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Industrial Training In The Company Social Work Essay

Paper Type: Free Essay Subject: Social Work
Wordcount: 4785 words Published: 1st Jan 2015

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Industrial training needs to be fulfilled in order to obtain a degree of International Business. Every student needs to do industrial training in the company which can let the students to be exposed to dealing with international work procedures and environment. The duration for the industrial training is about 9 weeks. All of the degree of students needs to have two times of industrial training and this report described about the second time of the industrial training report.

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This report describe about the industrial training for 2nd year student of International Business Program from School of Business Innovation and Technopreneurship of university Malaysia Perlis. I am having my second time of industrial training at Skykod Polyscience Sdn Bhd which is located at Sungai Petani, Kedah. Skykod Polyscience Sdn Bhd is manufacturing company which focus on Life Science, specializes in diagnostics and biotechnology. The industrial training is started on 26th June 2012 and end on 24th August 2012.

The contains of this industrial report consists of the brief introduction of Skykod Polyscience Sdn Bhd and the background of the company. In addition, the report also state about the task I have done during the training in the company. Other that that, the report also contains the skill, knowledge, experience, problem and challenges that I facing during this two months.


First of all, I want to thank god for me to complete the industrial training smoothly and my journey of during this two months is in His bliss. Besides that, I also want to dedicate this project to my parents, lecturers, colleagues and all my friends for being with me and helping me in each hand every difficult faced in this project completion and all those who taught me, trained me and polished my abilities.

I want to have million of thanks to the most precious persons in my life, my parents for all their support either in moral support or financial support. In the other side, I also need to have special thanks to my supervisor, Mr SG Yeoh. The supervision and support that she gave during these two months truly help the progression and smoothness of the internship program. I am very appreciating the co-operation from the supervision and the company.

Beside that, I would like to thank to Ms Salwa who is my colleague that work under the same department with me. I thank you for all the guidance from her to complete the industrial training. She teaches me a lot and helps me when I do the mistake and willing to teach me new knowledge that I cannot found in book. During these eight weeks, I realized the value of working together as a team is very important.

Not forgotten to thank for the other staffs working at Skykod Polyscience Sdn Bhd. their entire kindness helping and teaching me during the 2 months really appreciated. This internship program brought us together to appreciate the true value of friendship and respect of each other. I feel very glad and lucky to have such helpful colleagues and make me never felt left out in any situation. In addition, I also want to thank my friends for always reminding me to be honest and trustworthy during the industrial training.

Last but not least I would like to thank UniMAP and CIC (Centre for Industrial Collaboration) for organizing this two months Industrial Training. I am very appreciating the opportunities that let me to learn and understand the objective of Industrial Training.


1.0 Introduction

1.1 Company Profile

1.2 Background of the Company

1.3 Organizational Structure

1.4 Nature of the Business

2.0 Detail of Working Experience

On the first day of the working, I was arranged to work in finance department and my position is account assistant. In the finance department, I worked with Ms Siti Salwa Binti Sulaiman who is the finance officer. She was the person who will lead me in the working. By the way, my supervisor is Mr SG Yeoh who is the Finance Director.

Finance department have the responsibility to control firm cash flow. So, all the data and document are private and confidential. Therefore, I was not allowed to expose those information for other people from different department. The person who is responsible to control the cash flow is MS Salwa with the supervision of Mr SG Yeoh. So, I learn a lot of the process from Ms Salwa. When want to make payment to the vendors, we need to get the approval from Mr SG YEoh. He will verify and sign the payment if he agrees to do so.

In the other hands, the department also uses computer system to update or control cash in and out between the vendors and the company. The systems the company uses include Microsoft Excel and UBS. At the same time, the related documents are filing in the file and keep in document control room.

Other than that, I also have the opportunity to work with other team members or co-workers from other department such as Human Resource Department, Warehouse Department, Purchasing Department, Business Development Department and others. As we know, most of the department will be related to finance department, so, I needed to know the function of other department. For example, when there have purchasing of material from purchase department, there have some document should be sent from purchase department to finance department to do payment. The related document include quotation, purchase requisition, purchase order (PO), invoice and others. in the other hands, when doing payroll, the Human Resource Department will responsible to calculate the payroll and let finance department know the total amount needed to pay for the employees. When the amount was know, finance department will give to finance director to allow the payment.

