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The Leadership Of Prophet Muhammad Religion Essay

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Wordcount: 2433 words Published: 1st Jan 2015

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The choice of the topic was prompted because of the numerous impacts and transformation the leadership of prophet Muhammad (SAW) had made to humanity and the world in general. So many scholars and historians such as Michael hart Carlyle in his book the hundred and mahatma Ghandi even though they were not Muslims they made so many assertions that the world had never witnessed a leader who has achieved so much in all spheres of leadership ; socially, economically and religiously like such as man (Muhammad SAW). An Arab man who does not know how to read or write, but was able to transform the whole of Arabian Peninsula in less than three decades.

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He was able to change the mind of Arabian people who happens to be so barbaric during the jahiliya period killing one another. They fought so many battles due to ethnicity, ignorance and land disputes which usually last for decades. As he came in, he was able to unite them, change their focus so as to love one another as it was reported in one of his tradition that: “none of you is a complete believer unless he loves for his brother what he loves for himself”. In the glorious Qur’an, Allah the most high says: “O mankind, I have created you from a single male and female and made you in to nations and tribes; so that you man know one another. None of you is greater than the other except he who fears Allah the most”. Hence all are equal before Allah. From the aforementioned, I can categorically say that prophet Muhammad SAW is a role model to leaders of all kind; politically, economically, psychologically and religiously. Therefore all leaders in the world should learn and embrace the method of his leadership, this is because he conquered the whole of Arabian Peninsula without fierce battle except where they fought against him then he fought back in defense of his territorial sovereignty.

I also choose the topic because he was able to liberate women from the bondage of becoming extinct. The world over, there is no religion that has given women the liberation, respect and recognition than the religion of Islam with its leader Prophet Muhammad (SAW) as it was enshrined in the holy book of Allah. But before the advent of this great leader, a female child born to a family is considered to be a cause as such, they were either killed or buried alive. This was mentioned in the glorious Qur’an where Allah says; “whenever one of them is giving a glad tiding of a female child, his fact would become darkened in sorrow in high state of grief. He will separate from his people the bad tidings he was given should he bury it in the earth”. But he was able to bring liberation to the female folks, not only to the female folk but to humanity in general as stated in the glorious Qur’an “we do not send you expect as a mercy to the world”. The prophet Mohammed (S.A.W) exhibited the sublime conduct of Islam, which appealed to the people to accept Islam. He used his obedience to Allah to propagate Islam; he strictly adhered to the commands and prohibitions of Allah. He derived pleasure in following the commands of Allah and other people noticed and accepted the religion. The prophet therefore used soft language while appealing to people to accept Islam. He met people in their houses and at business places to tell them about Islam, he gave examples that could convince his people that he was sent by Allah. The leadership qualities I find most admirable were his humility, his recognition of talent, and his ability to think counterintuitive.


The prophet Muhammad (SAW) was born in makkah 2nd august A.D 570, his father died before he was born. His mother’s name is amina she died when he was six years old he became an orphan at a very young age. Khadija gave birth to four girls and three boys all the boys died in childhood. The prophet at the age of 40 he was climbing the cave outside the city to be alone to pray and ponder he was troubled by all the injustice of mekkah, slavery, ill treatment of women, gambling, sacrifice of new born babies and the reliance on idol gods made of wood and stone but for one God of Abraham and Moses and Jesus. So as he did every year he went to the cave (cave hira) suddenly he was surrounded by light when he looked up he saw angel Gabriel standing before him he was speechless. Read said the angel I don’t how was the reply Gabriel repeated his command three times and each time the reply was the same and then Gabriel thought him.

The angel said read in the name of your creator he created man from the clot of blood read your lord is the most merciful who thought the use of the pen and thought men what he did not know. And then Gabriel varnished. Muhammad (SAW) shook with fear he stumbled out of the cave and ran home he doubted what he had seen but on his way down the mountain the angel appeared to him again. The angel said Muhammad you are the messenger of God he repeated himself severally. Once the angel had gone Muhammad (SAW) struggled for home. He finally arrive he was shivering he asked his wife khadija to cover him, he told her everything he had seen and heard. He said he feared for his sanity but khadija assured him that God will not allow evil spirit to overtake a man like him who had always told the truth cared for the poor and needy. Khadija was the first Islam believer and soon others followed.

For three years the prophet peace be upon him preached in secret. The prophet revelation the Qur’an offered the most beautiful one have ever heard. He thought the Muslims that all the gods of mekkah are powerless there is only one God that is God of Abraham, Moses and Jesus. And we have to surrender everything to him there is no such thing as rich or slave in the eyes of God we are all equal and the poor are to be cared for. The Qur’an says “in the name of God the merciful the most compassionate the most honored of you in the site of Allah is the most righteous of you, women aren’t possessions they are God’s creations just as important as any man respect them. The earth is a gift from God treat it gentle you are its caretaker and remember you will all be judged according to your deeds” many became Muslims on that day. The prophet was a great believer in prayers; he made supplication to his Lord with zeal and favor rarely to be found in the religious literature of the world.

The prophet said if they put the sun in his right hand and the moon in his left he will not stop what he is doing he will continue till either the word of God prevails or he perish in the process. To the prophet Ra’ina but say, Unzurna and hearken (to him): to those without Faith is a grievous punishment. It is never the wish of those without faith among the people of the Book nor the polytheists. That anything good should come down to you from your Lord. But Allah will choose from his special Mercy whom He will- for Allah is Lord of grace abounding. The prophet Muhammad (SAW) was the head of state and was the ruler of nearly all Arabia.

