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Automatic Pneumatic Pressing Robot and Packaging Work Parts

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Automatic pneumatic pressing robot and packaging work parts

Introduction and Project background

In this project the main purpose of this project is to know how to use easy PLC software. Moreover, how to use robotic arm for doing any operation is very useful for understanding PLC software. First of all, in this project to use PLC is the main purpose of the project. In this project consist of the operating automatic robotic arm which is connected to the system. It is working horizontally or vertically direction. The work parts are moving on the conveyor belt and it is controlled by PLC programming. As it has objects are transporting on conveyor belt there is a sensor which is used for pressing any metal parts. The main sensor sense the object and robotic arm will press the work part. Then after it is go ahead for another operation if is there any operation needed. However, the robotic arm goes ahead horizontally then the work part is pressed by it then the arm goes back at its actual position. In the PLC Simulation software there are many online software’s are available for simulation but in this subject we just have to simulate this project in Machine simulator software.

Problem statement

In problem statement there is a one common problem in all industries, like how to make final product without making any extra effort. In current industries there are different work stations are working for making final product. Like one is for pressing the metal parts, another is for shape then another is for packing, moving etc. But in this project two or three operations are done in one continuous process line like shape changing, moving and packing as well. But, in previous project the metal parts should pressed in any shape and dimension as well. 


  • We can press any parts and change its shape.
  • It saves the human effort, time and schedule.
  • It can be packed automatically and continuously
  • Easy to control and store changed work part in one box.


In this project the idea is basically common which is work in every automatic industry. Firstly, in this project the work parts are coming on the conveyor belt then the sensor sense the work part then I have to set the time between sensor and robotic arm because after sensor sense the work part the robotic arm press or punch the work part for changing the shape of the work part.

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In project description firstly the PLC software and PLC programming is totally new thing for me because it is not inter connected with my previous study. So it’s too difficult to choose the project which should be work on the PLC then I have to simulate this project in simulation software again this is new thing for me. In PLC types there are many types of PLC software with applications available in market nowadays like,

  • Easy PLC
  • PLC bus or rack
  • ABB PLC power supply
  • PLC Architecture
  • PLC I/O modules
  • Compact PLCs
  • CPU module of PLC etc. [1]

PLC SCADA is the well-known software all around the world. But for this project I am working on Easy PLC for ladder programming and Machine simulator is for simulation or making prototype of the project.

In automation process there are mainly five types of robots are used nowadays like,

  1. SCARA
  2. Cartesian
  3. Cylindrical
  4. 6-axis
  5. Delta [2]

Each and every industrial robot has its own specific elements that makes them best for different applications. The main difference among them are their workplace, size and speed.

For this project I am using gantry robot as a robotic hand like, it is working up and down so I use it for pressing work parts. This is a one type of SCARA robot. Its working type and applications are very similar to it.

Block Diagram

Work part


Conveyor belt-1


Robotic arm

Conveyor belt-2

Boxes for storing Work parts

Figure (1) Block diagram of the Project based on simulation software

This project is totally based on automation system. PLC program and simulation software is the main important thing do this project. Its working principle is based on that.

Working principle

In this project working principle it is working based on industrial automation and robotics. Totally work done is in Easy PLC software and machine simulator software. Its working like, firstly the work part creates the work part. In simulation I am using one robot for changing the shape of work part. I use gantry robot as a robotic arm. Moreover, when work part comes on the conveyor belt the sensor sense it and transfer on second belt. On second conveyor belt robotic arm change the shape of the bottles then it moves ahead for storing in one empty box.   

Result and discussion


Table (1) Variables explanation

Sr. no

Variable name


Variable type
























































Upper table shows the explanation of the different types variables and its address and then its types and description as well. 

Ladder Diagram

Figure (2) Ladder program of the project

Figure (3) Ladder program of the project

Upper both figures show the ladder diagram of the project. Ladder diagram is the main thing for running the project in simulation software. In this PLC software there are many options are available for creating the ladder diagram like, add coil, add start coil, add reset coil, open switch, close switch etc. I am using many functions in ladder program.

Simulation Work

Figure (4) Figure of Simulation work done in simulation software

In upper figure firstly I just put work parts on the conveyor belt-1. Metal parts are moving on the conveyor belt for operation. Then sensors sense the object and do the operation on the work part. Then it will move further on the conveyorbelt-2 for packing. Moreover, it will be pack in boxes which are moving on the conveyorbelt-2. So in the simulation I get my both objectives in that like operation on work part and then pack it.

Moreover, in this simulation software there are limited robots for doing any operations like, drill robot, soldering robot, filling and packaging robot etc. In work part as well there are no any particular work part for pressing so I just use solid part as a work part.



“sanfoundry education,” [Online]. Available: https://www.sanfoundry.com/plc-program-heat-bend-glass-tubes/.


“Automation Forum,” Sivaranjith, 12 August 2018. [Online]. Available: https://automationforum.in/t/plc-different-types-of-plc/4380.


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