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If Tomorrow Comes Summary English Literature Essay

Paper Type: Free Essay Subject: English Literature
Wordcount: 1279 words Published: 1st Jan 2015

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The novel “If Tomorrow Comes” represents a story full of adventures, of real-life experience and of the brightest moments that people can only dream of. The novel describes the darkest and the brightest corners of life, showing the contrast and the values to be remembered. The novel by Sydney Sheldon, “If Tomorrow Comes”, tells the story of the modest bank employee Tracy Whitney, who is on the verge of happiness and success. She is engaged to someone she loves, who, moreover, is fabulously rich and belongs to the higher circles of society. And now, because of the terrible and absurd circumstances, everything is dust: Tracy is in jail, “exposing” the mafia and dedicated to the loved ones. But it is not so easy to break: all her iron will, a keen mind and an irresistible feminine charm she sends out to seek revenge.

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If Tomorrow Comes is a novel by American writer Sidney Sheldon, which was published in 1986. The book is divided into three parts. As a fact, the book tells the story of a woman named Tracy Whitney, who considered herself the luckiest woman in the world. She performed well at her job at a bank and was going to marry a man of high society, Charles Stanhope III, who was loving and handsome, and rich, everything a woman could want. With the help of the influence of her boyfriend, Tracy is promoted. But then she becomes pregnant. This feeling of happiness only lasts until a tragedy happens to her mother, Doris Whitney, who commits suicide after being tricked by a con man named Joe Romano and loses their money. He is part of a mafia that controls the town, whose leader is Orsatti. Tracy Anthony decides to start a confession of a man to avenge his mother, but falls into a trap and, as a consequence, she is accused of stealing a picture of Roman, when in fact he sold, or either pockets the insurance money. His lawyer, Perry Pope, says that she must confess the crime to be acquitted by a judge Henry Lawrence, who was his friend, but discovers that Tracy Perry Pope and Judge Joe Roman allies are willing to send her to prison. Then, Tracy is sentenced to fifteen years of imprisonment. Her boyfriend, fearing for the reputation of his family, leaves her. As a consequence, she is going to the Southern Louisiana Penitentiary for Women. The place is violent and dangerous, and Tracy is raped on the first day, losing his son. Then she suffers the threats of death. To save the life of the warden’s daughter, Amy, she manages to become free before the deadline, and begins to dream up the revenge against all who had injured her, among them are Perry Pope, Charles Stanhope, Henry Lawrence, and of course, a mafia boss who fooled his mother, and Orsatti. Perry Roman Pope is assassinated by the mafia that protected, for allegedly cheating in a game and Lawrence was arrested and accused of espionage by the CIA, Joe Romano is also murdered accused of treason, the criminal group suffers a crisis caused by Tracy’s actions. Everything was reinforced by Charles Tracy.

Willing to start a new life, Tracy finds it difficult to obtain employment. She becomes a person, who likes to deceive people who enriched themselves at the expense of others and thus becomes a thief, posing as several different women. A detective is tasked with cracking the case, Daniel Cooper. He already knew from the beginning it was the woman by pure intuition, but he needed proof, because Tracy and her crimes were a challenge to the police of the several countries. They both pursue it, and Cooper falls for Tracy. Meanwhile, Tracy falls for Jeff Stevens, also a con man, and they decide to let life slow down, but before that got involved in a theft of a diamond millionaire. As stated in the book, “Tracy Whitney was without doubt the most beautiful woman Jeff Stevens had ever seen. And clever.” A police cannot prove that the two are guilty of the theft. Jeff then asks Daniel Cooper and Tracy flee to Brazil.

American writer Sidney Sheldon wrote with incredible speed, usually adventure-crime melodrama. Lovers of the beautiful life and tearful experience for the fate of the deceived wretches are the noble women who, despite everything, find a new, not quite legitimate, but simply put – the thieves’ way into high society, will certainly be glad to get acquainted with the history of humble girl Tracy Whitney forced by the will of the circumstances and, of course, with the author of world-class adventurer. She deftly steals the jewels from the “rich world”, experiencing the love-rivalry to another imposter, Jeff Stevens. 

As a fact, the novel has very good reviews. There are many things described in the novel, the real life, the life of rich people, of people who were set up, the life in prison and the life after prison. Tracy Whitney is described as a woman, who was changing from the shy girl to the strong woman, who wanted revenge. She has chosen her methods to combat injustice, mafia, people who set her up, who abandoned her, who made her suffer. She also proved by her example that people can change, that consequences change the mind and the way of thinking, that arise new goals and new dreams. All bad she has experienced in her life; the experience was her treasure, which she could use to protect herself, her life and her reputation. He made people respect her, she became tricky and wise.

The novel is very successful and the book presented the “villains” who were favorite characters of everyone reading the book. Tracy made certain justifications to her behavior by stating: “I’ve gone from being an innocent, naïve victim to a… what? A thief – that’s what… No. An avenger. That’s what I’ve become.” The book is appreciated by millions of people all over the world, showing their sympathy to the main characters, to the way of life of Tracy and to the consequences of people’s actions. Each person perceives the book differently, supporting different ideas and different principles, but the main values described in the book unite all people. While reading a book, people may distract from their problems, evaluate their life and pay attention at the most important things described in “If Tomorrow Comes”. The right approach will help to understand much more and depict the most useful information and enjoy reading a book. The pleasant lies and ugly truth described in the novel show how cynical the society is, how many cruel people there are and how generous some people can be.

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The author described the feelings of a woman who suffered too much in her life this way: “She was going to make them pay… Tomorrow, she thought. If tomorrow comes.” Tracy’s philosophy was, that: “Sometimes life can be unfair, she thought, and it’s up to us to even things out.” The book tells the story, shows the inevitable, miracles and justice, and the way life can turn. There are a lot of comparisons and contrast, of the people’s actions, of the wrong decisions and of the ways people pay for all that. The book shows that the person’s destiny is in his hands, that everything is possible and that faith determines a lot in life.

The novel is perceived simplistically, it describes the reality, and it makes the reader think about his life, analyze it and make choices. In general, the novel can be described as optimistic, reaching the perfection and the bottom of life, indicating the stupidity and the cleverest thoughts and actions. Reading the novel is a pure delight.


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