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Philosophy of Freedom

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Wordcount: 1036 words Published: 12th Jul 2017

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What is freedom? Is it absolute right? If we ask this question to people around us, we will receive around a hundred different answers, because everyone will understand this phenomenon in his or her own way. Freedom can be defined starting from different aspects, according to different cultures, from different points of view and even from different beliefs. Everyone was born totally free and all of them must have the right to live freely. Based on some articles, we can see that out there people want to be free and independent from each other, but is this concept possible and acceptable by the society?

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Freedom is the right to do what we want, live where we want, eat what we want, learn what we want to learn, for example we choose what religion we want to believe, without caring about others judgments! Honestly, I am not sure if this in of right really exists because we were taught in a way where we are allowed to choose, but at the end someone will do that job (choosing) for us. So are we really free?! Are we following the definition of “Freedom”? In my opinion, freedom is an absence of pressure and enforcement from other people, where people is free to do what laws and social customs do not prohibit. We can hardly say that all societies are free in the same way.

Personally, I believe that we, Human beings are God creatures. God is the one who made us and gave us the right to life. According to the Bible, God started to create the heavens and the earth, then the morning and the night where He allowed the existence of life, starting from birds to all the animals and till the end the creation of the Man, called Adam. Since Adam was so alone, God decided to give him a company, a partner. Based on all this, God made a society for Humans and with it, we were taught to obey and follow rules. Can we try to imagine what the world might turn into if every one of us could do whatever we wanted… with no limitations and respect towards the rules and others?

After all, how can we live freely? From my point of view, we can live freely by respecting others rights to live freely too, by taking other people rights into consideration. In other words, the main idea behind the word freedom is to be respectful and responsible to the society. Freedom is a very important thing to every human being because as we had encounter in the past decades a lot of debates have started debating about this topic. For example, I would like to talk about the freedom of speech. I think freedom of speech is the most important part when we try to see what the meaning behind freedom is. As we know, out there is a lot of people that are convicted because of their creative mind and even, some of them are buried just because the society cannot accept their way of expressing their feelings. In my research, someone said that freedom of expression will never result in hostility among people if they respect each other’s ideas. As I mentioned before, freedom is not an absolute right, and there are too many limitation on it. First of all, the society right including national security which is very important, security is the most important thing in freedom. Our freedoms should never cause to threatening our national security.

I have stated some of my opinions about freedom, now I would like to describe the word freedom by a definition. According to Wikipedia, “freedom is innate to human and that he will fights as long as he lives to restore his innate right to be free man…”, I like this definition very much because I think it is true, our freedoms are settled by us, no one can set it! Since God gave us freedom for free, we must do our best to maintain and keep this right.

I think the most humiliating ways to punish a human, is to deprive him or her from freedom, for example when someone goes to jail, that person is deprive from freedom and so he is suffering. Freedom is not absolute, it must be limited. We cannot just do what we like and say “I am a free man!”. We cannot kill, smuggle drugs or violate the laws and rules for freedom, they should be respected and I totally agree with this sentence “the freedom of anyone ends where the freedom of another one begins!”.

For me, every youngster should be taught to be free, planting in them the love for freedom, but they might be supervised, it should not be without limits. Freedom in teen’s state is very important for building a good character and a stable personality. Teens want to hang around with friends, do whatever they like, or do not like, they want to experience everything. If they are given freedom with no limits, they may get lost, so parents should tell them what is right or wrong, so there is no limit or restriction. That is why parents’ guidance is really important for our existence. Only freedom with no guidance will lead to a bad actions and cause destruction in the society.

Freedom is a state, a process of interaction of individuals and groups with the environment, when the society is changing or a person makes some changes so that there appear more opportunities of choice and realization of important purposes and values. The most important thing that we must care about is enjoying our freedom without harming our security.

For conclusion, freedom is an innate right, something that humans are born with. Nothing in this planet can threaten our freedom, deprive us from our rights. As mention before, our right of freedom must never cause harm to any other human being, directly or indirectly. We must respect freedom as everyone in the world/society has it, if you want others to respect your freedom, firstly you must learn to respect them. And following this ways, we can enjoy and live our freedom through our life. Last but not the least, I want to quote a sentence that my teacher in high school used to say “Quanto mais liberdade, mais responsabilidade.”, it means the more freedom you have, the more responsibilities you face. After all, this sentence is really reflective and I hope that that people out there have realize this little secret!



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