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Comparison of Human Resource Strategies

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Strategic Management of Human Assets

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Company A Overview

Company B Overview

Company A HR Strategies

Company B HR Strategies

Similaries and Differences between Companies



  • Organization A: Telenor
  • Organization B: Mobilink

Company A Overview


Telenor is the prevalent mobile telecommunications operative in Norway and a momentous worldwide mobile operative, with a numeral of operations external Norway.Telenor is 100% possess by Telenor ASA and adds on to its maneuver in Asia together with Thailand, Malaysia and Bangladesh.

Telenor is the greatest increasing mobile complex in the country, with reporting realization of cavernous into many of the outmost areas of Pakistan. In the mainly tricky terrains of the country, from the mountainous northern areas to the rambling deserts in the south, at times they are the only operative linking the formerly distinct.

Company B Overview


  • Mobilink is world most important cellular and Blackberry service contributor. It has More than 35 million cutovers. Market contribute of Mobilink is 35 %.



Some of the very most important features of the tactical development are tinted as under HR Planning Process:

Strategic Planning

The company does not utilize any arithmetic procedure or technique for the strength of mind of labor deficiency or superfluous. The company however, relies on skewed judgmental methods. The judgmental methods are stand on the connoisseur decision that determine the supply and command of labor. Whenever the company experience the require of a requisite person, the company demeanor interviews of the aspirant applicants.

  • formative Labor stipulate
  • formative Labor Supply

Strategic Direction

Telenor existing policy is based on edifice a earlier association with its customers by taking gain of their position as a worldwide marketplace leader. The approaches are paying attention on captivating and retaining a increasing marketplace split in all customer groups.

Strategic plan

Humanizing their client Proposition

Telenor clientele, mobility means immediacy, convenience, ubiquity and personalization. These attributes give them many opportunities to interact with their customers in behavior that will augment their lives. Local implementation remnants indispensable, but they consider that they can assemble on their worldwide benefit by adopting additional dependable marketing approaches, based on greatest practices congregate from across the Group. They have commence a “convention campaign”, the endeavor of which is to appreciably amplify the average number of minutes their customers utilize their services every day. As part of this, Telenor is initiation a assortment of marketing initiatives to emphasize the practical and poignant benefits they convey to their customers.

Executing Data Strategy

Their data strategy rests on four pillars;

  • Increasing the importance of Right Service They are increasing a collection of accessible, branded data military. Key applications comprise new text, depiction and video messaging services, trouble-free admission to e-mail, isolated admittance to business applications, and stipulation via a Telenor user boundary to in order and amusement make available by business partners.
  • Inter-operate theoretically, discriminate Commercially. It is imperative for them to stay behind very energetic in manufacturing consistency to make certain complete inter-operability of our services with those from other mobile operative and fixed-Internet companies.
  • Promoting suitable Pricing Models They encourage a pricing model that permits them to bout their pricing most intimately and evidently to their customers’ considerate and discernment of worth.
  • Competitive Environment Customers’ necessities are increasing to include admittance to information, data and multimedia services over mobile strategy. They are exceptionally placed to assemble these needs, using their extent and flair to generate the most convincing services and to expand partnerships helps them surpass their customers’ potential. With the infiltration in market and the foreword of new 3G technologies, they can be expecting to go from side to side a period of market confusion, which will possibly escort to some consolidation in the industry.

HR Strategies for Mobilink

The Mobilink that allege of the most important market investor in telecom industry has shown very conventional loom towards the recompense management. The important organizations always try preeminent to have a best-fit deliberate loom in the direction of the human being reserve administration surrounded by organization but unluckily the foremost organization like Mobilink is also use finest carry out approach in compensating approach. During this investigate we also come to terminate that these best practice are not completely implemented in whole essence but they are either incompletely implemented or just linger in name.


Incentives are premeditated to give confidence employees to attain objectives. They are planned to straight incentive for present and future recital, promising “do this and we will make it significance your while”

Incentives are usually monetary but they can assure non-financial rewards such as recognition, encouragement or predominantly interesting assignment.

Individual Incentives Plan:

Individual incentives diplomacy are those that are fretful to reimburse the individual labors that effect in organizational outcomes.

In Mobilink the individual inducement tactics don’t endure in any form. Although this kind of incentive arrangement is merely for the rummage sale an individual in the shape of commission on sale. But we diverge with them because it is individual enticement plan because this is reimbursed at risk and where risk exists it’s not incentive.

One other shape of incentives map is that they are paying after a while to the lower management on the hour’s basis they used up in addition the duty hours.

Group Incentives Plan

The Mobilink have a preference to team and assemblage working. People are recognized from their personal assemblage or players with in association. Like sales community, advertising players, investment investigation team, economics allotment team, HR peoples, etc

The group inducement is based on the objectives being allot to each team or group. If they prolifically achieved within the given restraint and also these triumph escort company performance to augment than they will be entail for group enticement in following manner:

  • Per unit inducement
  • journal incentives
  • unremitting encouragement
  • inaccessible areas incentives

Organizational Incentives

The organizational performance is deliberate in the shape or amplifies in twelve-monthly rummage sale, No of clinteles, and augment in marketplace allocate.

