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Violence against children in Vietnamese daycare

Paper Type: Free Essay Subject: Social Work
Wordcount: 2080 words Published: 11th Apr 2017

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I. Introduction:

1. What is violence?

2. Children in daycares.

3. Violence against children in daycares.

II. Situations:

  1. Violence against children in Vietnam.

2. The consequences of the violent using.

3. Parents’ responsibilities.

III. Problems:

  1. Public daycares overload.
  2. Risks of private daycares.
  3. The careless of parents.

IV. Solutions:

  1. Increase the nannies’ knowledge in teaching and caring children skill.
  2. Enhance daycares’ facilities and infrastructure.
  3. Increase inspection and supervision of the authority at private daycares.

V. Evaluation

1. Advantages

2. Disadvantages

VI. Conclusion

Nowadays, violence against children is become one of the most alert issues; especially in Vietnamese daycares. The children are physically and mentally ill-treated. Firstly, violence means using physical force against people and an act of aggression against a person who resist or not (definitions.net). In that sense, toddlers, children aged from two to four years old are the victims of violence in daycares. Using violence against toddlers is seriously violating the human rights, especially the children rights. According to UNICEF, “ Governments should ensure that children are properly cared for, and protect them from violence, abuse and neglect by their parents, or anyone else who looks after them” (Article 19,unicef.org). In recent years, Vietnamese daycares are facing a lot of doubtful legal cases. Many of these daycares are caught in the act of hitting and persecuting small kids. The government, especially the child-care organizations also takes a part in this alarming issue. One of the first responsibilities belongs to Vietnamese Ministry of Education and Training (MOET). The issue which has been originated from the insufficient skills of management operation in children-care centers has led to a lot of severe and social and educational consequences. As a result, the Vietnamese government and local organizations are now making the revolution in the child-care system to calm parents’ mind.

II. Situation

First of all, the toddlers have the right to learning and growing with love. They are not deserved to be ill-treated that some adults have done. For example, the case which causes a tide in Vietnamese public opinion happens in Phuong Anh daycare in Thu Duc District. The scene was based on the video clip which people living around the daycare have been recording; the babysitters hit and forced small kids with violent actions. Although they were crying, the babysitter still throttled and slapped them. This is just one of cases which involve the violence against children in daycares. “The violence against children phenomenon is not popular however it’s not so rare”, said Ngo The Minh, the Deputy Chairman of Committees of cultural and educational youth and children of Congress (24h.com.vn). However, Vietnam is not the only country having the violence against small kids. This phenomenon happens everywhere in the world, especially the developing and poor countries. Below is the statistics showing the percentage of children from some countries experiencing violent discipline, psychological aggression or physical punishment (unicef.org):

Children are the future of every country. They make the world become a better place and more complete day by day. If they were treated badly in the past, they would become the one who will treat their children the same in future. Particularly in daycares, the kids begin to learn and understand about the world. Therefore, when they grow up, they remember how the adults rose and taught them. The fact that nannies apply violence with kids just makes them more hard-headed and stubborn. As a result, parents are the people who suffer the most because of the kids’ misbehaviors and inappropriate attitudes. Parents also take important responsibilities in this issue. They don’t have time with their children because of their busy works. In Vietnam, the parents who don’t have time to take care of their children such as workers, office staff or even doctors having some busy jobs usually send their children to daycares. Some of them even send their kids to the not-officially-certified daycares. As a consequence, this carelessness leads to a lot of unfortunate accidents which have been written a lot in various newspapers.

III. Problems

In recent years, the violence against children is the most concern issue in Vietnam. There are a lot of toddlers being abused in illegal daycares. Some of them are badly injured and the others are dead because of nannies’ brutal act. Thus, there are many reasons for these tragic accidents which happen every year. The first reason is public daycares are having an oversupply of kids. Families who have toddlers living in the big city or the capital are having difficulty in finding public daycares, especially families with low income or don’t have city household. The Vietnamese daycares are oversupplied with kids because the population growing faster in recent years. Every mother and father wants their children sent to the place with good education and skillfully teacher. Consequently, the late ones don’t get the chance to send their children to public daycares so they must take their children to private daycares.

