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Social Working in Psychology

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Social Workers in Psychology: To study this field has a been a major interest of mine, as it correlates into helping, understanding and grasping how others process surroundings, deal with certain ideologies and how their bodies in response deal with stress and/or deprivations among aspects of chemical imbalances or emotional and physical needs. The further reason for this field to become the interest that it currently holds, always has been the same reason; study people, learn from and with them and understand what I can do for them, for what they need. It is a beneficial cause on both ends. As a client gains the help they need from me, I gather the information needed to be useful for them. Most of all, to be able to know that something is being done for the better cause, and to know that a life can be saved is another important reason for this interest. 

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 Social Workers profession has dated back to the 19th Century, or 1800s. As it’s popularity gained and beneficial use was acknowledged, an empowering Social Activism Movement began in the United States and the United Kingdom. A law was passed during the Industrial Revolution to ensure that those with social problems, mental illness, issues among poverty, prostitution, disease, and further issues would be allowed to have a source of care that they needed. In the late 1800s, a new system was formed that aimed specifically to those with mental illness, as it was founded by Jane Addams, a U.S. Settlement in House Movement for those in poor urban areas, as a result, in contrast, a cause of poverty began as the main highlight focus to what causes it.                                               In 1913, settlements became more widespread across 32 states to improve the life and authenticity of the poor. In a conflicting controversy, Dr. Abraham Flexner declared that Social Work wasn’t a real profession due to the lack of an understanding in solving human issues, but in irony, it was declared otherwise and soon became a go-to focus in case-working through a scientific method. Throughout most conflicts, the popularity gained in this fielded was further studied and sourced, while soon Social work field became an interest in hospitals and soon University programs began in 1929 for specific needs under those with mental dysfunctions. Red flags were soon sought as studies in WW2.

 Among the gain and popularity of social working, there currently resides to be an estimation of 64,200,00 people in this career field. The specific trend(s) among social working is profound to be a steady growth of %19 from 2012 up until 2020. This rate is a focused highlight among the elderly or aging population, but also in rural areas. Among those statistics there is still a need for social workers who their demands are needed in Healthcare, Social Services, and Veterans. Similarities arise in Hospitals, Human Services, Psychologists, Medical Clinics, Nursing Homes, Substance Misuse Rehabilitation Clinics, Military Bases and even Government Child Welfare Agencies. The reason for this was because with a mast variety of differences in people’s backgrounds, situations, and certain resources, different demands are further needed to have correlations and problems fixed.

 Social Workers are most defined in their profession’s, their specialties that aid in counseling those with a terminal illness, dysfunctionality at home and school, rehabilitation centers, medical treatment and/or further testing, advocacy for foster children and foster homes, reports of child abuse and modifying treatment plans. Their priorities are to establish a stress-free and safe environment for the client. These hours spent with a client can range from 35 hours to a full 40 hour week. Depending on what needs are met for the client, most times are exclusively cut down to regular work day’s, rather than holiday’s and weekends, unless mandatory.

 Social Working isn’t only as beneficial as it is to both parties, but the time and qualifications that are required are a mandatory and important step into becoming a social worker. To become a Social Worker, qualifications that are required would be a Licensed Baccalaureate Social Worker (LBSW); This is the first level license to be able to recognize a Social Worker, but critical for gathering more experienced licenses. The second license needed is the Licensed Master Social Worker (LBSW); It aids to specializing in mental illness, to be able to help the client overcome problems, helping in aiding the root cause of the problem and attaining the end goal for their client to be able to achieve happiness and freedom within themselves. The third license needed is the Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW); formally used as a sub-sector for the field of Social Work. This license is specialized in helping those with more clinical mental illness, substance abuse, and issues among family marriage to name a few. Furthermore, education that is needed are the following: Mandatory in response; a Bachelor’s Degree in Social Work (BSW),  Master’s Degree in Social Work (MSW),  Doctorate (Ph.D.) in Social Work, and/or Doctor of Social Work (DSW). Depending on the choice, a bachelor’s degree is not mandatory if the master’s degree was first obtained, that however isn’t to say that both will not be required.

