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Government Influence on Media - Debate

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Wordcount: 1421 words Published: 11th Jul 2017

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Mass media is the vital means which keep people informed about event and news over the world. It is one of the most important stages to communicate and transfer information. Obviously, people receive external and internal news anywhere even they busy by listening radio and/or reading newspaper, magazine and internet. That mean mass media is the most powerful tool of communication. There are many kinds of media such as newspaper, radio, television and internet. It is useful for entertainment, advertisement and news around the world. Mass media has positive and negative impacts on the audience. That mean should be censorship to assess mass media and make it suitable for all audience. It would argue that some people believe that government should not influence on the mass media. However, others think that the government should control the mass media. In my opinion, I think that the government should have responsibilities and duties to control mass media.

In this essay will write about advantages and disadvantages of mass media. Then I will discuss about the government should involve in regulating forms of influence on news, violence program, advertisement, sexual themes and education. After that I will mention some suggestion about media.

Mass media has positive and negative effects on the people. There are many of advantages of media. First of the advantages, it helps you to increase your knowledge by reading articles in newspaper or watching TV program. Second, it keeps you inform about news internal and external world by listening to radio. Third, it helps you to improve your skills such as reading and listening. Moreover, magazine or TV advertisement obtains best offer for perfect product. On the other hand, if you followed the media extensively it could cause negative impacts such as media may cause obesity because setting long time read, watch or listen. Furthermore, children or young might learn bad habits like smoking or eating drugs because they imitate hero in film. In addition, people may miss some skill like speaking fluently because they learn to read and write with media.

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In many places around the world people believe that news take part in human life. The people want to know every events that happen around them. Therefore, mass media makes report daily and monthly to keep people informed. Also it reflects the news in best way to affect on people and make them happy to follow the broadcast. Audience might not trust any information sent to them by newspaper or television because fake news influence on the true news. Sometimes the media broadcasts the events in different way or it changes some parts in this events to attract people. Producing fake news may led to make serious problem between people and government entire the country or between two countries. The government should contribute many efforts to regulate the mass media by providing censorship for all kinds of media. Moreover, encouraging the media to make news in easiest way to understand it clear. That means the media not allows to establish programs or report without assessment from the government. For instance, when the newspaper and/or television produce report they need to have permission to establish it.

Watching horror films and excessive violence programs seem good way to spend free time for young people. They set at home or they go to cinema to watch these program in terms of fun and entertainment. These programs design to make you concentrate on the events and try to think what could happen at the end. In this kind of program may show crime unreal like monsters or real but fake film like murder kill people. Excessive watching horror and violence cause many problems for young people especially children as the following. First of all the attitude, mood and behavior will change to worse such as speaking of young uncivilized because they imitate the film. Second, it might make children less sensitive to the pain and suffering of others, be more fearful of the world around them and be more likely to behave in aggressive or harmful ways toward others. As result, the government should notice that and teach the parents to look after their children and keep them away. The government should obtain the instruction of any program by provide legal age to watch it. For example, some films indicate the suitable age to watch the film to prevent children from any violence.

In many companies around the world use the media to advertise their product. The companies pay huge amount of money to show the product in the media. Usually they target children in advertisement which help them to sale goods. They create best broadcast by using famous hero use this product which attract children to buy it. Also, they use carton film to advertise product by doing unbelievable thing. That might make children believe that unhealthy food make you strong. Watching a lot of advertisements cause negative effects on children such as child believe every think in the media and do not realize the broadcast made for commercial and get money. Therefore, in my opinion the government should limit the advertisement or reduce time broadcasting. Moreover, the government should encourage companies to make broadcast with positive goal such as encourage children to eat fruits or mention in broadcasting some benefits of vitamins.

In the visible media use attractive and sexual people to show the program like television and internet also in magazine they use photos of beauty girls. This kind of show to attract people and make them concentrate in the program. Companies provide beautiful girls an handsome boys in terms of fashion. The companies effort the worker more attractive to attract people and sell product. For instance, the companies use semi-naked girls to advertise hair care products, shaving blades and creams and/or body soaps. Some of the boys and girls do strong diet to be slim like the actors or actress. This may cause negative effect on their life such as cause some disease. Moreover, the people tend to watch romantic films which contain a lot of sexual themes. Also, some adult watch sexual films in terms of entertainment. However, the children will watch most of unacceptable themes in television or internet. This will encourage children to do earlier sex and do not care about wearing naked cloths. Because the children do not know sham and they think do right. This issue should solve by government. The government influence on the media by provide suitable age to watch and delay the broadcasting until mid night to be ensure children sleep.

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The mass media source of information for people so it work hard in terms of education which is the important concept in our life. Media provide variety programs to educate people. There are many program in history and culture in different countries. These broadcast to keep you informed about your traditional culture. Moreover, mass media will increase your knowledge by providing a large number of competition programs. There are many channel provide documentary and scientist material to give you view about the nature. Also, some magazine and newspaper provide different subject and games help you to think. These programs useful for all ages for example children may learn to read and write through TV or magazine. I think, the government keep encouraging mass media to improve the part of education. Furthermore, the government should give the media motivation to work hard and to keep going.

Before the end of this essay I would mention some useful suggestion to help us to get benefits of media. First of all, the government should encourage people to read books by giving people pursuers about importance of media and how we use it in correct way. Second, the people should notice list for good program also do not concentrate on TV or internet only but you should read. Third, the parents should look after their children by deleting some channels from TV or band TV at the midnight and help them to understand the correct way for the media. Finally, I would say you should do sport to keep your mental awake.

To sum up, me and some people believe that mass media plays a fundamental role in our life. It seems that mass media is the quick way to connect between the government and individuals. Therefore, the government should control mass media to promote education and development target also to protect young people from misleading habits.


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