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The Animation With Multimedia Film Studies Essay

Paper Type: Free Essay Subject: Film Studies
Wordcount: 2149 words Published: 1st Jan 2015

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Animation is considered to be one of the exciting forms of pictorial presentation. Animation consists of three main features (i) picture , (ii) motion and (iii) simulated. Animation adds visual impact to the multimedia project. Many multimedia applications for both the Macintosh and Windows provide animation tools, but you should first understand the principles to the eye interprets that changes it sees as motion.There is a place for animation on the Web, however. There, the essential content is typically a menu of link.


Animation is possible because of biological phenomenon known as persistence of vision. The object which can be seen by naked eye can get into visual deception of movement.

In other ways we can change to some extent about the figure and structure of an object promptly.  

There are FOUR main types of animations which are used in multimedia applications.

The first type of animation 2D animation or linear animation, is the simple movement of objects on the screen, generally through linear translation. Multimedia development environments often provide the necessary tools to perform this simple animation procedure.

The original creation of animation:3D animation, however, is very technically and artistically involved, as well as time consuming. Three dimensional objects are created using a mathematical model. Each object may be shown in various views, giving the user a realistic sense of third dimension.

2D to motion to appear smooth a minimum of 15 frames per second generally required. There are two dimensions cell animationpath animation it involves techniques as well onion skin tweening.

3D although 2D animation can be effective in enhancing a mulmedia title,3D animation takes the entire experience of multimedia to another level.There are three dimensional animation is the foundation upon which many mulmedia cd games and adventure titles are constructed.In animation top selling products such as Myst And warcraft use of 3D animation to bring the user into the setting and make him or her seem a part of action. Creatin 3D animation is considerly more complex than 2D animation can involves into two steps:modelind and rendering before the real animation takes.

Morphing is useful not only in showing how two images blend together, showing how an image might change over time.but also in

Photo Morph, Hijact Morph, and Elastic Reality are examples of programs than can produce quite sophisticated morphing animations.

Warping is a related special effect that allows you to manipulate a single image. For example, you could stretch a facial feature to change a frown into smile.


Virtual Reality (VR) attempts to create an environment that surrounds the user so that he or she becomes part of the experience. The term Virtual Reality has been used to describe various types of applications, some that are more experiential than others.

It is nearly impossible to construct a multimedia presentation that will be accessible by every user on the World Wide Web. To access visual content, they need a text alternative that can be spoken by a screen reader.



“Humankind has always been fascinated by moving images. The desire to make pictures move has provoked some of the most innovative developments in the fields of science and technology during the twentieth century” (Bendazzi, 1994). Animation had made fantasy of human kind come true. It has brought a drastic change in the present world. Every sector in particular field has a production. All media communicate most effectively in their language of animation.

“Animation is everything from Pinocchio learning to walk, skeletons fighting classical heroes, a pumpkin king ditching Halloween for chrismas” (James Clarke 2004).Animation brings stationary objects into motion. Movement should be used for essential communication. In animation anything is possible. Animation brought pictures to life. Animation is used in video games,filims,robotics.

“Animated worlds need logic, consistency and boundaries”.(Bryce Hallett, 2008). In animation ,idea development must include visual exploration. To achieve animation write for action first.Inanimation, any real or imaginary, can be made into a character. It has two levels, basic and advanced.

“The merit of the computer animation-based activities has also been questioned”(IEEE journal on essential animation 1998). Most of children at homes use their computers for playing games, doing homework, chatting with friends which reduce their interest in other co-curricular activities. But there is also positive side of animation. With the help of animation children interaction increases which helps them to learn in a affective way.

“A way of seeing experience a world that has little relation to our own lived experience or to other cinematic experience”(Suzanne Buchan 2006) Animation made cinematic experience brilliant through animation,fantacy worlds are created which are impossible in real world. Through animation interaction with the viewer in the movies are possible.

“Animated characters do not have to perform realistically in animation, the thinking process needs to be shown”(Bryce Hallett 2008).In animation interaction of characters can be from human to human, human to object in virtual world. In animation imaginary stuff can be done. in animation we can create or design our own characters.

“Animation enables to give magical power things. In my films, I move many objects.Suddenly, everyday contact with things which people are used to acquires a new dimensions and in this way casts a doubt over reality. In other words, I use animation as a means of subversion”(paul wells 1998).Where we can put up in words animation starts to speak. As days pass on people concentrate in actions rather than wordings. Any action in death or life can be shown in animation.

