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Book report on The Hobbit

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Wordcount: 919 words Published: 24th Apr 2017

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This book revolves around Bilbo Baggins, who makes goes on an adventure. He is a hobbit and therefore this book’s title is The Hobbit.


1. Bilbo’s development in a hero by doing a quest. 2. The greed of the dwarves who make such a long journey for their treasure and Smaug who doesn’t share anything. 3. Power, used by Gandalf and other creatures in this story. Bilbo’s inner power that develops during the story.

Description of characters

Bilbo He’s the hero of the story. But at first he has this quiet non-adventurous life at The Hill. He likes to stay at home. Then Gandalf comes up and convinces him to go on an adventure. Because of this adventure he sees how much strength he’s got inside of him. When he comes back to his home he turns into a more eccentric person, though he still likes comfort.

Thorin He’s the leader of the dwarves. He’s very brave and intelligent. He’s proud too and he wants his family’s treasure back and he’s willing to do everything for it. He has a great desire for it. Sometimes he’s a bit stubborn.

Gandalf He’s a wise and old wizard. Gandalf is on the good side. He knows a lot and especially about magic, he has great powers that no other person has. When people need him, he shows up immediately. He’s that person that knows more than any other people, he knows how things will be, how people will react.

Smaug The evil dragon that took the treasure of Thorin’s family and now guards it in the Lonely Mountain, this is his only purpose. He can speak, and he tends to do this in a very bitter tone. With his flaming breath he can destroy cities. He’s got a hide which is impenetrable. There’s nothing good about him, therefore no-one cares about him.

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Once there lived a hobbit, called Bilbo Baggins. Hobbits are small creatures, half the size of a man. He likes comfort and he’s not very into adventures. But then Gandalf the wizard shows up at his house and he wants him to go on an adventure, Bilbo doesn’t want to go. Though he asks him for tea the next day. But the next day, one after another, thirteen dwarves – their leader is Thorin – come to his house. Bilbo provides food and drinks for them and then Gandalf shows up with a map with a secret door on it. Bilbo is convinced and so this party goes on an adventure. They want to capture Thorin’s treasure, taken away by Smaug the dragon. They leave and then suddenly three trolls capture Bilbo and the dwarves, Gandalf stays out their hands. He makes them stay outside so they turn into stone. They find weapons which they take. After that they rest at the place of lord Elrond in Rivendell where they get some advice on the map. They go to the Misty Mountains and then a snow storm makes hem go into the caves where they get prisoned by some goblins. Gandalf saves the dwarves but he forgets to take Bilbo out of there. Bilbo finds a golden ring, which he takes with him. Suddenly he meets Gollum, a creature that lives there. Gollum wants to eat Bilbo and makes him solve some riddles. If he wins he can go, if he loses Gollum can eat him. Bilbo wins but Gollum still wants to eat him and searches for the ring, Bilbo has got it though and uses it to get away from the cave. He gets back to the group and then they are being pursued by the goblins and Wargs, creatures that look like wolves. Luckily Beorn and some eagles bring them to a safer place, Beorn’s house. Then the group enters Mirkwood’s forest. Gandalf has something more important to do at this moment and leaves them. In the wood spiders capture the dwarves in their webs. Bilbo saves them by killing some spiders with his sword and magical ring. Then they are captured by wood elves. Bilbo again saves the dwarves, he hides them in wine barrels using his ring. The barrels go to Lake Town, a town near the Lonely Mountain where Smaug protects Thorin’s treasure. With help of people in Lake Town they go to the Mountain. By looking on the map with the hidden door they manage to go into the Mountain carefully and Bilbo talks to the dragon. Smaug reveals by accidence that he’s got a weak spot near his heart. Bilbo steals a golden cup and Smaug gets very angry. The dragon wants to destroy Lake Town, but the archer Bard kills him by shooting an arrow in his heart. However, the town was burned to the ground. Its residents go to the Lonely Mountain to get their hands on a piece of the treasure. Thorin doesn’t want to share his treasure so the humans and elves trap Bilbo and the dwarves inside. Bilbo gets out of the mountain, because he wants to find solution for bringing peace. Thorin wants revenge on Bilbo, but Gandalf manages to save him just in time. Then an army of Goblins and Wargs comes to the Mountain. The elves, humans and dwarves have to make an alliance to fight the enemy. It seems like the goblins are winning but then Beorn and the eagles come to help the good army. After this battle Bilbo and Gandalf go back to The Hill, where Bilbo lives. Bilbo gets a fraction of the treasure. Many hobbits don’t accept him anymore, since hobbits were respectable and unadventurous creatures. Though he gets lots of respect of elves, dwarves and men now. Bilbo changed, he likes talking to elves and wizards now, though he still likes his home, because he likes the comfort of it.


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