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Reflection on Communication in Career Development

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Wordcount: 1268 words Published: 18th May 2020

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Communication in my Career

“True communication goes beyond talking and listening; it is about understanding.” These inspirational words of wisdom were spoken by a man by the name of Gerald Campbell.

We are often told that communication is key, but what we tend to forget is the fundamentals as to why this statement is true. When we think of a leader we tend to think of those whom went down in history or those who have been honored throughout time, when in actuality a leader is what we perceive or do not make of ourselves. Referring back to the statement; “communication is key”, we then remember that communication is the language of leadership and one common trait that all good leaders possess are strong communication skills. Although the word communication may be hard to define due to its complexity and may variations, its skills are commonly found within each and every human being. Whether you portray the trait of being a good listener, friendliness, confidence, empathy, respect, open-mindedness, or even the traits of nonverbal communication, communication is what defines you and defines your life. Ultimately communication is a vital fundamental in all workplaces for one to be successful in achieving his/her goals.

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Currently, I am a first-year student in Durham College’s Emergency Services Fundamentals program. There have been many experiences that have shaped my career path and goals for the future. Each situation challenged my patience, understanding of others, maturity, confidence, and independence. Now looking into my future, I would either like to become a nurse and have discovered that each learning moment was crucial in determining my future endeavors.

Good communication skills are very important to one’s success no matter the career or industry you work in. Communication can be defined as the process of transmitting information and common understanding from one person to another (Keyton, 2011). This means that everyone’s process of communication will be different as it is the exchange of one’s thoughts, emotions, ideas, and understandings. Thus, it is important to adapt to different forms of communication from one person to another. The healthcare field I would like to work in often has people with common desires, visions, and objectives. Therefore, each works toward the same goals. When communicating with co-workers I have discovered over time that the best thing to do is have an open communication policy to reduce conflicts and increase productivity. I feel that open and effective communication ensures that conflicts are easily solved as two people find common grounds by being clear and consistent, thus leading them to make a mutual decision. As a conclusion with co-workers, I would not only provide clarity and concision while being friendly, empathetic, and open-minded. But also, with the same confidence provide feedback as well as consistent listening.

 In terms of communicating with patients, it may not be as straight forward as some may like. Communication between nurses and patients allows me as the nurse to inform the patient about any care or treatment and allows the patient to respond with any concerns. The other aspect of nurse and patient communication is non-verbal where emotions or attitudes can also convey a message on both the nurses’ part as well as the patient. Therefore, although having a multitude of responsibilities, I as a professional will provide sufficient time for each patient interaction, be courteous and kind, enforce security, and ensure each patient’s input is truly heard, as these attributes are essential to building and maintaining relationships within the workplace. This proves that each patient will be well respected and empathized with verbally and nonverbally, and listened to as well as heard.

There are many communication challenges that every person may face. In regards to the nursing profession, there may be a few environmental barriers such as distractions, some distractions may lead to poor listening if there are loads of things going on in or around the hospital. Another barrier could be time or lack of, which may alter my thinking and decisions. In addition to environmental barriers, I may have personal barriers where I feel a specific way to a situation but am professionally out of line if acting upon those feeling or emotions, on the flip side is a lack of empathy where I may not be able to see or feel the emotions of a patient and as a result do not communicate effectively as I am insensitive to the situation.

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I believe that I will learn to overcome the above-noted challenges by first recognizing they exist and are a possibility within my career, I can then minimize their impact on my work ethics and move forward with positive actions. Ensuring that when at work my attention is a hundred percent on the task at hand, that adequate time is not only devoted to listening but to also what I am communicating. That I keep an open mind that allows for constructive criticism. That I show respect and empathy, and always pick the right medium knowing what form of communication to use in every situation.

In conclusion, although the word communication may be hard to define due to complexity there is no doubt that communication is a key essential skill while in the role of a healthcare provider. Where one must be aware of in every aspect of care and treatment in which they provide to their patients. It is not only an individual’s spoken word, but also the influence that non-verbal communication has on a person, and the essential fundamentals of developing relationships between all parties within the workplace.

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