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An organisation analysis of twycross zoo

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For my unit 1 my task to complete unit 1 I will research 20 local organisations then I will pick one organisation and look into it more. This organisation with be Twycross zoo.

I will be researching this organisation by using the internet like company’s website and review website to get the company’s information and public and business people’s opinions, phonebook by looking at business’s name and what they do, my local schools and business have also helping beings I have attended or attending them, local knowledge of the area like obvious facts and what people that live near by think of the organisation, books and magazines again seeing what peoples reviews are on the zoo and I will be visiting the Twycross zoo for my own opinion.

Name of company


Type of service they provide

The science they use


What goes on?

Groby community college

Ratby toad Groby


LE6 06E

Science teachers teach all types of science providing an education

All types of science showing all types of experiments

Small part of the school with about 10-15 staff

Educating students from the age of 14-19,

Leicester royal infirmary

Infirmary square



Looking after the injured and sick patient.. providing radio therapy, heat surgery and maternity

All types of science is used in the business it a hospital its very important to have science.

It’s a big hospital with about 50-100 staff

Treating patients with all different medicines, therapy and surgery.

Markfeild medical centre

24 chittermen way


LE67 9WW

Solving and treating minor issues

All science is used for handing out the right medicine and identifying the patients problems

Small doctors around 15-30 employees

Small problems are dwelled with at the doctors and also can send people to hospitals, check ups and small issues

Twycross zoo

Burton road



Displaying the animals and also looking after them and breading them.

Biology is used mostly as they treat the animals but also providing a safe environment..

Big land and have many visitors all though the year.

Employees have set job to feed clean and breed the animal and make the place safe.

Park vet group


Treating ill pets and farm animals

Biology is for treating the animals and keeping them clean and healthy

They have five surgeries around Leicester

People look after sick animals 24/7



Giving check ups and treating patients

Biology us mostly because of the people teeth but chemistry is used for chemicals they use

Only have one in Leicester town but also one in Loughborough

A normal dentist surgery check ups and vital surgery on teeth

Nspca/ Rspca

Woodside animal centre 120 scudamer road

Taking in animals that have been abused or left.

Biology is used for treatment of the animals that need taking care of.

This business is nation wide

Rescuing and taking in animals that have been abused or abandoned.

Vision express


Checking that patients eyes are healthy

Biology because they look into peoples eyes and check if they are healthy or if they need glasses

Nation wide

Regular check ups and proving with glass if needing

Forensic Science

Tip tree



Investigate crimes in deep impact and detail

All science is used as all different crimes will need to be solved

Nation wide so millions of staff involved

Sciences detect things that have happened in crimes

British gas

Grove Park


LE19 75Z

Provide and fix gas pipes for customers and services.

Chemistry is used mostly because of all the gases used

Nation wide


They service people with gas and a 24/7 helpline and also produce gas and electric.


15 market place Loughborough

Selling bakery production, drink and others

Chemistry is used to prepare food

Nation wide

They hand make there products and sell them, they also sell drinks and others.


Welford road


Sell new and used cars and service, mot, sell parts

Physics is used when fixing cars because there are trying to find the right part and electric

Nation wide

Provide service for customers and also new and old cars.

University of Leicester

Leicester university road Leicester Le1 7kh

Provide extended education of a science

They mostly only teach biology but I think they do teach all 3

About 30-40 staff

Educating older students extended science.

The met office

Nation wide

Provide use with the weather forecast

Chemistry is used for the chemical reaction in the sky.


Shows use climate change and other things in the sky.

Mercefeld primary school

Oakfield avenue markfeild

Teaches basic science to children from the ages 5-9

All science is needed to be to be a primary school teachers

About 30 staff as its small a school.

Teach children basic science to start them off.

South Charnwood high school

Broad land markfeild Leicester Le56 9tb

Teaches teenagers science and do experiments

All the science is used as they teach them all

About 15 staff in the science department

Teach 10-14 year olds all science.


Desford Leicester

Make heavy construction and build and sell parts

Physics is used in the making of the products

Nation wide

Sell produce machinery.

Section B How science is used in Twycross zoo

History of Twycross Zoo

Twycross Zoo opened in 1963. Twycross Zoo is a very big zoo in the village of Twycross in Leicestershire, close to the border of Warwickshire. The zoo was founded in 1963 by Molly Badham and Nathalie Evans. In 1972 it became a charitable trust. The zoo attracts around 500,000 visitors a year. Over 9 million people can reach the place in less then an hour. The zoo is open all year round except Christmas Day.

