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Analysis of Borderless: The Lives of Undocumented Workers

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Much of the time, individuals become settler’s foreign nations in such of greener fields and openings accessible in various pieces of the world. The outcome is can be a brutal treatment and shameful working conditions, a circumstance obvious in the film Borderless: The Lives of Undocumented specialists by Kairos delivered in 2006.

Numerous undocumented household laborers work extended periods for low pay, without advantages or extra time. Undocumented specialists come to created nations and do whatever they can so as to make cash to send to their families back home. Borderless offers voice to the battles and dreams of undocumented laborers in Canada. Geraldo, a Costa Rican development laborer, and Angela, a second-age Caribbean local specialist, battle against work exploitation. Against the chances; they work to assemble a future for families horrendously isolated by prohibitive movement laws. Watchers meet a regularly imperceptible workforce and consider the shrouded expenses of supporting our “first world” economy.

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The film exhibits the hard life foreigners experience while working just to look for a superior choice to accommodate their families regardless of whether the workplace isn’t favoring them. Throughout everyday life, we don’t pick where to be conceived or a particular money related state we ought to be in, yet the job needing to be done is that one is so ready to push for a change and a superior life regardless of whether it implies in an outside land. Undocumented laborers are individuals simply like some other individual and their privileges are as equivalent as everybody over the work division. A few nation’s economy don’t suit certain way of life and an alternative to look for a superior life elsewhere ought to be regarded a similar way anybody would need if in they were in similar shoes. The film ‘Borderless: The Lives of Undocumented laborers’ are an unmistakable sign that extraordinary consideration ought to be equipped towards laborers segregation and unjustifiable treatment.

Illicit outsiders are the consequence of undocumented laborers and businesses ought to think about their nation’s circumstance and their own life to give some assistance that will better lives just as spare numerous families from destitution. The film is an eye opener to numerous countries on the best way to treat individuals of various societies and innovation similarly, give better working conditions, and keep away from shamefulness when they utilize undocumented laborers.

How might a better understanding of the macro- and micro-level processes that shape immigration, and particularly gendered immigration, facilitate better policies governing immigration in receiving countries and sending countries?

Very frequently ladies, regularly treated as peasants, consider being acquiring cash as a method for increasing money related freedom. Foreigner ladies are no special case anyway they also experience wage differences among them and migrant men and furthermore between non-settler females in a similar field of work.

Regularly foreigners take on low paying and some of the time disparaging occupations since they have family duties, this isn’t a reason to exploit individuals. Giving authorization or more noteworthy implementation and discipline for human dealers and sex slave merchants and so forth. Sending nations, advantage when there is a high pace of joblessness and individuals relocate looking for work and likelihood to improve the lives of their family. Despite the fact that they see a reduction in their populace, they could utilize some cash from the income they get through cash settlements sent back, to construct programs and make open doors for their residents to have improved lives. “While the progressions of settlements might be minor contrasted and the huge day by day capital streams in different money related markets, they are regularly huge for creating or battling economies” (Hondagneu-Sotelo). Monies can be put resources into projects intended for ensuring ladies and bearing them indistinguishable rights from any other individual paying little heed to class or clan, all things considered, in certain nations, ladies are the essential senders of these cash settlements.

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As proposed in the video, there are numerous variables for relocation, for example, financial, security, and social reasons and so on. Past the family unit, the network, sending country, and getting nation impact results (Cohen, Jeffery H., et al p.20). While the large scale level hypotheses take a gander at total movement slants and clarifies these patterns with full scale level clarifications. Indeed, even the transient who denies his family, relinquishes her family, and neglects a network to get a new line of work in an outside land is settling on a choice that is in light of the qualities and shortcoming of her or his particular family (Cohen, Jeffery H., et al p.21).


Researchers, analysts, and policymakers continue to struggle in comprehending the nature of the multiple relationships between migration, development, and integration. As we have seen, at least three obstacles stand in the way of a mature and nuanced understanding: problems of definition and measurement of all three phenomena; ideological positions that are impossible to reconcile; and the conflicting and hence inconclusive nature of the empirical evidence, too much of which is based on narrowly defined case studies. The way forward is not easy to identify. Migration, (under)development, and (non-)integration are all “facts of global life”, which are not easily managed towards desired positive outcomes, except perhaps at a fairly local level.

Every human being will do anything just to see his/her family doing well, a situation that undocumented workers portray by working hard without considering their work environment. The same way anyone would like to be treated whether properly employed or undocumented, every worker deserves a chance to show their skills and get something in return as a reward to upgrade their lives and relatives. “Love your brother as you love yourself.”


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