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Dress For Success With A Wardrobe Engineer Fashion Essay

Paper Type: Free Essay Subject: Fashion
Wordcount: 338 words Published: 1st Jan 2015

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As a Wardrobe engineer, I will show you how to save, and which articles that may be the wrong color or style with the tricks of the trade I have learned through tried and true situations. Most importantly, I want to teach my clients how not to throw away good money on clothes that end up in the back of the closet. I promise that you will save more money by consulting a wardrobe engineer..

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With Dress for Success, people who are important will be drawn to you, and they will establish immediate credibility and respect. It is no small thing that the ‘vertically challenged man’ has attained the title of Men’s clothing store Manager. As a wardrobe engineer, I like to try new grooming products, and have my hair cut every week, just to keep a neat and clean appearance. I wear a very basic ‘wave’ style and don’t need to spend too much time styling my hair.

I studied the laws of coloration and clothing as camouflage at Hart Schafner & Marx University. The company is the founding entity of what is known today as the Hartmarx Corporation. It has a 119 year heritage as the leading American clothing manufacturer and marketer. I learned that what you wear can make you look happy or sad, younger or older, dynamic or dull.

I have found out that successful people radiate happiness, health and energy. They never look, tired, sad or ordinary. They have taken the time to find out what makes them look better, so that they always dress for success.

During my 35 year menswear career, I was successful in starting men on the road to transforming their image and attitude. I have consulted on the colors; styles and accessories that make men look more powerful and dynamic.

With dress for success, doors have been opened for me magically, and I was accorded immediate credibility and respect in the Men’s clothing industry. Stop playing Russian roulette with your image. Don’t wait another minuteto take control of your image and your life.


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