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Nova Scotia and Confederation: Arguments For and Against

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Confederation and Nova Scotia

Confederation and Nova Scotia:

 On 1st July 1867, Nova Scotia joined other three provinces and became fourth member of Canada dominion (Tattrie 2018).

Argument in favor of confederation in Nova Scotia:

From 1600’s, people of Nova Scotia always want independent life. In 1848, Nova Scotia became a self rule government which means Nova Scotia can take decision by itself, it is a separate British colony (Tattrie 2018) . In 1867, while Charlottetown and Quebec conference advocates declare that Canada dominion would provide domestic market for Nova Scotia which will give financial support and also they make national railway which will join Atlantic colonies with Ontario and Quebec (Tattrie 2018).before 1847, Nova Scotia counted as equal rate European city (Halifax Evening Express 1867, p.2). Nova scotia is very much good for its resources, climate, fertile soil and even its geographical position is equal to New york and Liverpool but still it doesn’t achieve good position and nova scotia doesn’t have any kind of name in market even it make public transport  like railways from public expenses (Halifax Evening Express 1867, p.2) . Nova Scotia’s homesteads here to fore have yielded scarcely one-fourth of their ability; and even that portion the poor rancher has had, as it were, to discard in the method for trade (Halifax Evening Express 1867, p.2) . Nova scotia’s fisheries have not advanced those men who have been drudging by the ocean, and its mineral fortunes immense enough to cause fortune of a domain, to have been absolutely undeveloped (Halifax Evening Express 1867, p.2) but these problem will solve if it join the Canada dominion but if they still give more preference to stay alone so it may face more difficulties in future like it also have fear of United State (Halifax Evening Express 1867, p.2).  Joining confederation will also help them to make unity between other provinces (Martin, ed., 1990, p.463).

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Argument against confederation in Nova Scotia:

One of the politician and journalist Joseph Howe is against the confederation. He thinks that Nova Scotia would turn into a disregarded individual from a bigger nation, yet would prosper without anyone else and even its too far from other provinces like Quebec and Ontario so it is bad idea for Nova Scotia to join Canada dominion (Tattrie 2018). To give better clearance for Nova Scotia and Canada dominion, Nova Scotia is like a beautiful and rich lady but her husband is old and bankrupt but Nova Scotia is powerful and well discipline she can take divorce and live without any support (Eastern Chronicle and Pictou County Advocate,1867, p.3 ). Dominion of Canada is like infant monster and skeleton of the beast is frightfully long, yet extremely thin and slender, particularly about the chest (Eastern Chronicle and Pictou County Advocate,1867, p.3 ). It is dreaded it won’t live long, as it even now in a shaky condition of wellbeing and Nova Scotia is like a head of monster so its believable that head must be separate from body so that a new body can develop by itself (Eastern Chronicle and Pictou County Advocate, 1867, p.3 ) in these examples it is clear that Nova Scotia has to live separate from Canada so that Nova Scotia will more developed in future. Confederation will also put some effect on tariff (Martin,ed.,1990,p.465). James Currie anticipated that Canada’s taxes would need to ascend by fifty percent to deliver the essential income to pay for confederation (Martin,ed.,1990,p.465). Other Canadian perceived that the area’s current tariff, which learned toward protectionism, would  be sliced so as to meet the free exchanging maritimes midway (Martin, ed., 1990, p.465). Which reduce the income at that time when more money is needed which must be topped off by farming and industry so Dunkin thinks that it will not work it is useless idea that confederation helps them to increase their income with less investment (Martin, ed., 1990, p.465).Railways which will build to join nova scotia with other provinces is too closer with American border so its very easy for Americans to cut the communication and attack on them (Martin, ed., 1990, p.467) 

Evaluation of the argument:

Nova Scotia refuse to join confederation after federal and provincial elections in 1867 but Macdonald offered various deals like if Nova Scotia ready to join Canada dominion then they will increase their debt allowance means Nova scotia get more money so that more building can built (Hyland 2019) which help to Nova Scotia to develop much faster than other province and also they increased 25% government endowment to province that’s mean more taxes so if government get more taxes so they can do more things for Nova Scotia and can provide better services to their native people (Hyland 2019). These things also help to run business faster and it may give more opportunities for unemployed people. Macdonald also tell that if Nova Scotia ready to join then they can build railways which will join Nova Scotia with all other provinces and it will be easy for them to export and import their trades with other places (Tattrie 2018). Nova Scotia is very much good in farming and fishing but unfortunately it does get full support so if Nova Scotia join Canada Dominion then they can make their name (Tattrie 2018).so I think that it would be good for Nova Scotia to join Canada dominion as it very advantageous for Nova Scotia’s people.


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