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The International Context For Healthcare Policy Social Work Essay

Paper Type: Free Essay Subject: Social Work
Wordcount: 3786 words Published: 1st Jan 2015

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This assignment is done to explore the international context for healthcare policy and orgs of healthcare. It also helps us to understand contemporary issues and promotion of healthcare. The political, cultural and social issues that help to determine healthcare policy are also analyzed in this assignment. Our 1st task is to analyze approaches to healthcare policy formation in some international context and here the National Drug Preference Alliance organization is chosen for assessment. The goal of this organization is to save the addicted ones and to promote effective policies, preventing, giving education and knowledge regarding the drugs consumption and its problems caused in society. This organization’s track contains how to approach the study of health care organizations from different angles of theoretical perspectives, levels of analysis, and methods. Organizational theory tries to create a healthier nation and is seen as involving the whole of the community, basically it is an interdisciplinary course of study. Rooted in sociology and social psychology, these healthcare policy approaches developed different variety of theories and methods for the study of organizations. Considering approaches, social and political science provides theories to analyze power relations and decision-making in all kinds of organizations that are held in United Kingdom.

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Next task is to assess the influence of funding on policy formation in NDPA organization. Within any of the health policy field, there are chances for formation of healthcare policy. Without creation of a policy, the organization is not worthy enough for the society. A growing literature is trying to understand the various responses of policy makers to research; they explain why certain research findings pave their way into policy and why some others are effectively ignored. It is necessary to fund the policy formation. Else the formation of policy will simply be a dream or just in theoretical papers. The members of the organization must be ready to fund the policy formation. They have to get the help of politicians, social workers, the public, technicians, etc. and they must have some members among themselves who are able to fund for the policy formation. They can also provide fund from the public, can take loans, charity funds, etc. for the formation of healthcare policy. The government is always interested in funding for NDPA organization as it has taken a great role in saving the society from drug addicts and NDPA organization has become a crucial organization for the both the society and the government.

Next task is to evaluate healthcare policy in NDPA organization. With the awareness spread by NDPA organization, the government of the country has made drugs as illegal. It has been declared that the use of drugs is illegal and can lead to the imprisonment of the user along with penalty.it has been estimated that 22% of passengers and 18% of drivers who have been involved in fatal accidents have taken illegal drugs. This statistics shows the importance and urgency that is required for the formation of policy in England. The police in the nation are always engaged in testing policies. It is also declared by the government that drug takers harm no one but themselves. The legislature is spending much part of their time for freeing the nation from the addicts. They have led the focus of government towards drugs. In today’s life the impression is that everyone is into drugs. Nowadays drugs have been considered as a style of living and Britain is leading in this style. It is considered as today’s style accessory. The government has taken many policies to reduce the consumption of drugs. Many awareness programs have been conducted in each and every part of the country. Retreat centers are open throughout the nation for helping the drug victims.

In this assignment next we have to assess the impact of culture on healthcare. Culture can be defined is the way people live. It is natural that culture affects everything we think and do, from how we look after our elders, to whom we are allowing to be a healer, and to what we do when our children are not feeling well. Culture plays an important role in our lives. Like our genes shape our health, so does culture does. The way we define ourselves culturally influences what we will do for others health. So it can be understood that a good health care provider recognizes all these facts and tries to learn about the different cultures of his or her patients. It is not possible to summarize the cultural behavior of patients. It varies from one patient to other. Culture is a vast area. There is a variation that exists among individual members of a cultural group. Learning about general health beliefs and customs of an area would prove to be good while dealing with the patients of that area. It also provides the health cares with experience.

Next is assessing the impact of society with healthcare. Society and healthcare are related deeply together. Any society with ill people won’t lead to development of society. If the society consists of healthy people, then they can lead the society and their nation towards development. Even though Britain is one of the greatest developed nations in the world, it is now the biggest drug user in Europe. Due to this addiction towards drugs different kinds of social and economic disaster can happen. For those drugs which no remedial measures were taken. Reducing its effect requires commitment from the area such as social, political, and economic across industries and governments and also through unique public-private partnerships. These three above mentioned factors force the governing and relevant non-governmental authorities on stream of continual decisions. Not depending on if the need for decisions is adequately there or addressed, unnecessary issues can promote the growth of drug addicts. Nowadays strategies were developed with regard to the research and development that is for preservations of pathogens and how they preserved. To the enhancement of preservation the wellbeing of researchers and the peoples around them these steps were taken and also to ensure the integrity of the surrounding environment.

Next we have to analyze the attitudes towards healthcare. The organization also deals with other important aspects like providing care for older patients, teamwork in teaching process and making awareness and giving training to new comers in the organization. They provide motivation to the drug addicts to live in a normal way and they motivate them to join the organization and save other victims of the drug. To determine the attitudes of healthcare and healthcare workers baseline surveys are conducted. As a result they obtain attitudes of public towards healthcare and they can assess and analyze the progress of their work. Most students in each group of the organization profession agreed that the disciplinary teamwork approach benefits patients and tries to effectively utilize the time for any productive purpose. Several studies conducted have estimated that physician’s attitudes towards prevention, cure and barriers to the delivery of preventive health strategies are effective. All that they require is the cooperation of the people, so that they can change the face of the drowning world. A standard can be considered as a level of quality against which performance can be measured. These are essential in healthcare sector to ensure safe and effective practice. Developing and maintaining the quality of services provided by the organization is a major objective for those involved in the planning, provision, delivery and review of health and social care services since there exists unacceptable variation in the quality of services provided, including timeliness of delivery and the ease of access.

