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Comparison Of Ptv And Geo Positioning Media Essay

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PTV news aims to be service focused (Lovelock, 2005) in its strategy. Its news channel offers a narrow range of services/programs such as news bulletins, talk shows, documentaries and live events update etc. The market to which the services are offered are broad and diverse, however mostly the adults and people from an older age bracket make PTV a preference.

Segmentation and Target Market

In a highly competitive industry like that of the television industry there is a great risk that customers will perceive little difference between the brands and make their decisions randomly. For this reason the TV channels need to position themselves rightly in order to avoid losing their market share.

A positioning strategy is concerned with maintaining long term relationships with the audience.

In this regard, PTV has a distinct advantage since it has been the prime source of entertainment since the creation of Pakistan.

PTV news is viewed as a ‘channel for oldies’. The prime reason being the kind of programs it airs on the channel. From the morning show to the hourly news bulletin, the channel is all about dull colors and quiet environment which is mostly preferred by people from older age segment. The biggest viewer ship that PTV gets is still from its 9 o clock khabarnama which is watched by almost every household even today. The reason being that the 9 0 clock khabarnama is being aired since 1947 and the Pakistani public is habitual of watching the 9 0 clock news daily, especially the people from an older age bracket.All the news bulletins after 6.00 p.m. are being aired on the national network which is also beamed through satellite to more than 38 countries.

Regional language bulletin in Punjabi from Lahore, Sindhi from Karachi, Pushto and Hindko from Peshawar and balochi, brahvi and pushto are telecasted from centres to enable people of the relevant areas to see watch PTV news bulletin in their own language.

The target market is hence carved on its own due to the nature of programs. Mostly people from the age gap of 35+ like to watch the channel. The advertisements associated with the channel however are of all kinds concerning the age groups of 20+ years. (PTV News, 2005)


Due to having a distinct advantage of being a government channel, PTV acquires the right to air major events and proves to be ahead of the leading networks of the country. Other networks seek the permission from PTV to air its transmission on their own channels with the PTV watermark intact to signify ownership.

Emphasis is now being given to on camera reporting and special news reports on subjects of popular interests in order to attract a bigger viewer ship. There has been a change in the news reporting as well as the presentation of news bulletin from National News Bureau to attract viewers. Merit and objectivity are being maintained as a hallmark of PTV news which is relevantly positioned in the minds of the viewers. PTV extends its claim of objectivity and merit through its routine day to day coverage and to the parliamentary proceedings, political activities etc.

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Within a short span of time, Geo has managed to establish itself as a household name. It has been successful in launching itself as a powerful brand in people’s minds. More importantly it has been received as a brand which represents the true voice of the nation. It reflects independence and freedom of speech which greatly appeals to the mass audience.

The audience for Geo is hence a common man of any age bracket. The targeting is wisely done in order to attract people from all age segments without any discrimination of class, gender or creed.

Geo strongly believes in brand association and hence has devised the logo ‘JEEM’ as a common integrator in all its channels. This creates a sense of belonging to the brand. Geo brand name is used as a prefix in a lot of programs which attracts the audience and helps develop brand association.

The target market for Geo is not just confined to Pakistan, rather Pakistanis who live abroad like to watch Geo in order to see the true picture of the situation. Geo targets the Masses. It is broadcasted for South Asian viewers of M.E, Europe, Canada, North America and UK. Besides, of burros in Pakistan a robust network feeds regularly live content from New York, Los angles and London. (AMCY, 2005)

Geo News audience is broad, ranging from the educated class to the uneducated lower class. Mostly the middle class likes to watch the show as it addresses the problems of a common man. The viewers include, men, women, children, students, businessmen and opinion leaders. The viewers also include a majority of internet users who watch the show online as well. Geo News provides updated information round the clock. An average viewer spends around 15 minutes to watch the channel during which he tries to receive the desired level of service. This offers the advertising companies a great opportunity to connect to the viewers who are otherwise unreachable. The wide variety of TV channels is leading to a decreased span of attention, however Geo News is still successful in attracting the viewers due to its captivating branding and communication style.

Comparing the target market of Geo and PTV, it is notable that PTV has a huge audience but it does not differ greatly. In contrast Geo news attracts a mass audience from all age brackets and all income segments. The ability to create a high impact with rich media formats gives Geo the advantage of attracting the majority if given an option. Those who have Cable TV, seldom watch PTV due to the captivating campaign by GEO. Also Geo gives innovative advertising options to its clients as compared to PTV. Geo offers advertising on its website, on its Facebook page and Television which convinces the clients of being able to reach their specific target markets more efficiently. Clients prefer Geo to place their ads due to its popularity. Hence Geo’s ability to offer a variety of content has made it successful in positioning itself as a high end strong brand. Geo is the voice of the common man whereas PTV is viewed to be pro government. PTV is now left to be a channel for traditional adults only. The youth prefers Geo due to its strong positioning.POSITIONING MAP.png


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