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Analyze the Public Speaking Skills of Presenters

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Wordcount: 1427 words Published: 18th May 2020

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Analyze the Public Speaking Skills of Presenters

 This week assignment is based on analyzing two educational presentations that interested

me.  I was able to view two presentations and discuss how the presenters captured my interest. 

There are two presentations, but the one the I will analyze the most is www.youtube.com

TEDtalk Education: Rita Pierson, “Every Kid Needs A Champion”. The other one was Michelle

Kuo, “The Healing Power of Reading”.  Rita Pierson kept me focused and responsive.  It was

educational and very informative.  This presentation is designed for teachers and anyone that

works with children of all ages.  This presenter gave several examples and take-a-ways to

implement in the classrooms.  As you continue to read, I will expound on the questions below by

analyzing the speaker rhetoric style, language and body expression.  These combinations have

kept the audience attention during the entire presentation.  I also hope I successfully express the

reason the speaker actions were effective. 

What is effective about the presenter style?

 The speaker Rita Pierson has a strong and firm voice that captured the audience attention. 

It was not dull or unclear.  She had a unique and rhetoric style when it comes to presenting.  Rita

Pierson strongly believe integrity is essential.  Her integrity and credibility win and capture her

audiences respect. Rita Pierson effectively captured and maintain the audience attention with her

tone of voice.  She also gave some funny examples and some life experiences the

audiences could relate too.

What will I take from the presenter and use doing my own public speaking?

Rita Pierson appeared to be confident in what she believes in because it was all based on

her life experiences and hands-on with students.  She wore many hats in the field of education.  I

like how she was able to stand in front of many people and present her presentation without

showing any nervousness at all.  When I present, I will be mindful to implement life experiences

and hands-on experiences in which the audience can relate.  I will also present some solutions or

pros and cons that will work based on what has worked for me and others as well.  The solutions

will be based on proven facts.  I give also engaged my audiences by answering questions or

having a few people out of the audiences to engage in one or two activities.

What was the presenter weakness?

 I really could not tell if the presenter had any weakness.  Rita Pierson was such an

experienced speaker until she handled herself like the BOSS she is.  What I was able to gather is

that Rita Pierson may want to consider moving consistency to be able rotate from corner to

corner making sure she can give as many people in the audience good eye contact. However,

everything was great.

What did I take notes on to avoid?

 I was able to take notes on her techniques and realized I was doing what she was saying

not to do.  She gave great example and proven facts that backed up her choices and rules.  Her

solution was proven facts that has gain students interest and was so effective that student begin to

show growth.  It is very important that students are engaged and involved in their learning

process.  Teachers and students learn something new everyday by having conversation with other

and reading.  Therefore, it is important that teacher take time to get to know their student and

connect with them in a way that will gain student interested in learning.  I will avoid setting rules

without understand how the students feel about it first.  I mean, listening to Rita Pierson, teacher

must be mindful that student’s expectation may be different from the expectations in the

classroom.  When parents get to complain it is important to hear them out and set some standards

that will align with there teaching.  According to Rita Pierson, she gave a good example when

she mentioned that the mom did not want to send her child to school on time.  If parents can

notice that the school system runs a certain way then the parent will follow the rules, if not they

will realize that they are separating the child from the routines as the other students.  That is

something that parents does not want to do.

What was effective about the presenter body language? 

 Rita Pierson was able to maintain great eye contact.  She moved around the stage to

connect with everyone as much as possible.  The only thing I noticed, was that she did not turn

around to those that was slightly sitting in the back.  Her posture was upright, her voice was

inspiring and it was never a dull moment.  Her expression was awesome, and it captured the

audience attention.  Her hand language was not to flashes.  Her body movements and expression

was on point with her tone and verbal expression.

What was noneffective about the presenter body language?

 The only thing I noticed was the audience that was in the room.  For example, the sitting

was based on the room and I sure tickets played a factor.  If audience are sitting in the room in a

circular standard, then Rita Pierson should have been turning around showing consideration to

look at everyone while speaking to the audience.

Who was the better speaker/presenter?

 Rita Pierson was the better speaker.  She spent her life in the field of education.  She is

powerful and hilarious, and her passion is centered around student’s educations. She often says,

“students do not learn with people they do not like”.  It was important to connect, learn and

understand student for them to learn and become part of the learning process successfully.  Rita

connected with her audience when she begins to speak.  She talks as if she been knowing you for

years.  That the kind of spirit she had with people.  The other speaker was good but Rita has

away of connecting to her audience with her tone, body language, life experiences and


Why do you think your choice is the best speaker/presenter?

 Rita Pierson energy was an attention grabber as soon as she opens her mouth to speak. 

Her tone is loud and clear.   The connection she has with the audiences is so captivating. 

Everyone in the audience can connect with her life skilled lessons and life experiences. Everyone

was able to take away valuable knowledge and solution that will help their student’s growth and

become more engaged in their learning process.



  • www.bing.com Michelle Kuo, The healing power of reading.  June 6, 2019
  • www.youtube.com TEDtalk Education: Rita Pierson, “Every Kid Needs A Champion”.  April 2013.



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