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Impacts of Global Warming and Climate Change

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Climate, known as series of temperature, air, pressure, and rain over a long span of time, is part of everyday life. There are various types of climate all over the globe such as tropical, sub-tropical, humid and dry. Global climate change is a topic that had been hotly debated across the country for years. Global warming is defined as rise in the average earth’s temperature, an aspect shown by temperature measurements and multiple effects of warming. It is the surge in the levels of awful gases and their tapping in the Earth’s atmosphere. However from the last few decades, the climate of the whole world is adversely affected by global warming. The scientists proved that global warming is infact caused by human activities. Humans constantly burn the fossils like natural gases and oils, greenhouse gases trapped in the atmosphere, deforestation and the atmosphere’s lower level exponential expansion which lead to an increase in earth temperature and greenhouse effect which is caused by surged level of carbon dioxide and CFCs, therefore global warming is the biggest cause of climate change. Since the increased level of harmful gases cause allergies and cancer to the human being. The humans are reliant on the natural resources for food and shelter, so exposure with bad environment causes nocent diseases.

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It has been stated that both error and the natural course of Earth’s environment are the major causes responsible for the concept of global warming, it’s obvious that humans are speeding up the rate at which the global warming is occurring. The rising population of the Earth allows for more people to consume technology such as cars, trains, and buses, whose engines burn off the fossil fuels. The higher the population rises, the more people there will be to consume these products, which ultimately leads to higher rate of pollution. However, pollution being the primary culprit followed by human activities have been the contributing towards the pace at which the warming period is occurring.

Most climate scientists agree the main cause of the current global warming trend is the human expansion of the ‘greenhouse effect’ – warming that results when the heat radiated from the Earth is trapped. The gradual surge in awful gases and heating of planet due to trapping of radiations from Earth towards space, which lead to increase in universal temperature and side by side depletion of the ozone layer that acts as weapon to ultra-violent radiations. Certain gases like water vapours in the atmosphere, carbon dioxide, methane, nitrous oxide and CFCs. A stronger greenhouse effect warm the oceans and melt glaciers resulting in sea level rise. With the 0.1% depletion of ozone layer there is nearly an increase of about 1% in temperature of the world and it may lead to many illness such as skin cancer and life-long allergies (spr38). The increase in global temperature will result in worldwide catastrophe.

Secondly, global warming takes place due to industrialization. With the development of new industries and factories in the world, the usage and output of various fuels and gases has increased. The output from the industries are smoke and harmful gaseous effluents such as chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs), methane and many others. The modern civilization’s industrial activities has raised CO2 levels. The steel production industries require water for producing energy and for production of 1kg of steel needs about 10 liters of water and excretes out the hard water which is drained directly into the rivers and it affects the aquatic life. Copeland studied that about 23% of marine organisms died because of the influence of industrial waste, and 78% waste comes from paper industries.  Moving towards the third argument, the another cause majorly contributing towards global warming is the DEFORESTATION, the permanent destruction of the forests in order to make the land available for other uses. The humans recklessly cut down the trees, that results in the forest land degradation to one-third from the last decade. Cutting down of the trees will disturb the equilibrium balance of the ecosystem. The logging is so bad for climate is that the felled trees release the carbon they storing in the atmosphere, where it intermingles with greenhouse gases from other sources and will later on contributes to global warming accordingly. Trees maintains the air circulation and provides food and fodder, essential minerals and nutrients, timber, resins, etc.

For the short term gain, the long-term benefits of standing trees are sacrificed. Deforestation ultimately affects the wildlife, ecosystems, weather patterns, and even the climate.

There is very little doubt that global warming will change our climate in the next century. There are many fluctuations in global climate over the Earth’s history, either from the unknown reasons or because of the internal variability in the climate system. There is not enough knowledge regarding the causes attributing to the climate change. However scientists have reasonable explanations for the variations occurring in the climate over the geological time, these can be attributed to specific reasons but not to unknown internal oscillations. These changes led to increase in concentration of the atmospheric greenhouse gases. For recent times, the scientists attribute the major temperature fluctuations to the changes in solar radiations reaching the Earth’s surface (because of ozone depletion); volcanic eruptions, and human-produced greenhouse gases and particulate pollution.

Greenhouse warming poses a potential threat sufficient to merit prompt responses. We are not totally aware of the factors causing global climate to rise, how they interact at different levels in relation to each other and relative to layers of the Earth, impact of these on global climate in future, or how to control it. We shouldn’t treat global warming as an End-of-Days partisan/ political issue and growing government power and control in order to fix it. We should do what we think is the best individually for environment but not forcing others to our way of thinking. The conclusion is that we are the “THE FOSSIL FUEL CIVILISATION”, and that no one is devote, ABSOLUTELY NO ONE IS DEVOTE OF GLOBAL WARMING, has given up the luxuries of life such as electrical light that gas fueled car or the fuel oil heater. No one shall ever do such. BECAUSE MEN do not fear the end of the world, men fear to be poor, fear to lose their comfortable life and money. The whole world shall shout it loud to decrease fossil fuel consumption like this:


 Human beings must learn to use  resources more wisely, kick off  addiction, and quickly start turning to sources of energy having least or no negative impacts. If people want to reduce global warming, all of them may  invest only in the best energy options. Nuclear energy is none of them. Humans  have lost the vision that nothing will be the same. Cars will fly, and they go to end of universe. It has now reduced to the ways to select the garbage and how to survive global warming. This must be reduced to safe this world from devasting events.


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