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Twycross is notable for having the largest collection of primate species of any zoo in the world. Twycross has 50 acres of parkland; it is home to over 1000 animals, most are endangered species. It is the only British zoo to exhibit all four species of great apes. It is also known for its large collection of chimpanzees that have famously featured in the PG Tips tea advert.

They also have a lot of other animals like penguins, elephants, giraffes, sea lions and many others.


I believe that the zoo is located in Atherton because it’s in the village which is better for the people because it’s away from the smell and noise so not many people are affected by it. The zoo is next to the motorway which is not a good environment for the animal because of the noise from the transport, yet this is beneficial for customers to visits the zoo and attracts tourists. I would say the position of the zoo is very well placed because there is 40 acres of land for the animals.

Nature of the work done

Twycross zoo has many different types of work that takes place and these jobs involve science. Twycross also apart of research projects, always caring for the animals, safety rules and regulations, education and conservation.

Conservation work

The zoo uses new scientific information to run and be involved in conservation programmes. There involved with EAZA conservation campaign to help out save amphibians. For years they have been involved with similar global campaigns helping out to save different animals that are in danger of extinction. Twycross captive breeding programme is a example of their own efforts that is successful.

Zoo’s need to join together because many commonly known animals such as gorillas, tigers, orang-utans, elephant and lion’s population is decreasing because of humans.

Captive breeding

Twycross is applying new scientific knowledge to run a captive breeding programme, this involves breeding almost extinct. The staff needs to understand about the parentage and history of the animals also how dangerous breeding can to the health of the animals. The British bulldog has been inbred because it’s a viscous dog and in the past been breed to fight which has lead to people been bitten and problems for the dogs and owners.

Enrichment Programmes

The zoo provides the animals with opportunities to present as much natural behaviour to keep them entertained. This involves toys, pools, unusual way to find there food, fixed furniture, branches, appropriate interesting enclosures and different levels.

Enrichment programmes are important to the animal’s lifestyles at the zoo. The animals get encouraged to perform natural behaviour because they are wild animals not pets so it’s important for them. The more active and entertained the animal’s are gives them a happier life and also it encourages them to create decisions for themselves and as a result have more control of their lives which increases continued existence.


Nutrition is very important in the zoo for the animals life’s because health problems could be caused by too little food. The correct diets that will provide the right nutrition that the animal’s need and what is right for the animal’s digestive system.

Twycross is linked to EAZA (European association of zoos and aquaria) and they ensure that the animals are fed the right diet.

How jobs at the zoo use science


Vets in Twycross are very important to the zoo; they should always have one on hand just in case some thing happens or an emergency. There are a lot of pregnancies in the zoo as different animals have different breeding seasons. And animals that have accidents or fall ill will need to be treated as soon as possible for the animal’s welfare.

Education officer

Twycross Zoo offer’s there visitors a lively interactive educational sessions. So that everyone can study, discover and have an understanding about the living world. The zoo allows pupils to expand about the responsibilities the zoo has. All the educational sessions are related to the national curriculum. They recommend educational sessions for children from age of 4-upwards.

This is what they provide

Reception and Key Stage 1 sessions at Twycross Zoo

Key Stage 2 sessions at Twycross Zoo

Key Stage 3 sessions at Twycross Zoo

GCSE sessions at Twycross Zoo

Post 16 sessions at Twycross Zoo

Special Educational Needs sessions at Twycross Zoo

How Changing scientific ideas affect the processes used within the company

Research has helped improve how zoo do there work everyday and made people more knowledgeable with the animals welfare scientific and general. Zoo are increasingly changing way they look after/run their zoo’s like the ethics of the zoo have changed because there are always aware of the animals welfare, before they kept the animals in wired cages which were boring and made the animals stressed and self harm so now they have changed the enclosure design to make it fun and safe for the animals with different levels in the enclose for the to play but make it as natural as possible and have thick glass to keep them in.

The zoo has become environmentally friendly like a lot of companies have done they are reusing water and doing the general things that help the planet and will hope influence members of the public to join in.

ICT used in the company

The zoo uses ICT by creating staff rotates also information for staff like covering shifts, posters for events coming up to attract customers to come back. I believe that they would probably order animal feed from suppliers and other equipment for animals and staff. Also they would keep every animal logged into a system where the date of birth, where about the animal came from, sex, reproduction cycle, what medicine the animal has had and needs. Reporting to the public about the animal’s welfare and how they are helping with saving extinct animals and giving to charity also “the green zoo” helping the environment.

