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Role of Human Resources in Ethics Management

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LP 1 Assignment: Ethics Initiatives

 Human Resource offices should likely be a view of representing all employee concerns of a proper balance of values, compliance orientation, integrating ethic program into an important organizational activity such as the design of performance appraisal systems, management training and disciplinary process. The example used from an article says “research has shown that a value orientation with a company ethics program are more likely the highest level of management is committed to the intrinsic value of ethics. Even though Human Resources involvement with an ethics program will be important to success, the HR should not expect to accomplish the task alone.” The departments adopt higher profile roles in ethics management, employees may perceive more fairness in the ethics program.

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 The most challenging issue seen today would have to be work/life balance. Any Professional needs help with companies as they develop their ways so that they can enable employees to better balance their work and their personal life’s. The things that affect employee’s morale and productivity would have to be caring for any elderly parent, the raising of children, especially if they are a single parent. Employees that are needing help with balancing the desire to do well professionally and meet their personal needs and the personal needs of family should be able to ask for help through a program at work so that they will not have the day-to-day stress. We need to find ways to reduce stress on all employees and provide flexible work options for those who might have a certain crisis going on in their personal life.

  Line managers and human resources work together because they both have a vested interest in ensuring the company will achieve their success. To have a seamless operation there should be regular and frequent communication between line managers and human resources, so it can be determined the skills and qualifications required for department functions. The managers need to be able to let HR know when there is a vacancy in the department so that way the HR recruiter or specialist can get with the managers, so they can review job description and make sure they are accurate and complete. While the recruitment and selection process are going on HR can advise the line managers on how to identify the qualified candidates and existing department staff capabilities. The plan with Human Resources and managers involve reviewing all projections and the future of the business demands to determine whether to train all current employees and to prepare them for promotions or go out and recruit the candidates with a higher level of skills.

 My example would have to be Allstate, they hired a chief ethics and compliance officer who offers a series of workshops geared toward leaders in the organization because they believe that maintaining high ethical standards will start at the top of the organization plus the CECO monitor reports of ethics complaints within the organization and the code of ethics or code of conduct.


HR Departments Should Play a More Prominent Role in Ethics Management. Released 1-Dec-2001 https://www.newswise.com

Why Should HR and Line Managers Work Together?



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