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Introduction To Woman Dress Modestly

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Nowadays, as we know that dress code is very important to man or women that mentioned by the community now because dress code is represent a person respect to another person. Dress modestly is an issue that happening in our daily life or working life. Modestly is all about showing a person’s behaviour, social status, dress and values.

Yet for women, they do not care any things about safety that they wearing clothes where very expose their body or rock and they think this kind of wearing styles will bring them to pretty and feel that they are in the centre of the world nowadays. But all these stuff also determine level of social problem of a country and whole world countries also faced same problem that changing the style of girls dressing.

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The way of girls dressing like expose their body is a dangerous action that can caused criminal happened and the girl will be hurt at the end. Sometimes, the girl not only hurt yet she may be killed by criminals. For an example, there is a famous rape case in the Indonesia where an India lady raped by few criminals in the bus until dies and she is not wearing so expose.

So that, government was set few rules or laws that required women dress modestly based on these few rape cases. From that laws set, it may decrease the rate of criminal happened.


Rules and regulations in Malaysia

In Malaysia, the school uniform rules are for all students whatever boys or girls, they must wear their shirts or pants over kneel of the leg. Not only for school students, but for every parent that think want visits their child in the school, are they needed to follow these rules.

Types of clothing to dress decently

There are four types of clothing that mentioned dress decently, such as formal or informal, party attire and house coat. All these four types of clothing is a good guideline for every women in their daily life even though they have to work at outside or inside house or have to attend certain wedding dinner or party.

These are some example of formal clothing for women in their workplace.http://businescasualforwomen.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/05/ACFDF9.jpg

This is an example of party attire of women dressed in modestly.http://i00.i.aliimg.com/wsphoto/v0/530454962_1/European-American-style-font-b-women-b-font-font-b-Attire-b-font-rivets-shoulder-evening.jpg

Why the rules must require women dress decently?

There are many harmful matter that faced by woman who did not dress decently.

For safety

Girls or women should dress decently before step out from the house even in the house because if you are like to dress that just want to expose your body then you just bring benefits to the man that always looking to you and attract them to do criminal on you because of you want to be more sharp in the other eye.

Majority of girls or women did not realise this fact. There are many cases that published in the newspaper to show that many criminal cases such as murder or rape the women or girl whose didn’t dress decently. Clothing can also be used as sexual signal.

Looks more professional

The looks of the way women dressing will be professionalism. In the other word, clothing can give stating or claiming personal or cultural identity. When you are dressing decently, you are giving good impression to other and let other treat you better. So that, in many societies, women have to dressed decently to meeting with customer if not the customer will think the women who meeting with him or her is not serious in the business.

In this case, women wearing properly will bring her leadership character when she is leading a team to the more professional culture in the office.

Keep body warm

In the mentality and physically of women, they could not face any harm form outside such as cold weather. From the biological aspect, body structure of women is weaker than man’s body structure so that they have to cover their body with clothes to avoid getting sneeze and cough.

If they are getting cough or sneezing, they may different with usual in emotional and get them to depress in their life, such as student or employee and this is reason for self-murder case happened.

The way to increase knowledge of dress decently in women

As one friend for whose dressing that exposes their body, we should advise them to wear properly to avoid dangerous or criminal no wonder that you are. Besides that, we as family member should advise them do not dress too expose their body. Yet we as family member done this, we should having family meeting or family day to remind them back also.

As the government, we should enforce or make the laws and rules more strengthen to avoid the rate of criminal case increase. Furthermore, to decrease the rate of criminal, the government should organise campaign or talk to increase alertness of women. The government should organise training for women learn self-defence art as a way to protect themselves from criminals even though they are wearing modest dressing.

Besides that, the police should make more portals in certain dangerous place to avoid criminal case of women increase. The places where there is higher risk of women’s safety are playground, recreational park, shopping complex and car park.

Conclusion and recommendations

From the education aspect, we should increase this kind of knowledge for women into girls who are growing up into women and in another side, as a parent, we should implant some religious knowledge such as Islam, Buddha, Christian and India religious teaching to our children to stop this sad matter that is happening around them. By learning this knowledge, women not only understand other religious knowledge but also understanding the facts which will eventually help them someday.

As my opinion, all parties should work together and solve this issue especially the women. Women should change their clothing style to ensure that they are in safety and do not try wear some clothes that expose their body and then make their life in risk. Sometimes, we as friend should accompany them and help them to choose suitable dress and clothes to avoid they don’t know how to choose and then choose wrong dress and clothes and make their life in risk.

Dress indecently may be make you feel beautiful and get attention when people is surrounding you but please do not make yourself look like yourself wanted to do it because your life is given by GOD and is precious to your parents. So do not make them sad for the sake of your happiness because this happiness would not last long.


Divorce is the legal separation of husband and wife, affected by any reasons that make them lost confidence on their marriage and also the divorce must have the judgement of a court by accepted custom. (thelawfictionary.org)

A big change that has occurred in the Western families are an increased with high rate in divorce. In the last 20 years, the rate of divorce was increased with high rate in Western countries. For example, 20 years ago in Australia, only one marriage in ten ended in divorce but the figure is more than three multiples nowadays. (Australian Bureau of Statistics, 1996)


Based on statistic from Eurostat, Latviais reached highest rate of divorce on the Western countries that is 4.0 billion. For the coming Western country, Luxembourg is the next of the Latviais that reached 3.4 billion at the 2011.


