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Prisoners Life In Shawshank Redemption Film Studies Essay

Paper Type: Free Essay Subject: Film Studies
Wordcount: 3438 words Published: 1st Jan 2015

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The film was set in 1946 and it’s about the young man and successful banker Mr Andy duffrense punished to life sentence for falsely convicts murder of his lover and wife. The film is based the novel of STEPHEN KINGS “RITA HAYWORTH AND THE SHAWSHANK REDEMPTION” also explores the real life of prisoners life of America in 1940. The crime and social conflicts have said in the film with certain circumstances. The movie was nominated for 7 Oscars for best leading actor Morgan freeman cinematography Roger Deakins, editing Richard Francis Bruce, music Thomas Newman and for screenplay Frank darabont. Eventhough Many prison drama are somewhat similar to this film like Clint Eastwoods “Escape from Alcatraz” which similar prison life story but somewhat different plot about a group of inmates from Alcatraz prison have escaped from notorious prison which no one never escaped before this movie is based on the true story of prisoner frank morris. And Frank darabonts another film “The Green Mile” also prison movie with fantasy drama which focused on man falsely accused for murdering the child. But the man is like some power of god after in jail the story surrounds across three police staffs and prisoners. The movie is also adapted the writer Stephen kings “The green mile”. The movie said in the emotional and philosophically explores its position in class.


“Andy duffrense” (Tim Robbins) is a successful banker and young family man. He was imprisoned in shawshank and punished life sentence for murder of his wife. In prison he soon become close friend of his “Elis Boyd Red Redding (Morgan freeman)” and other fellow inmates. But in prison Andy abused sexually inside the prison from the group called “the sisters” in the laundry department where is working and many crime conflicts from warden and captain Hadley(Clancy brown). Then after survived from the sisters group and he shifted to library on the replacement of Brooks. The movie also in journeys of character Brooks and Red. After Andy comes to know that he didn’t murder his wife from the newly arrived guy Tommy. And in certain circumstances he escaped from prison and reveal about the corruption in prison to higher officials. After warden Norton( Bob Gunton) knowing that he caught for corruption and murder of Tommy he suicides himself. And After this issue red is released from prison by parole and finds himself rest of his life were his old friend brooks stays before. But due to pressure and age he cant able to manage in the present world he goes to his friend Andy to find the happiness and freedom of life.


The cinematography was very perfect and many shots and angles bring the movie a realism.the most shot I like is helicopter shots a views of prison before andy arrives prison. And mostly the dark tone and a pleasant scenery were showed in the movie. The music was very nice and cheerful which makes the audience into feel. Screenplay is very perfect it portrays the prisoner’s life.. The movie is shows the high range and meaningful philosophy. The actor’s performance is very good. Particularly Morgan freeman face expressions and body language shows a gentle acting. There is many consistency in the movie. The movie portrays mainly about the expecting a freedom from prisoners those who are in life sentenced.

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Actually the movie is based on the novel of “STEPHEN KINGS THE RITA HAYMORTH AND SHAWSHANK REDEMPTION”. The movie shows the realism of prisoners and how they have Been treated inside. The main character of the movie Andy has also helped other prisoners to survive and find the meaning and hope in life. The 90 percent of the location is mostly surrounds around the prison rest of them in city and village. There no over violence and adultery were used. The movie is pleasant. In the movie Andy express the feeling and hope by helping others like supporting them and educating them. the director shows each and every scene meaningful the music , cinematograpghy was very cheerful and makes the audience feel good. The actors have done very good performance and express the feelings emotionally. Andy struggles from consequences of his hope and managed the optimistic ways and tries to make positive things and concern make others to feel normal. Andy help other inmates to get high school degrees and to educate them while they were in prison. The casting was sketched and portrayed in perfect manner.