2.1 Description of Tasks/ skill and experience gain

As we know, usually, what we had learn during study is different with what had we actually done in the working place. This is because in university, there is more tend to theoretical and calculations while during in the industrial training, I learn how to gain a working knowledge. This is because the industrial training give me the opportunity to have a practical approach in which enable me to involve in the environment that I will be facing in the career lives after I graduate. Other than that, the industrial training also enables me to apply the skills that I had already learned in study. So, the industrial training let me familiar with the surroundings of a working environment.

During the two months working in Skykod Polyscience Sdn Bhd, I have experience real industrial working condition which developed and improved my functional as well as soft skills in several aspects. The skills include computer skills, interpersonal skill, communication skills, and self management and so on.

2.1.1 Computer Skills

I learned some software during I training in the company. I was exposed to using UBS system. I realize that the UBS also has different function when it is used in different department. For example, UBS for accounting is to keep the information of account payable and account receivable while UBS for payroll is used to calculate the salary for employees.

Along I work in finance department, Ms Salwa teach me how to used UBS to record the information and how it is used to check the transaction. At the beginning, I feel very hard to understand the flow but fortunately she still very patient to explain and teach me when I face any problem.

Besides that, I also feel glad to have the opportunity to learn the UBS used for payroll. I have the chance to attend the UBS training on how to use the UBS to calculate the salary of the employees. Furthermore, I also can learn and practice how to calculate the payroll of employees due to the manager from admin department who responsible to handle the payroll was in maternity leave. So, the company required Ms Salwa to follow up the task of handle the payroll. As the result, I have the opportunity to learn and practice on calculate the payroll from Ms Salwa.

Other than that, I also more familiar with the Microsoft Excel after complete the industrial training. This is because during the training, I also always used Microsoft Excel to update the information such as update creditor aging report, cheque listing and others. Before the working in the company, I seldom use the Microsoft Excel and I learn a lot from that.

2.1.2 Interpersonal Skill

My ability in interacting with people such as colleagues and my supervisor improve a lot after completes the training. Now, I know how to communicate and deal with other people in a nice way. I found that it is good for me to deal with this people, especially when they were willing to help and explain about the things that I not understood.

In the other hands, I found that it needs skill when we had to speak though phone with the vendors. How to answer the phone is important since what we said in the phone will direct give the impact for the company. For example, if we not answer in a good manner, it will bring the bad image for the company. so, every time I answer the phone, the first thing I will do is greeting and say the company name use a manner voice and tones. I also will note down the message left for colleague in case the colleague is not around when I answer the phone. After that, I will let her know who is calling and told her the message leave by the people who was calling.

2.1.3 Self Management

I also learn on how to conduct myself properly in the business environment. I knew how to manage my time and arrange the task given more effectively. I must make sure all the tasks given must be complete on time. So, I needed to arrange and plan the task well. for example, in the first day, my supervisor already give me the assignment on doing the flow chat about the process of selling and buying. I plan it carefully and make sure I was not affect or ignore other task when doing the assignment.

Besides that, I also must make sure I was punctual in work and rest followed the time fixed by the company. Appropriate attire was also important. So, I also must know how to wear properly and manage my appearance well. I found that all of this is very important since it will bring the good image for the others people to me.

2.1.4 Teamwork Skills

Most of the time, I was work with Ms Salwa. Along the time worked with Ms Salwa, I realized work as a teamwork is very important. It can let the work more effectively and efficiency. She guided me in every task I conducted. Other than that, after I finish my task, she will help me to double check and make sure what I done is correct. For example, when I record the personal detail of the employees in UBS, she will always remind me to record it correctly especially the amount of the salary because it will affect the payroll.