The personage aims are consecutively joined with the company performance. When company is being successful in attain these objectives.

Special Incentives

According to the Mobilink recompense Officer, “There are very hardly any and exceptional extraordinary incentives because the group enticement and group incentives preparation are premeditated in such a way that every and all individual is performing arts extraordinary”. But hardly any types of extraordinary enticement arrangement are:

  • Gratitude:

If an significant person in addition accomplish in sales or manufacture division, a variety of types of recognition like

  1. “Man of the year” which enclose official document and some other prizes.
  2. superiority certificate
  3. introduction the name and Picture in association pinnacle performers colonnade
  • Admiration: the personality is appreciated individually by the General manager either gathering individually or through call or through email etc
  • Extraordinary Cash Amount is specified on the instance when somebody (frequently specified to HR) for draw towards you and occupy pinnacle player of participant.

Job assessment technique:

Mobilink exercise two techniques for appraise job in regulate to be acquainted with the significance of the job.

  1. spot technique
  2. standing technique

Similarities and differences of Mobilink & Telenor

Strapping Points of Mobilink:

The employee satisfaction level is elevated in assessment to the expected range. The Mobilink has recognized a knowledgeable HR department consists of 40 HR professional in order to exploit the inspiration and pledge level of the human resource.

The Mobilink has started amend the management loom from the traditional towards contemporary style in which they can be capable to identify and recompense human being efforts in near expectations.

The incessant incentive arrangement has a optimistic brunt on those employees who has received, trying their most excellent to maintain this incentive for longer time and also a contrivance for inspiration to convey up with more inventive efforts to expand this inducement that has not received.

One other organizational enticement of “three gross salaries” induce every employees to go for best endeavor brunt in order to make certain the achievements of organizational goals for the explicit time period.

Strong points of Telenor:

  • Telenor paying attention on individual performance, have made the remuneration system in such a way to be familiar with the efforts and efficiently compensate these. Therefore the incentives plans are very assorted and up-to-date.
  • The arrangement is very succinct in such method that it even plunders the insignificant elevated efforts of personality within the teams or groups.
  • The extraordinary incentives like “Golden Hellos” and “Golden handcuffs’ are very proficient in given them the preeminent professional from the marketplace and also the capability to preserve them for life time.
  • The performance of personage is even contented if the organization fails to attain its goal. Once the individual be successful in its targets their rewards are outstanding.
  • The Telenor has explicit incentives plan for every stage and for every personality. The administration incentives plan is one of the examples. This inducement doesn’t exist in Mobilink.
  • The job assessment method extensively worn is Point-method. And that’s the motive the employee pleasure in Telenor is added than Mobilink as the disburse pattern created from the peak method are very succinct and replicate the efforts decided.
  • The reimburse packages and inducement plans are striking and provide additional remunerations at all stage. Wide assortment of incentives remains the employees pleased, dedicated, trustworthy and industrious all the time.

Weak points

  • Mobilink presently ignores the satisfying of individual efforts. They recompense personality labors when the corporation convenes the objective. If the company be ineffective in the direction of to work, they don’t plunder those human individual who effectively attain their personality objectives. Here it may be credible that the purpose allocate by their relevant department is not correctly associated with the organizational ambition. So here the personalities undergo on the expenditure of their higher management.
  • The recompense system is not appropriately bound for or associated with the business objectives; the intention here should be to communicate all employees to a universal point in classify to generate synergy. Because they reimburse in assessment to the some international company or conclusion survey firm.
  • The incentives plans are very tapered and limited. It requirements to be comprehensive in order to expand the trustworthiness and obligation at person, collection and managerial level.
  • The base of personality incentives arrangement is very scrawny and some time non-existing.

Strong and Weak points of Telenor

Telenor has demonstrate itself as genuine self-motivated a firm who has customized itself in the hard-hitting competition, got most important market contribute to from the available company Mobilink in a very dumpy point in time. The Telenor has great number of strapping points and few frail points.

Weak Points

  • The employee’s bury affiliation is not brawny as it is in Mobilink. The society in Telenor is going towards inaccessible environment where every individual will be troubled for its own self-interest.
  • There are two sorts of workers. Enduring and indenture employees. The Telenor loom towards the indenture employee is not so a great deal devoted as it is for enduring workers. This may accompany to the worker prejudice and the unfaithfulness might be result in.
  • Their employees are not attentive of the recompense policies. This is some time good quality but some time generates difficulty. The Telenor has kept classified the compensation strategies even from the employees.


It is completed from this description result that Mobilink is no hesitation the market organizer in HR systems but it needs improvement, redecoration and development in order to effectual defend the competitor’s violent strategic actions. Mobilink is trailing its market split as well as input employees to Telenor because Telenor is on condition that striking packages. The Mobilink should start poignant towards the ethnicity of disburse for performance as a substitute of paying for possession of skills. This can be accomplishing by accomplishment of effectual performance management and reimbursement system. Mobilink shouldn’t deem on its current employees but also seek out for the best people in the marketplace, because if these unsurpassed people are hired by the challenger, this would result in further hardship to safeguard. Therefore appropriate performance assessment, criticism and rewards should be making certain.


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