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Requirements for Human Resource Planning in Healthcare

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  1. Considers the following types of business factors that underpin human resource planning in a healthcare organisation – business growth, decline, change, competition; impact of technology and labour market competition and employee development.

Planning is one of the important factors in our life. Surely we all practice planning in our daily lives activities, careers, budgets and others. However we do it, planning is one of the important factor in the organization it is step by step to achieve a desirable outcome.

This is typically refer to as business planning in corporate environment, accepting the more systematic and disciplined approach. The plan is to reach the achievement, programs and develop new services. The quality of such plans are organisational ‘route maps’ to get business to some defined point, or points, in the future. Strategic planning is something that has grown steadily and one of the important part of modern business and organisational cycle.

Human resources planning is an integration that define the current and future human resources needs for an organization to achieve its goals. Human resources planning should connect the human resources management and the whole strategic plan of an organization.


Cost has been more important theme in healthcare organizations. Organizations realize that future profitability will not be achieved by simply cutting the cost. Healthcare organization s system are starting to express and implement business growth strategies to implement effective profit and referral opportunities. Enhancing the business approach to working with clients, different organizations are investing in business growth strategies to promote better services, client expectations and gain customer loyalty and trust. Growth of the organization is depend on the ability of your team to develop services that meet client’s expectations; packaging the services for the benefit of the customer. The healthcare systems must differentiate the value and benefits of their services. The staff ability to meet this challenge is rejective to the organization’s to maintain successful growth.

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Therefore, in order the achieve the highest of success it needs strict implementation of plans. Implementation of training employees and hiring qualified staff will make an additional overall growth of the business. Through aiming for the quality of service and uniqueness of the service will give impression to client that this company is better to the other company. People will begin to be loyal to the services provided and will surely increase the business growth.


Doubt is ever present on business. Business decline refers to downward trend of business profit or revenue. The reasons of business unstable are generally caused by decline of service value, customer satisfaction, global and local competition, and new regulatory. On the other hand, it may result to business bankruptcy or closure of the company. The human resource management must do steps to prevent the decline or downfall of business. The business that flourishes in the middle of uncertainty times is the one who looks at the situation, change accordingly and define existing sales techniques to face the test of the business. This is the best method of willing to change and responsive.


“The ability to find new and non-traditional avenues to apply our strength is fundamental to our ability to remain competitive and responsive” by Stefan Kohn. Changes in the business is always part of the economy. It is an expected part of the business cycle. If there is a change it is important to consider people of the organization. Without the right people being willing, ready for the change, the solutions will never be implemented successfully. Usually changes struggles fail due to absence of attention. As quoted “ The better you know your customer the better you are able to gauge what matters most in defining a positive customer experience” says Michelle Cox, head of contract centres at MBF (part of Bupa Australia). “Such customer – centricity is core to competitiveness in today’s market, helping to direct innovation, create value, and ensure flexibility and nimbleness in decision-making,” says Ms. Cox. Attending to the people dynamics should be completed as an equate factor of the design and administer of the change. The progression fit the change for success; measure through the designed solutions, implementation, planning, and testing. The key to achieve success is unruly designing the change process to handle all the content and people as one.


The healthcare market faces many challenges. The impact increase the competition with quality and cost is not transparent. The relation between quality of healthcare provided to customer and system cost of giving health care is not explained. In every business there is rivalry to sales, profit, market and price, quality and service. In healthcare setting, the quality product or service would be the main reason to be a competitive. The human resource management should know the market or who they competing. It will help the Human resource to produce the quality services, marketing, and unique products. It will also accredit them to set a competitive cost and marketing campaigns. Create marketing strategies to the rivalry weakness and will improved the organization performance. Being a realistic in attaining goals will help aiming the success.


The use of technology to help ensure quality and control cost plays important role in every business. Technological advancement are used in healthcare industries to achieve efficiency and effectiveness in care. It is believe that to improve the system is through innovation and entrepreneurism. Client were given information and power, reshaping how care is delivered, and changing the services. It has helped give clear meanings and every record right from the billing to diagnostic and treatment can be maintain through easy access by healthcare providers. Using software and tools, profiles of patients can be created so doctors can give standardized treatment. This improves the client outcome and reduces cost of health care. This proves that technology touches each and every stages of our lives. Technology has amazingly enhanced of life and boost economy of the world.