2.1.5 Communication Skills

After I complete the industrial training, I found that my communication skills improved a lot. Now, I feel more comfortable and have the confident in handling social situation when meeting with new people and know how to socializing with colleagues of different situations. For example, during the meeting of the event for “Buka Puasa” during the fasting month, I can voiced out my idea and share what I think with other the colleague and really to receive the comment from them. For me, I think the comments and suggestions from the colleagues are good for me because it can improve me and let me have better idea.

2.1.5 Leadership Awareness

I feel glad to have the opportunity to gain some useful leadership insight by observing how people led the subordinates and how to solve the problem facing. I can learn this though experience of attend the meeting and observe how professional handle the events and management of the situations. During the meeting for the event of “Buka Puasa”, I can see how the secretary who is the leader of the meeting handled and distributed the task for all of the people who attend the meeting. As a leader, she will accept and ask us feel free to give the idea but not only want all of us accept her idea. It is what a successful leader should have.

2.1.6 Human dimension of Management

From my observation, I found that the company can organized and managed the employees effectively. For example, the company gave the task to Ms Salwa on handle the payroll when the manager who responsible to handle the payroll was in maternity leaves. The company felt that this way was better compare to hire a temporary employee to replace that manager.

2.1.7 Process Evaluation Analyses

During the two months worked in finance department, I can know the process of buying and selling. In the first day of woking in Skykod Polyscience, my supervisor already give me the assignment on doing flowchart about the process of purchasing and selling. He wanted me to know the process of how the company buys the material and manufacture to become the final products. During the process, I also learned which documents are needed and how a payment is done.

2.1.8 Adaptable Problem Solving

When I faced any problem in my work, firstly I will try to solve it by myself first. However, if I cannot solve the problem, I will ask the others staff to help me to find the solution or solve the problem. Throughout the period, most of the problem arises were technical such as computer and software problem.

In the other hands, when I complete the assignment that given by my supervisor about the flowchart, I also faced many problems. I felt the assignment was hard for me because when I have not understood the company, the supervisor already give me the task. I still remember during the first day, I not yet have chance to understand the company and still not know the nature of the company. so, to solve the problem, I needed the help from other colleagues. I asked the colleague about the problem or questions that I did not understand. Fortunately, all of the colleagues were willing to answer my questions and lend their hands to help me. Besides that, I also referred the ISO document of the company to make me more understand the nature of the company and make me find the answer what I want. I felt glad because I have the chance to refer the ISO document and those documents help me so that I can complete the task given by the supervisor in the time given.

2.2 Applications of theory and Soft Skills

During the training in Skykod Polyscience Sdn Bhd, I found that the basic thing I had learned in the classroom is being applied. This gives me an upper hand in understanding things. However, there have still a slightly different when it is apply in the working place, same as mention earlier, what I had learn in classroom is more on theoretical while during in industrial training is more tend to practical.

2.2.1 Introduction To Business

Introduction to business is the subject that I have learned during the semester one. This subject let me not feel unfamiliar with the business world when I having the industrial training in Skykod Polyscience Sdn Bhd. When doing the assignment of flowchart about the process of selling and buying, the basic of introduction to business help me a lot. For example, I know Skykod Polyscience Sdn Bhd is a manufacturing company and it is a type of sole trader which is one of the four types of business in this world.

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In addition, after learn the subject of Introduction to Business, I know every company has different short term and long term goals which are some time known as mission and vision of the company. So, the company always focuses on many methods which can enable the company to achiev and reache those short and long term goals. The concepts of planning, organizing, leading and controlling are used by the company to achieve those goals. Furthermore, I also have the opportunity to learn about business on way to manage business, nature of business and so on.

2.2.2 Principle of Accounting

I found that the knowledge I had learned in class and during in the industrial training is different. Although the principle is same, but it still have the differential among what I had learn and what actually in the working place. However, the principle of accounting had developed my further understanding of accounting principles and their application to financial statement. The subject I had learned during in the class really very useful to me and it bring the advantages for me in doing my task during my training in Skykod Polyscience Sdn Bhd.