Next we have to evaluate the cultural and social impacts on and attitudes towards healthcare in NDPA organization. The organization is highly influenced by cultural impacts. They study the different cultures that exist in the current society and work accordingly to save the society from the hands of drugs. Learning about general health beliefs and customs of an area would prove to be good while dealing with the patients of that area. It also provides the health cares with experience. In case of social impacts we have to consider a variety of facts. Drug addiction the cause for most of the economic and social disruption or disaster. Factors such as political, social and economic make governments and relevant non-governmental authorities upon continuous stream of decisions. NDPA organization has held a great attitude towards healthcare sector. They have taken the initiative to save the people of the nation from dying. They have always held appositive attitude towards healthcare. Depending upon the interest of public that makes some way into social organization and decision policy are made. All that they require is the cooperation of the people, so that they can change the face of the drowning world.

Net we have to analyze how healthcare policy is translated into practice in the organization. Translating the healthcare policy clinical practice is a valuable initiative for services for health so that the care given to the patient is efficient, cost-effective, and improves patient satisfaction. The studies show that on implementing and disseminating protocols, clinical practice guidelines. The objective is to identify the factors that influence healthcare and to present key international studies on them. Existing system for healthcare was examined to the formation of a plan for the research in future. As a result, various methods of healthcare policy translation are described like clinical pathways, clinical practice guidelines and protocols, a model for incorporating research based on normal and usual questions, partnerships between organizations, and implementation strategies that allow the translation of policies to practice. A lot of fund is required in translating policies to practice which are acquired by the organization in various ways as discussed above. Future research is needed on translating health care policy in the different areas like the best theoretical approaches, barriers, good strategies for nurses , the quality of empowerment approaches, the consequences of international collaboration, the mentor’s value etc.

Next task is to analyze the organizations involved in health care in a national and international context. One of such an organization is the NDPA organization. Finance needed for the health care in developing countries is created by the countries themselves. International health organizations in the developed countries only provide less than 5% of the total needs for healthcare in the developing world. It is important to find that the percentage of costs needed for the healthcare donated by the developed world is greater than the 5% average in the countries which are very poorer. Local health professionals are getting expert technical advice and training from international health organizations. These organizations produce the major documents in tropical health they also produce the most important guidelines for health care workers. Other international organizations in healthcare sector are World Health Organization (WHO) which is the premier international organization for health. The Pan American Health Organization (PAHO) works as the regional field office for WHO. The World Bank is the next major “intergovernmental agency related to the UN” related to healthcare. The United Nation Children’s Fund (UNICEF) spends the most of its program budget on health care. The United Nation Development Programme (UNDP) allocated $141 million, out of a total budget for field expenditures of $1 billion, to “health, education, employment.” Its major health concerns are AIDS, maternal and child nutrition, and excessive maternal mortality. Medecins Sans Frontieres (MSF) gives health aid to war and natural disaster victims.

Next task is to analyze the structure of healthcare delivery in NDPA organization. How health care is organized and delivered in a national context is dealt with the structural delivery of healthcare system. It includes many practical barriers like accessibility in terms of social and transport issues, funding issues, private health insurance cost, cost of treatment, safety issues, for example, in war, conflict or natural disaster areas. The organization has a chief member or director who controls all the functioning of the organization. He will be having subordinate that control sub organizations. All together they function effectively in a practical manner to achieve their goals. It exists within all levels of healthcare organizations. Beyond directives importance is given to improving health status.

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Next task is to assess the practical barriers that are found in any health organization like NDPA for their health care policy. Healthcare delivery systems are filled with barriers to health communication in all the levels. Linguistic and language barriers in health communication sectors must be overcome. It exists within all levels of healthcare organizations. Language barriers influences mostly while access within a healthcare delivery system that is access, quality of care, health outcomes and self-efficiency especially. Studies that try to create standards and methods for developing information of the patients which is usable by most patients are needed. The studies must address both the written information and the simplification so that it can match the reading skills of patients and also its cross-cultural application. The major health communication loophole in the structure of care as it feels to patients lies in what is incorrectly termed ‘linguistic appropriateness’ which always takes into consideration translation of language and other elements of health communication are not taken. There are mainly cultural barriers that include health beliefs and behaviors and practitioners beliefs and behaviors. Next are geographic barriers that include rural health professional shortage areas. Then comes organizational barriers. Another barrier is socioeconomic barriers that include poor education, lack of health insurance, inability to pay money out of pocket.

