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How Blockchain Is Used in Recruitment Technology

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Recruiting is a complex practice that requires keen analysis of the data. In recruitment, various issues are put into consideration before the employer settler in a particular job seeker. Before a hiring decision is reached, there is a various measure that job seeker and employer go through.   During this process, there is a lot of data exchange between the two the job seeker, and the employer that is the job seeker must provide a set of personal information that is essential during the recruitment process. When passing this sensitive information, the job seeker trust that the employer will handle this information with care and on the other hand, the recruiter is entrusting that all information provided by the job seeker is accurate. Failure of either party to uphold their end of bargain eventually lead to delay or to emerge of the issues that prohibit the candidates from filling this gap.

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 To solve this problem, job seekers can seek a leverage blockchain technology to come up with one, immutable chain of personal information that will be used when applying for jobs. During the recruitment process, the employer will easily access the job seekers personal information in the public blockchain based on the experience. The blockchain technology help to improve the candidate experience, enabling job seekers to create a single account for their experience and the information that will be used throughout the entire recruitment period (“How can blockchain improve your hiring processes? | NGA HR”, 2019). Thus, saving time and the concerns that emanate with the manual method of data sourcing. Blockchain technology is boosted by advancement in technology; therefore, the employer can get information on the internet. Thus, with blockchain technology, the employer can streamline job seeker data information during the recruitment process, thus creating an easy time for data exchange.

 The blockchain enables the employer to verify the candidate; the distributed ledger technology provides a means of storing information and keep a record of the data in a ledger. Once the transaction is complete block is placed to the chain, and that chain cannot be altered with. Blockchain has nodes of the network that participate in verification and synchronisation and thus making it hard to tamper with these data. In the human resource side, DLT is not only used for identification but also verification purposes. The employers can obtain the candidate’s qualifications, work history of the candidate and references. Since the blockchain provides the information of the job seeker in full detail, the employer can identify, assess the history of the candidate, verify the qualification and the certification of the candidate in an easy way. the employers can identify talents, skills and experience there are searching in a trusted website. On the side of the job, seeker blockchain helps them to update their resume once to allow the employer to access the information for verification. The burden of the job seeker to keep updating the resume to the job website is eliminated. DTL enables employer who offer contractual job revenue history of the potential candidate regarding the previous contract’s performance, payment and minimum time a job seeker can offer.

Blockchain Decentralization

 Blockchain is an interesting technology since its entirely decentralised.  The data is not put in a central point, thus removing the supreme central authority and instead give authority to the individual to control data. The blockchain technology is decentralised. Thus it lacks central control. Therefore, the absence of the central control makes this system to be fairer and more secure.  This technology enables data to be recorded onto the blockchain programs in a secure process that value the concept of decentralisation (“The Power of Decentralization and the Blockchain Revolution”, 2019).  Blockchain observes the consensus protocol across the network nodes, to assess the transaction and record data in an incorruptible way. the fact that blockchain is not based on a central point makes the cost that is incurred to complete this process to be completely low. Since the system is not concentrated in a central point, the money that are usually collected from these processes is no longer of concern. The only costs that are incurred by the parties involved are the nominal fee that is used to reward the miner who runs the node. 

 Decentralisation acts a key them in the shift traditional pipes to modern platforms. Business pipes rely on a centralised a model of value creation and exchange. Despite blockchain decentralisation it being the new invention, this program has proven to be advantageous. The program has ensured that the rate of fraud has been minimised. Since the blockchain uses open source ledge and all the transaction that are involved are recorded, it makes it easy to identify any fraud that takes place. Thus, the mitigation steps are taken to ensure the data in these sites remain safe. Blockchain decentralisation promotes integrity since the transaction in this site is monitored and validated by the miner every day. The other advantage of blockchain decentralisation ensures that the data is safe from interference from the external hacker. It is tough for the hacker to access every personal account to interfere with the data. Different from how it could be in case of data stored in a central point. Cryptocurrency is more secure since it is not regulated by the central body, which faces risks of being corrupted and mismanaged; the transfer of what is in the blockchain is completely in the trusted environment. Verification is usually conducted by the consensus instead of a single company.

 On the other side, blockchain decentralisation is not effective in some ways. These sites, since they lack central control, they have become preferred sites for criminals. The criminals can keep their data safe in these sites since no one can access the personal account of the individuals. Therefore, these sites keep off the investigation agencies from accessing harmful information stored in these sites. Blockchain decentralisation raises the storage issues; storing information in these sites can be a problem to people who are not tech Savvy. This program becomes somewhat complicated when it requires one to purchase cloud storage.

