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Personal Reflection And Action Plan

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Self-monitoring is a personality trait which measures the ability of an individual (he or she) to adjust their behaviour to the demand of the external situational factors. There were many situations where my behavior was not proper with respect to understanding of other person’s situation. Every employee gets stressed as they approach deadlines. I have neglected colleagues many times by not replying to their urgent emails because I was much worried about completion of work on time, though the sender required input data from me to go ahead further. I gave inappropriate answers to colleagues who approached me for technical doubts that added unnecessary arguments. The management had introduced a new process for the projects like documentation, reviews and so on. I argued many times by not thinking from perspective of the manager and the organization. There were situations when I got escalated with trivial issues. However, the problem might have been solved easily if I had thought from the other person’s perspective and acted accordingly.

1.Action Described

People Centred Manager Skills that I will develop

Example of New Behaviour you will display given this new skill

Resources you

need to



Action’s specific benefits to an organization according to theory ( Kinicki &Kreiter)

Not replying to important emails when under pressure.

Giving vague answers when I was in stress

Argued with manager against new process by not thinking in right perspective

Escalated with trivial issues when in stress

Be more flexible and respond to others in an appropriate manner.

Think twice before responding to others.

Communicate in a clear and good manner.

Stay cool and calm during stress and control the temper levels.

Avoid unnecessary arguments. Think objectively.

Understand the issues objectively before intensifying.

Spend some time on replying urgent issues. If I cannot reply immediately, I would inform they by email or phone.

Give clear answers to people according to the situation and let me them that I would attend them later if I am busy.

Think objectively, think from others point of view before raising concerns. Be patient.

I would practice constructive criticism.

Avoid discussing unnecessary issues.

Take help from friends and colleagues by discussing how would they handle stress and plan their work.

Gain knowledge on how to interpret both the verbal and non-verbal gestures.

Practice pranayams(breathing exercise) and do meditation.

Improve communication by talking and reading Communicating in Digital Age(Kinicki &Kreitner, 2009)

There is must success with high self-monitors and career success (Kinicki &Kreitner, 2009)

Good communication within the team and improves well-being of the group (Kinicki &Kreitner, 2009)

High self monitors are people who are emotionally mature especially managers who can help their employers reduce conflicts, anger and stress related problems.

(Kinicki &Kreitner, 2009)

Reflection 2 and Action plan 2: Measuring your desire for Performance Feedback

I strongly believe that feedback helps what actions an individual need to change. I come under the category of moderate desire for feedback as per the hands-on exercise. As a person I knew what I did and how much I am supposed to do (a task). Generally I work according to the plan as scheduled by me ahead of the task. Sometimes, I regret for not taking feedback about my progress at work. Even though I am satisfied with my work, often I get doubts whether the management is happy about the quality of my contribution the organization. Most of the time, I did not bother negative feedback and did not handle in a proper manner in order to avoid feeling insecure. Many times I got a feedback with a negative message like I does not listen to team leaders, come late to the office and leave from work before closing hours. Because of this I should not show deaf ear to all kind of feedbacks rather I must get used to take objective feedback to improve my self-efficiency.

1.Action Described

People Centred Manager Skills that I will develop

Example of New Behaviour you will display given this new skill

Resources you need to implement action

Action’s specific benefits to an

organization according to

theory ( Kinicki &Kreiter)

Working according to the plan without taking feedback.

Neglecting to take feedback with regard to progress of my work.

Avoid by not taking

feedback from management with regard to the quality of work done by me.

Avoiding negative feedback

I would take feedback from team members and plan accordingly to improve.

Get up to date feedback for progressing, improve quality and productivity of work.

Take regular feedback with respect to quality of work.

I would rather focus to improve in the areas where I feel uneasy by using objective negative feedback.

Schedule the task to be done and work on it, request colleagues to go through it and get feedback to improve planning the thinks.

At the time execution of the task, regularly get help from colleagues in the form of feedback to find out whether I am at par with others.

