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Jetstar Airline is an airline company that provides low cost flight

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Jetstar have their code of practice. They always want to be better and more informative relationship between their customers and insurers. They have improved their customer confidence towards their services. Each complaint they receive from a customer, they will find a way to resolve the problem by providing better services for their customers. They will keep their customer services standards as high as possible in order to get their customers coming back for it.

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Other than that, Jetstar has a cultural belief that they need to focus on providing their customers the lowest rate as possible so that more customers in the Asia Pacific region that takes their flight from Singapore and Australia. As a low cost carrier airline, they face a lot of challenges from their competitors especially their market in Australia, Singapore and in the other parts of the Asia Pacific but still they kept on fighting in the challenges they encountered. Due to the challenges, Jetstar’s income statements have been hard to remain constant. Jetstar needs to implement more strategies in order to stabilize their sales and get them increase higher. Their strategy of providing low cost fares to their customers really promotes themselves as one of the low cost airline leaders. Jetstar has had a unique way of selling that enables them to offer the cheapest fares compared to the other low cost airline in the industry.

Marketing mix consists of the 7P’s which are Product, Price, Place, Promotion, People, Process and the Physical Evidence. By identifying these 7P’s it will be much easier for Jetstar to run and improve their business.


The product that Jetstar Airline is selling is their flights destination. They offer their customers a destination that they could offer at a low cost.


The prices they offer to their customers should be low and at a reasonable price. Since they are known as a low cost airline than they should do as what they say.


The place where they sell their product is at the ticketing counter at an airport and also on their website which enables their customer to book and check their flight online.


They always promote low prices when their customers book a flight in advance. They will give a very low price than the one they book on a near date.


The people are their target markets, who are their customers that favour to travel via airplane. They should focus on satisfying these people that have chosen to travel with their airline and they should try to attract others to chose their airline for travelling.


The process they practice to sell their product is starting from checking their customers booking list and their flight availability to issuing the customers flight destination requests and checking in their luggage to their boarding time.

Physical Evidence

The only physical evidence that their customers have are their boarding pass. The boarding pass is a proof that the customer has purchase a flight destination with Jetstar Airlines. If there are any complaints to be made or an incident occurs on the flight they board, the boarding pass will be the proof that the customer is a passenger of Jetstar Airline.

They have to know what to target and how to segment their market. Targeting and the segmentation of their market are important for them to enhance their business. Without focusing on these it will be hard for them to satisfy their customers. Jetstar target those who love to travel at low cost, and they have segmented their customers by knowing how to handle each customer differently and professionally. They have to really see the importance of targeting and segmentation. Understanding what their targeted customers’ needs and wants in the market helps them to provide better services for their customers. Segmentation will help them to spread their wings further and give them the opportunity to provide more flight destination to their customers. They should know where do travellers frequently travel to.

At first their positioning strategy in the market was not really appealing to their target. They were not really perfect in some ways and that their fares were higher than the other low cost carriers that were operating in the Asia Pacific. In the Southeast Asia, their growths were held back by the regulatory environment of the region. Thus, Jetstar only gain losses from the start of their attempt to enter the Southeast Asia market.

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3.0 Integration of Marketing Mix

When the marketing mix are integrated, then only they can run their business smoothly because the already know what their products are, how much they are going to charge their fares, where they are going to sell it, what type of promotion are they going to offer to their customers, who are they going to sell it to, how are they going to process it and what type of evidence that the customer has purchase from them.

This ensures them to “Put the right product at the right place and at the right time.” It might change based on the current changes of the market environment and economy. If there is a slight change in the economy such as an increase in the oil price, there will also be an increase in the fare price. A change in the environment will also affect their business, for example if there is a natural disaster or a war going on in a country that they frequently travel to; travellers would not want to travel to that certain country and their flight destination choice will be less. Their marketing mix must be able to adapt to certain changes that is occurring around them.

4.0 Target Market Segment

In any business, they need to divide their market into smaller groups of customers that has a distinctive needs, characteristics, or behaviour that might need to be provided by a different product or marketing mixes; this is called market segmentation. (Armstrong G. & Kotler P. 2003).

Since Jetstar is a low cost carriage airline, they should turn their focus on the one segment that most of their customers prefer, even though they also offer a Star Class which gives much more comfort to the customer. They might have to improve on their services and their in-flight interior to make their customers feel comfortable at least when boarding their flight. Their in-flight services should really satisfy their customers by keeping them comfortable and providing them food and entertainment. When their customers are satisfied by what Jetstar has to offer them in their flights, surely they will suggest their other people to choose Jetstar for their travelling experiences. This way, they will be able to increase their sales.

5.0 Marketing Strategies

Before building up a marketing strategy, they must look back into their marketing mix. They need to plan something that is out of the ordinary than the other low cost carriers. They can still offer a quite lavish service even though they are a low cost airline. They don’t need to be the typical low cost airline where when a customer board it feels like they just boarded on a low cost bus but it does not have to be that way; customers have paid a fare that is much more expensive than taking a bus. Although, travelling by airplane is much more convenient and faster but it does not meant that customers should feel uncomfortable throughout their journey.

Jetstar needs to be outstanding than the others in the industry if they want to be more profitable. They need to offer more flight destinations to their customers so that they have more choices of destination to choose from. They should also offer more departure time for their customers at least every 4 hours. By that it means Jetstar needs too buy more aircraft and hire more employees so that there could be more flights to more destinations; thus making it more profitable.

In a short journey flight that is less than 3 hours, they should at least provide a complimentary drink from a choice of orange juice or carbonated drinks and not just by providing a water fountain and cups for the economy class [2] . Also they should provide some complimentary light snacks for the economy class customers such as peanuts or crackers.

6.0 Conclusion

In order to conclude what has been written in this report, Jetstar should look into providing a service that is best for their customers. They should enhance every technology and services that they are practicing into a higher and upgraded level.


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