The movie expresses the simplicity. The movie shows many direct meaning of life and human emotions .The most lovable scene to me is ” there is insect in Andy foods he will take the and disgustingly looking it ridiculously . “BROOKS will ask him that insect and he will feed that into small bird name Jake”so this makes me feel good like and make to think how the human love and emotions makes beautifully portrayed in the movie. Actually in the first few scenes shows how Andy convicted murder his wife there has been conversations between judge, Lawyer and Andy. Even though the murder scene has not shown in the movie the judgement and analyzation of the crime have been show in dialogues. Andy will say to lawyer that he didn’t murder but lawyer says that he deliberately did the murder because his wife had an affair with another man Andy will prisoned in strong circumstantial evidence. The lawyer explains the murder and how deliberately the murder was held. So while analysing this the there is meaning that one cannot judge the man on his body language sometimes like Andy over depress and tension of makes a human into wrong side of the situation.

The movie not only shows about the life of Prisoner also other prisoners life and warden, police and other hard prison experience. Andy and red become close friends soon. With help of his friend red. Andy will plan to escape and find a freedom and meaningful life. First half Andy will ask Red for rock hammer. Because Andy shows himself as interests and hobby in making some miniature objects in rocks. His friend red will offer him hammer with help of inmate. And Andy was big fan of Rita Hayworth a actress, so one scene all inmates will seeing the movie of Rita Hayworth and his friend red also big fan of her. So Red also offer a big poster of Rita. But after years ago in the second half the director makes the twist in the movie that Andy digs and chipping away the cement and the wall slowly nearly 19 years. with help of rock hammer but he will hide this on the picture of Rachel on the replacement of Rita Hayworth. And he plan and escapes from the prison . These is the main intresting twist in the movie and which makes the movie very interestingly and intellectual. The dark tone was used in the movie to show the life f prisoners how they have treated in the prison for harshly. And next Mr Brooks who is librarian in Shaw shank prison from childhood have released from prison at old age and he fined the house and the job. But due to present world he cannot adapt with world he was very much vexed in life and he suicides. This scene makes me very emotional is the narration is that “once I saw an automobile once I was kid. But now everywhere” so these narrative dialogue shows that how Mr brooks life was been portrayed that he was been imprisoned at his small age that time the automobiles is very rarely seen and the starting of automobiles period. So in present world certain circumstances he can’t able to cope with present world and cant able to do the job so he have been suicide. So on analyzing this movie there is strong human consistency. The movie is set in 1940s. The movies has full of narration with certain circumstances. On analyzing the whole movie one thing is strongly said eventhough a peoples like Andy convicted crime and prisoned and got life sentence the atmosphere surroundings in the prison was human emotions and feelings cannot able to control or be proper in some certain situations. The movie is also expressing the highly philosophical subject. The screenplay and cinematography both have moulded the film very impressive and emotionally. Scene by scene the charecterzation of Andy and surroundings of the prison and peoples makes me very feeling in certain areas. The movie also shows the corruption and conspiracys of warden inside the prison. after being caught the warden Norton have suicide because of murder and feeling guilty for corruption. Norton ( Bob Gunton ) performed very rough and strong warden in the movie. He is dialogues and body language performed well shows the realism in action. The scene which is like most is he will say to prisoners” Discipline and bible and in shawshank you see both welcome to shawshank” he will with smile in face and roughness in body language. In criminal psychology many psychologists mentioned that those how got life sentenced the absence of self control and prison passivity are enforced them to lack of sense of identity.

The director frank darabont has shown the two characters physical and psychological behaviours imprisonment and how they get released and the main thing in the movie the friendship develops slowly between Andy and Red over the decades and exactly what happens at the climax. The director had done well good sketch on the psychological character of Andy and Red. The main thing to note on Red is he is been imprisoned in shawshank for 30 years in between he had applied for parole but due to some reasons it was been rejected. So but he didn’t lose his hope still he applied at last he got the approval of his parole. Morgans freemans body language and acting was well notably when he applies for parole and the time of interview he just performed well like descent and majestic at interview. But actually the fact is mostly some punishment given with parole and some punishment is without parole for prisoners it means that punishment is based on the crime and psychological behaviour of person and even that too is when the prisoner behaviour is good and without any complaints in prison. So this also scripted in the film about real facts of prison life.