What I found that the different between theory that I had done and the practical is during study, what I used to do the transaction of account was using paper work. But during in Skykod Polyscience Sdn Bhd, the transaction of account is using UBS, so, at the beginning, I still not familiar on how to see the transaction of account. So, it made me confuse whether I should record the data in either debit or credit. Fortunately, after get the explanation from Ms Salwa, I found that it is as same as what I had learned in class.

2.2.3 Human Resource Management

Human Resource Management was one of the subjects I had learned on last semester, so, for me, it is still clear remember in my mind. I found that what I had learned in the subject of Human Resource Management mostly is applied in this company. For example, the company provided training for the employees on the first day of working. Every employee was compulsory to undergo training on the first day of working. The training enable every employee understood and knew about the company and also what law and regulation should follow. Hand out about the company was distributed and the employees were required to answer the simple question according the handout given. I also observed that different department will be given different question to answer. That means the training for employees who worked in different department required to answer different question. The questions were based on the task that they will perform in the working place.

2.2.4 Skill and Technology in Communication & Business Communication

I had learned Skill and Technology in Communication in second semester while Business Communication is one of the subjects that I had learned in third semester. I felt because I can apply what I had learned in Skill and Technology in Communication & Business Communication in the working place. I know the skill on how to communicate with different people. Other than that, I also able to guess what the message that people trying to say according to their gesture and body language. It helped me to avoid do the things that my supervisor did not like and also avoid me to do the wrong thing as well as scold by my supervisor.

2.2.4 International Finance

The subject of International Finance made me more easier familiar in the working place. This is because the company can consider as multinational company which has deal with the company from other countries such as Singapore. I still remember the currencies of different countries are not same. So, with the knowledge l learned, I know how to calculate the currency of different country when wanted to make payment.

2.2.5 Ethnic Relation

I had learned the subject of Ethnic Relation before I had undergo industrial training in Skykod Polyscience Sdn Bhd. so, I know how to stay and communicate with people from different races such as Muslim and Indian. In Skykod Polyscience Sdn Bhd, I found that most of the employees are Muslim. However, I think it is not a problem for me since I always try to make myself at there. I try to adopt myself so that I can stay and work peaceful with the colleagues who are from different races. I always made sure I treat all of the colleagues very well and never mean to them. So, we will go out to have a lunch together at least once a week. It can make our relationship more closely and at the same time I can more understand them. In addition, during the fasting month, I try not to eat or have a drink in front of them as a respect of them.

3.0 Problems and Challenges

I faced a lot of problems and challenges when I had my industrial training in Skykod Polyscience Sdn Bhd but thanks to Gods I had solve those problem at the end. I found that the first problem I faced was the communication with the other employees. I felt hard to communicate with the colleagues because I was the new trainee in the company and was not familiar with the working environment and other staffs. At the beginning, I felt I can not join with them and just follow what they asked me to do and just complete the work they give me without asking any question and the reason to do so. Fortunately, all of this just happened in the first week because of the unfamiliar with the environment. The next and following week, I felt very comfortable and started familiar with the company and the colleagues and at the same time, I dare to ask the question that I did not understand.

Other than that, I found that some of the documents were not filling correctly. So, when wanted to refer back the documents, I found that I needed to use lots of time to find the documents. I also face the problem in filing the documents. For example, when Ms Salwa wanted me to filing the documents, sometime, I did not know which file the documents belong to especially the document related to audit.

In the other hands, I also faced problem when doing the cash payment voucher and abnk payment voucher. For example, when wrote the cash payment voucher and give the petty cash for the staff, I face the problem on do not know how many petty cash was needed to give them. The petty cash mostly is used for the purpose of petrol and told fees when there have shipment or other purpose used in small amount.

The problem I faced when record the bank payment voucher is some time I did not know which category the payment belong to such as account payable, utilities, and others. the bank payment voucher is issue using the e-management and it can not have any mistake because it will be view by the head department.

