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Guidelines on Human Resource Management Policies

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HR professionals, help people in an organization’s management. They identify the best candidates and employers to fill open positions is an employee’s right to work, to make sure that. HR professionals to apply for worker’s compensation, workplace safety, benefits and value through the development of programs related to employee relations employees are working to keep.

Recruitment and selection

Recruitment of specialists working to fill open positions within the organization. Must comply with the internal rules of engagement and compliance with all laws and regulations that deal with discrimination in the recruitment process. These companies can staff post ads for jobs, CV-screen candidates to interview and recommendations from recruiters. Examples of work in connection with this feature is a recruiter, recruiting specialized staff and manager.

Compensation and Benefits

Compensation and Benefits professional staff to ensure that their jobs will be right back. It’s like they have health insurance, medical and vision insurance, life insurance and short-term disability coverage for employees who work to provide such benefits. In the field of industry, labor and wage data analytics professionals to conduct research, prepare and distribute reports for staff compensation and benefit packages may have trouble negotiating with external suppliers. Wages, benefits consultants, compensation and benefits management, reward management and staff researchers working in the area of ​​compensation and benefits, there are some in the industry.

Health and safety

A master of the health and safety of their employees with vested interest in work-related injury, a considerable amount of money every year is the price. Professional health and safety protection programs, the implementation of health policy and security, and to work with state and federal safety regulations to ensure compliance with development work and to prevent occupational diseases and accidents. In this area of work security director, security supervisor, member wellness package planner and executive of member wellness.

Labour and Employee Relations

Labour relations between the employer and its employees. Works in the field of industrial relations, between the manager and the worker will be able to negotiate a deal. Solve problems related to employee performance, employee relations worker. They maintain a positive employer-employee relationship and a mental collapse and reduced production stops. Available in the field of employee relations and human resources and employee relations representative vacant labour relations consultants, industry relations, managers, labor relations director, manager, employee relations, including consultants,.


Training and development professionals assess the training needs of the organization, the training of staff and evaluation of the results of the session ended. If these professionals can make plans for a new orientation and employee training programs for knowledgeable workers. Preparation experts also make sure that personnel comprehensive exercise as vital by the safety and health Administration, or OSHA frequency and other organizations. Work in the field’s necessary training, coaching and development manager, instructional designers, e-learning specialist, director of learning and development, learning and professional development and training and development manager.

Risk Management

Business risk management is a technique used to transfer the risk to the organization. In human resources, risk management is analysing each region and identify potentially harmful. For example, professional risk management practices employment agency looking to find out if there are potentially discriminatory and may lead to a lawsuit. The risk during this process is the possibility of abuse, loss of property, injury and damage to the company. Our work in this area is extremely dangerous and risk management manager.

Managers and Directors

Human resource managers and directors of human resources to manage the work of other experts. Managers can act as a bridge between employees and management, the company’s growth strategy will make recommendations for the new hiring and compensation policies. HR Director as information of all characteristics of HR management. Meet these goals and support staff to carry out the goals of the department directors. The human resource director to resolve a controversial or sensitive issues, conflict resolution and mediation skills needed to improve.


Guidelines on the development of HR Policies

1. Introduction

It is clear that the development of human resources and evaluation of policies, guidelines and try to clearly delineate the characters and accountabilities of those convoluted in the work process of communication. The role of the leader of the five stages of organizational development of a suitable work area, according to the principles described in the study and development of the human resources division synchronized with the field.

2. Design and Development

2.1Stage 1 – Identification

Over the years, people departmental resources in Human Resources Committee updated on the development and implementation of related design. Division in the development, he called me, and improve and make progress, people will be given. School officials, teachers, and safety of the environment in the data, and the organization down.

2.2 Stage 2 – Scoping

Community Resources community will begin the process of demarcation of skin conditions and direct strategies to ensure that the policy is in accordance with the instructions of the branch instructions. Management team to identify people who will lead in determining the course of development, equality and diversity policies and services. Team management will be identified and involved in the regulation expires.

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Each will lead to facilitate focus groups, which will be held on the advice of its human resources and management, management of school / school is responsible for managing the program, and the Director of the loans, using / use policy. Focus groups can be represented by the President and others as may be required with the help of information technology. Accruals usually takes up to 4 weeks.

2.3 Stage 3 – Drafting

Focus groups and the development of the first draft of the policy to be considered in the context of retaining executives.

At this point, research focus groups in the working groups for each of the representatives to formulate policy. Policy development activities that can be done by staff in the field, a series of meetings with the possibility, either. Although the development of policies in all discussions / documents will be treated confidentially.

Ensure that the design of policy and action plan for the implementation of the policy, adequate capacity and the device can be managed by a group of human resource management is presented. Consultation usually lasts up to 4 weeks.

2.4 Stage 4 – Consultation

In the design of the scope of the plan that I have to be sent to the ministry of the heads of the University of the Department / Director, the Unions to consult with their own members and, where appropriate, to drink in he chooses; more extensively and in the design of lorem University. It’s a life he wishes to and promotions where appropriate, in like manner shall they be judged by the legal obligations was also instructed that Antiochus and the University will be used to provide consulted. All the feedback will be collected, and peruolutandi in the design is going to be necessary to be done, for example. Consultation relating to the maximum six weeks.

2.5 Stage 5 – Approval

Approval of the Executive Board must be some areas. Final draft was approved by the Human Resources Committee and under the formal nature of the universe explained that no amount of advice from the staff of the company.

3. Implementation

3.1 Plan will have three stages. As suitable the Human Resources Division will graft with the Welsh Language Services to confirm the Welsh translation of all applicable certification in line with the University’s Welsh Language Scheme.

3.2 Subsequent support by the Academy the new policy will be dispersed to all Heads of School and Trade Unions for their evidence, the strategy decide be located on the website and a sign located on the University notice board recommending control of the new procedure and other acknowledged statement procedures proper to the Policy.

3.3 A sequences of updating factories will be applied to connect the strategy. The Human Resources Partition will work with Schools/Directorates to recognise any improvement essentials in virtual to the new policy and will develop an appropriate development programme for staff involved.

4. Monitoring

4.1 Monitoring procedures, with Equality and Diversity Impact assessments, for strategies will be recognised and practical where appropriate; this will be contingent on the specific need of the policy.

4.2 These guidelines will be rehabilitated and assessed yearly to safeguard their efficiency.





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