The national and international socio political issues that are always present in promotion of health care is discussed here. They are considered as crucial issues, since sometimes they oppose the functioning of healthcare organization. Political factors deal with public health access and allocation of resources, prevention program’s access, treatment related topmost-exposure interventions and prophylaxis. Impact is made by international political factors in including some educational programs to detection of support, evaluation and response, also limited to information technology and telecommunications infrastructure to create links with highly risky places of the world. Migrations of people, increased trade and travel, food consumption patterns, sexual practices, new medical practices, human conflict, and the deliberate use of pathogens for hostile purposes includes the social factors, these are behavioral activities. Economic factors arise from lack of financial investment in research and development of processes; produce certain tasks such as training, procedures, technology etc. . Factors that related to economy constitute lack of support for a large number of programs that are beneficial such as public-private partnerships, market incentives to development of interventions.

Next task is to ass’s impact of international campaigns and national policies on the demand for healthcare. Various international campaigns are conducted in United Kingdom to secure the creation of a universal health care system. Campaign organizers used a framework to organize thousands of people in support of universal health care. In response to this effort, the state legislature passed health care legislation that incorporates human rights principles. It provides a framework for universal health care. By forming international campaigns it is possible to make people aware about the international issues that are possible in health care area. International campaigns and national policies allow the natives to understand the importance of health care and they make people work against the activities that affect the health of people. The organization has adopted international human rights policy for the betterment of the people. It has been the main topic of their campaign. They also analyses the health care reform bill. Healthcare Is a Human Right Campaign (HCHR) was a campaign conducted in association with the organization. By framing health care as a human right, the center organized thousands of states that had no prior involvement with political campaigning. This led the center making it possible to change the political environment and force the state legislature to enact rules that will lead to universal health care.

Next task is to evaluate the role of health promotion in determining healthcare service demand in a national setting. Health care industry takes the nation’s major financial resources. For facilitating evidence of quality controls and improvements it has come under immense pressure. Current health care consumer is now better educated and the best informed with increased knowledge. Impact of patient perception is the one aspect of health care quality that is mostly being recognized. Even though it depends more on healthcare’s service aspects it also correlates very well with health care quality objective measures. Ultimately delivered quality of health care can be dependent on ability of the health care organization to satisfy demand of the customer for convenience and information. The health care service sector is complex with multiple faces and different phases of organization. Health care system management has been relatively not sufficient before, making customers on the outside of the design of the product, incoherent and supply driven, development and also the delivery process. Many physicians think that the current emphasis on quality is not really aimed at improving health of the patient. Nowadays there is a change to an organization model in which the customer has importance and they influences every function and managers must look forward and make use of it and be instrumental in establishing a change within the entire system to focus on the quality.

Next task is identifying contemporary issues in health care of the organization. Nowadays whooping cough cases rises in England. As ministers pass the buck and applications for taking children into care continue to rise, councils’ problems just keep growing. There were volunteers translating health messages from English into local languages and thus providing a vital service for Non-Government Organizations and freeing up thousands of extra dollars to be used for medical aid. There are many policy issues that are contemporary in the financing and delivery of health care services. The role of bureaucratic agencies, legislative committees, interest groups and major health care policies are analyzed for obtaining information such as how to deal with the issues of the health care sector. Problems that related to quality of death and life gets its importance. This is broadly classified to include infant mortality, AIDS policy, occupational safety, government regulation of consumer products, and fiscal issues such as national health insurance, prospective payment, and the rationing of health care. More attention will be given to the legislative and political aspects of these various policy areas, ethical issues will also be considered because they are unavoidable.

Next task is evaluating the impact of these issues on national and international policy discussed above. There are growing dependence between security, health policy and foreign policy so that with developments in these fields having much importance for health in the United Kingdom and globally. The major issue in foreign policy was always health so as its prominence increases, the need of assessment is important if it is appropriately prioritised and how on the national basis the government interacts with business and civil society. Efforts to improve preparedness for acting against all the activities that affects the health of society and policies for tobacco control provides examples where health is highly mixed with high politics. Since 1th September 2001, health and development agenda has also been widely linked with the international policy priorities of preventing state failure and improving global security. The main security issue was become the health and foreign policy for a range of actors both inside and outside government. Policy-makers before think that rather distant fields of security, health and foreign policy must try to consider each other’s work as they are met by the play of issues at the global level. Implications of globalisation for health now are considered as the international issue.

Next task is to evaluate practical responses to contemporary issues that are discussed above. The main method to avoid all the issues is to create public awareness among people. They must be aware of the hazards that might occur due to activities that lead to lesser health of people in society. They must try to make other people aware about the problems that might occur due to careless living of their lives. Health care policy managements must be created in every area of the nation to administer the health aspects in those areas. Current international and national healthcare issues are identified and they must be treated accordingly for the betterment of the society. The current health care consumer is now better educated and the best informed with increased knowledge. International political factors can have an Impact made by international political factors includes limited or non-existent educational activities to support identification and verification, detection, and response. In this assignment a research related to the organization in health care sector is conducted. The political, social and cultural issues are identified. Analyzed the importance of health care policy. It helped to critically assess the policies and aspects of the organization.


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