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Building Rapport in Community Setting

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Clint B. Magbago


This written report is all about cultural assortment which is also relating to or including many different cultures. To give you an idea what this written report is all about, it is having a heart and mind that concede, accepts, values and celebrates other ways in which people live and interact all over the world. Everybody is embraced by cultural diversity at any rates of their cultural differences. People are harmonious by cultural diversity over common phase that includes acceptance, well-being, security, esteem and physical, emotional and spiritual neutrality.


The Filipino culture consists of a variety of different cultures. These cultures vary from different places in the country. Although there are many cultures, there are common practices practiced by the Filipinos. Firstly, Filipino people commonly use the words “Mano Po”. “Mano is a Spanish word for “hand” while Po is used in the end of the sentence when addressing elders or superiors.” (“Filipino Customs And Traditions”) This implicates a show of respect to elderly people. Mano po is done by putting the right back hand of the elderly on the forehead of the younger ones. This also means that a blessing is given by the elderly people. Secondly, Filipinos have their unique traits of “Family close ties”. It is one of the outstanding cultural values that Filipinos have. The family takes care of each other and is taught to be loyal to family and elders by simply obeying their authorities. (“Traditional Culture And Modern Culture: Man’s Fall From Grace”) One of the good examples is having a family reunion during temporal and religious holidays like Christmas, fiestas, holy week, wedding, birthdays and many more where all the relatives are invited regardless of the number of people going. This means that Filipino culture is not only a traditional practice but also in the spiritual aspects of family bonding. Lastly, we Filipinos are very romantic. When it comes to dating, a traditional dry run is done where a man serenades a woman. In our language, it is called “harana”. “Harana” is one of the most popular forms of courtship to show that a man is very serious with his intentions to a woman. (“Filipino Customs and Traditions”) The young man will sing a love song in front of the lady’s house. The man usually brings an instrument like guitar or sometimes it is done in acapella. You will figure out if the woman has the same feelings if she opens their windows when the young man started to sing. It also shows a sign of respect to the man who is serenading. In addition, the parents of the woman must be there to entertain the man after serenading. Usually, he is offered with food and drink. Getting to know the man’s intentions, the family tends to ask questions and decide whether he is fit for the hand of their daughter.


When it comes to religion, the Philippines are one of the large catholic cluster in Asia. Filipinos believe that having a strong devotion may lead to a better life and their guidance to face everyday life. (“Filipino Customs And Traditions”) Some Filipinos go to church every Sundays, others go twice or thrice a week depends on their devotion and how they reflect their self. Filipinos have a strong faith and belief when it comes to religion. One good example of this is “Sinulog” where it is a feast of Jesus Christ when he was a small child and is celebrated in Cebu City, Philippines during the 3rd Sunday of January. Different people of different countries and different places in the Philippines are all gathered together to witness the festival of the saint. They usually do the “sinulog” dance where they dance together with the statue of a small Jesus Christ in the street. With this celebration some people may risk their lives because of too many people gathered in the street, some are exhausted and others are cannot breath. On worst case scenarios, it may cause a stampede. Moreover, there is another event like this, namely the feast of the black Nazarene (in Quiapo Manila) where many people wanted to touch the statue with their small handkerchief in hopes of transferring the blessing and luck from the statue. This can be a bit dangerous since thousands of people are gathered around the statue. On the other hand Filipinos also believe in superstitions. These beliefs are nabes of our culture, for one make out their beliefs from the leverage of what their customs, they charge culture and traditions to discuss anonymous or try to affright the people. Some are practiced primarily because Filipinos believe that there is nothing to lose if they will comply with these beliefs. (“Filipino Customs And Traditions”) it is thought by our distinct ancestors that there are other different living things that still exist in our world that we do not see in our own naked eye, and we need to respect them for us to be free from harm or any possible danger.


Filipino people have a different variety of taste when it comes to food. We also have different specialty from different regions of the Philippines where they made unique types of lovely and tasty cuisine, but there is this one well known type of food where you can see it any every occasions. Filipinos call it “lechon”. It is a roasted pig that most Filipinos love because of the crispy and crunchy skin and the belly part that has a fantastic taste. It is delicious because all of the ingredients are put inside the belly of the pig that allows it to ooze out and spread all throughout the body. In addition Filipinos like to eat, we have this unique diet that came up to a six meals a day and some are eating midnight snack before going to sleep.


On the other hand, there are many different cultures that are migrating here in Auckland. One of this is the Russian people but they have lesser number of population. They have an organization here that celebrates their own unique custom and traditions. As what I have observed, Russian people here in Auckland they have this irrational attitude so don’t ever give try to reason out to them because it will never work for them. They have this chaos belief, serendipity, and adaptation. (“Russian Customs And Traditions”). In addition, they prize generosity, they can have you their final meal they have if they take that you really require it. So if you are in need they will help you as long as they can, but you have to give back in return. Moreover Russian people also are quite emotional if they have problems. They will keep it to themselves that’s why Russians are prone to suicidal attempts. They are also very respectful to women especially to old women. If there are gathering and they invited you, you must bring some present like beer or something that can contribute. Furthermore, Russian people don’t talk too much to strangers, but they are a very good friend when you know them better. Russians are not racist; we were grown up in the world, where everybody is equal and where the friendship of nations is an important part of our agenda. (“Russian Customs And Traditions”). If encountered with a different looking person, Russians tend to stare at people. But, this does not mean that they are judging the person, it is so because they see the person is different and they haven’t seen one in their country. In addition Russian people also believe in force field, for example the sunlight, they set stored by giving to them a good mood and nice feeling.


I think in dealing with this kind of culture is not easy for me to do but there are plenty of ways to catch their attention and established rapport. Firstly, you must accept their culture so that you will know and understand their way of living. In this way, we will be able to understand and interact easily with them. Secondly, you must introduce yourself properly and explain to them what your intentions are because they are cautious when it comes to strangers. Knowing each other is simplest way in establishing trust and rapport to one another.


In conclusion, there are no boundaries of getting to know other cultures, worried no more as long as you know its limitations and able to deal, understand, accept, and respect each culture as we encountered in our daily journey.


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