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Human Resources Interview and Strategic Alignment

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Executive summary

Workplaces are changing constantly due to globalization and technology advancement. Human resource professionals are in demand to navigate managers in the new and complex demand of the new work environment and the diversity of the culture and employees. They need to understand clearly the outcomes of diversity in workplaces, personality credibility, change in skills required, the need for progressive re-innovation, and growth initiatives, employee involvement and globalization. Organization need human resource professionals to be able to turn organization around and recruit the right people that will help achieve goals and objectives that will create value for stakeholders.



“Tallgrass Energy is a growth-oriented midstream energy company, transporting crude oil and natural gas from some of the nation’s most prolific basins in the Rocky Mountains, Upper Midwest and Appalachian regions with access to major demand markets in the Rockies, the Midwest, eastern Ohio and points beyond. Since our inception in 2012, we’ve built a strong portfolio of integrated transportation, storage, terminal, water management, gathering, processing and treating assets to support our customers, increase value and deliver pace-setting unitholder and shareholder returns.

We own and operate more than 8,300 miles of natural gas pipeline, more than 800 miles of crude pipeline, and more than 300 miles of water pipeline across a broad portion of the U.S. We also have one of the industry’s leading water reclamation programs situated in close proximity to producers.

At every step of the way, our focus is on creating value for our customers, helping them move product in ways that lead to timely, accurate and safe delivery at higher margins.

At Tallgrass Energy, we work hard to create value for our customers and provide creative solutions that help them succeed in any market environment.

We strive to “Keep it Simple” by focusing on the right priorities to achieve our business objectives.” (“About – Tallgrass Energy”, n.d.)

Tallgrass Energy’s “Keep it Simple” is the principle guide for all, to remember it does not have to be hard to be good. The team members of the organization have passion for their humanity, clients, society, the environment and each other. The company appreciates the commitment of each employee and is continually looking for new talent and new capabilities to think creatively and achieve new innovation in the fields of oil and gas. Tallgrass Energy promotes individual self-improvement and offers a wide assortment of opportunities with in an adaptable workplace. Each employee is expected to accept accountability and contribute resourceful ideals to the organization.

Strategic Contribution

Human resources department contribute in a strategic manner in today’s dynamic corporate environment. As organizations face challenging circumstances, team members at all levels, individual, team and organizational, take on more responsibility, competencies, broad business perspective, and strategic insight (Lengnick-Hall, 2009)To ensure proper contribution of its human resource to the organizational success, Tallgrass Energy has aligned its HR operations, recruitment, training and development, performance appraisal, compensation and internal communication, HR policies, and processes to fit its overall goals and objectives.

To maximize on the human resource contribution, the company has put down policies to ensure smooth running operations, acquisition and retention of skilled and talented workforce, formal and informal relationship structures within the organization, and vibrant communication strategy between the employees and the management (Collings, 2009).

Personal credibility

Individual validity includes validity, reliability, respectability, and other identity attributes that describe a person. Proficient validity joins preparing, learning, execution, and displayed proficient development.

Tallgrass Energy comprehend the significance of having dependable, trustworthiness, and honest HR pioneers with important learning, and gives profitable and sound exhortation to the association. Individual validity thusly shapes the reason for a HR pioneer to wind up by and by included with the best vital dimension in this association. Without this foundation of trust, HR Practitioners may very well get themselves dodged from the best administration choices. Basic to the enhancement of individual believability in order to address the challenges of the present business world, is basically the essential segment of self-comprehension and care as a HR Practitioner. With a more unmistakable care and self-comprehension of their own characteristics and individual profile, HR Practitioners are in a better position than make and deal with the imperative systems required as far as it matters for them in arranging Human Resource procedures and positive commitment towards the course of the organization through upgrading the human capital. Assisting HR Practitioners with building up their very own believability requires delving into the area of mindfulness, ensuring that HR pioneers are engaged extensively that empowers them to create in self-information nearby acquiring the hard capacities they require for the vital troubles they go up against.  Notwithstanding competence and skills in the different practical sectors of the Human Resource profession, Tallgrass Energy accentuates on creating development and self-reflection opportunities through group and inter- group work, individual input and individual profiling in a secure working environment.

HR Delivery Metrics

The performance of the Human Resource department is measured by human resource metrics. The HR metrics is the estimation of how much cash and time was spent on the HR performance in their departments.  Measurements report present, progressing, and yearly numbers for regular sectors of HR, for example, turnover, employee development and performance, and numerous organizations use management’s performance to HR metrics in giving out incentives (Weiss, 2005). HR metrics that are lined up with corporate and business system promote and drive organizational efficiency.