When I complete the task, I would ask team members to review it so that the mistakes are traced out and can improve the quality of the task(work).

It would be better for me to take feedback from others as I cannot be objective for my own performance. Consider, for example how I can improve my communication skills.

Schedule a timetable for getting feedback time to time from a well organised teammate so that I can get proper guidance.

A user friendly centralised system should be developed to help people to give feedback

A moderator to be present in the discussion to ensure that the feedback is objective

A new approach for building positive relation between

managers and employees so that work is managed well and there is a good outcome as expected. (Performance Conversations Model, Christoper D.Lee).

Employees gets motivated to improve performance, attitude and their intensions from performance feedback.

Sometimes even the negative feedback can have

positive motivational effect

(Kinicki &Kreitner, 2009)

The outcome of feedback gives behaviour direction, resistance, effort and persistence

(Kinicki &Kreitner, 2009)


Reflection3 and Action plan 3: Job satisfaction

Job satisfaction has relation with motivation at work. I have low job satisfaction with recognition, compensation and supervision as per the hands-on-exercise. I came to know that my friends are paid more for doing similar jobs in other companies. I also regret about the goals set to me by my manager at the time of appraisal. It has effect on my compensation which lowered motivation. However, I have not approach my manager to express my concern and to worsen the situation I got frustrated and decreased my efficiency at work. My manager is a headstrong person who wanted things to happen in his way. As an employee I expected to have freedom at work. Many times we ended up with arguments there by creating uncomfortable working conditions. Because of constant supervision my frustration levels increased which reduced the productivity. Often, team members were blamed for unnecessary issues that were not relevant to work which in turn lowered the motivation level among the team.

1.Action Described

People Centred Manager Skills that I will develop

Example of New Behaviour you will display given this new skill

Resources you need to implement action

Action’s specific benefits to an organization according to theory ( Kinicki &Kreiter)

Did not discuss with manager regarding


I have not given the feedback to the manager, so work atmosphere is not improved.

Getting stressed and their by neglecting work.

Expressed my frustration on team members for which I ended in bad relationship with team.

Got de motivated and reduced the production level due to unnecessary arguments with the management.

I would express my views by talking to manager and come up with all the available options.

Always give quick feedback to the management so that they take immediate action on concerning issues.

Analyse the issue and act accordingly so that a good environment is created.

Maintain healthy relationship with team members by being calm while at work.

Avoid arguing unnecessarily by thinking objectively and positively so that at least new issues may not be raised.

I prefer to take feedback from the management so as to understand how they think of the productivity.

I would approach the concerned authority and let them know about the problems in the team.

Talk to the manager personally about sensitive matters like appraisal to maintain good relationship.

Reducing the frustration levels when talking to colleagues. Get dedicated to work along with the team.

If there are any problems approach the management and let them know and talk to them clearly.

Expecting the onsite opportunities to work on a project cover the lost compensation.

I make sure that I

attend various programs that improves me personally

and team coordination.

Get used to new activities like yoga, playing indoor games to calm down yourself.

Know myself at what level I am in the team by taking feedback from my team members.

There is a conntection between job satisfaction of and motivation (Kinicki &Kreitner, 2009)

There is a positive relationship between customer satisfaction andorganisational citizenship behaviours (Kinicki &Kreitner, 2009)

The more the person is healthy and has control on him the better the positive atmosphere is created in the organization

(Kinicki &Kreitner, 2009)

When we are satisfied we perform well and performance in turn causes satisfaction(Kinicki &Kreitner, 2009)

Reflection 4 and Action Plan 4: Ethical Behaviour

As a fresher I misused office resources when I was working for a company. As per rules of an organization, we were not supposed to divulge confidential information to the people who are not part of our team but many times I talked about the project with friends. We are supposed to use landline phones for office purpose only i.e. to clarify doubts with team members but we misused it for personal purpose. The company used to provide food and transportation for employees who work after 9 p.m. We used to stay till 9oclock to have food and go home by office car. We used to move around in the lunch break and back to the office late in the afternoon session. Sometimes we abscond from office during work hours by telling that we were not feeling well and take official leave. We were supposed to internet services for searching only the data that was relevant to the technology we were working on but many times we misused by watching news, cricket scores, chatting and so on. Many times we blamed each other for errors in the project work even though our mistake is there. Inspite of us being unethical to the organization we were not pointed out by the management because of our work performance.