 Majors in this field; Sociology, Social Anthropology, and Psychology, but additionally speaking, finding jobs in this area can be a top priority if it’s on a list of opportunities to seek out as soon as possible. As most will know these day’s in a new era of technology, two reliable website sources to use for this field as a sub-filter will be Indeed and LinkedIn. Both of which are free and easy to access, along these further terms, certain companies such as Humana, UnitedHealth Group, AbleTo, Blue Cross Blue Shield, and Northcentral University, are a few to list off. Personally speaking, my dedicated choice on a entry level position gravitates towards Mental Health work programs or Substance Abuse Counseling, both of which will aid in targeting the main purpose and root cause of a problem to help a client to recover, while being used as a stepping stone to further extend my experience and knowledge towards psychology.

 Educational practices are among several other top priorities to list off; thing’s that will be ensured in completion. The steps provided link down to completing high school, obtaining a minimum bachelor’s degree to take a step towards your master’s degree, whilst communing an internship in this field. This ensures your understanding and goals gathered to be aware of what’s ahead of you for your future purposes. The expectation of training will be from 2-4 years, however the cost can range from $13,800-$36,300, it will depend on if the courses taken are public or private. While that being said, the start rate of pay will range from $30,000-$60,000 annually, but the highest pay can be up to $71,000 per year.

 Advancing the information above that is given, the last points are what options of Social Work can be chosen in a career base; Initially speaking, “Substance Abuse Social Work; SBSW work in hospitals and rehabilitation facilities to assist those struggling with addiction, substance abuse or mental health problems. They work to provide short- and long-term solutions, offering resources and assessing everything from discharge plans to medicinal options.”(M. G).

Community Social Work; “CSW help plan, coordinate and organize efforts related to specific local populations. They also work with community-based nonprofit organizations to help counsel families and neighborhoods in the wake of tragedies and natural disasters. These professionals also work to solve local issues through community outreach, applying to grants and speaking with local politicians.”(M. G).

Hospice & Palliative care Social Work; “HPCSW; When a family receives the devastating news of a terminal illness or a bleak prognosis, hospice and palliative care social workers can help ease the agony of the painful process for all involved. This type of social worker helps care for someone who is seriously or terminally ill, helping to provide pain relief, assist with difficult decision-making and improve quality of life for patients.”(M. G).

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Military & Veterans Social Work; “MVSW; Whether helping soldiers who have just been deployed or those returning home after time served overseas, military and veterans social workers specialize in providing support to soldiers and their families for post-traumatic stress(PTS/PTSD), role adjustments, the implications and stressors of returning home, and the substance abuse that may occur as a result of combat.”(M. G).

Child, Family & School Social Work; “CFSSW handles all sorts of situations involving youth. They may help a child who has experienced trauma or abuse, or assist parents in acquiring resources for their child who is suffering from a mental illness.”(M. G).

Psychiatric Social Work, “PSW; These social workers provide therapy and assess the psychiatric health of their patients. They work with the individual’s family to make referrals, provide resources, and understand legalities and long-term care options.”(M. G).

Healthcare Social Work, “HCSW; Healthcare social workers are found within the healthcare industry and help patients navigate the emotional, physical and financial hardships associated with serious medical conditions. Patients that are in and out of hospitals with chronic or terminal medical conditions may be overwhelmed with turmoil. They and their family may not know what to expect. They may not understand the breadth of treatment and end-of-life care options. They may need financial guidance or connections with religious leaders in the area.”(M. G).

 Among these several professions, the one that remains as a personal interest choice is Psychiatric Social Worker (PSW), this reason being as it deals with a patients mental health and some physical aspects of their health more in depth, along the terms of keeping them steady, on their feet and to be ensured of their own safety. Think of a PSW as a school mental health counselor, but specifically targeted towards psychiatric hospitals.




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