Also a zoos needs a website that will have to be up to date for customers information like covering open times, admission prices/annual memberships, disabled facilities, news on the animals and staff and details of up coming events and functions and also past events and function with information on the day, history on the zoo to make people reading it interested and can be educational.

There’s also a webcam in the elephant encloser and pets at Twycross to give people an insight on the animals, there’s also slideshows on things that have happened to in the past interest people and make them want to come. They have a list of the animals to tell the people that are visiting what to expect and what to look forward to, you can also adopt an animal to help charities, research & development and the day to day running of the zoo, supporting the captive breeding of rare monkeys, apes and other endangered species help fund the education programmes for schools, universities and the general public, collaborate ions with zoo staff, scientists and conservationist experts worldwide as part of a global conservation movement

Rules and regulation in the company

When Twycross had its first owners they choose their premises, they had to ensure that they had selected a property with the correct class. Because the business was likely to create excessive noise and smells, and could not build near property that have residential dwelling houses. They also had to make sure that the county council approved there request. They had to make sure that they had legal responsibility for health and safety for all employees and the public, and had to register the business to the HSE. Twycross use refrigeration and air conditioning equipment and solvents for cleaning. So they had to make sure that they contained ozone depleting substances.

The zoo had to make sure that they were giving their employees the legal rights as works with the right amount of pay and hours to work. But they as so had to make sure that they had the right qualifications to work with the animals.

The secretary of states standards for modern zoo practices is, Standards with value to the management of zoos and the animals in them, this was enforced in 1999. Not every Standard will apply equally to all zoos. There are many standards that should be followed like the natural behaviour of the animals, mainly social aspects, should be considered when offering food and drink.

Risk assessment

Risk assessment is something that is used in every business and organisation. This is because it helps the company to avoid as many hazards as possible. A risk assessment is an examination of how the work place could cause harm to people, cause illnesses or lead to injury, so that the company can evaluate on whether they need change anything to prevent this from happening. Employees have a right to be protected at work as well as the people visiting. After doing these assessments they have to act upon them to decrease the danger. Every businesses and organisation should have a member of staff responsible for risk assessment, but each section will be expected to be contributed to them.

A risk assessment will have five stages:

– Looking for any hazards.

– Discussing who would be in danger and how.

– Evaluating the risks, Should it get changed or removed.

– Recording what you have found and telling the other employees. There should be five or more employees that must keep a record of their findings in their risk assessment. It will have to be a part of the employers approach to health and safety.

– Reviewing the assessment and if necessary reviewing it like if Work has changed significantly or if there is an accident or if a change in halt that could be affect by their work.

If a risk assessment is good enough it should help avoid ill health and accidents, this is important because it costs the businesses money if an employee is injured at work because claims and compensation will be payed out the employee even if it was not their fault.

After the risk assessment the employees then need to correct what they have to correct in ordered to keep the zoo safety and risk free. The correct measurers need to be taken so that the risks that were found are now fixed and safe. In deciding the blocking and protective method, the following principles should be applied:

If its possible its best to avoid risk altogether

Fix risks at source

Adapt work to the individuals where ever is possible

Take advantage of the technological and technical development

Form part of a dependable policy and approach.

Give a main concern to those methods which are protected.

The difference between a hazards and risk

The difference between a risk and a hazard are that a hazard is anything that may cause damage to injury to a person; such as electricity, chemicals, working at a height, climbing stairs and uneven floors.

A risk is a possibility even if it’s high or low, that somebody could get hurt by these hazards. This can show how serious the harm could or not be. Example slipping on wet floors, falling for ladders and anything else that could lead to injury.

Some hazards that could occur in the zoo are stuff like diseases that could be spread among the animals and also people like foot and mouth, fire is also a high risk because the staffs use chemicals to clean the cages of the animals and tables in the restaurant. Escaping animals could be hazards if not kept in enclosed cages.

Risk assessment at Twycross

At Twycross zoo they have educational sessions for any ages and this is where they have to chance to learn and sometimes touch the animals.

Twycross have made their own risk assessment for these sessions:

All animals have been assessed for any possible risk, and are used to being handled.

