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Analysis of Human Resource Models

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  1. Analyze and evaluate the characteristics of any three of the following human resource models and list the related features in each of the models. – Contingency model, Best practice model, Harvard Framework, D Guest, M Patterson. (5 marks per model = 15 marks total)

Contingency Planning

Contingency theory takes societal and settings alteration in individuals and their commercial undertakings as its obvious worth and assumes its standards keeping in its understanding.

There are twofold important repercussions to this kind of theory:

  • if there is no single finest way, then even seemingly fairly alike companies, for instance, two close schools, may select considerably different edifices and still endure, and be rationally successful in attaining their tasks, and so on
  • if unlike portions of the similar company are predisposed in different methods by the eventualities residing upon them, then it may be suitable for them to be organized differently,

Best Practice Model

The best-practice Model supports a universalistic viewpoint – all companies will understand performance progress if they accept it. There are three key essence of best-practice concepts that should be should be stated. First of all, the models improve staff capability and information through decent staffing and teaching. The second point is inspiring desired conduct through durable enticements. Lastly, encouraging concepts and influence from interested and improved employees. The benefits of this kind of model can be seen on its simple best practice. Next is the acknowledgment of “corrupt” practice. The third benefit is creating guidelines of thumb for choices; training; evaluation approaches. Lastly is that there is no requirement to invest again.

Harvard Framework

This is the modest and practical way of plotting the labor and resources of men and females in an organization and stressing the major alterations.

  • Gathering and examining facts at the organization and in the area.
  • Gathering baseline information.
  • As a preparation and application of tool for plans and programmes
  • At the problem searching phase of planning, earlier an intervention is planned.
  • To measure the effects a programme may have
  1. Identify and describe at least twelve human resource management activities that would be conducted within the ‘simulated’ organization.

Induction Management

Induction Management aids staffs to experience every stage of atmosphere of organization and a starter to his group and others. It provides them the policy of recognizing and understanding the values and identifying “Who is who”. It is such a stage which stretches a hint of whole Organization in that little duration.

Training Management

Training Management denotes to the practice of rendering exercise, workshops, training, mentoring, or other learning occasions to staffs to motivate, contest, and inspire them to achieve the roles of their position to the finest of their skill and within criteria established by state,

Compensation and benefits

Compensation comprises not only income, but also the internal and external compensations and benefits the staff is given with in return for their input to the company. To decide compensation, companies should make a benefit and rewards project. This type of project summarizes a reasonable procedure for paying staffs. A fine-structured project with a good stability of wages, paybacks and rewards will aid a company to stay and sustain competitive in labor market.

Performance Management

Performance management is the procedure of generating a work atmosphere or setting in which individuals are permitted to achieve to the finest of their abilities.

Attendance Management

It is the means for following and collecting data about how much period a staff spends on the work setting.

Recruitment Management

Recruitment is the process of searching and enticing skilled candidates for employment. The procedure starts when new staffs are required and finishes when their applications are passed. The outcome is a pool of submissions from which new workforces are nominated

Benefits Management

Benefit management comprises generating and executing benefit policies for existing staffs or presenting new policies to job applicants. Most of this benefit schemes are intended to cut charges for the customer while giving the most rate to job applicants.

Overtime Management

Overtime is the times that staffs work above 40 hours for the duration of week. Overtime is calculated through a whole labor week, not on a everyday basis.

Workforce Planning

Workforce planning is single one of the most significant subjects that human resources specialists are speaking about today. It’s the way of planning systematically desired number of staffs in an organization.

Employee Survey

Technique of gaining straight view of workers by giving them a chance to namelessly answer inquiries written in a questionnaire.

Exit Interview and Process

The formal discussion that takes place among a staff and an HR officer or a director to know the reason(s) the staff is resigning.

Employee Skill Management

collection of vital abilities that comprise the growth of an information baseproficiency level and mindset that is progressively essential for achievement in the up-to-date workplace. Employability expertise are naturally considered important credentials for many job positions and hence have become essential for a person’s employment achievement at just about any stage inside the company’s environment.

  1. Select one of the models and describe the impact this model would have on the human resource management activities of the ‘simulated’ organization.

The best impact model could be a good model to adapt in a company. This kind of model will provide the human resource department to train staffs for better capabilities. These skills or capabilities would be useful not only for the workers but also for the company as well. It will render efficient work, hence, providing client’s satisfaction. Incentives will also be given to provide encouragement. Opinions and suggestion from employees will be welcome so that improvement of the working environment can be pleasant and peaceful for both parties

  1. Define personnel management and human resource management.

Personnel Management

Managerial discipline of employing and evolving staffs so that they grow into further valuable essence in the organization. These comprises implementing job studies, development of staff needs, and employment, choosing the exact person for the work, orienting and preparing, shaping and handling earnings and salaries, giving paybacks and incentivesevaluating performance, solving disagreements, and communicating with all staffs at all points.

Human Resource Management

Human Resource Management (HRM) is role inside the company that focuses on employing of, organizing of, and giving direction for the individuals who work in the company.

  1. Explain at least three differences between personnel management and human resource management




1. Deal

Cautious description of written agreements

Wish to go afar agreement

2. Policies

Significance of planning clear policies

Intolerance with the policies

3. Aid to management achievement



Personnel Management tries to uphold fair standings and circumstances of employment, while at the similar time, proficiently managing personnel accomplishments for distinct sections etc. It is expected that the consequences from providing fairness and attaining efficacy in the running of personnel events will upshot eventually in accomplishing company success. Meanwhile, for Human resource management, is directed with the expansion and carrying out of people policies, which are joined with corporate policies, and guarantees that the values, ideals and system of the organization, and the worth, drive and commitment of its associates contribute entirely to the attainment of its objective


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