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Secondly, the percentage of using violence against children in private daycares is usually high. Private daycares were opened to help the children who didn’t get a place to study because of the public daycares’ overload. However, most of the private daycares fail to meet the requirements in the facilities, infrastructure and teaching qualifications. Moreover, normal people even can open the daycares at homes without officially-certified papers. As a result, there are so many accidents happen at home daycares such as the story happen at Thu Duc district. The nanny name’s Nho who is the criminal for killing the eighteen-month kid name’s Long. “When Nho was getting the breakfast for Long, she saw the kid cried. Then she yelled at Long and threatened him to eat the food. However, Long still cried which make Nho became angry and lost control. Therefore, she lifted up the boy and threw him in the air without catching the boy back. The falling make Long got badly injured then he cried out loud which was the reason make Nho stomped on the baby’s chest and head two times. Unfortunately, the kid didn’t survive the thrashing of the nanny” (vtc.vn). Thus, this issue also takes a part in the responsibilities of parents.

Thirdly, the careless of parents are one of the reasons that make children being ill-treated. They didn’t learn carefully about the daycares where they entrusted their children. Parents absolutely trust in the babysitters. If something happen to their children, they will often ask the babysitters instead of finding the reasons from their kids. Some parents give nannies that take care of their children some extra tips on special events. For this reason, low-income families may have disadvantages with the nannies even so their children. Which means parents know that violence is exist in daycares and they accept that by bribing the nannies. Consequently, when the violence is finding out, they take all the blame on the daycares as well as the nannies. Besides, people who live around the daycares also be the accomplice in most of the violence issues. They knew what happened in these illegal daycares everyday but they are indifferent with that. If they have a parent’s heart, they should tell the abused children’ parents as well as the newspaper office to accuse the illegal daycares. In this manner, the unfortunate events could be prevented.

IV. Solutions:

The child abuse phenomenon can’t be stop immediately; it requires time and lots of solutions. Therefore, there are many possible solutions being proposed to stop this phenomenon. Accordingly, the first solution is “Increase training and periodic retraining to improve professional skills in the work of nurturing, caring and education for young nannies”, said Trinh Viet Then, lecturer of psychology at Van Hien university (vnexpress.net). Small children such as toddlers are very hard to teaching and caring which lead to many acts of violence. Even the well-trained nannies sometimes think about using violence to kids. Toddlers don’t conceive things right or wrong which make the nannies sometimes become furious and cannot control the behaviors. Consequently, if the nannies have both of these skills, the child abuse in daycares will decrease dramatically. According to Thuy Nguyen Radio Station, Dong Son daycare has applied this solution in 2014. The daycare gives the nannies the opportunities to learning and training. In present, most of the babysitters in Dong Son daycare meet the requirement of teaching qualifications (haiphong.gov.vn).

In addition, daycares should enhance the infrastructure and as well as the facilities to serve for the teaching purpose. Pham Hien, psychological expert said: “Daycares must have cameras to help parents easier to observe their kids every day” (youtube.com). Better equipment and infrastructure, the more effective in teaching and caring children. Moreover, daycares having cameras in the classes make the nannies have more self-conscious in their behaviors towards toddlers. This solution also helps parents and researchers easier to keep an eye on kids and avoid problems for the daycares itself. Additionally, daycares with good equipment make kids feel comfortable and easily learning the lessons. For example, the Vietnam Women’s Union (VWU) has donated a large amount of money to enhance the facilities and infrastructure of two kindergartens at Long An province and Binh Duong province (baomoi.com). As a consequence, children studying at these kindergartens are prevented from the violence using of nannies.

However, the authority’s inspection and supervision at kindergarten is indispensable. In addition, private daycares without officially certificates must be banned and stop working. Nguyen Thi Loc, vice-director at Hoa Mai semi-public kindergarten said: “The authority should permanently increase the inspection toward the nannies such as examine the employment records or the nannies’ license” (mamnon.com). Besides, the MOET should investigate and total up the documents of violent victims such as toddlers. Based on the documents, the authority proposes solutions to prevent the violence. Furthermore, people should using banners of anti-violence against children near daycares. People who live near the daycares should encourage others to find out the illegal one and report to the nearby authorities. For example, the Women’s Union at District 8 has made a monitoring at three daycares in November, 2014. The reason is through the monitoring, they can raise awareness and sense of responsibility for those who have the responsibility of raising children, and to prevent and promptly handle those who abuse children (gov.vn).

V. Evaluations:


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