Always be supervised by a member of staff when visitors touch the animals. Then everyone has to get their hands cleaned with sanitizing hand spray. And children under five maybe asked to clean their hands with sanitizing cream instead before handling the animals due to high possibility that they will put their hands in their mouth.

Health and safety

The health and safety laws are vital in running Twycross zoo. The zoo believes that health and welfare of their members of staff is of intense importance which is why they made their own health and safety policy.

Members of staff are organised to assist within their roles to help to achieve their aims at high standard and be very controlled so there is minimum risk to the public and staff.

Twycross aim to encourage members of staff on all levels and get them to work together to make sure that the health and safety policy id effective for all of them. Employees are provided with information on what is coming up in new laws, they are giving the right training and if needed direction for the processes they take on. This is so staffs are aware that they are being protected when carrying out their job. The zoo requirements are to continue the work place to be a safe environment so that workers are protected from any threat and also the public that may be at risk this includes the animals to. Limiting the danger to the public from the animals they have provided signs are the animal’s encloser warning them how not to behave.

The deputy director is in charge alongside the director of planning the health and safety policy used in the zoo’s workplace which is allows them to supply a safe working environment and all facilities are provided, any other arrangements for extra protection can be provided with no difficulty. Tasks that needs to be carried out to show the awareness of safety in places they must emphasise to members of staff and when all the measures for their safety are in place they must take on individual reasonability for their actions which means that the equipment provided is tested so that so that it abides to the laws in position.

Kite Marks

Kite mark is the UK’s most recognised product certification mark. Kite marks are official marking representative the product is accepted by the British standards institution. It is a mark of excellent assurance and visible evidence that the product conforms to certain guidelines; it also shows that the product has gone though testing to make sure that it is appropriate for its purpose.

For a business or product to gain a kite mark it has to go though stages to make sure that it is great quality and safe for customers to use. When a product displays a kite mark the customers can be more confident that the product will be safe and in shape for its purpose. Research shows that 60% of the UK customers will look for kite mark when choosing between products and willing to pay more for goods with kite marks as they have to be 100% safe

The zoo has many products that have a kite mark on like in the gift shop many of there products would have a kite mark on this is because a lot of there products are based around children, so then when the adults look at it they will be more willing to but them there merchandise.

The cleaning apparatus will also have kite marks are as well as protective glass and windows of shops and offices. The zoo does not make any products so they do not have its own kite mark.

Transport and communication

Peak season is a time of the year where thousands of visitors a day come to Twycross zoo. The roads around the area are small so traffic problems can occur so to try and decrease the traffic they changed the entrance by instead of getting a member of staff to get the money whiles the visitors were in the que they have made toll booths for after when they have park in the car park. This will also reduce pollution because the cars engines will not have to be on as long because they will not have to wait as long and this will also decrease noise pollution by the noise of the cars and angry drivers.

Waste management

Waste is a big issue across Britain so Twycross have joined in to recycle by recycling composed waste that is put in to green bags and the bin men sort it out into the right place, Plastic that is collected into a clear bag that take it to get recycled, clean cardboard which is flattened down and put next to the bins, Hazards wastes that is put into a designed bucket that staff empty into blue category 2

Waste bin at bottom kitchen then is collected on demand

By contractor and general waste that is collected in a black bag that normal bin men collect. They recycle water by cleaning it and reusing it. Green zoo is where the zoo agrees to do as much as they can to help the environment most of the things they do is what people could do in there own homes but also reuse and recycle other things that could only be used in a zoo.


The zoo needs a lot of staff to help run the zoo which means there are a lot of jobs which helps the economy with jobs, there are jobs for most people like cleaning, running the shops and cafes and then the animal stuff which you will need qualifications for. The shops and café can benefit the zoo because that mean the visitors buy more like gifts and food which increases the income for the zoo.

Community involvement

The zoo likes to get as many people as possible so they hold events and talks to get the community involved. You can become and member by signing up and you get updated on what is happening in the zoo and what events that will be happening and on how the animals are doing. You can also adopt an animal by paying a little price per month and getting updates on how the animal of your choice is doing, you get a certificate congratulating you on the adoption and pictures of the animal.


Twycross has educational tours around the zoo these could be from primary school children that get shown the animals and get to go on the rides for there entertainment to student at university with very detailed information about the animals and environment they live in. Special educational needs are also available.

Energy consumption

The zoo uses energy efficient appliances like under floor heating because its more efficient then radiators they use glass instead of cages because it helps saves heat this helps the environment and makes the zoo a better place.


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