Solution for the effective recruitment process

Systematic hiring program

The challenges that are faced during the recruitment process can be solved by having a recruitment strategy and framework that the HR follows. The frame should be well programmed to incorporate all the key factors that are necessary for the recruitment process. This framework should lead the recruiter expressing themselves to the job candidates in the best way possible while collecting enough and accurate data from the job seeker. The framework should ensure the recruitment process is systematic, and it follows a certain order. Successful recruitment depends on how the recruiter is prepared, how they carry the process the kind of job seeker attends the interview, and how the screening of these candidates are taken.

 The successful hiring process is systematic, and it involves some steps to ensure the recruiter get the right candidate to fill the gap. In the first step, the recruiter should prepare job description effectively. This step is achieved by writing down an effective job description to attract only the right candidate to apply for the job. Thus, it helps to save time for keeping screening and assessing the unqualified candidates. The job description has the following components. The position title to be filled should be clear and is understood by everyone in that industry; the recruiter should avoid using a unique job title. The job description should provide clear information about the company that is hiring this help candidate to make a decision depending on the firm’s condition. The job should be well described, in the job description should inform the job seekers what task they will be performing. The qualification of the applicants should be clear and should the candidate how they will apply.

 Step two of the recruitment process should ensure that the right recruitment tools are used. This step involves cross-checking whether the firms are using a way to get the candidate. In this case, two factors are put into consideration; one is the company’s budget and the second one is the type of candidates the firm is searching (“5-step recruitment plan for small businesses”, 2019). The third step is the most critical part of the hiring process; it points at which the firm has screens the applicants.   This process occurs after the firm has received the applicant’s resume; the initial selection is of the interested candidates is done. Then the recruiters screen the candidates; this calls for the interview to request the candidate’s to provide more information, testing the applicant’s skills, talents, values, cognitive skills and emotional intelligence. And finally checking their past performance by assessing their previous work. In step four of the recruitment process, the best candidates are interviewed; this gives the recruiter a chance to chose the best candidate to fill the gap.

Improving the recruitment program

 Improving the recruitment process will offer a solution to the recruiter to help them recruit efficiently. The recruiters should refine the recruitment process to make it pleasant to both the job seeker and the hiring team (Systems, 2011). There are various ways to improve the hiring process. The HR department should craft a clear and attractive jobs ad. Effective job ad allows the firm to assess job seeker on the job-related criteria. Thus, this help to create a job description that provides useful and clear information about open roles. It calls for the firm to indicate the duties, the project the new hire will perform or the team they will be working with. Boosting candidate sourcing will offer a solution to the recruitment process. People always seek to get a new opportunity. Boosting candidate sourcing helps the recruiter to reach any candidates, and thus they will be having a variety of qualified job seekers to choose from the list.

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 I am improving the recruitment process to help to improve recruitment efficiency and candidate evaluation. Recruitment is promoted by building the checklist for standard process. Checklist help to get organised and they should be used to prepare the interviews and screening process this help the recruiters to get the information they require efficiently without much struggle. The firms should install the recruiting software in the firm, to help the hiring teamwork efferently. Such video recruiting software. This software solves the problem of time consumed when interviewing remote candidates. Applicant tracking software can be used to manage the hiring stages, help keep the applicant’s document, storing the candidate’s profile in a searchable database.

 Evaluating candidates is made effective when the firm has improved the hiring process. This revolves around the assessment method that results in the selection of the most qualified candidates. Some of the methods that are used to improve the assessment process include Review of the sample works and assignment. It is done by requesting the candidates complete some of the assignment as part of the hiring process (McEntire, 2011). This method helps to measure the qualification and competence of the candidates. Try test are also used to improve candidate assessment process, this calls for the recruiters to ask the candidates to take standardised tests, it reduces the number of the candidate in the interview and thus saves time. the assessment work and assignment should be combined with other assessment methods since they alone cannot offer the best choice of the candidates.  Structured interviews should be used to predict job performance consistency. To ensure that the interview is structured prepare it in advance, by preparing the interview question before and tie them to the job requirement.