Through employee training and activities, the Human resource department has demonstrated the value of money and time that Tallgrass Energy has invested into the department. Employees appreciate the training and development initiatives that are offered.

 Constant reporting and evaluating of HR performance in different sectors targets to enhance the organizations operation and internal environment. The department of HR faces the challenge of providing the organization management with qualitative information which is necessary when making decisions concerning investments, strategies involved in marketing, and development of new products. HR metrics comes in handy to the department when quantifying human resource programs in terms of their impacts and costs. In addition HR metrics enables the department to determine the efficiency of initiatives, their progress, success, and failures. This has enabled the organization to track annual patterns and changes in these critical factors.

 Metrics has enabled the company to create core competency by showing the association between HR practices and the qualitative impacts on its capacity to secure and maintain competitive advantage. This approach regularly regards employees as human capital rather than liability.

Human Capital is another major issue in the contemporary HR practices. Human capital is essential to organization since they are the individuals who are really working for the company. They form the organization’s core capabilities and competitive advantages to the company.

 Human Resource no longer just evaluate their adequacy and effectiveness and the commitment to the organization, but additionally they are beginning to quantify how those practices can emphatically influence the human capital (employees) in the organization. Johnson & Johnson’s organizational health is indicated by its corporate culture, organizational standards and strategic business objectives and goals, and human capital measure (Weiss, 2005). With efficient administration of the human capital, an organization can accomplish the maximum performance from its own particular human capital and be better than its competitors.

Key Performance Measurements

A key performance measure is a type of quantifiable tool that clarifies and evaluate major performance indicators. A key execution measure may be one of a few that help a key execution marker.

Key performance indicators commonly referred to as KPIs, enable organizations to concentrate on growth (Van Der Aalst, 2016). The growth is termed as progressive changes towards achieving the company’s strategic objectives, accomplishing goals and objectives, progressing towards the organization’s vision and implementing values. Key performance indicators trail information that uncovers problems and provides measureable feedback. Following KPIs and utilizing the subsequent learning enables organizations to enhance consumer loyalty, motivation among employees and authorizes implementation of efficient financial follow up and management (Van Der Aalst, 2016). The major KPIs used in Johnson & Johnson Company include; meeting goals, teamwork, job skills, decision making, and work habits.

Meeting Goals

Johnson & Johnson Company ensures that employees met pre-set up objectives amid the appraisal time frame. For instance, an employees may have particular objectives, for example, completing a yearly report, developing a new filing system or taking in new product program. Additionally, the organization have objectives that are more personal in nature, for example, enhancing personal relationships, improving time management skills, and developing positive attitude


The organization consider teamwork as a basic part of every department. Staff members are rate based on their performance in group activities. Employees are involved in the process of rating to obtain their feedback on co-workers’ perceptions on teamwork, work load distribution, group participation, and meeting datelines.

Job Skills

There are specific skill requirements for successful and efficient execution of job tasks and obligations. As much as this differ from position to position, the organization evaluates whether its workers meet the minimum requirements in key sectors. For instance, when evaluating a secretary, the key performance indicators considered include number of visitors attended, reception and courtesy skills, and number of paper work handled per day.

Decision Making

The organization assess the decision- making ability of its employees. This is based on the employees passed decision making experiences where employees had to make difficult decisions. For instance, an employee frequency on approaching management to seek clarification before making decisions.

The organization use this evaluations during promotion and rewards. Employees with excellent decision-making skills are considered resourceful and are often consulted when making tough decisions.

Work Habits

The organization has established a framework through which individual work habits are assessed. Work habits such as time management, reliability, meeting deadlines, and job punctuality. This has enabled the organization to assess whether the employee comprehends the obligations of his/her position and completes them in a proficient and reliable way regularly.

Action Plan for each functional area

The motivation behind an action plan is to elucidate what resources are required to achieve the objective, plan a course of events for when particular tasks should be finished and figure out what resources are essential (Stringer, 2008). Johnson & Johnson has various functional areas with their specific action plans as discussed below.

