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Looking At The Communication Problems Of Databases Information Technology Essay

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List the problems you experienced when you carried out a recent assignment. Try to put these problems into some order of magnitude. For each problem consider whether there was some way in which the problem could have been reduced by better organisation and planning by yourself.

Client contacts always could not save on database. It cause serious error and network problems. Sometime client information cannot be updated. We need network administrators that can configuring and maintaining the server to make sure the process are always smooth.

Too many man power jobs. Need to manually search information with paper by one by one. We need a database administrator to import all the information into the database. Therefore, staff can search information easily by just searching the keywords.

Communication does not go well between the staff. Sometimes staff need to share something interesting or share their knowledge, they just cannot speak out with sudden. A communication application is needed. We need a website administrator. They need to ensuring web servers are always online and maintain the website. With the web servers, staff can simply login to the forum and share their thought.

2. Identify the main types of personnel employed in an ICT department. For each stage of a typical ICT development project, list the types of personnel who are likely to be involved.

Project Manager

They able communicate with other project members. They manage multiple information and technology projects. They can lead the team to planning and developing. They also need to keep documentation from the projects.


They need to ensure web servers are always online and maintaining the

website. They can create website and responsible for the content, quality and

style of the website.

Database Administrator

They responsible to implements and maintain the database server. They also

need to improve the performance and capacity issues so that there is no

duplicate record in the database. Always make sure the accuracy and security of

data are maintained.

Network and Security Administrator

Their duties are prevent and monitor unauthorized access. Those misused, illegal

action, modification through the network will get the deny request. They develop

and maintain IT security solutions including firewalls and antivirus.

IT Technician

They install and able to maintain multi-platform network computer environments.

They must have strong understand when face the problem and able to solve it.

They also investigate, troubleshoot and resolve end-user problems.

A public library is considering the implementation of a computer-based system to help administer book loans at libraries. Identify the stakeholders in such a project. What might be the objectives of such a project and how might the success of the project be measured in practical terms?

There are few stakeholders who involved are project manager, programmers,

database administrator, and librarian.

The objective to implement this computer-based system is make the librarian can

use the system easier, can search borrower information easier with a short time,

and save paper work, all just key in to the computer and save it.

By a practical test, programmers should probably do their best and there is error

free from the system. While librarian using the system, if they feel comfortable

and the system is user-friendly, then they will feel happy with it. That how is

success of the project.

4. A software house has developed a customised order processing system for a client. You are an employee of the software house that has been asked to organize a training course for the end-users of the system. At present, a user handbook has been produced, but no specific training material. A plan is now needed for the project which will set up the delivery of the training courses. The project can be assumed to have been completed when the first training course starts. Among the things that will need to be considered are the following:

Training materials will need to be designed and created;

A timetable will need to be drafted and agreed;

Date(s) for the course will need to be arranged;

The people attending the course will need to be identified and notified;

Rooms and computer facilities for the course will need to be provided for.

Identify the main stakeholders for this project;

Draw up a statement of the objectives for this project;

For the objectives, identify the measures of effectiveness;

For each objective, identify relevant sub-objectives or goals and who would be responsible for each of them

Human Resource Manager, Project Manager, Software Developer and Instructor

Instructor will teach the user how to use the system and understand how the system works. Instructor need to make sure every user know each of the steps of using the system. Software developer need to create a user-friendly system so that user would not feel complex or sophisticated when using the system.

User would feel satisfied if they manage to fully understand the whole system.

Users able to understand all the system will be achieved, if the following goals are achieved, Specific, all the training must be well-defined. Measurable, try to get customer satisfaction. Achievable, instructor able to give user to fully understand the system or system is user-friendly so that user would not feel frustrated when using the system. Relevant, the objective that be stated should relate to purpose of the project. Time constrained, instructor needed to set a timeline when should be start and when should be end. Therefore, there is no dragging or delay for the training course.

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5. The idea behind a project is that students should be able to access details of available placements via an intranet. When there is a placement opportunity for which they wish to be considered, they would be able to apply for it electronically. This would cause a copy of their CV, which would also be held on-line to be sent to the potential employer.

Details of interviews and placement offers would all be sent by e-mail. While some human intervention would be needed, the process would be automated as far as possible.

You are required to produce a business case report for such an application, which justifies the potential development by showing that the values of its potential benefits outweigh its development and operational costs.

Create lists of the main benefits and costs for the project. You do not have to specify actual figures, just the headings under which they would appear.


Salary of Manager : RM4000

Salary of Programmer : RM2500

Development cost : RM500-RM1000

Deployment cost : RM2500-RM3000

To build up a system and paying the wages for the employee, approximately total need RM10, 000 that needed to be invested.


Quantifiable: With the development, deployment and operation cost, programmers able to create a good quantity system.

Non-quantifiable: In order to let the student use the system, we must satisfy the student need.

So, as a conclusion, although costing is more than benefit, but it is worth to do so, this is because we could create a good and useful system, make student work easier and satisfy student need. That is worth for it by everything.


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