When the prophet noticed that the Quiraysh were preventing people from listening to him, he started to contact other people who came to madinah from other places. Among such people are the Yathribites. He met the first group of Yathribites at al-Aqbd. They accepted Islam from him and promised to preach it to the other people in Yathrib. They invited him to madinah and promised him protection. He therefore migrated to Yathrib which was renamed the city of the messenger. The Da’wah got a boost with the migration of the prophet to madinah, many Muslims migrated to madinah from makkah. There were a lot of lessons derived from the prophet Da’wah activities in madinah and Muslims are to apply them. Emulating the prophet in being soft-hearted to people they come across. Being patient in whatever they pursue as the prophet did when he was propagating Islam. Observing moral norms by avoiding what could tarnish their image and the image of Islam. Always giving people the benefit of doubt until what was presumed happened. Being very firm in upholding the teachings of Islam in both social and moral spheres of life.

“The truth is from you lord” let him who will believe, and let him who will reject it, for the wrong doers we have prepared a fire whose (smoke and flames), like the walls and roof of a tent, will hem them in. if they implore relief they will be granted water like melted brass, that will scald their faces. As for those who believe and work righteousness verily we shall not suffer to perish the reward of any who do a single righteous deed. Thus did we make their case known to people, that they might know the promise of Allah is true, and that there can be no doubt about the hour of judgment. A revelation from the most Gracious, most merciful; a Book whereof the verses are explained in detail. A Qur’an in Arabic for people to understand, giving god news and admonition yet most of them turn away, and so they hear not. They say our hearts are under veils (concealed) from that to which thou dost invite us, and our ears is a deafness between us and there is a screen. The prophet say: “I am a man like you”, it is revealed to me by inspiration that your God is one. So take the straight path unto him and ask for His forgiveness.

Those who reject Allah and hinder (men) from path of Allah their deeds will Allah bring to naught. But those who believe and work deeds of righteousness, and believe in the revelation sent down to Muhammad (SAW) for it is the truth from the lord. He will remove from them their ills and improve their condition. This is because those who reject Allah follow falsehood. While those who believe follow the truth from their Lord therefore when ye meet the unbelievers smite at their necks. It is He who sent tranquility into the heart of the believers, that they may add faith to their faith. Prophet Muhammad (SAW)’s distinctive communication and leadership approach led to the increase of Islam.

The findings on the Prophet’s values of moderation revealed that he placed a lot of weight on mannerism. Humankind has to match words with deeds. Believers were not to say one thing and do the other. When told by some of his followers that they will abstain from women and devote their entire energy to prayer, he responded by stating that he was married. This was like an indirect way to inform the speaker that there was no room for pretense. By choosing to abstain you open yourself to irresistible temptation. Getting married would therefore serve as the means to shun sin and other forms of temptation. This is certainly the landmark of difference between Muhammad and other spiritual and secular leaders of his time and today. To begin with, some other spiritual leaders remained unmarried and by deciding to do so created a pattern for their followers to follow suit. But experience has shown that most of these followers could not faithfully follow their religion without falling into the temptation of bodily pleasures. This could have been unwelcome by Muhammad. He foresaw this kind of contradiction and so taught by examples. It was like doing justice to natures calling. The Prophet was in essence advocating justice between sexes.

Battles fought by prophet

The battles (Badr, Uhud and Khaybar, Ditch) fought by the prophet Mohammed (S.A.W)

The patience of the prophet at the face of persecution for the most of the thirteen years of Da’wah in makkah. When the prophet started open Da’wah in makkah, the Quiraysh reached by persecuting him. The persecution continued through the thirteen years of Da’wah in makkah. The reaction of the Quiraysh included:

Persecuting the prophet through physical assault, intimidation and harassment

The sahabuh were also persecuted by physical assault which led to the death of a woman

The family of the prophet was harassed by the Quiraysh

Banû Hâskim who sympathized with the cause of the prophet was ex-communicated from makkah for three years.

Battle of Uhud (625 A.D)

The immediate cause of the battle of Uhud was the defeat which the Quraysh suffered at the hands of the Muslims at the battle of Badr. The Muslims were originally one thousand, but when Abdullah ibn Ubay (the leader of hypocrites) let three hundred of his followers to withdraw, the Muslims were left with 700 men to face 3,000 makkans. When the prophet heard about their coming he contacted the sahabah and it was agreed that the Muslims should go out and meet the army.

Effects of the Battle of Ditch

Qurash’s finally attempted to wipe out Islam and the Muslims from existence had failed.

Tribes in Arabia had learnt lesson to live peacefully with the Muslims

Treachery of the Jews to the Muslims came into the open

The prophet, therefore, punished them with ejection, enslavement and forfeiture of property.

Muslims appreciated to power of Allah who saved the from the evil machinations of the Jews and the confederations

Battle of Khaybar

After the confederates were dispersed by God through a heavy wind storm, the prophet decided to attack the Jews of Khaybar who broke the agreement that existed between them and the Muslims. He commanded the sahabah who remained with him to defend madinah to proceed to khaybar immediately. At khaybar, the Jews who heard about the coming of the prophet had taken cover in the mountains. The Jews attacked the Muslims in a mountain path with arrows and spears. The Muslims retreated and some of the ran for safety


The prophet Mohammed (S.A.W) exhibited the sublime conduct of Islam, which appealed to the people to accept Islam. He used his obedience to Allah to propagate Islam; he strictly adhered to the commands and prohibitions of Allah. He derived pleasure in following the commands of Allah and other people noticed and accepted the religion. The prophet therefore used soft language while appealing to people to accept Islam. He met people in their houses and at business places to tell them about Islam, he gave examples that could convince his people that he was sent by Allah. A few years later in medina after a short illness the prophet (SAW) died he was sixty-three years old he always lived a simple and humble life giving everything he had to the poor.


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