It is improving the hiring process to help to enhance the candidate’s experience. The interaction between the candidate and the recruiting team ensure should help to shape the impression of the candidate to the company. Positive experience since it helps to build the healthy pipeline. Some factors help to improve the candidates experience in the hiring process. the application process should be shortened. Experience shows that most of the candidates quit from a lengthy application process. the application needs to be brief, and it should only ask for relevant information. the company to improve the hiring process require to keep updating the career page. Passive and active candidates keep on visiting the companies career page to get more information about the company. the career page should consist of the following features; it should be formative, this is achieved by using the employee’s quotes that describe firms benefits (“8 Critical Steps to Effective Recruiting”, 2019). The users are friendly and genuine. The improved hiring process should ensure that the candidates kept updated. The company should set reminders to follow up the screened candidates; this can be facilitated by ATS’s built-in email temperate that allows communication at every hiring stage. This platform helps to send rejection information emails to disqualified candidates.

The hiring team should be trained to improve the hiring process. The hiring team are trained to ensure they have conducted the hiring process in the right way by ensuring they have adhered to the best practices and the legal requirements. This program is done frequently enough to ensure that the hiring team remain updated and offered the best skills throughout the hiring process. the reason why training should be conducted regularly is that interviews are conducted when they only need, also one interview is independent of the other thus the hiring team may not be aware or remember the best practices and the legal issues. The hiring team when left alone to conduct the hiring process, they might talk too much and fail to listen since they don’t know the best question to ask and the information they are looking. The firm should ensure that its HR managers and the recruiting team have attended a training session to certify them to interview effectively. The class are made to include more of roleplaying, coaching and how to provide the feedback.

The firm should ensure that talent identification is made continuously. The HR department is responsible for sourcing the most qualified candidates over time and ensure that these candidates are available to fill the gap when it occurs. This program ensures that recruitment process is not under pressure, waiting until there is a gap to start souring the candidate will not be effective since the HR will not have enough time to assess and select the best candidate. During the interview, the applicant should be rated and ranked, and the information they provided should be kept in a safe place so as when there is a chance, they become the first people to be invited to fill the gap. This method helps to save time and resources of preparing recruitment process every time. The firm should also recruit internally; the internal employees are usually the best source of talent and experience since they are aware of the firm’s policies goal and working process.

Implementing hiring strategies

Implementing the employment strategy can be used to offer a solution to ensure the hiring process is effective. The recruitment strategy helps to outline the recruitment goal and the need as well as the best way of achieving these goals. The hiring goal is aimed at ensuring that the recruiter gets accurate information, and they have been able to get the best candidate to fill the gap. Hiring strategies include the use of recruitment agencies. These employment agencies help the firms to get short term employees to fill the gap. This strategy helps the quickly fill in the gap if the vacant have been created within short notice. Thus, allowing the firm to carry out the recruitment process without pressure (“8 Proven Recruitment Strategies Used By Successful Recruiters”, 2019). The firm may use the social media strategy to get job applicants. There are billons of people who are using social media. Thus, the firm can use this chance to source the best candidate to fill the chance in their organisation. Social media provides a platform where the candidate is able to get a chance to a to have a preview of the firm’s policy and its culture, in the same sight depending on how the candidate interacts with people in the social media they are able to get their personality before hiring them in their firms (Frey, 2017). This platform ensures the firms can get a candidate with a social media talent.

The use of referral can help the firm to get the candidate they are searching. Previous research conducted by Oracle revealed that hiring through referral is the most successful strategy of recruitment. The HR resource requests the existing worker to provide referral who help to fill in the gap effectively. Referral recruitment ensures the firm has identified the most qualified candidates within the shortest time. This method is cost effective since money is not spent on advertisements. The referral ensures there are conveniences in the employment process. In the firm, some position requires specialised training that is not always available in the firm thus employment program referral provides a way to get this candidate easily since the employees interact with people with the same profession thus provide the network. Hiring on referral help to ensure the retention rate is high since these people have a lot of organisation information from the people who referred them.    

The organisation should hold an event where they will identify the best talent and skill they want to help them to fill the gap. During these events, ‘ employer can interact and network with the employees. Since the attracts professionals from all over, and the program are not intentional, the candidates can reveal their talent genuinely without exaggerating. Thus, the hiring team can get the best candidates from these events. The firms should also use Campus recruitment in the hiring process. They should target the top-notch campuses and best technical institutions to get a student who performs best. This strategy provides the best way of acquiring the right information about the job candidate since it comes from trusted sources. This strategy saves time for the organisation to keep seeking qualified candidate from the public. the organisation is more confident that while seeking workers from these institutions, they will get them quickly. High qualified candidates are obtained, when the organisation approaches Campus and technical institution for referrals, they refer them genuinely based on merit. In this case, the firm has a variety of choice to choose since the candidates are many.



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