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The Crush Is A Short Film Film Studies Essay

Paper Type: Free Essay Subject: Film Studies
Wordcount: 1688 words Published: 1st Jan 2015

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The film starts off with a white text saying “a purdy picture production” behind the text a black background appears. As it clears up you can hear a soft and strong woman’s voice saying three words “Reveal”, “Pretend” and “love”. This leads to an Establishing shot which sets up a classroom scene, suggesting that the woman is a teacher the camera has a long shot of the teacher; the camera goes around the room which shows all the kids in the classroom. Warm colours are implicated to show a positive attitude towards the teacher which applies those three words that should to be learned. There is a shot with a young boy the camera has a close up shot of his face to show his kid like emotions, there are birds singing in the background also with the soft music playing. By looking at the young boys face tells me that his emotions are dreamy towards the teacher and hasn’t been paying attention. The school bell goes off in the background, which courses the students to leave class which creates a medium shot. Ardal the young boy sitting at his desk and still dreamy hears Ms Purdy’s voice saying his name; the lighting is a sense of Joy and good. A medium shot is used as he calmly walks to Ms Purdy’s desk, a tracking shot follows him to show Ms Purdy curiosity and interest with what Ardal has got. Ardal gives her the ring Ms Purdy was surprised and also great full the lighting is a sense of Delight which contrasts with the colour and sends him of to have a great weekend.

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A head on shot is used while Ardal walks home therefore the action comes straight to the audiences. He arrives home he starts to have dinner with his parents, sitting right in the middle with his parents sitting on either side of him which creates a medium shot. The light suggests that of a delight and also the colour is a calmer, relaxed feeling. A close up shot of dad emotions suggesting to be interested, he asks everybody about their day but also continuing about his story of the day. He tells his son the exciting story with his facial expressions makes the story even more exciting to listen to which becomes into a swish Plan. Ardal all of a sudden asks his mum about when is the prorate age to get married. The dad is shocked with this statement and looks at his wife with disbelieve. His wife answers and asks “why have you got some news of us” but with a smart response he says that he’ll keep his mum “posted” about marriage. After dinner he is in his room a low angle shot is used, he opens up a Ten year planner diary goes to the year 2015 month 22-28 page and writes down “Marry Ms Purdy”. He looks at the text after his done writing which is an Aerial shot; dim lighting is implemented to suggest a Force and strength.

A long shot shows Ardal enjoying himself and using a public bin as a prop, a feeling of happiness which suggests warm colours. Also a soft but enjoy full music plays in the background suggesting that it’s a nonviolent act. Ardal’s mum walks out of the shop she looks at her son and yells “come on Ardal” with a sense of being in a rush. The music stops playing, Ardal follows his mum he immediately faces the ground. As he walks a ring of a door bell goes off on the background suggesting that someone he matter know is walking out of a shop. He hears a soft but kind voice saying “hello Ardal” with excitement he recognises the voice and immediately looks up, his eyes brightens up with excitement that it’s really Ms Purdy. She complements on his new shoes a high angle shot is used at the same time a close up shot of her new ring to show Ardal but he doesn’t recognise the ring. A High Angle is used to show how powerful Pierce is, while Ms Purdy is talking about the ring and how they are engaged. Pierce isn’t interested at all and seems to be in a rush to watch a football game. He pulls Ms Purdy away from the conversation which automatically ends the conversation and leads her away. Close up shot of Ardal’s emotions with an angry facial toward Pierce is implemented.

Ardal is back in his room, the colours give the sense of anger and also the dim lighting. He rips a page out of his diary it seems to me that his crunching up the page was he wrote “Marry Ms Purdy”. A close up shot is used when He throws the paper on the floor and stomps on it, which suggests anger towards the idea of getting married. A scene with dim lighting suggests the idea of death which shows Ardal’s dad examining a gun; he hides the gun on the top section of the wardrobe from reach. Ardal stands near the door peaking as his dad hide’s the gun, he shows a lot of interest towards the gun. Ardal comes back in his room, he reattaches the crunched up paper to his diary. At the same time he looks to his side and stares at a poster of a cowboy that is having a challenge a duel to the death. Suggesting a high angle shot with the sense of power he wants to be over Pierce.