1.Action Described

People Centred Manager Skills that I will develop

Example of New Behaviour you will display given this new skill

Resources you need to implement action

Action’s specific benefits to an organization according to theory ( Kinicki &Kreiter)

I am unethical to the company by using its resources for personal purpose

Using internet services for personal use.

Blaming others for errors in the project.

I would send a clear message by cultivating good habits and behavior about ethical conduct.

Let the management know what need to be done to restrict the employees from misuse of the resources and suggest them to take severe action.

Talk and listen to the senior employee about the ethical standards. Make a habit of following ethics of the company.

Be regular to the office and work till the office hours are completed.

Make use of the available resources strictly for office purpose only and not doing personal work in the office.

I would be responsible for what I do and rectify the mistakes I have done by approaching collegues.

Attend various ethical training programs to tackle with the ethical issues.

Make use of the decision trees to evaluate the ethical questions.

Attend meetings and informal conversations where leaders talk about ethical behavior by telling the situational examples.

By being ethical one can act has a role model for others to follow and create good atmosphere in the company(Kinicki &Kreither, 2009)

Create an environment where employees are given chance to express them so that companies ethics are not violated(Kinicki &Kreither, 2009)

Provide training sessions on ethics at the time orientation, online lectures and through seminors (Kinicki &Kreither, 2009)

Reflection 5 and Action Plan 5: Intrinsic Motivation

We were supposed to deliver a project to the client in a very less span of time. The task became a huge challenge to me because the time span is not sufficient. We were told to work for extra hours in the office. I went into a perception that I lost passion about my work because it was difficult for us to adjust all of a sudden to the new work environment.

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My team members and I could not give output up to the expectations because of the low intrinsic movtivation this in turn has effect on capabilities of my decision making. We lost confidence and passion for work. We did not get proper requirements from the client and as well from manager i.e. he does not give clear picture of what we are supposed to do. It was very difficult to go ahead with the project in less span of time because we were supposed to learn new concepts to implement in the project. Inspite of me working hard I do not get proper information from my lead or manager from time to time.

1.Action Described

People Centred Manager Skills that I will develop

Example of New Behaviour you will display given this new skill

Resources you need to implement action

Action’s specific benefits to an organization according to theory ( Kinicki &Kreiter)

Lost passion at work because of new work environment.

Did not get proper requirements from manager.

No idea of new concept to be implemented in the task.

No recognition from manager for my work.

Get inspiration by recognizing my passion at work and by modeling desired behaviours.

I would discuss with the employees about the tasks.

Give proper training on the concepts before going ahead with the task and give support to learn.

Report to the manager from time to time about work, be ethical.

I would work with commitment and compassion till the project is handed to the client.

When I get a task I would sit with the colleagues and get a clear picture of what we are supposed to do.

Implement the task using new concept and approach team mates if necessary.

I would work for extra work in the office and let the manager know if I help others at work by working late nights.

Motivational lectures from the management or video tapes showing the examples for commitment towards work.

Come to a solution by analyzing the task, approach the manager for modifications for confirmation.

Sample documents that are related to our task.

A system should be developed where the employees are monitored and rewarded .

The company benefits from high productivity if the job performance of its employees is raised

Identify and implement various kinds of managerial behaviours to improve intrinsic rewards(Kinicki &Kreither, 2009).

The organization have high retention rate if the employees feel that they are more valued

The organization can improve bottom line results.




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