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Positive Representation Of Coach Carter

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The main character in the film that has been used in the film under a positive light is Coach Ken Carter who is the main character of the plotline. By this I use technical codes to prove the this theory. Technical codes are used in the film “Coach Carter” to present the Protagonist “Coach Carter” in a positive light. Technical codes are split into sub-sections of Lighting and Dialogue. Each having there different perspective on how the character is seen in this particular way with each also having a different affect on how the viewer is positioned to feel about the characters actions, words and thoughts throughout the film. Technical codes have a huge importance on the way Coach Carter is presented in the film in this case positively.

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The use of Lighting in the film has positioned viewers to see Coach Carter in a Positive light. Bright lighting in a room represents positivity with darkness showing negativity, evilness and horror. An example of Coach Carter being respected in a positive way is when he is amongst his new fellow team (students) on his first day, His speech about the team’s attitudes and his ways of learning and training are seen with a flash of dime light seen across his face. This effect shows Victory, positivity as well as viewed as Hero figure towards viewers. The use of lighting seen at this time reflects as well his speech obviously making it important and that he is seen as a Protagonist not an Antagonist which would have been seen with a dark atmosphere not light.

The use of Dialogue positions viewers to see Coach Carter in a positive way. At the time of struggles with Principal___________ Coach Carter faces many negative comments from Parents and higher authorities though the character uses positive attitudes and words towards the goals and achievements the team wish to accomplish. Coach Carter quotes “these kids can win games and achieve high if they set their minds to it”, with Coach Carter saying this positivity towards the team and hope is seen through this characters dialogue or speech as if he said negative let down comments he would be portrayed in a negative light. Coach Carter is shown with a great heart at this time as he gives the team the opportunity to improve their studies over basketball as education is crucial in these circumstances and with him teaching the team this he is seen positively.

The use of technical codes through lighting and Dialogue are crucial in positioning a viewer to think of a character in this case Coach Carter in a positive light. The use of Lighting against Coach Carter is present with a flash of light and Dialogue with the use of his Hopeful and positive speeches which brings this character forward as positive towards the team and others throughout the film.

What Techniques does the film employ to present Coach Carter in a particular way?

The use of Film codes in a film are used to position viewers about characters in a particular way. Film codes of Symbolic, Technical, audio and written are used to show the characters in a particular way. Camera angles and shots, lighting, Dialogue and behavioural attitudes and Symbolic objects are used to position viewers about the acts and speech towards others throughout the film.

The use of Symbolic objects positions viewers to feel a bias perspective towards the characters. At the time of the lock out caused by the appalling scores from the team coach carter had decided to lock up the gym doors with a thick, metal chain. Throughout a film a chain normally represents power, strength and control. This action was committed by Coach Carter which positions viewers to think that the character has control, command and authority over the team. This shows that Coach Carter is strict and in control. This technique is used to give the viewer the understanding of what the character is like and how he has been purposely positioned by the director to manipulate viewers to think of him a Dominant.

Camera angles are Technical codes that are used in the film to position Characters in a particular way. High camera angles are used in films to purposely show innocence and recessive (weak) attitudes towards the character who is being targeted at. Low camera angles are only used by coach carter to represent Authority and power. An example is with one of the meetings with principal___________ in between their argument Principal __________ is set sitting low against the chair with Coach Carter standing up proud looking down on her. This is purposely used to show viewers that coach carter has overtime grown to a higher authority and is more dominant over principal__________. These angles normally show in a film who holds the power at that particular time in this case we know from fact that Coach Carter holds that power as this is shown through the use of camera angles which are Technical Codes.

Camera shots are Technical codes used to position viewers to think a particular way towards a character. Coach Carter is sometimes seen up close in intense situations such as at the time when racial comments are used in the gym by the team. Close ups show facial or emotional expressions based on what has been said. Though at this time by the way he is presented we know he is well educated with the fact that he knows what is said is wrong and he opposes the team about it. We are positioned by this to feel for coach carter as we think he comes from good willing intentions and that he is educated to see what is said is wrong. The overall use of camera shots is to show a characters feelings and emotions at a particular time throughout the film.

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Lighting is a Technical code used to display positively and negativity of a character that has been shot in a particular scene. The use of light is used to show the presence of trust and a hero figure (positively) with darkness representing negativity and troubled times. The scene when Coach Carter mentions that “winning isn’t everything” a beam of dime light is flashed across his face. This is used to manipulate viewers to think that he is in the shape of a hero figure with the adjustment that what he is saying is trustworthy information and can be counted on. Darkness is used throughout the film on Temo Cruz when he is arguing back to Coach Carter on his first entrance to the gym. This shows trouble and bad attitude towards another as most of his face was covered in darkness with the Coaches in light. The use of lighting is important in depicting characters based on the attitudes and to compare and contrast characters with positively and negativity.

Audio also known as background sound is a technique used to lead viewers to think about a character in a certain way. The use of RAP music is used at certain times of the film. One part is when Drugs is being dealt with by Temo Cruz in the streets, we compare this action to the music as Rap normally contains profanity language making it a negative and what is being done here, a criminal action which is negative we can easily link the actions of a character to the audio music played at that time. From this we can easily say that the character in the scene with this type of music is portrayed as negative to an audience. The use of audio is a great example in linking right and wrong actions or speech throughout a film.

Overall the use of Film codes is to manipulate viewers to think a certain way about a character. The use of lighting, angle, shots, sound have all different effects on how the are used to base an opinion on a character. This perspective is Bias as techniques either present characters as Positive, negative, important or Dominant. Coach Carter is the main character that has most of these techniques used against him as he is the Antagonist and he needs to be easily recognised. The use of techniques has an impact on the feelings and emotions of characters based on their speech and actions.


Motivation is key in impressing and keeping the attention of viewers. The basic plot line is based around an ex basketball coach that returns back to Richmond High school to take the position of training their poorly achievable basketball team. The thing that motivates viewers is the constant action of training and game playing as we are motivated to see who wins and losses throughout the course of the film. There is a high motivation with the speeches that come out of Coach Carter throughout the film as comments of ” commitment equals satisfaction” this motivates viewers to think what is said would be seen later on a if it was false they wouldn’t of made it to state championships. The film motivates viewers as it is under true fact, based on a true story this helps as important lines and dialogue is said to prompt viewers as we would like to see how the team ends up with Coach Carter’s helpful advice. I personally feel that the film motivates me as it is based on a true story and that the plot is interesting enough to see what may happen in the end.


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