The dialogues are very meaningful and certain areas used as an narration. The dialogue which is makes me feel is that introduction to new prisoner from warden Norton and from the one new prisoner will ask” when do we eat” captain will say to prisoner him ” you eat when do we say eat” so this dialogue makes me to think how the prisoners life and freedom have ruined and how they find the meaning and hope of the real life in certain circumstances. The film shows the prisoners life and their problem psychological and physical aspects. The most interesting scene in the movie is Andy escapes from shawshank. That is the major twist and how he plan and escaped from the prison. Nearly he takes 19 years to escape from the prison. so this scene used narration that ” Andy loved geology. I imagine the peel to his meticulous nature. A million years building geology is pressure and time” so this shows the real fact that how Andy used his geological mind and escapes but the time he takes very short that also narrated in the film that “I think man take 600 years to tunnel through the wall but Andy did less than 20” so these are some interesting and the real facts are in this narration by Red.

While analyzing this movie there is many psychological situation and facts of prison life has been said in the movie. Many research works of human life and prison life was shown in the movie. The cinematography brings the dark tone in the movie because the life of prisoners was having many problems and they overcome many sorrows and bad atmosphere so these are some facts brings the movie emotional feel. The 85 percent of the movie was taken in blue colour filter and rest of 15 percent used brown filters that shows the emotions of confinement and despair in the prison are now colour of happiness and freedom. Frank darabont is directed the movie does the outstanding job. The movie was fully like classical cinema. Each and every shot was sketched in dramatic genre. The movie seems miss-en-scene was used in the film to portrays the conflicting themes. Darabont also shows the some real fact and corruption inside the prison for example captain Hadley beating the prisoners and murdering of Tommy in the Shaw shank prison you come to know about the cess pool of corruption in the movie. Darabont shows the movie theme of justice for example Andys deserves for justices fight and get the truth. The journey of each character was explores in the conflicting way and drastic situations.

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The another interesting scene in the movie is after warden caught for corruption he suicide and there is one quote from bible that “his judgement cometh and that right soon” so this scene shows director had approached the positive criteria and justice circumstances. The movie has many justice facts and dramatically impacts. Movie had approaches meaning of justice and freedom of life . so the movie had many denotation and connotations of life.. But while seeing the prisoners life in the movie. The person who convicts or any unspent crime have been prisoned for while or life sentence his total psychological aspects become ridiculous. His mentality and body language will totally changed. In the Andy convicts and murder his wife but it is not pre planned murder due to certain circumstances and psychological disturbance have been put Andy to murder because certain human emotions cannot be controlled. so in court even though there Andy says he didn’t murder his wife. His body language and the way of expressions and his behaviours will make the judgement put him into life sentence. The punishment of murder is strong and there is difference between pre planned murder and deliberate murder. So Andy got life sentence for deliberate murder. So the justice is approached in the movie positively. Darabont had shown message for freedom and justice in the movie. So the denotations and connotations of the movie shows how effectively It targeted audience in dramatic way.

On deep analyze we should also think that whether the prisoners will treat harshly and many corruptions like beating and murdering inside the prison and murdering against the law. If we think life this way we should think that this is just a cinema adapted from the novel and just a fictious not realism. The movie explores many crime conflicts and issues the first scene that Andy dufferense convicts the murder and other in prison Andy was been sexually and violently disturbed by other fellow inmates. And murder of Tommy in prison so these are some crimes issue make the film realistic feel.


