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Development In Mobile And Internet Technology Media Essay

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Over the past decade internet and mobile technology has advanced considerably. In this assignment I will discuss advancements which created the world in which we live today. I will research advancements such as 4G, wireless networks, fiber optics, PayPal, mobile banking, easy access of information which the internet made available; also I will look into social media which transformed the way we interact with each other.

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The development of internet is so severe that it funded virtual currency which allows trading virtual currency to real currency, it also funded multiple internet companies who operate solely based on virtual advertising, transfer of funds through the World Wide Web and the development of software to assist themselves and the general public and using internet to the maximum capacity.

Also I will take into consideration the way the business had to adapt in the new environment in order to survive its economic and technological change. I will identify the possible future trends for the businesses and the way they will use internet to their advantage.

During the research for this assignment I have found that the business which failed to adapt and change has been liquidated, which led to the conclusion that internet and mobile technology is the way of the future. I will provide real life examples to vividly illustrate my discovery and to prove that the developments have shifted the course of history and future developments which lies ahead.


Internet ten years ago was not widely accessible throughout the country. Public did not rely on internet with their day to day tasks, there were no such thing as wireless or social media. The lead provider of internet services was Eircom which was a state owned company, it did so through the DSL cables which they had monopoly in. As the country developed leading companies from abroad saw the potential in Ireland and the monopoly which Eircom had. Swedish companies such as UPC have invested significantly over the past decade in technology which increased the quality and the speed of the internet. In the decade they have completely dominated the market with their fiber optic technology.

With the technological advancements in Ireland, other companies have emerged. Ireland was in the fast lane. With the wide market gaps and a tremendous amount of customers other advancements became available such as internet banking, money transfer and unlimited amount of information available to each individual. With increased detachment with the real world, people now seek entertainment in the comfort of their own home.


Google Inc. ® which solely provides internet software has developed an extraordinary website called YouTube©, which the main purpose is to allow the user to freely share their thoughts which are recorded on the video. The success of YouTube© demonstrates that the internet has created a new market. YouTube© is regularly used across the world each day, music is a huge feature. It contains many music videos of all the song artists across the world. It is not only used for music but also used to for people who want to express their beliefs or feelings, news coverage and also sports highlights. It is one of the most used websites in the world.

Internet Banking

In previous years the way that people have banked was they had to go to the a specific branch in which they had their account in order to perform a simple tasks such as transferring of money, checking balances, lodging cheques. People usually have to wait in queues which were no time efficient. This has developed significantly within the last decade, now with internet banking you can now transfer money and check your balance anywhere with connection to the internet. This is a very useful way now for people whenever they are on the go and have no time to check into their local branch. Internet banking has proved to be very successful.

Wireless Access

Ten years ago to provide internet you needed wires to serve. It could be seen as very messy, clumsy and quite dangerous. With the development of wireless access this means internet can be provided without any wires as long there is a good connection. A wireless access point is a device that allows wireless devices to connect to a wired network using Wi-Fi. Wi-Fi allows cheaper distribution of local area networks. Overtime this has proved to be a much easier way of access to the internet and a much quicker way.


PayPal™ is a global e-commerce business allowing payments and money transfers throughout the internet. As of 2011, PayPal™ operates in one hundred and ninety markets and manages more that two hundred and thirty two million accounts, more than one hundred million of them active. PayPal™ allows customers to send, receive and hold funds in twenty six currencies worldwide.

Social Media

A decade ago there wasn’t much websites on the internet which provided a social side. All there was day to day conversations and text messages. This has been one of the most rapid developments in the last ten years. Social sites such as Facebook® and Twitter® have completely dominated the World Wide Web and are one of the most frequent used websites across the world. These websites allow people to interact with another through communication on the web using different functions the website may contain. They also allow you to share your thought, express your beliefs or feelings, and post blogs about whatever you may feel.

Mobile Technology

A decade ago public did not have access to mobile technology. People had only landlines, if a person requires reaching another person; he must have done so in person which meant that when they planned meetings or social events they had to do it in advance. If there was a change in plans, the only way to communicate was landline which proved to be inefficient.

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Finnish company Nokia© had developed device which we call mobile. Through the years mobiles became more and more accessible, which dramatically changed the way we communicate and socialize. Now the current generation can communicate freely without barriers throughout the world which was not possible a decade ago, it revamped our social skills. Young adults prefer to communicate through text messages, hence making the landlines inferior products.

The major developments in mobile technology include: mobile internet, mobile banking, mobile advancements and social media

Mobile Internet

Mobile internet provides a lot of access to many applications and websites. It is usually very quick and provides all the information the internet at home would. Another benefit of mobile internet would be that it can be used anywhere on the go, giving you a lot of freedom, so if you are stuck for information you can use your mobile device to use the internet. Communication is also vital in mobile internet as it allows you to connect to multiple services provided by the internet. This allows you to communicate and interact with each other outside using mobile internet.

Mobile Banking

Mobile banking is and easy way of transferring money and checking your balance. It will work if you have internet and is hassle free and can be accessed by one touch of a button. More features of mobile banking would be that it is very quick and can be used everywhere providing there is a strong internet connection. Technology within the last ten years has been so drastic that there is no need to go to your branch anymore as the internet provides all the answers. Along with providing your details, mobile banking provides useful numbers you can use to contact a person incase if any queries you may have.

Mobile Advancements

Apple, Inc. – Within the last ten years Apple, Inc. has increased their popularity significantly providing multiple handheld devices that can be used anywhere and on the go. The release of the iPod Touch, iPhone and iPad were so big, every time it went on sale it would sell out quickly across the world. Mobile phones have come so far this past decade, from phones where it was only possible to ring on to iPhones which provide the functions of a normal mobile phone and an iPod Touch put together. It would contain an entire music playlist along with other applications such as news, entertainment, sports and gaming.

Touch screen – Ten years ago mobile devices could only be used by buttons. With the success of Apple, Inc. many phone companies now start to make to touch screen phones, and some phones may have buttons and touch screen. Development of mobile phones has been so phenomenal that by the touch of your fingers you can use the phone and the applications it contains.

Games – Advancements in gaming has also been huge. More than a decade ago all you could do on your old Nokia© was play snake. As phones have developed throughout the years, it is now possible that multiple games can be downloaded on your phones. Gaming on phones is also a good way of passing time and most games you download onto your phone you don’t need internet so you can play them anywhere you like for free.

Social Media

Social media on phones has dramatically elevated within the past decade. The only options on a mobile phone were either phone calls or text messaging. With the latest mobile phones out now you can download applications which allow you use social networking sites such as Facebook®, Twitter® and Instagram®. This allows people to access their accounts as the internet on a computer would. This is so basic that there sometimes isn’t need to use the computer as using your phonies quicker and saving time. Other phone applications such as Viber™ ad Whatsapp™ allows you to talk to your contacts for free, share pictures and call each other for free. Along with the text messaging process mobile phones these days have plenty of social media attached to it as it provides a load of access to your family and friends.


In conclusion I have found the internet and mobile technology has advanced remarkably over this past decade. The most momentous advancements which I found to be are internet websites such as YouTube© and social media websites such as Facebook® and Twitter®. These companies have benefited significantly within the last ten years and are they are together the most used websites in the world. Mobile technology in the last ten years has also advanced dramatically. Mobile banking has been massive as it allows you check all your details anywhere, also with mobile advancements such as a brand like Apple, Inc have created phone which combine the characters of a normal phone and features such as a selection of music and downloading applications such as news, gaming and sport. Hence I can now say that mobile and internet technology has advanced considerably within the last ten years and will continue to improve in the next ten years.


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