In New Zealand, healthcare is very competitive market due to shortage of specialised staff. They were facility gives poor services due to fast turnover of staff. The reason behind this is the load of work they have does not compensate with the wages they received. Planning and developing a competitive rate will develop the attitude of competitiveness. Categorize the load of work and compensating it with correct incentive creates satisfaction of employee. Good governance of the manager and good relationship to the staff will also prevent fast turnover. Working together as one unit in this competitive environment and giving importance to staff will give positive outcome.


A staff who receives the advance training is better able to perform her job. She becomes more knowledgeable about safety and proper procedures. The training also build the employee’s confidence because she has now a stronger understanding and the responsibilities of her job. The confidence will push the staff to perform even better and think of new ideas to excel. Continuous training also keeps your employees to retain and attract. Staff who are competent and on top of changing environment will help the company hold a position as a leader and strong competitor.

  1. Considers the following types of human resource requirements and factors that underpin human resource planning in a healthcare organisation – Identifying internal personnel requirements, internal and external factors in matching personnel to organisational requirements; government policies and labour market competition.

Workforce plays vital role in the business. The performance of the employee and the quality of service gives determines the stand of the organisation. The steps of hiring starts with advance planning to detect the needed staff in the organisation. The effective determinant of a management’s ability to respond in time to a changing and unstable business work environment is know how to be flexible and adaptable.

The health care system is highly intensive with regards to labour. The effective health care system must have the exact number and mix of health care provider and must be with motivation and skills to perform the job assigned. Other countries are now in crisis for scarcity of qualified health care staff and that involves availability. The three dimension which relate to right health care workers ; distribution of skilful, which relate with the recruitment and retention of health care workers who is most needed; and the performance, which relates to a health care worker productivity and quality of the health care workers provide.


The organizations may want to fill position or vacancies with their current employees. Usually a company will allow current employees to apply for the vacancies inside the firm. The vacancies are advertised around the organization and can be applied by any employee who they are qualified

The intuitions usually needed investigation and assessment if require an additional qualified staff. Performance increase plays important role to assess the performance and quality of work of an employee in a specific duties and responsibilities.

This process enhance the employee skills and opportunity for promotion if needed. Also, it gives appropriate experience. Arranging or rearranging the organisation is a hard task. The human resource will retain the staff who is fit to the job, also it another option is hire new skilful employee.

It can be done by identifying, assessing and implementing the problem.


An internal personnel need a specific position that match to the need of specific organisation. The balance in organisation is important that bring the demand and supply, so that the scarcity and over staffing will be solved. Pool of applicants must eliminate and select the right person to occupy the right position or vacancy.

An External factor is the people that are needed for the job. It describes the people who will be qualified to the position as internal requirement of the management. Planning gives perspective and make sure the accurate amount of staff that are present to gives the necessary outcome of the organisation.


Government policies and guidelines are producing well for promotion of the safety of the staff and management. These legislation will have a big impact with process of hiring, training, compensation and discipline of the people in the organization. Due to the competition of labour market there is a set of specific compensation depending on the level or work. Wages are set for specific positions and jobs, however, in this competitive environment people will look that provides a better salary.

Labour market economics involves studying the different dimensions of labour supply and demand, which collaborate with wages, employment and unemployment. It can be understood as process of human labour as bought and also sold, means labour demand is equal to labour supply. Which means it’s the process between the workers and the organisation.

This puts pressure to the governments to decrease the regulation of the business pratices, including the people protection legislation, to make sure that the organization are best able to answer to changes in labour market. The governments have responsibility to protect the workers and force to implement balance in the economic interest and employee protection. This is shown in the issues of the right for agency and temporary/contractual staff. The flexible labours market has the ability to accept and fire workers and offer poor compensation and employment conditions.


The Labour Market Context of HRM


Internal Control – Integrated Framework

http://www.coso.org/documents/Internal Control-Integrated Framework.pdf



Why do health labour market forces matter?


Workplaces that Work



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