you are compelled to act on the message right away. Your new wisdom will excite you and guide you in the right direction. Archangel encounters are highly motivating and life changing. One cannot help but change they way they see and approach the world after such an encounter.

Connections with archangels can also be terrifying. These are powerful spiritual beings that are closely related to God the Father. The Bible states that no one can set eyes on the Lord and survive. While the same is not true of the archangels, the encounter is indeed similar. Feeling afraid during an encounter with an archangel is entirely natural. If you ask the archangel to remove your fear, you will immediately be out at peace.

Asking Uriel’s Help With Life’s Struggles

The Archangel Uriel is adept at helping us with our daily struggles. From Uriel we can the wisdom and insight we need to make the right choices on a daily basis. God has assigned Uriel the ask of granting us wisdom in order to bring us closer to Him. This is his greatest gift. Uriel will clear your mind of anxiety and dread, and fill it with holy wisdom. When Uriel presents you with his wisdom, he will change the way you perceive the world, the spiritual realm, and your place in each. You will no longer wee yourself as a mere mortal being. You will understand you place in God eternal plan for the universe. This wisdom will rule your every though and action. You will no longer feel lost. Rather, the way of the righteous will become clear to you and you will follow that path with a content and sacred heart.

Also known as the Archangel of Salvation, Uriel helps us with every aspect of our lives. He grants us the power of unconditional forgiveness. He shows us how to turn disappointment and failure into victory for the glory of God. And, he will be waiting for us at the end of our days here on Earth to grant us access to the Kingdom of Heaven.

Archangel Uriel will intercede with God on the behalf of anyone who asks with a humble heart. Our mortal experience is rough, but necessary to prepare our souls for the paradise that awaits us in Heaven. The wisdom Uriel grants us gives us the ability to navigate our way through out most troubling times without straying from our path or losing our faith in the Almighty.

Anytime you feel overwhelmed in your life, you should seek guidance from the Archangel Uriel. As the Angel of Music, Uriel can bring all aspects of our life into harmony. If you are not getting along with coworkers, Uriel can bring peace. If you are struggling with problems that you have caused for yourself, Uriel will help you to forgive yourself and find your way out of you self-imposed predicament in ways you did not see before making your connection.

Asking Uriel For Help With Health Problems

The Angel of Music wants our entire life to be in harmony. This includes our spiritual, mental, emotional, and physical health. The archangel understands that our physical well-being takes a toll on our spiritual health and can erode our faith in God. Along with spiritual wisdom, Archangel Uriel gives us the wisdom to make the right choices in regards to our health so that we can take better care of our bodies and treat them as a temple to God.

Uriel is also ever-present with God, which makes him a great intercessor whenever we need healing. Asking Uriel to intercede on your behalf when you are ill or injured will bring a multitude of blessings. First, it will open your heart and soul to receive the healing power of God. Second, it strengthens your mind and spirit, which in turn helps you to endure the healing process. Also, Uriel will give you wisdom so that you will be able to take the proper steps to let our body heal. He will bring all the systems of your body in to harmony, so that they can work as one to heal your body on the inside.

Uriel is also a worthy ally to have when we find ourselves to be terminally ill. All of us end our lives in the same way. We all must die. When your God appointed time has come, Uriel will be there to protect you and to welcome you at the


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