Recruiting and Staffing – The HR expert works with the recruiting managers inside the company to come up with an action plan for the acquiring of a diverse workforce. This may incorporate to; source for applicants in an creative way; advertise open opportunities; screen CVs and applications; conduct phone interviews; organize in house interview; facilitate a voyage through the offices to the successful candidates; evaluation and analysis of successful candidates’ verifications; suggest the proper pay package; come up with the offer and prepare the offer letter and benefits details; undertake the new employee introduction program; and ensure that every single new candidates are registered in the organization’s benefit programs.

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Benefits –The organization coordinates with the benefit dealers to audit all employer supported benefits plans ready for compliance and renewal on yearly basis; undertaking open enlistment educational meetings with workers; ensuring that representatives are registered and deregistered from each advantage program with every merchant, as suitable; helping supervisors with accident examinations and the coordination of employees’ pay; filling the OSHA forms, as required and posting when needed; and following all paid time off, to incorporate the the Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) paperwork and other related issues.

Compensation – Supporting enlisting supervisors with the composition and updating job descriptions and retaining them every year; auditing salary overview information to ensure that the organization is paying employees competitively; retaining and upholding internal hierarchy concerning pay; coming up with and upholding organization’s salary administration plan; giving proposals concerning salary, to justify pay rise, pay structure upkeep, and so on.; composing and suggesting variable pay structure; ensuring that the organization is consistent with the different wage and hour laws; executing and keeping up an innovative performance assessment framework for all workers.

Employee Relations – Johnson & Johnson has a position of HR Generalist whose responsibility is to uphold confidentiality of all matters relating to employment within the organization. She is in charge of the “open door” policy with all workers and is a dynamic conveyer of their necessities and worries without anticipating a biased assessment or taking their issues for granted. She works with administration to proactively resolve worker relations issues, conducts examinations and makes suggestions for determination. She works with administration to archive disciplinary activities and influences suggestion concerning to nonmonetary awards and acknowledgment. The HR Generalist is effectively associated with worker terminations and comprehends the job loss claim and appeal process. She also involved in exit interviews with firing workers and give information in respect to the continuation of benefits after termination.

HR Compliance – The HR manager ensures that the organization is in accordance with all employment related policies and regulations from the government and the local state. This may incorporate ensuring that the right posters are presented and up-on date; planning and upkeep of all worker guidelines in the employee manual; maintenance of employee files; maintenance of Employment Eligibility and Verification Form; and employment verification, reference analysis, and so on for former and current employees.

HR mission statement

We value our employees and ensure that they always have conducive working environment.  Human Resources Department is responsible for recruiting, developing and retaining a high performing and diverse employees and nurtures a healthy, favorable, and productive working environment for our employees, their kin, departments, and the public so that they can fully utilize personal and organizational potential (Cady, 2011).

We embrace team spirit and offer sufficient room for personal growth and development, this principle has been associated to give our employees high spirit to perform their duties within the organization. The employees rate us positively since we create a pleasing and attractive workplace.

Furthermore, we ensure that every employee can contribute their personal capabilities and enhance their performance. We have adopted the structures and flat hierarchies which categorizes teams (Truss, 2008). Either research or growth, promotion or sales, we work closely with our employees.

We emphasis on retention of our esteemed employees by: guaranteeing effective leadership qualities in our leaders; offering competitive salaries and remunerations; providing technical, relational and occupation coaching, training and development; undertaking exit interviews and providing pertinent feedback to management; and facilitating open door communication between management and employees.

HR vision statement

We are a 21st century HR organization that motivates all employees to achieve their full potential where their efforts and innovative advance our organization thus accomplishing excellence, through our human capital, policies and processes.

Our Human Resources Department will be the exemplary for high quality, approachable, and customer-centered service.  Hands-on, streamlined procedures will be established and constantly polished (Cady, 2011).  The concentration of Human Resources Department’s efforts will be directed towards enlightening, empowering and fully supporting leaders, managers and employees so as to create, develop, and foster cooperative bonds which will facilitate the attainment of our goals and objectives.

HR objectives

We strive for:

  • Upholding Transparency
  • Establishing high performance culture
  • Innovating towards high quality processes
  • Cultivating talent and leadership.


Human Resource is an integral part of every organization. It determines the performance of an organization and the competitive advantage. Changing trends have been realized in the workplace environment and there is need for HR to adapt to this changes. To adapt to this changes, organizations have to undertake specific strategic actions.

Johnson & Johnson family company, is one of the modern organization which performs well in its operations. It is evident that the company has adopted various strategies to enhance its Human Resource. It has a well-structured HR which entails personal credibility, action plan, and key performance indicators. This has enabled the organization to achieve a competitive advantage over the past number of years.


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