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The economy of Bangladesh

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The country of Bangladesh is a developing economy. World average, however, is small but lower than India and Pakistan. Ranked of the world 48 largest economy country. Its grows lots of domestic foods. In the last few years, they make lots of different foods. Bangladeshis employed becoming a half or more then are in the agriculture sector, with RMG, they like to fish, vegetables, leather and leather goods, ceramics, as like importance product as world want rice .

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Sound financial problem they growth due. After that they try to fight with their own poorly financial to make their life.bangladesh is a country where can grow easily any kinds of food.as they have lots of river that’s why they could make any kinds of food easily.mainly they product lots of kinds of food. And rice, jute, wheat.lots of kind of vegetables. There have six seasons in Bangladesh.

Communication, power supply, transportation and water supply and developing. They have reserves oil and coal. Day by day it’s improving human resource base. There have natural gas and two sea ports Mongla and Chittagong.

Economic history

South Asia Bangladesh was a prosperous region until modern. Tropical climate, fertile soil, advantages .wildlife, fish developing day by day. During the Mogul Empire. From Pakistan its independence 1971 now name Bangladesh. Socialist economy fellow Bangladesh.

Economic sectors

Agriculture of Bangladesh

Bangladeshis earn most of their living from agriculture. 63% of Bangladeshi are involved in agriculture. Jute and rice are their main primary cops. As they crops lot of kinds vegetable and fruit. Although their due number of factors they grown three times in a year. Northeast they grown tea is the one of economy sector in world market. Irrigation control better flood and use fertilizers. A serious problem of Bangladesh underemployed and concern Bangladesh agriculture. Manpower is another side of Bangladesh to grow agriculture. Labour force comes from manpower. Lots of poor farmer they do to farm because they don’t have another option to maintain their life.

Management of Agriculture

An agricultural country Bangladesh is predominantly. growth of the economy Agriculture being the engine. alleviation of

poverty develop agriculture sector. improvement Since provision of food security for the life standard and generation.the overall effort by the government development of agriculture. the growing population To fulfill the food sustain dependable food security. appropriate technology modern agricultural system based improved. door steps of the farmers agricultural inputs including fertliser.procedures of agricultural credit simplification of the disbursement agricultural extension policy. system for quality modernisation of research creating opportunities investment in agriculture. the integrated technologies improvement of agro-products.

Sectoral Growth

In recent years has been a remarkable Rapid growth in food grain production

of the country’s economic. unusually large summer and winter crops aman and boro crops. foodgrain production Bangladesh reached self-sufficiency. net purchasers of rice of rural households in the country. the development nongovernment organizations have the private sector of minidairies and poultry farms. foodgrain output was boosted Apart from favorable weather conditions.Agricultural inputs supply of key diesel, fuel ,seeds ,fertilizer.improved delivery of agriculture Good procurement support coming from Government.

Manufacturing & Industry

Mostly of Bangladeshi women they are involved in garment industry. 19% Bangladeshi people are involved in industry. World market Bangladeshi garment is another popular. Making lots of foreign economy from garment is known another name.1.5 million people working in garment most of them are women. As a poor people they are involved in garment work. Leather product and footwear coming on in garment sector. Muslin and silk fabric the British as known famous. Dyes, yarn and clothes are as known famous in world market. Muslin and silk as known world market famous.

Bangladesh Steel and Engineering Corporation (BSEC):

Communication and infrastructural playing a vital role in the development the country. remark products are also improvement in country.products are Electric items, Razor blade, Ship repair, tube light, SEC wire, Transformer.

Bangladesh Standards and Testing Institution (BSTI):

1985 through an Ordinance titled Testing Institution and Bangladesh Standard.

BSTI include, among others The main function. national standards of industrial is entrusted with the responsibility chemical products and food. the technical committees is responsible for the quality of the products are ensured specific national standards. measures in the country introduction and implementation metric system of weight is also responsible.

Textile sector

In Bangladesh there is lots of big big textile group. Textile is another economy source of Bangladesh. Importance role of Bangladesh in textile. Nearly 4milion people working in textile .most of them are women. Export earning 78% comes from textile. There have lot of export produce earner.trousers, skirts, shorts, jackets, sweaters and sportswear fashions..


Millennium Development Goals is committed The Government of Bangladesh. the government has been implementing this commitment National Strategy for Accelerated Poverty Reduction. increased attention to human resource no denying the fact that reaching the target hardcore poverty calls development.

Developments in Post-primary Education Sector

human resources development the principal element of Bangladesh to receive education the basic right of every citizen. human resources pool trained of immense importance for the country. science and technology poverty through building oriented education system. socioeconomic development national poverty of the main strategies Considering investment in education. quality of education Improve development of post-primary education. implementing appropriate programmme priority has been attached.


Test case of development Bangladesh. Economy in examining problems one turns. There have lot of problems political .And social problems involved. They have poor management poor politics that’s why they can’t growth up easy way. They don’t have any kinds of modern quality.


A true democracy became a Bangladesh. It had been ruled by military figures. There have lots of political problems in Bangladesh. If economy can growth but political leaders can’t give to growth nicely. All of political leaders think about their self’s .At the end of the day economy going down and can’t improve. It’s very importance about economy about country. Their all times have two parties BNP and AWAMI league. When they go to one party a new government they do fight each other. At the end country economy can’t improve. Muslim make up 83% is a secular Bangladesh aways been harmony with the different religious.


Increased tremendously Bangladesh decade education. Prime minister both of female and gender awareness. Women trust their religious and give value complain policies.

Motionless at this moment power of caretaker government. Recently, Chief Adviser (CA) Fakhruddin Ahmed the country’s current economic slowdown. Government has already taken including formation .private-public business forum the situation. Optimistic like our Chief Adviser to overcome our economic problem.

Problems of economy and causes of these problems

1) Caretaker government NO confidence

  1. Caretaker government, breaking and ejecting the businesses of footpath and slums.
  2. Jute mils, fixing principles Closing and action without plans..
  3. Showing excuse of anticorruption Torturing businessmen
  4. Businessmen by National Board of Revenue and Anticorruption Commission.
  5. Independence of newspapers hindering.

2)Investment of businessmen and investors:

  1. Businessmen and investors are not interested to invest in this country.
  2. Money earned by corruption is closed now for anticorruption.
  3. Donor agencies, military government and international they do not know who is giving the direction of power

3) Purchasing power of general people:

International market exists from previous two or three year’s Higher price of products in. We can blame following reasons for purchasing power of general people. Higher price of products as well as decreasing.

  1. Immoral syndicates of the period of union (BNP-Jamat) governmentDestructive activities.
  2. In country and showing signal that production will decrease in near products to earn more money. Future. For this reason, businessmen are not selling their products, storing products and creating shortage.
  3. Not as much as our expectation Production of rice. Interested to import rice from a huge amount of money for the luck of confidence on caretaker government.
  4. Primitive institutional structure because care taker government has not taken any positive initiative.
  5. The hindrance of supply facing the problem of inflation.


Every country have some good or bad side economy after that its depends how to manage country economy. If country economy good that’s means they have some reason for its back some goods side. context of Bangladesh present relationship between inflation economic growthdevelopment partners need to work .


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