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“we keep moving forward, opening new doors, and doing new things, because we are curious and curiosity keeps leading us down new paths”(Walt Disney 1996). As every person in the world expects to see something new and different they keep hoping for a change and the animation world shows every imaginary thing come true. Animation is the stream which can never get into down path.

“Animation is not the art of drawings that move but the art of movements that are drawn. The process of art eveolving is always one which has a kind of fascination”(Norman Mclaren 1987).Animation shows the epic moves which can’t not be constant. Effects play a major role in Animation. There are many things to be done in animation one is with graphics and visual effect.

“Because good writing in a TV cartoon is so rare, I think the animation on the Simpsons is often overlooked”(Matt Groening 1954). When children’s watch cartoon they don’t watch affects they just watch the motion of the cartoon. Animation is for people who can draw and write but the importance is given only when it plays on the screen.


The start of animation was in the year 1908. As ages pass by the world gets into a higher step. Film making was from black and white to colour. Nature is shown in a lively way in animation. The cinematic world experience that are accessible to the spectator only through the techniques available in animation. Animation is derived from the world of imagination. In previous days of animation there were no proper effects as in now there are many more new tecnolgies coming up. Drawings cannot move,but the camera gives the movement and life to the picture. The moving photograph will always be as a magical moving drawing. The word multimedia itself describes numerious of art making and picturisation. Motion picture animation fully exploits the cinematic apparatus,from camera. This communication of unconscious nature gives growth and development to the animated world. It refers to the stimulated motion of picture for the drawn objects. The micro level of multimedia controls the three dimension model which involves lights,camera and the movement of picture. The fixing and “re-animating”of images remained a research at the educational centres. In simple variables user can define his own uses about picturisation. The media gives the action in all stunts and various effects. Humans and animals give a wild movement which can be shown only in multimedia and animation. The animation is worldwide. Every children have a great knowledge about animation by which they get motivated and get different ideas and try to implement them. People say cant imagine the world without animation that means they even stop imagining things by which animation world do not exsist. Animation can not compete with any other technology. Every particular stream has its own importance. Animation plays a major role in movie making and moving the objects with great force. Drawing is of different types but showing the drawing on the screen with different angles like two dimension and three dimension. Pictures are scanned into the computer using high technology photography or made in computer itself. These objects are scanned into the computer and add color and effects with textured form. Computer is being used by every person but not animation can be managed by everyone. Animation introduces many stills by which few people are still unfamiliar with. To make film one particular scene is copied many times and will be replaced as they use to. The video shots will be taken and put together as a small scene of the film and will give the impression of the different angles the picture moves with. Every stunt of the actor or a cartoon will be manipulated in such a way which makes people feel as its really going on. The three dimension is with something of the object which is getting very close and makes people feel as they are facing the object diretly. Animation creates a strange world between reality and imagination. Animation are generally called still drawings but when viewed it gives the impression of moving picture. Animation is the best part for entertainment. Previous days they used numerious techniques to give the impression of moving pictures like cave drawings which are embeded on the walls like animals running and overlapped but the only the still drawing can be seen not the movement. Numerious of supplies are recquired to bring imagination to life many animators,screens,drawings and many more. In animation few things are purchased like software done by other people where as rest it will be done by their self. The transparency of object can not be seen any where other then in animation and multimedia. A variety of camers and lenses are used to zoom the object. Animator creates a storyboard first and then try to picturaise the object with back ground colours and effects the multimedia plays a role like zooming the camera with different lenses and highlight the important role. There are many games and cartoons created by animation. Games are widely implemented and being played by many children by which they will get a knowledge of different colors and effects and even about the computirazation. The before test of the picture is checked several times for accuracy. The picture needs audio which is very important as the movements are given to the picture there are many sound effets by which it makes us feel that’s real not a film. A computerized video tape is actually made of sketches which give the smooth of motion and correct facial expressions. Graphics is the part of animation and multimedia which shows the shapes of geometry and transformations. We can use animation to grow elements,shake and spin. There are many different color combinations which can be done over computer but not hand made. Color shows the epic of the picture and explains the concept of the film but as obtained multimedia has many short films which has come into trend now a days. Multimedia has different concept which shows the picture all the ways. Animation is the back bone for the movie industry and runs through the effects and sound effects of the animators. A core feature of graphic capability is to support for working with multimedia which includes video and audio. In films illusion is created by cameras which can record each and every second..The projecter and the light focus makes people exicted to the see the three dimensional picture on the screen. As we researched about animation in multimedia this has a wide range knowledge and is implementing and getting into higher step day by day but never falls down.


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