One of the problems I faced during the two months of working in the company is when I picked up the phone, I always forgot to greeting and say out the company name. Furthermore, at the beginning I scare to pick up the phone because I still not remember all the colleagues, so, it was hard for me to transfer the phone. Fortunately, this problem was happen for the first week, after that, I found that I already familiar with it. Another problem about the telephone is I need to transfer the phone to another colleague but I always forgot the extension number of that colleague. This is because before transfer, I needed to dial the extension. I always must refer the list before transfer those phone.

During the almost two months working in Skykod Polyscience Sdn Bhd, I found that I had made some mistake but I felt it was not very bad for me. This is because after the mistake will always remind me to not to do it second time. Those problems and challenges will become my valued experience and knowledge in my future workplace. I also realize that if we not ask people when we do not understand, we will easy to do mistake. So, we should not feel shy to ask for people help when we face any problems or challenges.

4.0 Suggestions and Recommendations

During the industrial training in Skykod Polyscience Sdn Bhd, I found that the company as well as Unimap has the space in doing improvement in several fields. So, I would like to do some suggestions and recommendations to make both company and Unimap more perfect.

First of all, it would be more beneficial if the company willing to create more structured training programs. I realize it is not an easier task since the person who responsible to supervise the practical students normally busy with their work burden and this suggestion may bring their work more burdens or may be will be more stress. However, I believe it will not bring the bad effect to them if they plan it effectively. They can spend some time in planning so that it is more comprehensive, structured and organized training for the practical students. To do so, the in charge supervisor can list and arrange the training task which will be performed by the trainees. The work of the supervisor will become easier because the trainee will do the task according to the list and guideline. Therefore, a good training schedule is very important since it can optimize the training period. In addition, if the supervisor really busy with their work, they can let the other colleagues to guide the trainees by suing the training schedule. This is practice by my supervisor when he is busy. So, most of the time, I worked with Ms Salwa.

Other than that, I found that the computer system in the company very slow and old. This is because the computers in the office are still using Microsoft Office 2003 and at the same time, the computer also in old condition and I think it is used more than five years. So, the computer always loading in a longer time and this will affect work performance and I needed to waste much of time in wait the computer 2 loading. Furthermore, the computer some time will shut down by itself suddenly. I will be in trouble if I work in half way and forget to save the document while I was using the computer. This made my work slow down because I needed to restart the computer and then redo the work if I forgot to save it.

Besides that, I also should prepare the full set of equipment for the people who first day come to work. I still remember on the first day work in the company, although I have my own table but I found that I did not have key board for my computer. So, I needed the help from IT department to find the keyboard for me. For my suggestion, I think the company should prepare all the equipment and made sure all those equipment must be in good condition before the enter of a new employees instead the company already know the date I register myself to the company. So, they should prepare all the things well before I enter. This can save a lot of time. I can start my work after I enter but not waste the time to find the keyboard.

Another problem I faced is I found that some of the files are not label correctly. Although the existing employees already used to it but for the new coming employees like me, we may not find the correct file or the file they want. So, I would like to suggest that the file should label correctly and it will also bring convenience for all the employees and it will save time when want to refer it back.

Besides that, I found that some of the documents are not arrange in the good way. They should arrange the document according to the date so that it is easier for the staffs when they want to refer the document back. The staff no needs to spend too much time to find the documents.

In the other hands, I would like to suggest Unimap to extend the Industrial training to thee month or above. This is because I found that the two months period is very short and the skill that we can learn is limited because some skill is needed more time to learn. We also cannot join the big project because mostly the big project needs longer time to do the preparation. Furthermore, the two months of industrial training also make me hard to find the company that want to accept me as the trainee. Most of the company I found would not like to accept me with the reason that the period of the industrial training is too short. Most of the companies required the trainee who can work for about three months and above.

3.0 Conclusion

I found that having industrial training in Skykod Polyscience Sdn Bhd is a very good opportunity for me. I can gain the unforgettable experience which I cannot learn it from the class during study. The training really widen up my minds on what is mean by working environment. I know the theory that I had learn in class is the different in the real working environment. Now, I know how a finance department looks like and what the working scope when work under finance department is. I can know the procedure needed when want to do a payment. It is not as easy as what I think. It involves many aspects and many departments.


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