The psychological problems are sometime make prisoners to suicide or in any wrong situation because the crime they convicts or the surroundings and atmosphere. But mostly the person who is convicts crime sometimes are punished on their psychological situations and the characterization and behaviour on analyzing these punishment was been given on the offenders if the person deliberate convicts the murder has get severe punishment when rather comparing to pre planned murder. If we look the Characterization of the Andy falsely convicted crime he is good guy may be much concern to other inmates in prison this is based on their mentality and environmental aspects its because the surroundings and may be we can also say this is very behviourness of the person but it is just a film just a hero who is doing positive things for others. Most obviously the punishments given based on the offender’s activity and psychological behaviour and judgement of truth behind the crime. Robert Morgan a psychologist have said that concern to other inmates in prison will be safety and coping in prison life for prisoners.

But in real in my opnion I guess there is no person like Andy, any guy is who concern to other inmates in prison is. We can also say that Andy’s character is somewhat 70 percent real and 30 person cinematic. But this is just dilemma answer because. There is narration in the film is l comes like “Andy is much loved geology using this pressure and time he make tunnel through the wall and escaped” we may think it is just a cinema, But in real it has been proved that guy named Frank morris is imprisoned in Alcatraz(1960) for convicted crimes like armed robbery and narcotics have been escaped from prison anyone never did it before. He just planned and makes a dummies man like him escaped from the prison after two years of imprisonment. This issue have been taken as film called “Escape from Alcatraz” . So like this many adventurous escapes like this or based upon their age and their capacity. Some adventurous works like this may said as “Adrenalin rush”. This is because in the surroundings and atmosphere of the prison may change person’s psychological behaviour and physical body language because the person who is independent outside the prison has overcomes many sorrows and many happiness and freedom is different when comparing to the person who is jailed. His routine activites is not in his hands like eating, working and mostly spent the time in the room so this may put a person into string stress and mental disturbance so solving these problems the prison includes working activities, gamed, cinema theatres and libraries and schools. But sometimes false judgement can be making the good person into prisoners based on the environment. So in that condition the person can affected psychologically. And another point is if even though the person had rightly convicted crime and sometimes wrongly misjudgement make him right person and not convicts the crime it is been very ridiculous sometimes. For example I like to say about the film ” “The life of David gale” casting by Kevin spacey a professor from university of Texas have been capital punishment for convicted murder of rape and murder. For his innocence reporter Bitsey Bloom( kate Winslet) will concern a justices and truth and help David to release from the punishment and find the truth behind the murder but the time never leaves him David put to death on capital punishment but the last ending twist that David is the really guilty and he murder his colleague and activist. So the film explores the theme about false Judgement makes sometimes ridiculous and affects man life into drastic situation. So the false judgement ruins Andy life and put him on jail.

Eventhough Andy falsely accused for murder his wife he thinks that he murder his wife when he was drunken but after knowing the truth has been revealed from Tommy that Andy didn’t murder his wife he claim to warden but due to situation Andy was severely beaten up Captain Hadley and staffs and put him in dark cell. But after escaping from prison Andy revealed illegal and corruption to the police and other chief officials. So this character of Andy dufferense explores that his intelligence and optimistic person. On analyzing this movie while Andy claims that he didn’t murders his wife his body language shows his character shows he is innocent. And after helping other inmates shows his character that he is Optimistic. On escape from prison and reveals the illegal and corruption in the Shaw shank shows Andy as a intelligent. So these are the types of characters about Andy was sketched by darabont in the movie. So finally analyzing the psychological characterization in the film the characters explores the good and realistic performance good.


The film Shawshank redemption was focused on main theme of the word redemption. the movie was set as a classical drama which is very impressive and emotional . The movie is about the prison and prisoners life. On analyzing the movie and characters and contexts It is really good worth full movie and another thing is the movie still have good opinion and good rating among people. The movie is realistic drama and life about the prisoner hope for freedom of life and happiness. Contains many philosophical and psychological aspects of prison life. The movie is really the worth watch and good.


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