Causes that lead the marriage into divorce

There are many causes that will affect the husband and the wife’s marriage and lead them into divorce. Divorced can be caused by simple mistake done by any party of the family and there is no point if the people did wrong and did not realise and correct it to save the marriage based on what they have swear in the wedding.

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Cheating and dishonest when having extra illegal relationship

Many respondents said that if their life partner cheated or lie to them, they could end the relationship. They could not live with another life partner that lied to them before because they think this is ashamed. By cheating, the other spouse would lose their trust towards their partner. When there is lack of trust, misunderstanding occurred easily because none of them actually wanted a proper solution for their conflict. They have extra illegal relationship based on the situation that another life partner dishonest to their spouse in return for another life partner. This situation is frequently happened to the majority of marriage.

Higher income

Usually, husband is the sole bread winner but nowadays women play the roles of wife is now earning more income than the husband. Eventually the wife decided to take control of whole family disregarding to the feeling of the husband. This is known as the ‘queen control’ where the wife has more authority than the husband. So the wife’s ego attitude has brought up into family conflict and the husband’s ego underestimate. This will bring the misunderstanding to both parties where both parties could not tolerance with each other and this bring their marriage to broken and afterwards, there are very hard to them recover back their relationship and marriage.

Effects after husband and wife divorced

There are many effects after husband and wife divorced and this will bring many harmful effects to their child. Not only they will bring effect to their child but to their own family members, community or worldwide. These are some effects as stated as below:

To family members or own self

The effect of divorced will bring more suffer and pain or sadness to their own family member first because they are the one closed with divorced people. Furthermore, the people who divorced may thinking lifeless or something related to negative could do some stupid actions like revenge to their life betrayer who betray and dishonest on their marriage before. They will lost confidence on any relationship and marriage to avoid them get hurt again.

In addition to divorce, there are many divorced people hide their feeling and afraid to seek assistance from outside and this will affect their daily life become more tough and stressful than other normal people. This means their mentality is already affected by “divorce” this word. Besides that, they afraid to know new friend even try to enlarge their social network because they keep that outsider is the one who will bring dangerous to them and they could not face any pain or sadness any more.

Many parents no matter is father or mother, they will face mentality problem after they are divorced and this problem will cause divorced parents’ child will get suffer and pain because of abuse from their parents. Child abuse can be sexual abuse from their own parent whose are divorced to fulfil their requirement. The child could not get a good and memorable childhood because they are live in incomplete family. The child will be growth in an incomplete family and their mentality will be affected and do stupidest action to make them happy and enjoy by doing some actions related to social problem, such as taking drug, alcohol and so forth.


Generally, a family is not complete by having divorced in that particular family. The divorced story will become a gossip that discussed by neighbours although this is a common matter that will happened if something happened to your family but it is too hurt a people when you are talking and chatting his or her gossip behind when he or she know it. Sometimes, a couple had divorced and then it can be form a bad reputation to other family members. It is because people will not sympathise to what happened to you but they will make joke or keep laughing on you and this is caused divorced couples cannot face any stress because this is most stressful thing they have to face. This is what we call it as human being.

Besides that, the other family will feel ashamed on your divorced marriage because they think the people who dishonest in the marriage are their own relatives but not for the other side or they will put the fault into the people who divorced with their relatives and they will start the gossip and spread it out.


For the divorced family or couples, they will hard to face community ashamed because they think they are isolated from outside party and they only focus his or her own social network and they try do not enlarge it but sometimes they are tried to know more new friends yet the community will think divorced couples or family is unlucky for them and think they make mistakes in their marriage.

The child from divorced families will be isolated from their friends in the school or college because they tend to stay out from the trouble by avoid who from the divorced family. The child from divorced family also will underestimate by other friends in the school because they may don’t have father or mother to accompany them growth together.

Eventually, the child from divorced family will get influence by their bad or evil friends because there is no good friends want be friend with them so they try to be friend with those are the gangster in school to get protection or involved on their gangster activities, such as bully other students or take illegal items to enjoy himself or herself. For an example of illegal items, drug, alcohol and so forth. Afterwards, they are made mistake in the school need their parents to meet with principal rather than their parents need work at outside so that their parents hard to work or find job and they will face jobless. The parents already divorced and adopt the child with single part but they need to take care the whole family with one salary.


If the rate of divorce for a country is high, that means the country do not make any policies to stop this situation continue happened. In addition, the image of the country will be spoiled at the same time. In spite of the rate of divorce increasing tremendously yet the separation of family still continue increasing equally. Child from divorced family will be friend with gangster because the divorced parents spend time in their working time rather than spending time with their children. So that, they are making trouble in everywhere and caused the rate of social problem increased. In spite of the rate of social problem increased yet the security of the country will be challenged by all these issues and problems of the child and gangster made.

Conclusion and recommendation to reduce the rate of divorce

Divorce is a hot topic that has been discussed by community. Divorce also bring many painful and sad memory to whoever affected by the divorce process or separation. Divorce has been classified as a social problem and this will affect the process of develop for a country. Without any understanding and honest between each other in couple, there is will be separation for them. In the conflict between couple, the most suffer is their children and they never think about it. They only care about their own benefit and make it to the court to judge their children pass to who to take care.


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