A grey golf Volkswagen is packed outside the school. Pierce is waiting for Ms Purdy; he looks frustrated that she is always the last teacher to leave school. A sudden knock on the car window, Pierce calmly puts the window down. As the window goes down, there is a close up shot of Ardal standing beside the car fearless he demands him not to marry Ms Purdy, she is “mine” Ardal says. Pierce laughs with joy and disbelieve he explains that it’s never gone happen. Ardal demands a duel to the death, he tells Pierce where and when to meet him of this challenge the lack of communication suggests a dim of lighting. A Reverse angle is used as Pierce accepts this challenge with a laugh he also asks with a childlike behaviour which weapons to bring. Ardal says “pistols”, he calmly walks away. Ms Purdy comes and sits inside the car, the lighting in the car suggests a sense of Innocence’s. A Head on shot is used again when Ardal walks home but his facial emotions suggests a seriousness, it seemed to me that he is planning ideas while his walking home.

Ardal is back in his parent’s room sitting on their bed, a high angle is used and the lighting once again gives of Death and evil look to the scene. While Ardal stares up giving him a low angle shot of the wardrobe where his dad has hidden the gun, the background music play which helps with the senses of stargazing a plan of attack. Pierce is once again waiting of Ms Purdy at the school but this time his in an energetic mood of his close up facial expressions. Ms Purdy walks to the car and sits inside. She and Pierce connect lips with a kiss, as the kiss ends. Ardal is given a long shot therefore tells us that his standing in front of the school doors the shot was taken from the car pointing towards Ardal which also gives him a horror look.

Pierce gets out of the car while Ms Purdy is trying to calm him down also letting him to “leave it alone his just a kid”. Engorging her, Pierce leaves and closes the door behind him which leaves Ms Purdy worried suggested by the dim lighting and also the close up shot. Pierce walks into a four walled concrete room, Suggesting to me that it looks like a squash room with one white line going across and one thick line at the bottom going across the wall. The Camera zoom’s into his face and then out, which gives him a side view. In the shot Ardal appears by the door Pierce’s full body turns around to look at him, Ardal drops his bag on the floor.

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Ardal asks Pierce were is his pistol but he doesn’t care about this problem, he pulls out a gun and points it to Pierce a close up shot of him holding the gun, helps to determine that idea. His shocked with Ardal’s actions also thinking it might be a fake gun but Ardal’s knows it’s “real”. Ms Purdy walks into the building she sees Ardal pointing a gun at Pierce. A close up is used to determine how afraid she is of what might happen next. Pierce begs him to put the gun down but Ardal is determined to kill Pierce and stop him marring Ms Purdy. The lighting of scene suggest a more Evil which also is Death , Ardal activities the trigger of the gun aims it at Pierce, Pierce going down on his knees and tells the true about why he got engaged to Ms Purdy just to shut her up about marriage. As Pierce yells at Ms Purdy to call the cops, Ardal shoots a big loud bang goes off. The camera shots move around with Pierce as he flows to the ground, a close up shot comes back to Ms Purdy as she screams with fear. A close up shot of Ardal’s face shows his eyes not blinking once and fearless.

A Blank screen shows for 3 Second’s

Slowly the blank screen disappears. Orange ball roles across Pierce’s body, a close up of his eyes opening and realising that his not dead. Ardal looks back at Ms Purdy and says “see Ms” she also realises that the gun is fake, she takes out her ring and throws it at Pierce. Pierce gets up with anger towards Ardal but Ms Purdy protects him. They both leave the room, leaving Pierce alone in with disbelieve.


The director has used good angle shots for each scene to make the film as real as it can be. With the use close up, long shots, medium shots, high/low angle shots and also head on shots. The lighting was well implemented throughout the movie, with the sense of Death, Joy and good will. Colours helped with all aspects of the film mainly with lighting. Ms Purdy takes the gun of Ardal and she puts it in her handbag he explains that his dad had gotten him toy gun for his birthday and he was hiding it form him, Ardal asks if his actions are going into his report but Ms Purdy tells him that it is they little secret. Ms Purdy walks Ardal home and the back ground music is a happier and more relaxed. At the end the directors/written and also the produces name show up also with the rest of the crew members of the movie.


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